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University COVID vaccine mandates are ‘unethical’ and dangerous, med school professors warn

The more than 500 universities with a COVID vaccine mandate have created a dangerous and “unethical” situation, medical school professors recently warned.

“We think that these mandates are unethical,” the professors wrote at The Federalist, “chiefly because they indiscriminately require administering an experimental biological agent in the setting of a clinical investigation to a population that is at greater risk of harm from the drug than from COVID.”

“Our advice to schools that have not yet adopted vaccine mandates is: don’t,” the professors wrote.

Six people contributed to the essay, including Brown University Professor Andrew Bostom, Aaron Kheriaty of University of California Irvine, Peter McCullough of Texas A & M and Yale University’s Harvey Risch.

Universities that do have vaccine mandates must include “sensible, medically sound policies for granting medical exemptions,” the professors warn.

The group of professors, which also included Notre Dame Law Professor Gerard Bradley and Michelle Cretella of the American College of Pediatricians, identified four problems with the mandates.

The group of six said:

We have examined many of these rubrics. The narrow scope of these medical exemptions is alarming: the exemptions are so medically unsound and unduly restrictive that they create a clear and present danger to the health, and potentially, the lives, of students subject to these mandates.

Universities have typically rejected natural immunity to COVID, even though studies have shown that it is at least as effective as the vaccine. “The data also shows that those who possess this natural immunity present no greater risk of transmitting the virus to others than those who have been vaccinated,” the essay said. A mandate for people with natural immunity creates “danger” the essay said.

Other mistakes in policies include relying on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for medical advice, completely deferring to the CDC for all COVID guidelines and requiring students, faculty and staff to first have an adverse reaction to the first dose of a vaccine to prove they should be exempted from it.

“The purpose of any exceptions policy for any vaccine is to avoid such extreme reactions,” the essay said.

Read the essay.

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