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Most Canadian transgender inmates in women’s prisons are violent offenders, scholars determine

Nearly 85 percent of ‘gender diverse offenders’ with a sex crime history are male, according to the Correctional Service of Canada

The majority of biological male inmates in Canadian prisons who identify as transgender committed violent offenses, and nearly half are sexual offenders, according to a study by several scholars in partnership with the Correctional Service of Canada.

The study, “Examination of Gender Diverse Offenders,” analyzed the demographics and arrest records of nearly 100 “gender diverse offenders” in the Canadian prison system from December 2017 to March 2020.

Following legislation in 2017, Canadian prisons developed a new policy by which biological men, with male anatomy, could be housed in women’s prisons based on their self-declared “gender identity” as female, not their male sex, according to the study.

A directive published in May 2022 determined that the Correctional Service could deny this request in certain circumstances.

“Gender identity” is “a person’s internal and individual experience of gender,” according to study authors Shanna Farrell MacDonald, senior research officer for Correctional Service Canada; University of Montreal criminologist Sophia Garrel; Carleton University criminologist Angela Smeth; and Correctional Service of Canada research assistant Sarah Cram.

More specifically, gender identity “is their sense of being a man, woman, both or neither or anywhere on the gender continuum,” the authors stated.

The study also defines “gender diverse offenders” as “individuals who requested accommodation due to their gender identity or expression. This classification includes offenders who are transgender, non-binary, gender fluid, intersex, and two-spirit.”

Current protocol “ensures that offenders receive appropriate care and supervision … regardless of the type of facility (men’s or women’s) where they reside,” Judith Gadbois-St-Cyr, media relations advisor with Correctional Service of Canada, told The College Fix in a March 16 email.

She added that each accommodation request is “assessed on a case-by-case basis.”

“An examination of demographic characteristics of gender diverse offenders [in Canada prisons] indicated that transwomen were the largest group (62%), followed by trans-men (21%) and the ‘other’ group (17%),” according to the study authors.

In other words, more than 60 percent of all “gender diverse” inmates in Canada’s prisons over that period were biological males who may or may not have had surgery to remove their male genitalia.

Of that 60 percent, “two fifths (40%) of the study group were serving a second or subsequent sentence, demonstrating an established criminal history for these offenders and the majority (86%) were convicted of violent offences,” according to the study.

The study also noted that out of all the groups surveyed, “trans-women” had the highest likelihood of “serving an indeterminate sentence” and of having a “history of sexual offending.”

“Of the 33 gender diverse offenders identified with a sex offense history, 84.9% (28) were male and 15.1% (5) were female at the time of the study,” Marie Pier Lécuyer, senior media relations advisor for Correctional Service of Canada, told The Daily Wire in February.

The news outlet had sought clarification of the biological sex of those inmates, which the study classified as “gender diverse.”

Internationally recognized human rights protocol has for decades recognized that male and female prisoners should be housed in separate facilities, according to a treaty signed at the 1949 Geneva Convention.

“In any camps in which men and women prisoners are accommodated together, separate dormitories and conveniences shall be provided for women,” according to an article of the convention treaty, available via the International Humanitarian Law Database.

Yet “gender identity” — a term popularized in the 1960s — often trumps biological sex under current Canadian law.

Women inmates share dwellings with people with male anatomy who believe themselves to be women, or who merely say that they are women, most of which have a violent history.

“The reason there isn’t an outcry from the human rights community is that they have largely been captured by this [gender] ideology, which is not just accepted at international entities like the United Nations, but promoted by them,” Amanda Stulman, who represents the U.S. chapter of Keep Prisons Single Sex told The Christian Post in December.

Keep Prisons Single Sex is a U.K.-based organization that advocates for the sex-based rights of incarcerated women.

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