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Aside from Pence, Trump’s administration shut out this commencement season

When President Barack Obama took office in 2009, America’s top colleges were eager to have him or someone from his administration address their graduates. But as President Donald Trump has settled into the Oval Office, those same schools have ignored him and members of his administration.

That’s a key finding in a report released today by Young America’s Foundation. In its annual Commencement Speakers Survey, the conservative organization finds a strong liberal bias in those chosen to speak at the top 100 schools as ranked by U.S. News and World Report.

The report notes the bias is especially strong when it comes to comparing Presidents Trump and Obama:

The bias against conservatives becomes even more clear when 2017 is compared to the first year of President Obama’s tenure. Apart from Vice President Mike Pence, no members of President Trump’s administration are speaking at top 100 schools this spring. In 2009, 11 commencement addresses were delivered at top 100 schools who fell over themselves to host members of Obama’s campaign and White House teams. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Attorney General Eric Holder, campaign manager David Plouffe, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, CIA Director Leon Panetta, and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel joined President Obama and Vice President Biden in pushing their liberal agenda.

The College Fix has previously reported that it appeared Trump was being shunned by major colleges as commencement season neared. He will speak at none of the top 100 schools this year. In 2009, President Obama spoke at two of them.

YAF’s report found the disparity between the number of liberal and conservative speakers this spring runs deep. Forty-five liberal speakers will address graduates compared to just four conservatives.

Those conservatives include Pence at the University of Notre Dame, NBA commentator Ernie Johnson at the University of Georgia, ambassador Ron Dermer at Yeshiva University and Tulsa, Okalahoma Mayor G. T. Bynum at the University of Tulsa.

Other commencement speakers this year include a swath of Democratic politicians, outspoken liberals, Hollywood figures and a number of media personalities.

On the latter, the report points out that “missing from the list of commencement speakers at America’s Top 100 universities are any personalities from the Fox News or Fox Business channels.”

YAF spokesman Spencer Brown indicated the report shows more of the same from America’s top colleges and universities.

“YAF provides the intellectual diversity that far too many leftist administrators work to suppress today. America’s top colleges and universities are out of touch with America’s young people, and continue to rob students of the chance to think critically. Instead, these ‘leading’ institutions feed students a never-ending stream of one-sided lessons. That’s not education, it’s indoctrination,” he said.

Read the full report.

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