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Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute remains open despite state funding ban

Activist demands the institute be ‘investigated once and for all’

The Kinsey Institute for Research on Sex, Gender, and Reproduction at Indiana University is still operating despite losing state funding over ethical criticism of its work.

The most recent two-year budget bill prohibited state dollars from going to the think tank at the Bloomington university.

The research center is continuing its academic instruction, research, events, and other activities while asking for donations.

Its website calls on donors to help “defend the right to conduct sex research.”

Marah Yankey, a media specialist for the university, did not respond to two emailed requests for comment sent in the past week on the source of its funding and if it pays rent to IU.

The Kinsey Institute deferred to IU spokeswoman Amanda Roach who did not respond to two emailed requests for comment about the funding and rent, sent in the past week.

The College Fix sent two emails to the Indiana attorney general’s office asking if it had any intent to investigate the institute’s funding operations but the media relations team did not respond in the past week.

The late IU Professor Alfred Kinsey founded the research center in 1947 and used it to conduct his famous studies of human sexuality, the “Kinsey Reports.” He has long been criticized for his work on childhood sexual behavior.

In “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,” the scholar (pictured) recorded the supposed sexual experiences of children, including contact with adults. His sources included a known child rapist and others who claimed to have observed sexual behavior in children as young as infants.

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Kinsey claimed that children in his study enjoyed adults’ sexual advances despite some “frightened” or “violent” responses.

In his second work, “Sexual behavior in the Human Female,” Kinsey sought to dispel so-called “hysteria over sex offenders.” He claimed that “cultural conditioning” is the likely reason why some minors are “disturbed” when adults rape or molest them.

A parental advocacy group called on the state to investigate the Kinsey Institute’s operation.

Rhonda Miller, president of Purple for Parents of Indiana, supported the bill’s passage and commented on the issue to The Fix.

“Before there was Jeffrey Epstein, there was Alfred Kinsey,” Miller said in an emailed comment to The Fix. “One only needs to read his books to discover the level of sexual perversion that he represented.”

“His infamous Table 34 on page 180 of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male exposes the level of evil done to children by stopwatch in order to determine they were ‘sexual from birth’ which set the course to forever change America’s protections for women and children,” Miller told The Fix.

Miller charged Kinsey with tearing “the very moral fiber of our nation” and said his “exploitation of children has had far reaching negative consequences to this day.”

“Sadly, the Kinsey Institute continues to harbor such evil through the Kinsey Reporter app where any sexual deviant can report their rape and torture of children back to the institute under the guise of ‘research,’” Miller said.

“Additionally, it is Kinsey[‘s] fraudulent research that is the very foundation for today’s sex education in our schools,” Miller added.

Miller called on elected officials to “have the institute investigated once and for all.”

The Kinsey Institute’s website called the funding decision “unprecedented” and an attack on “academic freedom” and has a page defending its namesake’s legacy against “misinformation.”

“Kinsey did not carry out any experiments on children,” the page states. “He did not falsify research findings, and he in no way condoned any sexual abuse.”

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