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Pro-life group brings the truth about abortion to college campuses

Students watch a fetal development video before learning how abortions are committed

A pro-life student group is working to change minds on college campuses with a virtual reality display this fall semester.

Students for Life of America, where I used to work, is bringing its “See Me Now” tour to campuses across the country.

I recently spoke to Regional Coordinator Jordan Moorman about the success of the tour. He personally took the display to 15 different stops.

“What are your thoughts on abortion? What are your thoughts on our display? Moorman might ask students passing by to get them to stop.

“I’ve had a pretty good rate of success in chatting with people,” Moorman said. “We’re also highlighting the humanity of the preborn,” the regional coordinator said. Students and other passerby will also hear about resources available for pregnant and parenting students as part of Student for Life’s Standing With You initiative.

Students can watch a narrated video (below) that explains fetal development up through the first twenty-weeks of pregnancy as well as a medically accurate description of what occurs during an abortion.

I asked Moorman if students were surprised when they learned about fetal development and if it helped change their minds.

He said it does change minds.

For example, 25 pro-choice students signed a petition to ban dismemberment abortions at one tour stop, Moorman said.

He said that he personally has had 11 percent of pro-choicers changed their minds to being pro-life and opposed to abortion at some point. This is after just a few minutes of conversation. A total of 67 percent of students signed his petition.

“I think a big problem is that most people don’t know what an abortion is and part of our display is being able to explain, ‘hey this baby in the second-trimester has limbs and a heartbeat,” Moorman said.

Best way to start pro-life activism is to just get out there

Moorman said the best way students can get started in pro-life activism is to start with their local regional coordinator through SFLA and he can help you identify opportunities.

“Just do it,” Moorman said. “Those sidewalks outside of abortion facilities are public, grab a couple of your friends, and go hold a sign or say a prayer.”

He said if someone is nervous to not start by approaching women entering for an abortion — simply standing there and being “peaceful” and praying can do wonders.

He also suggested flyering on campus with information about abortion and resources for pregnant students as one way to start.

Students can learn more at studentsforlife.org.

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IMAGE: Students For Life/YouTube

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