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School choice, charter schools get big name supporter: Jalen Rose

Jalen Rose, former NBA player and member of the “Fab Five,” testified in front of a Michigan state panel in support of school choice and charter schools.

From Michigan Radio online:

Rose testified before a state panel in support of allowing more charter schools and schools of choice in Michigan.

He sponsored a charter academy that opened in his hometown of Detroit.

Rose says the school selects students based on a lottery, rather than test scores, so every kid would have a shot at getting in…

Rose says too many parents are forced to consider sending their kids to a neighborhood public school that is failing.

According to Michigan Capitol Confidential, a news service from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy (a center-right think tank), demand for charter schools is increasing in Michigan. In 2010, 2/3 of charter schools had an estimatd total of 13,000 students on waiting lists.

Additionally, Republican Governor Rick Snyder has come out in support of school choice for all districts in Michigan, but there has been a loss of support among the GOP.

Stephanie Wang is the editor of the Michigan Review. She is a contributor to The College Fix.

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