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Ivy League school offers ‘Feminist Pedagogy Zine Making Workshop’

Explores how homemade magazines can ‘articulate a feminist set of ethics for teaching’

The University of Pennsylvania is offering students a “zine making workshop” where participants can develop and create little homemade magazines dedicated to feminist ideology.

The “Feminist Pedagogy Zine Making Workshop,” put on by the school’s Alice Paul Center, will allow students to explore “perspectives on and experiences of feminist teaching and learning practices” in the context of miniature cut-and-pasted magazines, according to the school’s website.

“This zine-making workshop has two parts: in the first session, we will brainstorm and plan a zine on feminist pedagogy. Working collaboratively, we will develop key themes for the zine, solicit contributions and draft ideas,” the event listing states.

The second session, the listing continues, “will bring all of our solicited and written content together.” In that session, participants will “cut, paste, copy and staple,” after which the zine will presumably be copied and distributed around campus.

“The aim is for this workshop to be as collaborative and inclusive as possible,” the event states.

The school has offered this workshop at least once before, last year. The Alice Paul Center also offers a “Feminist Teaching & Learning Zine,” the purpose of which is to offer “a partial dialogue on how feminist ethics and ideals play out in the classroom.”

Penn is not the only school to lately offer feminist-inspired zine making. At the University of Kansas, students were recently able to craft zines centered around the topic of masculinity. The events were part of the school’s “Masculinities Month.”

Read the event listing here.

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