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Hey faculty: use syllabi to reduce campus sex assault ‘epidemic’

Nadia Dawisha, a PhD candidate at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and blogger at Listengirlfriends.com, says that to help curb the campus sexual assault “epidemic,” professors should incorporate “Title IX language into syllabi.”

“The campus sexual-assault bill this past summer, plus the many media exposés about the campus rape crisis, have raised awareness of Title IX,” Ms. Dawisha writes.

Has she been immersed in a cave over the past few weeks?

To wit:

Sexual violence has been labeled by the Centers for Disease Control as a major public-health problem, affecting approximately one-fifth of American women. The percentages are staggering for younger women; it is estimated that between 20 to 25 percent will be the victims of a completed or attempted rape during their college careers alone.

Here we go again. The College Fix, among other sites, has noted how this statistic is garbage.

It’s the statistic that simply won’t … die.

Of course, Ms. Dawisha is hardly alone.

Hey, if you want profs to incorporate contacts for “the [campus] Title IX coordinator, counseling services, a rape crisis center, and campus police,” that’s all well and good.

But let’s not do it on the basis of maintaining The Narrative, while either constantly parroting a phony stat (as in this case), or stating, as is also sometimes the case, that “Well, it doesn’t matter if the statistics are legitimate. It’s still an important issue that [women] want addressed.”

Read Ms. Dawisha’s full piece at Huff Post College.

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