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Fake flyers invite students to #EndWomensRights with conservative student group


It’s a female-led group, too

Leftist pranksters are going after a Young America’s Foundation campus chapter again by impersonating its flyers.

The national YAF organization said Wednesday that its University at Buffalo chapter was hit with a “false flag” attack that characterized the conservative student group as anti-woman.

The flyers, “posted on several bulletin boards without approval” from the student government, use the hashtag #ENDWOMENSRIGHTS and the name and logos of YAF and its Young Americans for Freedom project.

They read (below):

Have your women been speaking out of turn lately? Do they think they’re entitled to opinions? Are you down right [sic] tired of it?

For actual conversation, between other straight white men, join us Thursdays …

Inline image 2

This is laughable because the University at Buffalo club is actually led by women, according to YAF:

Instead, leftists at the University at Buffalo are waging their own war on women by assuming one cannot be both a conservative and a woman at the same time. …

These incidents only prove the truly intolerant belong to the ranks of campus leftists, and the beliefs they seek to project onto conservatives show their own desire to censor those they disagree with.

YAF called on the administration to investigate and punish whoever created and distributed the flyers.

It called for the same response from administrators when unknown pranksters distributed flyers at George Washington University that characterized its YAF chapter as anti-Muslim.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education criticized the GWU administration at the time for using campus police to investigate who was behind the “over-the-top satire,” an action it portrayed as chilling student speech.

YAF spokesperson Spencer Brown told The College Fix in an email that FIRE’s lighthearted description of the “false flag” was “an example of a double standard applied against conservatives”:

If the flyer had not been a false flag, GW YAF would never have been able to get away with calling it simply “over the top satire.”

We’re calling for universities to hold their students accountable for their actions, rather than allowing leftists to disregard rules, policies, and in some cases the law in their attempts to discredit conservatives with their dirty tricks which betray the intellectual weakness of their arguments.

The YAF club at GWU documented the university’s alleged failure to “discipline any of the students involved with damaging our displays” in a blog post last spring.

Read YAF’s post.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for YAF disputed that fake flyers impersonating its clubs are simply satire. His statement has been added. The group also provided The Fix the full image of the flyer in context.

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IMAGE: Young America’s Foundation

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