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‘Responsible lawyering’ course is cover for DEI, Indiana law professor says


A course on “Responsible Lawyering,” is actually a cover for “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” according to an Indiana University law professor.

Professor John Hill has asked two state senators to investigate his school, Indiana University McKinney Schoo of Law, for its new class.

The class is meant to comply with the American Bar Association’s requirement that all law schools teach about racism.

“This class is guaranteed to further polarize and politicize the law school environment and represents yet another attempt by the academic Left to provide a platform for extreme idealogues to indoctrinate students who are essentially academic hostages,” Professor Hill (pictured) wrote in a letter reviewed by The Federalist.

The law school initially considered delaying the traditional Constitutional law course until the second year to make room for the DEI class, before changing its mind.

The university denied that there is a “1-hour Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) course,” according to The Federalist.

“A new 1L course, Responsible Lawyering, will include professional identity formation, consistent with ABA Standard 303, among other professionalism topics,” a spokesperson told the news outlet.

“In law, sometimes a case is called a signal. It may be more modest in terms of what it actually rules, but it signals a change … a new way of doing things,” Hill said, however. “The ABA requirement was cover, and it was a signal that … law schools can make changes, including pretty dramatic changes.”

“Many people in our faculty said this is a cover. The ABA has given us cover,” he said. “That term was used specifically by other faculty members.”

The professor wants to bring the issue to the light, and is optimistic that will lead to changes.

“I think once people know, it makes it harder for the powers that be to continue to advance these causes,” he told The Federalist. “I mean, everyone is aware of what’s going on.”

“People are smart. Americans are smart. Once they’re aware of what’s going on, how it’s going on, it removes the cover for people who are trying to essentially push these values, these courses.”

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Editor’s note: The name of the law school has been corrected.

IMAGE: The Good Citizen Project/YouTube

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