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Portland State student op-ed: ‘White people are sick’

The latest diatribe against Caucasian people comes about because the people of Alabama recently almost put “a racist pedophile Republican” — Roy Moore — in the United States Senate.

That would actually be alleged pedophile, and Portland State University’s Jake Johnson does get around to using that term eventually (at the end of his piece, natch) — that is, when he’s not throwing around the F-word in abundance.

The almost 21,000 votes that separated winner Alabama US Senate seat winner Doug Jones and Moore was a “fucking hairline,” Johnson writes in The Vanguard, and only 38% of Alabamans came out to vote … which means over half the eligible voters “decided they didn’t give a fuck whether a racist pedophile […] was elected.”

Johnson completely overlooks any nuance (and isn’t that a popular liberal notion?) and many of the same factors which enabled Donald Trump to upset Hillary Clinton last year. Indeed, he engages in the very same progressive antics that make right-leaning and moderate voters to say (in his vernacular) “f*** it” and cast their votes not in favor of a highly flawed candidate, but against people like him.

Not to mention against the media and the establishment, too.

From the piece:

Remember, this contest was set to replace the Senate seat previously held by America’s racist great-uncle Jeff (a racist who can never seem to recall how fucking racist he is until he’s being racist, and even after he’s just been extremely racist cannot recall those repugnant thoughts that have thoroughly corroded his tiny Keebler-elf brain). …

Republicans not only elected Donald Trump, but they were also more than happy to support and promote a man who reminisces about the days America still endorsed slavery. When an African American at one of Moore’s rallies in September 2017 asked Moore what Trump meant by wanting to make America great again, Moore told the individual when he thought America was last great, and the publicly spoken response was atrocious and telling:

“I think it [the United States] was great at the time when families were united—even though we had slavery—they cared for one another,” Moore responded. “Our families were strong, our country had direction.” …

But fuck it, let’s vote for that fuckin’ guy.

It seems Republicans are testing their limits for what kind of trash they can elect into office. Apparently, you can be a racist or a pedophile, but you might not win if you’re both—and even if you are, you still have a pretty solid fighting chance.

“[Doug] Jones’ win is a victory for Democrats and the U.S. in general,” Johnson concludes. Yet, somehow, Moore’s near-victory in a single state signifies that all white people are repugnant.

What was that about a “tiny Keebler-elf brain”?

Read the full op-ed.

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