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Here are the biggest problems facing higher education today

As determined by College Fix followers

On Sunday, The College Fix asked its Facebook followers a simple question: “Finish this sentence: The biggest problem facing higher education today is …”

The responses started coming in fast and furious. In fact, within about 15 hours of the post we amassed more than 600 responses and counting.

The comments are sensible and spot on and illustrate the wide range of pressing issues that face higher education today, but a clear top theme emerged — bias, indoctrination and brainwashing.

Additional concerns included: censorship and bullying of conservatives; an overall lack of critical thinking; coddling young people; the influence of Democrats, teachers unions and Big Government on higher education; the exorbitant costs of college; and the rejection of the Western Civilization canon and its replacement — Marxism.

Here are some of the top responses based on likes:

It’s not higher education, it’s activism, indoctrination by radical leftists, bullying of conservatives, silencing of conservative voices…

The hijacking of education by a leftist Marxist ideology that has totally captured the administrations and professor/lecturer class where everything is now tilted toward activism, ‘decolonisation’ and critical theories explaining how broken everything is in society and MUST change. Degrees are becoming utterly worthless and college campuses are now activist hives rather than places of higher learning.

Abandoning Western Civilization which taught the foibles and imperfections of man for Marxism which denies human nature and history.

The confusion between equal opportunity and equal results.

They’re releasing them from their safe spaces into the work places… God help us, these hypersensitive social justice warriors with participation degrees will be running our critical infrastructure.

Democratic run cities of any size and Democratic supported Teachers’ Unions who donate millions to them for votes.

Wow–can I only pick one? I just retired after nearly 40 years in higher education. Over that time span, I saw much change. Well, here it goes–I’d have to say that the biggest problem facing higher education is that students are coddled. Expectations and standards have been lowered to the point where they are nearly nonexistent. Objective facts have been replaced by emotional reasoning–“truth is what feels right for me”. Administrators and most faculty stumble over each other to indulge every need and whim of students regardless of how crazy they may be. Naturally, most students respond by developing a sense of entitlement which, in turn, is poisoning American culture.

The rejection of intellectual diversity, the utter intolerance of non- leftist viewpoints.

INDOCTRINATION. Teaching young people WHAT to think instead of HOW to think. It’s really a tragedy because they’re destroying America’s youth.

It’s the ROI. Paying $200k for degrees that don’t pay for themselves in 5 years is ludicrous. The government is largely to blame for subsidizing the cost through loans that allowed costs to skyrocket while the overall quality of educator weakened just due to the sheer volume needed to keep the demand met.

The amount of money you have to spend to gain what is primarily a liberal indoctrination along with a few classes that will actually benefit you in life.

The brainwashing of our children instead of educating them.

People just smart enough to regurgitate what they are taught but not to question it.

Potential vaccination requirement for all participants! (Violates Nuremberg Code!)

Grads who think America stinks but can’t find it on a map.

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