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‘Harvard is a national disgrace’: philosophy professor

‘I can only hope that many Harvard faculty are appalled at the little monsters they’ve helped create’

Harvard students’ statement condemning Israel for the recent and ongoing terrorist attacks by Hamas shows the university’s most vocal students are “incapable of recognizing pure evil,” a philosophy professor emeritus wrote.

“Reading the ‘Joint Statement by Harvard Palestine Solidarity Groups on the Situation in Palestine,’ I can only hope that many Harvard faculty are appalled at the little monsters they’ve helped to create,” Jacob Howland, provost at UATX, wrote Tuesday in UnHerd.

The statement “hold[s] the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence,” The College Fix reported Tuesday.

The letter is signed by dozens of student organizations from Harvard College, the Divinity School, the Law School, the Medical School, and the Kennedy School of Government.

“The apartheid regime is the only one to blame,” the letter’s authors stated.

Howland wrote that “the statement makes no mention of Hamas, the Iranian-funded Islamist terror group that is explicitly dedicated to the obliteration of Israel through Jihad.”

“Instead, the Harvard students characterise the Palestinians as hapless victims of ‘colonial retaliation,’ academic cant as tiresome as it is crude,” Howland wrote.

He continued:

The ordeal that the citizens of Israel are suffering is very well-charted. It is an ordeal perfected by the Nazis: violent cruelty that is meant simply to humiliate and defile, including what the Holocaust survivor Terrence des Pres called “excremental assault”. No one can watch this video of an Israeli woman, bruised and bloodied, her wrists tied with wire, her sweatpants soiled with feces (to beat the shit out of someone is a real thing), pulled out of the back of a Jeep by her hair, and not understand this fact. …

Harvard remains the jewel in the crown of the American university system. Its graduates will enter the ranks of the elite and become leaders in government, law, business, and culture. Yet its most outspoken students are shamefully incapable of recognising pure evil when they see it.

The nation’s most prestigious university “appears to be an echo chamber of moral vacuousness and antisemitic ideology,” Howland wrote.

Read the whole essay.

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