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When lies are truth on campus

Would it shock you to learn that a gaggle of young college women recently fled a room in tears — all because an administrator played a five-minute educational video for them?

The dystopia brought to life in George Orwell’s “1984” is here. It’s right now on campus, where facts are lies, ignorance is strength, and the truth must be silenced or rewritten for the good of the people.

The offending propaganda is a PragerU video, calmly narrated by a female scholar from the American Enterprise Institute, who dared to present a series of facts disputing the oft-repeated yet widely debunked claim that one-in-five women will be assaulted or raped during their college years.

The video was met with a mix of tears and indignation from the young women, an uproar that prompted the university to launch an official investigation into the travesty.

It’s one example of many that shows universities have fully embraced their metamorphosis from institutions of education to ones of indoctrination. Started in the 1960s, the transition has been fully realized.

Students are carefully groomed from the minute they step foot on campus, lest thoughtcrimes be allowed to fester. They’re told either about their white privilege or victimhood status, and what to say and what not to say. Students are warned against “misgendering.” The risk of a visit from the Bias Response Team keeps them quiet.

Next comes identity politics, where academics are carefully filtered through the lenses of race, sexuality and gender.

Capitalism? The truth about capitalism on campus is it’s responsible for slavery, the eradication of Native Americans, and every other evil on this continually warming planet. (Don’t you dare say it’s helped pull more people out of poverty than any other economic system on the globe you little Eichmann!)

Free speech? Words are violence. Students are assaulted every day with microaggressions, don’t you know? The end to free speech is a matter of protection, say young and indignant millennials raised on helicopter parenting and participation trophies.

History? Handled. Students are never told of the Native Americans who owned slaves, or the blacks who owned slaves pre-Civil War. The mantra is focused on the “racist” Founding Fathers, called money-hungry barons who only wanted to establish America so they would not have to share their wealth with King George.

Terror? Islam is a religion of peace, and right-wing terror is the thing to really worry about.

Slippery slope? Sure. There’s the scholar who identifies as a baby hippopotamus. He is accepted and embraced by peers who are careful to play along, complete with calling his appendages “paws.” As for the “ecosexual” professor who likes to roll around naked in mud and says we should have sex with the Earth to save it? Yes, all this planet needs is a good orgasm.

At the University of Pennsylvania, a law professor dared argue “all cultures are not created equal.” If not for her tenure, her hide would be had. But now, thanks to diversity pledges scholars must follow, that type of rhetoric won’t be around for much longer.

Truth has no place on the American college campus. Not today. Not anymore.

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