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Gender-transition critic speaks at Syracuse despite cancel attempts by LGBTQ ‘experts’

‘Her perspective is directly contributing to harm for the transgender community’

Despite attempts by LGBTQ “experts” and students to cancel her appearance at Syracuse University, gender therapist Sara Stockton spoke Wednesday at an event sponsored by the College Republicans.

According to the student paper The Daily Orange, Stockton used to be a proponent of so-called “gender-affirming care” but changed her tune “due to concerns about its impact on children.”

She now is associated with Genspect, “an international group critical of social and medical transition.”

The paper reported that “LGBTQ groups, experts and trans people on SU’s campus” complained Stockton engages in “unethical hate speech,” and many wanted her event (“From Certainty to Skepticism: A Gender Therapist’s Evolution in Understanding Gender Affirmation”) cancelled.

The College Republicans noted on Instagram the Stockton talk had to be moved due to security issues and a “mandate” from the Syracuse U. Department of Public Safety.

A Change.org petition calling for the event to be cancelled was set up late last month by SU Transgender Affirmative Support Team Leader Deb Coolhart who emphasized suicide rates for transgender and non-binary individuals (allegedly 40 percent).

“Sarah Stockton speaks out against providing these life-saving treatments, which is unethical as a helping professional that should aim to do no harm,” the petition reads. “Her perspective is directly contributing to harm for the transgender community, including contributing to suicidality.”

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ImageOthers opposed to Stockton offered the usual beefs: Her views are based on “fear, hate and ignorance” and are “transphobic,” she “perpetuate[s] disinformation,” and her talk will have a “negative impact on student engagement, gender expression and identity development.”

Sixty protesters ended up demonstrating (pictured) outside the venue “sporting lights and colorful clothing” and chanting “F you, SU — do better!”

Protester Hunter Kusak claimed he once was a client of Stockton (pictured) and said Syracuse needs to “start standing behind their student body” and “do better as an organization.”

Kusak added that “healthcare is a human right, specifically trans healthcare,” and claimed Stockton “continues to ignore” studies which show gender-affirming care “lowers the rate of suicidality” among transgender individuals.

The Daily Orange provided links to studies allegedly refuting some of Stockton’s points, but none in support.

Meanwhile, across the country at Cal Poly, English Professor Maya Hislop warned of the “ultra-conservative group” Turning Point USA’s event this coming week featuring popular Twitterite Billboard Chris and Chloe Cole, a transgender man who has “de-transitioned.”

“This event seems like it will be spreading lies about the trans community rather than engaging with their need for protection, justice, and liberation,” Hislop warned in an email. “This is especially dangerous when Black trans women are murdered and/or violated more often than any other group.”

Hislop, whose research interests include prison abolition, race, gender, and class, and “sexual violence/misogynoir,” added that transgender individuals “are under attack legislatively” and noted a counter-event at the Cal Poly Pride Center (pictured) will be held for those “feeling unsafe” about the TPUSA event.


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IMAGES: The Daily Orange, Sara Stockton, Billboard Chris/X

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