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Biden student loan bailout makes men pay for women’s debt: essay

President Joe Biden’s attempts to bail out student loan borrowers effectively forces men to bail out female voters, who are more likely to support Biden and Democrats in general.

Conn Carroll made this argument recently for the Washington Examiner.

He wrote:

While women make up 60% of college students, and will soon make up 66% of college graduates, they owe 66% of all college debt. Meanwhile, white women with a college degree supported Democrats 56%-42%, compared to 61% of white women without a degree and 52% of white men with a college degree who voted for Republicans.

And not only do women have more debt, but they pay it off a lot slower than men, if they pay it off at all. For loans taken out in 2009, men have paid off more than 30% of their original balance, while women have barely begun paying back any principal.

Carroll explained that one reason is that men are more likely to major in high-paying fields such as engineering, while women prefer degrees in lower-paying fields such as social work and human resources.

“Considering how few Americans owe student debt, and that most student loan debt is owed by the highest-income Americans, how is it fair to ask non-college graduates and men who already paid off their student loans to pay off the loans of high-income female borrowers,” Carroll asked.

Read the full essay.

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