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The College Fix’s Christian Schneider discusses bias response teams on the radio

Today, College Fix Senior Reporter Christian Schneider joined WCLO Radio in Janesville, Wisconsin to discuss his recent article detailing a year of bias reports at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Among the examples cited by Schneider in the article is this one:

At the end of a class in October, a student asked a professor to acknowledge that it was Indigenous People’s Day. The professor answered that it wasn’t necessary because the class would be discussing the topic the following Thursday.

This answer was unsatisfactory for the student, who sarcastically noted, “As if our progression only exists in academic settings, and is not to be acknowledged when it is actually happening in real life.”

“This class as a whole has been one of the only things preventing me from feeling fully mentally healthy because of the nature of the class and the lack of indigenous representation,” the student reported.

“Native students are silenced by white professors and TAs in this American Indian Studies Department, and this is not addressed, especially because the Director of the program is a white anthropologist. … These classrooms are not safe spaces for indigenous students.”

Listen to the full interview with host Tim Bremel here:


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