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Public university workshop teaches students how to have an orgasm

Thank goodness colleges teach students how to climax or how would they ever learn?!

At the University of Connecticut, which costs roughly $25,000 annually for in-state students, the campus played host this week to “I Love the Female Orgasm,” a seminar that has made the rounds on college campuses over the last several years.

The Daily Campus student newspaper reports that Monday evening’s festivities kicked off with popular songs about sex playing in the background and the famous “When Harry Met Sally” cafe-orgasm clip. Facilitators “also provided various orgasm tips on screen throughout the program, including ‘befriend your vulva’ and ‘touch yourself by yourself,’ ” the newspaper reported.

For those concerned about whether this event was discriminatory against people with penises who identify as women, not to worry.

“The program was inclusive to both those who were assigned as females at birth, as well as anyone who identifies as a woman. [Facilitators] playfully provided pictures of various genital-shaped vegetables to illustrate these possibilities,” the Campus reports, adding:

The final portion of the program focused on actual tips for achieving the female orgasm. This included in depth information on the location and importance of the clitoris and g-spot, as well as how to stimulate them. Vibrators and other methods of female masturbation were also discussed, and [facilitators] even dared to tackle the often-puzzling issue of female ejaculation.

The event was hosted by The Student Union Board of Governors. Student fees hard at work – or play – depending on your point of view.

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