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Campus sit-in ends quickly after cops threaten students with arrest

Well, imagine that. When you threaten demonstrating students who refuse to leave a campus building with arrest for trespassing — they leave!

That’s what happened last night at the University of Vermont, where hundreds of students left a sit-in over racial unrest after campus cops gave them a warning: get out or get arrested.

The daylong protest and occupation concluded at around 9:30 p.m. despite pledges to “sleep here” and calls to “bring sleeping bags.”

The entire event was chronicled by The Vermont Cynic campus newspaper on Twitter:

Then cops drop the hammer:

So what are the protesters freaking out about, anyway? Reportedly some flyers left by possible trolls with phrases such as “Innocent Lives Matter Not Guilty Ones” and “’White Privelaged [sic] And Proud of It.”

Cue indignant outrage and long list of demands for diversity and inclusion concessions. The College Fix has previously reported on the protests, which have been ongoing.

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