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Massive, continuous, unplanned worship service underway at Christian university in Kentucky

“Faith on fire.” That’s how some describe an unplanned and continuous prayer and worship session underway at Asbury University.

“Around-the-clock prayer services that have lingered for a week at a Christian university in Kentucky have drawn national attention as participants have flocked nationwide to experience what some are calling a spiritual revival,” Fox News reported.

“Students at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, have engaged in continual worship services in the school’s chapel since Feb. 8, which have reportedly been marked by prayers, worship music, testimonies, altar calls and religious conversions.”

Some people have now crossed state lines to take part and the event has gone viral on social media as well, and a livestream of the revival is also available.

It’s been “nonstop worship, praise, confession, testimonies, scripture reading, you name it,” Asbury University senior Alexandra Presta told CBN News. “It’s been incredible.”

The revival stemmed from an “ordinary chapel service,” but “people just kept worshipping afterwards,” she said.

On Feb. 14 Presta wrote for the Asbury Collegian student newspaper that the revival hit “133 hours and counting.” She added some safety concerns are present due to the nationwide coverage the revival has received.

“Classes are still occurring, because the administration recognizes our education and faith as one. When we get to learn, we grow in our spiritual formation, gifts, callings and our relationships with God in general. However, our focus has been deterred; our safety is becoming at risk,” Presta wrote.

“…I also feel that it is important to note that the Holy Spirit [at Asbury] and the seminary is the same Holy Spirit wherever you are. God meets you where you are, because He desires a relationship with you— no matter if that’s in your church, your living room or the local coffee shop in your town,” she added.

On Twitter, Christian writer Greg Gordon posted in the early hours of Feb. 15 “7 days of revival 24/7.”


Kentucky Today reports that “groups of students from at least 22 higher education institutions have visited the Asbury campus in Wilmore, Ky., fueling a work of the Lord on other campuses. Social media posts have featured numerous reflections and exhortations related to the revival at Asbury as well as other schools.”

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IMAGE: CBN YouTube screenshot

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