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Gen Z : Give up your guns, submit to the state

Centennials’ delusions about the 2nd Amendment continue

On Wednesday of this past week, Gen Z once again thought it was all brave and compelling by using the same op-ed scattered among some 50 college student newspapers to tell everyone it “will not wait for the next school shooting.”

As you’d expect, it isn’t about progressives’ penchant for making life dangerous by coddling criminals as much as possible.

Nope, it’s about that pesky Second Amendment.

From the beginnings of our educational journeys, students are taught to love a country that values guns over our lives,” the copy-and-paste op-ed states. “Some of us hear the sound of gunfire when we watch fireworks on the fourth of July, or when we watch a drumline performance at halftime. But all of us have barricaded a classroom door in an active shooter drill and feared that next time, someone will be waiting outside. …

“We will not allow America to be painted in a new layer of blood. We will not allow politicians to gamble our lives for NRA money. And most of all, politicians will not have the shallow privilege of reading another front-cover op-ed by students on their knees, begging them to do their jobs — we do not need a permission slip to defend our freedoms.” 

The op-ed links to a Washington Post database” which claims there’s been over 360,000 students “who have experienced gun violence” since the 1999 Columbine mass shooting. But curiously, it doesn’t link to anything about “NRA money.”

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That’s because the real power of the NRA and other Second Amendment groups lies in their mission, not their money. Their lobbying cash pales in comparison to others. Politicians aren’t so concerned about their donations as the voters who agree with them.

If you — Gen Z — really want to take on politicians, you’re going to have to look at your own, Democratic, party. They’re the ones who refuse to jail people for criminal acts (gun violence included), reduce criminals’ sentences, and back the abolition of police forces. Among many other inanities.

Do centennials really expect average Americans to give up the means to protect themselves when a major political party is hard at work making the country so much more dangerous?

You’re not fighting to defend anyone’s freedoms, students. And you’re certainly not, as you claim, comparable to the civil rights activists of the 50s and 60s who personally put their lives on the line against the power of the state, or to Vietnam War opponents who also fought the state so they wouldn’t be shipped off thousands of miles to fight another’s war.

And this is the point: You’re siding with the state, Gen Z against your fellow Americans. You said “students are taught to love a country that values guns over our lives”? No, they’re taught (or, civics education being what it is these days, should be taught) that the Second Amendment is a barrier against overreach by the state.

Our current chief exec’s absurdities notwithstanding.

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