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Georgetown University sociology Professor Michael Eric Dyson not only likened President Obama to Jesus in a recent television appearance, but admitted many of the president’s supporters really look at him as a savior, and possibly thee savior:

“Now, Eric Holder is great!  Let me tell you what, Eric Holder, one of, what, five most powerful black figures EVER?  Obama, Holder, Clyburn, William Gray.  These figures have been extraordinarily important in politics.  But, you know, I’m a Christian preacher and God finally said, ‘Look, I can’t send nobody else, I got to go myself.’  And I ain’t sayin’ that Obama is Jesus, but for many of his followers he is.  But I’m saying, show up dog, and show us that you are seriously committed to the interests of your people, because your presence says something louder than even your words.”

So, I guess the message here is Obama is sorta, kinda Jesus – but he’s not doing a great job for his “people.” In the words of the esteemed professor: Show up, dog!

By the way, Dyson - named by Ebony as one of the hundred most influential black Americans – is not the only professor who has compared Obama with Jesus.

There was also The Gospel According to Apostle Barack,” the title of a book penned by a Florida A&M University professor who compares Jesus with Obama and says God told her in a dream to write it.

p.s. Eric Holder is one of the worst attorney generals in this country’s history.

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The Washington Free Beacon reports that Indiana University has received nearly $1 million to develop a database that tracks so-called hate speech on Twitter.

The National Science Foundation is financing the creation of a web service that will monitor “suspicious memes” and what it considers “false and misleading ideas,” with a major focus on political activity online.

The “Truthy” database, created by researchers at Indiana University, is designed to “detect political smears, astroturfing, misinformation, and other social pollution.” The university has received $919,917 so far for the project.

The fact that the feds want to monitor alleged hate speech is bad enough. That the program was developed using taxpayer funds adds insult to injury. But it gets worse:

“Truthy” claims to be non-partisan. However, the project’s lead investigator Filippo Menczer proclaims his support for numerous progressive advocacy groups, including President Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action,, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, Amnesty International, and True Majority.

So, it was essentially developed by a hippie communist. And here’s the sucker punch:

The government-funded researchers hope that the public will use their tool in the future to report on other Twitter users.

“Truthy uses a sophisticated combination of text and data mining, social network analysis, and complex networks models,” the website adds. “To train our algorithms, we leverage crowdsourcing: we rely on users like you to flag injections of forged grass-roots activity. Therefore, click on the Truthy button when you see a suspicious meme!”

America is no longer America. That’s how I feel when I read something like this. This is straight out of Stasi Germany. Informants, telling on their neighbors, to Big Brother, for alleged hate speech.

It’s sad and scary.

Read the full article. 

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Ultra-liberal Democratic California Sen. Barbara Boxer, who helped introduce the SOS Campus Act  in July, isn’t even waiting for lawmakers to approve the bill, which aims to address sexual assault on campuses. She is pressuring the state’s campus leaders to voluntarily put in place “victim advocates” before the bill is even passed.

“As our students return to campus, they are counting on their universities to not only educate them, but also to protect them,” Senator Boxer wrote. “Yet, as you know too well, campus sexual assault has reached epidemic levels in our country, and I am writing to ask you to create an independent victim’s advocate on your campuses.”

“I am working hard to pass the SOS Campus Act in Congress, but our students cannot afford to wait another minute for that to happen,” she added. “That is why I am asking you today to voluntarily implement its provisions by creating an independent victim’s advocate on every … California campus.”

Boxer’s office notes:

The legislation would require every institution of higher education that receives federal funding to designate an independent advocate for campus sexual assault prevention and response. The advocate would be responsible for ensuring that survivors of sexual assault – regardless of whether they decide to report the crime – have access to:

* Emergency and follow-up medical care
* Guidance on reporting assaults to law enforcement
* Medical forensic or evidentiary exams
* Crisis intervention, ongoing counseling and assistance throughout the process
* Information on their legal rights

The advocate will also conduct a public information campaign on the campuses.

If I were a guy on campus, I’d keep it zipped the whole time. Between this and the “affirmative consent” legislation, it’s a nightmare waiting to happen.

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A female University of Oregon student is facing a litany of code of conduct violation charges for a joke razzing another student.

In fact, she faces more charges – five – than words in the actual joke itself, which was: “I hit it first.”

What happened, according to detailed letters released Tuesday by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, was a University of Oregon female student visited some friends at a dorm in June, saw a couple walking outside, and decided to razz them by yelling out the window: “I hit it first!” The gal she yelled down at called back: “F*ck you, b*tch.”

The Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, informed of the situation, hunted the jokester down, and she apologized to the couple. End of story, right? Wrong.

A “Notice of Allegation” to the student, who has asked to remain anonymous, accuses her of: community disruption; a housing violation; harassment; university disruption; and disorderly conduct. It requires her to set up a hearing to determine her innocence or guilt by mid-October.

“The University of Oregon’s absurd overreaction is the real joke here, and it’s not very funny,” said FIRE Senior Vice President Robert Shibley in a news release Tuesday. “Using an unconstitutional speech code to punish a student for a joke shows how out of control censorship has become on our campuses in the name of making everyone feel ‘comfortable.’ ”

FIRE has taken up the student’s cause, demanding the charges be dropped.

“The charges … violate her rights to free expression and unacceptably chill the speech of UO students generally in violation of both the United States and Oregon constitutions,” the organization stated in an Aug. 1 letter to campus President Michael Gottfredson, adding:

In Davis v. Monroe County Board of Education, 526 U.S. 629 (1999), the Supreme Court set
forth a strict definition of student-on-student (or peer) harassment. In order for student
conduct (including expression) to constitute actionable harassment, it must be (1)
unwelcome, (2) discriminatory on the basis of gender or another protected status, (3)
directed at an individual, and (4) “so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it can
be said to deprive the victim of access to the educational opportunities or benefits
provided by the school.” … By definition, this includes only extreme and typically
repetitive behavior—conduct so serious that it would prevent a reasonable person from
receiving his or her education. Although the Davis formulation was crafted by the Court in
the context of sexual harassment, its requirement that harassment be so severe, pervasive,
and objectively offensive that it substantially interferes with the victim’s ability to receive
his or her education is instructive in the general harassment context as well. …

[The student's] single four-word comment to the complaining students comes nowhere close to approaching the level of severity and pervasiveness required by Davis. A single, momentary communication can hardly be said to be either severe or pervasive, and it is difficult to imagine how any reasonable person’s education would be substantially interfered with by such a fleeting, mildly offensive comment. …

The harassment policies under which [the student] was charged are unconstitutionally overbroad in numerous ways. A statute or law regulating speech is overbroad “if it sweeps within its ambit a substantial amount of protected speech along with that which it may legitimately regulate.” Doe v. University of Michigan, 721 F. Supp. 852, 864 (E.D. Mich. 1989), citing Broadrick v. Oklahoma, 413 U.S. 601, 612 (1973)

“It is remarkable that the university apparently didn’t give a first thought to this student’s First Amendment rights before throwing the book at her and allowing these unconstitutional charges to hang over her head for the entire summer,” said Peter Bonilla, director of FIRE’s Individual Rights Defense Program, in a news release Tuesday. “Incoming and returning UO students should be aware of the lack of regard shown by the university for their right to free speech.”

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IMAGE: Michael Li/Flickr


Total Frat Move reports that University of Missouri administrators are going way overboard in their quest to ensure Title IX compliance.

The following video got the fraternity Delta Tau Delta dragged before the new campus Title IX Czar for a bit of an inquisition, the website reports.

TeleTubby Recruitment from Delta Tau Delta Mizzou on Vimeo.

Total Frat Moves goes on to report that “due to the fact that Mizzou’s Title IX coordinator has common sense and eyeballs, nothing in the video was determined to be harassment and Delt was let off scot-free.” But it adds this bit of analysis:

Harassment, however, was one of the big themes of this year’s sorority rush at Mizzou, though it wasn’t so much sexual harassment as it was fraternity guys being harassed by PHA members, Pi Chis (recruitment counselors), and the Greek Life office for potentially, possibly, maybe, kind of but not really at all sexually harassing the girls going through recruitment. Throughout the week, fraternity members who were simply standing on their lawns, talking to other members of their own fraternity, and otherwise hanging out, were berated and yelled at until they cleared out of their own property.

Read the full report.

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Some of the many welcome posters that hang at the University of Central Arkansas read: “Welcome to UCA. Meet all the other 2,201 freshmen, 3 of whom will be your future bridesmaids.”

The notion was meant to imply that lifelong friends will be made over the next four years, but – of course – some feminists read it entirely differently. They think it means the only reason women come to college is to find a husband.

The NBC affiliate KARK reports that “one student placed a note under one of the posters stating, “The women of Lewis aren’t here for a Mrs. Degree, try a different department.” Comments on Twitter include “this flier does not represent @UCAbears’s progressive spirit” and “Because marriage is ALL.WE.THINK.ABOUT at college! @ucabears #womenlead Oh, where’s the one about groomsmen?”

Watch the news report on the controversy: 

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