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Professor at Catholic university asks students on final exam: Is Trump the Anti-Christ?

A professor’s extra credit question on a recent final exam asked students whether Donald Trump … is the Anti-Christ.

Options on the multiple-choice extra credit question included: a) a fool; b) already in hell; c) a clown; d) all of the answer choices for this question are correct; e) an evil man; or f) the Anti-Christ.

The exam question was first reported by Hypeline, a project of Turning Point USA, which noted the query stemmed from Creighton University’s Dr. Fidel Fajardo-Acosta and his World Literature I: Antiquity to the Renaissance course.

Students reportedly earned five bonus points if they answered the question.

The Blaze reports that “World literature is part of Creighton’s ‘Magis Core Curriculum’ program, which is necessary in order to meet graduation requirements. According to the school’s website, each component of the curriculum ‘has a justification that is rooted in the Catholic and Jesuit intellectual tradition.'”

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