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In the George Floyd Protest Era, Professors Find Themselves under Attack

At National Review Online, The College Fix’s Christian Schneider has outlined a number of instances where campus groups have tried to use the George Floyd-inspired protests to run anti-PC professors off campus.

Among the incidents Schneider describes:

Cornell Law School professor William Jacobson was publicly censured by his dean after criticizing aspects of the Black Lives Matter movement. In two blog posts, Jacobson called the “Hands up, don’t shoot” chant a “fabricated narrative” and categorized violent protests as “wilding.”

At UCLA, an accounting lecturer, Gordon Klein, was removed from teaching after he refused to grant minority students special accommodations during the George Floyd protests. After a student called his decision to deny extending deadlines for black students “extremely insensitive, dismissive, and woefully racist,” UCLA removed Klein and placed him under police protection.

At Grove City College, a renowned conservative professor was smeared for using “white nationalist rhetoric.” At Michigan State, Stephen Hsu, senior vice president for research and innovation, was recently pressured to abandon his position after he conducted research suggesting that the cognitive abilities of people of different races might be higher or lower. (Hsu says that his research was misrepresented and that the accusations against him are “entirely false.”)

Read the entire column here.

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