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Student who stole MAGA hat faces up to one year in jail after DA files charge

A UC Riverside student who stole a peer’s Make America Great Again hat off his head and refused to give it back now faces steep legal consequences.

A criminal complaint provided to The College Fix by the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office states that Edith Macias has been charged with one misdemeanor count of grand theft for the September 27 incident.

The next court date on the matter is slated for March, and the maximum penalty Macias faces if convicted as currently charged is one year in county jail, a spokesman for the DA’s office told The Fix.

The charge was filed after UC Riverside student Matthew Vitale, the student who had his Make America Great Again hat stolen from off his head, decided to press criminal theft charges against Macias.

According to the declaration in support of an arrest warrant, Macias told the officer who responded to the incident that the reason she swiped the hat was because it represented “genocide of a bunch of people.”

“She stated she wanted to burn the hat because of what it represented,” it states.

In a now-viral video of the incident, Macias stormed into a student services office with the hat and declared: “UCR is letting people wear this shit on campus? Make American Great Again, really? There were lynchings and genocide and mass deportations. … I fucking hate this country. … And I am not leaving. … We need to get rid of all ya’ll.”

After Vitale demanded his hat back she replied: “Fuck your freedom of speech boy, your freedom of speech is literally killing a lot of people out there, your hats like these that promote laws and legislation that literally kill and murder people of color,” she continued.

In a statement to The College Fix on Monday, Vitale said he is gratified by the developments.

“I’m very pleased that the DA decided to charge her, especially because I am skeptical that UCR student conduct did anything. I will be following up with the student conduct office to determine if anything was done,” Vitale said.

“In the meantime, I can’t thank UCPD enough for actually taking this matter seriously. The detective and officers involved with this case were the epitome of professionalism,” he added. “If, as I suspect, UCR decided not to discipline her in some way this decision by the DA’s office shows two things: First, that UCR does not protect and shows no respect for speech that does not conform to their ideology. Second, that in this case UCR chose not to discipline a person who committed a crime on campus against another student.”

A video of Macias grabbing the hat off Vitale’s head was posted on Facebook by Macias, who stated in her self-titled “#Snatchahat” post: “‘Make America Great Again’ coded ‘Continue the Genocide of POC’. You feel safe cuz you got the cops and politicians on your side. Youre not safe… just saying. We need to make racists scared.” (The video has since been taken down.)

After Vitale had requested charges be brought against Macias, he explained his motives to The College Fix: “I do want to send a message. I am not vindictive, I am not vengeful, but people especially in my generation need to realize you can’t do things like this because you don’t like what someone is saying or wearing.”

Editor’s note: The charge is a violation of penal code section 487 subdivision c

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  • ChicagoPoliticalFarce

    Congratulations Mr. Vitale! Great job on keeping calm when this p o s went on a rant! You are what we need in the next generation!

    • ObamaIsAMuslim

      hopefully she does the time. All 12 months

      • Matt

        She won’t. A high misdemeanor has a max of 1 year, but that almost never is the sentence handed out unless you have a habitual offender and the DA just wants to stack it on. What is good about this now, is she will have a criminal record which has far more reaching implications from job prospects to future ‘sentences’

        • Johannes W. Odijk

          She may be an illegal.

          • Peter Wde

            She’s a citizen since born here, her mom’s an illegal though. So oops mom, sorry I just brought your illegal immigration status to immigration authorities.

        • grumpy_old_patriot

          It’s California. She’ll get zero days in jail based on either a technicality and/or a judge sympathetic to her cause, and simply be emboldened.

        • Joltin Joe

          Yeah her degree in under water basket weaving was going to be sooo great until this incident. HAHAHA

        • novictim

          Misdemeanor? The act of violence Macias conducted really can and should be seen as on the high end. This was an assault on a person for their political beliefs. Macias is part of the Leftwing intimidation campaign we see across Universities in the West. The crime should not be simply treated as “Someone stole a hat.” It is much more troubling than that.

          • Anonymous

            I agree. Charge her with civil rights violations. Not for something that kids in school do to each other every day.

        • Jdawg Laurence

          Definitely, the criminal record will hurt her far more than the short sentence. Travelling will be extremely difficult (not that she could ever afford it on welfare her whole life), continued education will be more difficult, jobs, getting a legal firearm. She just won’t be able to do a lot of things.

          My main concern is that now she is going to become a full-blown terrorist, but that might actually be good as she’d never succeed with an attack with how stupid she clearly is, and then she’d be put in jail for life.

        • dumbfounded

          Sadly, being that it is California, she probably won’t even go to trial and it will be reduced to something very minor, and no criminal record…

      • Johannes W. Odijk

        I prefer she runs away to her own country.

        • Jennifer Johnson

          She was born here, genius

          • bob

            right there in your living room?

          • Johannes W. Odijk

            Her mother IS an illegal which makes her one too. I don’t give a ratsass, if she doesn’t like it here get the hell out.

          • Jennifer Johnson

            No, it doesn’t make her illegal; do you not know our country’s laws? I don’t agree with anchor babies being legal citizens, but it IS the law right now.

      • Linda Lee

        I hope so too, but she’ll probably whine and cry and end up getting nothing from a liberal judge.

    • Base
    • Hapax Legomenon

      How is it “grand theft” though? I thought in California “grand theft” means a theft of over $950 value?

      • White Pride Worldwide

        She snatched it off his body. Then posted the proof for the DA.

      • Keegan Moonshine

        He got the deluxe MAGA hat edition with surround sound and wireless bluetooth

        • dumbfounded

          oh man… lol

      • hardresetamericadotcom

        It should have been robbery. Look up Ca. Penal code section 211

      • Ayn Al-Nimr

        Grand Theft includes:
        1. Property stolen was worth more than $950.
        2.The property was taken directly off of the property owner, no matter how much the property is worth (i.e. taken from the clothing of, on the body of, or in a container held or carried by a person, as in a mugging)
        3.The property was of a certain type such as:
        a. automobile or firearm
        b. Fruit or nuts worth more than $250. fish, shellfish, or aquacultural products worth more
        than $250 if taken from a commercial fishery or research operation
        c. Certain animals for example a horse

      • Elegant Rat

        She isn’t being charged with grand theft. That’s only if she’s being charged with felony (which would apply depending on the perpetrators criminal history or the item(s) stolen. In this case it’s a misdemeanor charge of petty theft (max sentence up to a year). Seems that Proposition 47 changed California law and the definition of grand theft a few years ago. It used to be that it could be charged as a felony grand theft if the item in question was stolen off the person like in this case an article of clothing no matter the value of the item. Proposition 47 changed that so the penalties are not so steep. In other words, it no longer can be charged as felony grand theft, but as the lesser crime of misdemeanor petty theft.

    • Thisstuffmakesmecrazy

      We do not need snowflake losers like Vitale. He can’t even take care of his own garbage. Wimp.

    • chrisinpaso

      Keeping calm was perhaps the best decision in light of the leftist administration that controls the UC campuses, but self-defense would also have been a good choice. Mr.. Vitale would have been perfectly justified in using force to take back his hat, even if it involved busting her traitorous nose.

      • Jennifer Johnson

        Nice to see he took the high road instead of resorting to violence. Violence would have completely defeated his message, something many other conservatives could learn from.

  • Adam

    Nothing will happen

    • CountMontyC

      She will plead guilty and receive a small fine. The only way she receives jail time is if she tries to justify her crime and pleads innocent

      • Kyle Hood

        It doesn’t matter if she only gets a small fine. It is a conviction. She gets to spend at least 7 years explaining to potential employers why she has a grand theft conviction.

        • SoylentGringo

          “I can’t seem to get a job now, I need welfare.”
          Welfare®, from a racist government & country she hates.
          What a stoopid beech.

          • ARZMAN

            Nobody owes her a darned thing in this life. Want to eat, go work somewhere. Life is not a freebie.

      • Dan

        Dont you see this girl being arrogant enough to believe that she is actually innocent? She probably thinks SHE is the victim of a crime here and the guy should be before the judge for wearing the hat. I bet she goes in front of the judge and tries to plead her case and hopefully he does buy it. Then when she talks about how he is a white supremacist he tacks on 3 more years to her sentence.

        • CountMontyC

          Her lawyer, and she will have one, will strongly advise her to plead guilty and seem contrite. Failure to follow the lawyers advice and act as she did in the video will lead to jail time and I don’t believe such a delicate snowflake will put themselves at risk for their beliefs

    • The shame in the press and her name out there is certainly going to sting for a long time..

  • ScienceABC123

    If the laws were regularly enforced, people would control themselves accordingly rather than believing they are above the law.


    A radical leftist anti-white, anti-American, racist, saying “we need to make racists scared”. May her own words and actions convict her.

  • theGOONIES

    Good. Give the [email protected] a choice . A year in prison or deport to some s. American h ell hole

  • noeffort

    POTUS should send you a signed MAGA hat!

  • Tom

    Take one good look at the this crazed lunatic. If this is the best that south america has to offer, (remember, liberals insist that they send us their best) is it any wonder that every country to our south is a failed basket case?

  • T100C1970

    Grand theft seems to be a bit of an overreach! Around here you have to steal stuff worth at least $1,000 to qualifiy for that.

    • TreyOhFiver

      I think I read that it was upped to “Grand Theft” because – under Cali criminal code – the item stolen was stolen from his person.

      • Teufelhunde

        Correct, the value of the property doesn’t matter when it’s taken directly off of the person.

      • T100C1970

        That makes some sense … like burglary (nobody home) vs robbery (stolen at gun/knife/fist point). In this case I figure the prosecutor is using the old over charge / plead down technique.. which is OK here.

    • Aaron Stevens

      that must be a typo. my understanding is that theft becomes ‘grand’ when the value exceeds $5000. also, if they were actually talking about ‘grand’ theft i’m sure the max penalty is more than one year

      • T100C1970

        You are right about the penalty for sure. Theft laws are still one of the FEW areas in which states can set their own standards and thresholds… So it is to be expected that thresholds vary by state.

  • Michael Anthony Paul Trivisonn

    She should be deported.

    • The Bogeyman

      After charging her with a hate crime.

  • Ahahahahahahahaahahahaahah

  • Dizzy

    I think she just wanted it for herself

    • Evil Liberal

      LOL>>> Thanks 🙂

  • TxMedRgr

    This young woman is at least being honest; she wants to get rid of all white people. I suspect the majority of her fellow leftist radicals feel the same.

    • disqus_yeZNegncsV

      Probably all the straight men and women too, don’t you think. Seems she probably fits a lot of “victim groups.”

  • dehypnotized

    Progressive eventually will run into laws.

  • Johannes W. Odijk

    And I am not leaving. … We need to get rid of all ya’ll.”
    Please be so kind and get your sorry a$$ out of this country. You are one of the reasons racism is rearing it’s ugly head…………..again.

    • SoylentGringo

      To be fair, the MSM is sure as hell doing their part to keep things like racism, misogyny, rape culture, and a whole smorgasbord of human ills alive & kicking. Different cultures & races might well have figured out how to get along by now, and that would quickly eliminate their jobs.

  • Sammler

    Why not also charge a hate crime? All her comments & reasoning for the action sound racially motivated….
    But probably not & Mr. Vitale will be a racist for pursuing charges, using his white privilege against a female minority 🙁

  • TreyOhFiver

    She won’t actually serve time but I’m content that a point has been effectively made.

  • jonn

    I suggest a $500. fine and 45 days in jail.

  • Richly Deplorable

    Put this racist cretin in the town stockade for a week wearing a MAGA hat and a Trump T shirt. Then throw her good for nothing arse in jail.

  • Paid Russian Troll

    That leftist lunatic is lucky she she didn’t do that in my state, where use of physical force in defense of property is legal.

    • chrisinpaso

      It’s also legal in California, short of deadly force in this situation.

    • Jennifer Johnson

      Because you’d just LOVE to punch a woman, right? Wow.

  • Coach

    The only reason there’s a charge, is because there’s video in which case the DA would probably be criminally negligent if he/she didn’t charge this person. If there was no video… there would be no criminal charge at all.

  • Kevin Weinberg

    How is this thing allowed to live? IN any decently run world, she would have been shipped off to the incineration chamber months ago.

    • Jennifer Johnson

      Overreact, much? Glad reality doesn’t match your fantasy, or we’d all be screwed.

  • Barb Ordell

    Cane the bitch.

  • Kim C

    She hates this country but she won’t leave. She wants all the people who made this country great to leave. Standard Libtard “Logic.”

  • Stenka Razin

    Nothing will happen to her. She will be having victory beers with Obama and Bowe Bergdahl.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Great job fighting the CRAZIES.

  • Mrwizard

    Who told her that MAGA is racist? If someone tried to cross the Mexican boarder illegally, they would get two years in a Mexican Prison. Second time, Ten years. America having a boarder is not racist! There is a lot of bull out there. Being Gullible is a dangerous place to be.

  • Dan
    • ARZMAN

      That corrosive hatred within will lead to Gehenna.

    • dumbfounded


  • Dan
    • ARZMAN

      Face of the Demons within.

  • novictim

    This had better not be soft balled by some Leftist Judge. The message rampant on campuses is that the Left is above the law and that it is open season on nonLeft political speech. We either see Macias go to jail for a significant time and face fines and felony status or the American Public is going to lose total faith in the system = Vigilante Justice. We do not want that. Rule of Law must be upheld. That starts with the cops, the DA, and the Justice system. We lose that at our peril.

  • Hapax Legomenon

    How is it “grand theft” though? I thought in California “grand theft” means a theft of over $950 value?

    • White Pride Worldwide

      She snatched it off his body = “grand theft” in Cali.

  • borgcube

    Man, she got hit with the ugly/angry/cunt combo stick something fierce.

  • RealTalk

    Throw the book at her and let it be a message to the rest of these adult children we’re raising to be the next group of leadership of this nation … God help us, because nothing else can. College and University is now Highschool 2.0

  • 🇺🇸 deplorable Indy ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Excellent. LOCK THAT PARASITE up.

  • Hey Dude


    • Jennifer Johnson

      You can’t deport US citizens, and yes, she’s legally a citizen. Don’t like it? Rally against the anchor baby clause.

  • White Pride Worldwide

    The best part is SHE posted the video needed for a charge against her. LOL

    • dumbfounded


  • melski

    One year in the “Broom Handle” wing of jail will make her come a changed person.

  • JS

    Maybe more importantly, how was this woman granted admission to a university? This may hurt some feelings out there but I’d say that the majority of kids in college today have no business being there.

    • Jennifer Johnson

      Um, because she met the entrance requirements? What do you know about the majority of college kids; do you have any facts to back up your statement or are you just flapping your gums trying to sound smart?

      • JS

        If you’ve ever been “triggered” by a “microaggression”, you don’t belong in college.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who has ever taken a hat off of someone’s head and refused to give it back will now be subject to arrest, being strip searched, being locked in a cage with the rest of the criminals, because we all know that taking a hat off of someone’s head is a heinous criminal act. I propose a camera to monitor every schoolyard, and we should be able to fill a prison with nice juicy free labor in no time flat.

  • Linda Lee

    She should be kicked out of sc hool. But no, instead she’ll get her student aid (that’s what she was waiting for to pay her rent., books, susbsistence, and tuition. She’ll keep getting this student assistance from a country she hates, from taxpayers whom she hates. .

  • washburn road

    Please – she is in CA. This privileged parasite will not do one day, the fine will be under $100, she will be given a hardship diploma, a low IQ job at Google, and immediately get pregnant and grift the taxpayers for every dime they have.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Yeah! Kick her ass!

  • Thisstuffmakesmecrazy

    Vitale is a pu$$$. Just like all alt-right neocons, they blow things way out of proportion. Hope his karma bites him in the rear.

  • Thisstuffmakesmecrazy

    Jeez, reading the comments you’re all a bunch of whiny snowflakes.

    • Jennifer Johnson

      It’s a conservative publication (hate-filled echo chamber), what did you expect?

  • Anonymous Bastard

    What she engaged in was worse than misdemeanor hat stealing. It was an act of political intimidation that she posted on the internet in an effort to mobilize more people to go out an intimidate and threaten Trump supporters. I would think there’s a conspiracy charge in there if the prosecutor looks. I’d be surprised if she hadn’t discussed #snachahat with her fellow antifa commies prior to committing this crime.

    • Nancy Arseneault-Heald

      I notice someone had to be filming that hat theft when she took it because she posted that herself. So there was definitely someone working with her. However, I also notice that no one is standing up to take credit for it, probably because she inflicted a situation on herself that no one wants any part of now.

  • Samhain2018

    What if “the Big One” hit and CA fell into the ocean?

    • Snellville Bob

      Around the year 1500, local Indians said that Said Francisco bay was a meadow and after a huge ground shaking, it became 65 feet deep, most of Silicon Valley is right next to that and is on a shelf about 65 feet or less above sea level that has been under water before.

  • thesafesurfer

    Edith Macias is a total idiot.

    Liberalism is a mental disease.

  • Lisa Askwit ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Good Luck is all I can say. This IS Californication, after all. I admire Mr. Vitale for having the Balls to at least Attempt this. If More of Us would follow through on these kinds of actions, maybe, just Maybe, they’d begin to think Twice before Assaulting us!

  • Steve

    This chick is just…so dumb. I’m shocked she’s managing to stay in a collegiate setting as a student at all. Prepare thyself for dishwasher patrol.

  • Tiger184

    The reality?
    She is an ILLEGAL.

    • Jennifer Johnson

      No, she’s not. Read up.

  • chris_zzz

    Macias: “I fucking hate this country. … And I am not leaving. … We need to get rid of all ya’ll.” OK. I used to think that what you did was obnoxious but legally trivial. Now, I hope you serve time. You’re an awful person.

  • Marcus Clintonius Arbiter

    THANK YOU, thank you Mr Vitale for pressing charges. THIS is the way to proceed. FIGHT BACK!

  • Dennis

    Good on you. 🙂 Taker her some cookies if she’s convicted, but make sure it’s regular chocolate…she seems awfully bent on trying to take things *way* out of context.

  • Bad Wolf

    Excellent principled fortitude by Mr. Vitale and remarkable dedication to rule of law by the District Attorney. The entire episode was captured on film. She documented her motives, her contempt for the legal system, and her actual knowing violation by the law with repeated comments and prolonged actions. Convicting Edith Macias is a slam dunk. Given her clear intention to violate Mr. Vitale’s civil rights, I expect other charges can be tacked on as well. Doing so will send a message to Constitution-violating anti-Free Speech thugs that the law will deal with them. Jail time – the longer the better – will send a message that American law still applies across the US including on Campuses where the authorities are so ideological that they fail to apply basic laws and refuse to act in a just manner.

  • ChrisLongski

    It’s just got to get to the point where Leftists Millenials beat a Conservative to death and think it was somehow justified and the victim was “asking for it”…

  • Thorhummer

    Should just deport her back to middle earth.


    Sexy and voluptuous Edith Macias should welcome a year in prison so she can get emaciated and promote lesbianism with her sister Chicas—she’s a little thick and once she’s down to a desirable weight she can get unwanted attention from the likes of Weiner, Weinstein, Franken, Rose, Lasseter, and Conyers. Hell, throw in Halperin, Clinton, and Epstein as well…

    • Jennifer Johnson

      And Trump. Don’t forget he’s sexually assaulted 12 women, including violently raping his own beautiful wife.

      • DVS ONE

        You spelled “Kennedy” (all the dead misogynist men) wrong. Also, too bad your last name is slang for “penis.” You should self identify as a Chinese-American male and assume the transgender name of “Peter Wang.” Or maybe become an oppressed Chinese woman and just change your legal name to “Fuk Mai Laifu.” 😜

        • Jennifer Johnson

          Typical conservative reaction. No intelligent argument, just distractions and insults. Good job falling in step!

          • DVS ONE

            Look who’s talking, ya reactionary SJW antifa goose-stepping womangered Feminazi. Unlike you, I provide a fact about the DemocRAT/Kennedy slimy axis of feeble. Provide a source to validate your allegation about President Trump, not some dumb audio from years ago involving Willie Bush and “Excess Whorelly-Wood.”

            Also, too bad your last name is slang for “pecker.” You should self identify as a Chinese-American male and assume the transgender name of “Peter Wang” or Irishman “Richard O’Toole.” Or maybe become an oppressed Chinese woman and change your legal name to “Fuk Mai Laifu.” 😜

          • Jennifer Johnson

            Thanks for proving my point!

          • DVS ONE

            You approached me and I encroached you by living rent-free in your mind. You’re the highlight of my Thanksgiving Holiday, hunnybuns! 😘

          • Jennifer Johnson

            Bless your heart, you just keep digging, don’t you? Here’s a shovel; you’re almost there!

          • DVS ONE

            Digging to plant a new type of “Johnson” Iowa corn exclusively for you… from the looks of your frustrated and insecure/insignificant reponses, you’ll definitely need it… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e3b5f16ad693345ad0f9c8703d766ed1ba22421a6b890215bc6a4b9fc453aa10.jpg

  • merkinmuffy

    Grand theft? According to California law, that hat had to be worth $950. While I want to see this leftist lunatic face justice, I just don’t understand the charge.

    • Nancy Arseneault-Heald

      I think if the theft was committed by taking the stolen item directly off of the owner then it is more like an assault crime then simple theft, no matter what the value of the thing stolen. Most likely that was added for thefts like purse muggings, but it applies here.

      • dumbfounded

        I believe that you are correct:

        California Penal Code §487
        PART 1. OF CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS [25 – 680]
        TITLE 13. OF CRIMES AGAINST PROPERTY [450 – 593g]
        Grand theft is theft committed in any of the following cases:
        (a) When the money, labor, or real or personal property taken is of a value exceeding nine hundred fifty dollars ($950), except as provided in subdivision (b).
        (b) Notwithstanding subdivision (a), grand theft is committed in any of the following cases:
        (3)(c) When the property is taken from the person of another.

        so, it does appear to be grand theft…

      • merkinmuffy

        That’s what they should have charged her with.

  • Rclifton

    I’d wager that this “student” is an illegal alien. Any takers?

    • Jennifer Johnson

      If you resorted to looking up FACTS, you’d see she’s here legally. Also she’s a real student, not a “student.”

      • Rclifton

        OK, but she’s still a criminal and should be in prison.

        • Jennifer Johnson


  • bilbo

    Give her the maximum.

  • drattastic

    It would be sweet if she does some time and then is deported .

  • t0cd0r

    You made America greater with this simple act of wearing a hat.

  • Seriouslady

    She needs to go back to elementary school if she thinks that hat represents genocide. Another thing if she wants to make racist scared just look in the mirror, that should scare her.

  • Ignatz

    “She stated she wanted to burn the hat”

    That’s wrong. She should have set it on fire when it was still on his head.

  • ItsOK2kek
  • WereTurtle

    Well, hopefully, the hat thief will get that free rent her supporters are demanding she gets – though – not in the way they hoped.

  • Barry

    She looks like she will get along just fine in the clink.

  • Steven Palmer

    have the loony liberal colleges in California finally started teaching the correct history of the Americas. The Spanish Raped and pillaged the Americas, made slaves out of the Indians (Natives) and the rest they killed. The Spanish conquered and Raped and Pillaged all. Took anything valuable and enslaved everyone they could. The Natives were completely wiped out, and those that survived ended up as Spanish speaking,. There was no Mexican race, Guatemalan, etc..etc… There were natives that blended with breading from the Spanish. (also the Italians, Spanish, Portugese, Chinese, Irish, Whites, Blacks, Russians, and al humans, all moved around the globe looking for wealth adventure) So, it was not the evil white people ! For the Americas, it was the Spanish (French, British, Vikings, Pacific Islanders, Original Natives) , who inhabited the continents and empires. She might be either originally a Native or she is a product of the Spanish descendants . Of course she could have ancestors from anywhere that made their way here by whatever means if she is a real Native from the original inhabitants of the Americas or other places who migrated like everyone on Earth came from the original migration of hundreds of thousands of years. Either way, she migrated here. Everyone’s ancestors either came here with or without violence, stealing, taking, etc. from the original humans who inhabited the lands. This loon is flat out blaming white people when we were not the ones who had anything to do with her ancestors. her ancestors are the one whole pillaged the lands. So, she is either totally misinformed, or totally unable to understand how the lands and people began. She is looking for an excuse to be a horrible human being and to attack other people to justify her own crazy mental issues. She should be thanking her lucky Stars she ended up in a good place, instead of crapping on the people who feed her and put up with her crazy b.s. !!

    • Jennifer Johnson

      Uh, no. Whites have killed, raped, and stolen from Native peoples around the globe for centuries. Please read up on some American and European history before you type.

  • Jennifer Johnson

    What cracks me up about all these comments is that ya’ll want to see her punished to the fullest more for disagreeing with your point view than for what she actually did. Not defending her actions in the slightest here, but she has every right to be just as racist as all of you sound. Listen to yourselves– RACISTS!!

  • Leone

    Deport that hateful Red Guard beast.