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Planned Parenthood still targets college students near campuses: report

‘Planned Parenthood knows their target market for selling abortion is young women, selling them the lie that without abortion, they cannot complete their goals in life’

A recent report from a pro-life advocacy group found that an overwhelming majority of Planned Parenthood’s abortion centers operate within close proximity to a college campus.

This finding comports with past research that found Planned Parenthood deliberately locates its facilities near college campuses.

According to the report from Students for Life of America’s Institute for Pro-Life Advancement, “[researchers found that] 87.6% of the 563 Planned Parenthood facilities in operation are located within 5 miles of a college campus.”

The report said that “this is an increase of 8.6% since [SFL’s] initial study approximately 10 years ago.”

The College Fix reached out to Students for Life to ask what impact easy access to abortion has on college communities.

“Planned Parenthood knows their target market for selling abortion is young women, selling them the lie that without abortion, they cannot complete their goals in life,” SFL’s Director of Strategic Initiatives Michele Hendrickson told The Fix in an emailed statement.

“Not only will the close proximity of these facilities end more lives and harm more women, but it infects the culture of those towns to normalize abortion as a ‘quick fix’ when we know it is anything but that,” Hendrickson said.

When asked what could be the reasoning behind Planned Parenthood’s decision to operate near college campuses, Hendrickson said that the organization’s strategy is to target vulnerable youth.

Hendrickson said:

Planned Parenthood’s business model is to target the most vulnerable among us. If they don’t succeed in the womb through abortion, they are in our schools, from elementary school curriculum to setting up shop down the street from college campuses. Placing themselves within five miles of our schools makes it more convenient for them to sell abortions and contraception to young people who have just ventured away from their family and support systems for the first time.

Hendrickson said that Planned Parenthood is “ushering [students] off to a new world of casual sex, expecting zero unplanned outcomes” instead of affirming students “in their value and worth as individuals” and to “take sex seriously.”

“When pregnancy occurs, Planned Parenthood is there again to deceive young women that it’s not a baby and that for a few hundred dollars they can ‘take care of it,’” Hendrickson said.

Planned Parenthood’s media relations team did not respond in the past week to The Fix’s request for comment on why its facilities are located near college campuses.

According to the Students for Life report, “of the 59 Planned Parenthood facilities still in operation in states prohibiting abortion, 56 are located within 5 miles of a college campus.”

“Planned Parenthood’s business model of targeting young people is not stifled by state restrictions,” the report said.

Planned Parenthood ‘targets college-age women’

A student at Campbell University who serves as the president of the school’s Students for Life chapter told The Fix that abortion providers deceive young women by telling them that they can’t be both a successful mother and student.

“It’s been no secret to the pro-life movement that the abortion industry targets college-age women,” Lydia Taylor told The Fix on April 3.

“We unfortunately live in a culture that spreads the message that women can’t be successful as mothers, which is a lie,” Taylor said.

“The abortion industry refuses to provide the pregnancy resources that our movement provides which is how they are misleading students to believe they have to kill their child to graduate or have a career,” she said.

Taylor continued to say that she has received immense backlash in fighting for the pro-life movement but remains dedicated to ending the pro-abortion culture on college campuses.

She said:

Just last year I was pushing to pass a resolution at my university to provide better access to pregnancy resources on my campus for students. I was blown away by the amount of hate, threats, and backlash I got from the pro-abortion movement for just wanting to support pregnant women so they don’t feel forced into abortion. I finally got it passed, and I know individuals all over the United States are also taking steps to claim back their universities and end the pro-abortion culture on campuses.

“We are committed to kicking Planned Parenthood off of our campuses and telling women the truth: That you can be successful in college and in your career without abortion,” Taylor said.

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