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Stanford’s naked theatrical streakers still required to wear face masks

Apparently at Stanford University, you can run through a theater audience in your birthday suit — but you better be wearing a mask when you do!

At Stanford’s annual “Gaieties” production, a festive and uproarious theater tradition, student actors who take part this year in its tradition of running naked or nearly naked through the seats must do so with a mask firmly secured over their noses and mouths.

The Stanford Review obtained a copy of instructions given to actors, which stated:

“[Wear] whatever makes your [sic] comfortable: whether you’re going full out or leaving a bit of room for imagination (bras and underwear), but keep in mind tis [sic] naked run, so…”

“You’re required to wear a face mask that covers both your nose and your mouth. You can wear more aesthetic masks on top of it. (be creative and make it fun!)”‌

‌Writing for the Review, Maxwell Meyer notes the absurdity of it all on a campus with a 95 percent vaccination rate:

I was pretty speechless when I read this—still am—but really didn’t think that anyone would accede to such an absurd requirement as to be masked while otherwise totally nude… To my distress, I learned this morning from a source who stripped for opening night that nearly all those in the buff were also masked up.

It’s disappointing, almost a violation of the iconoclastic esprit de corps that holds Gaieties together. If there is a lone establishment symbol, one sacred object in 2021 that is worthy of our most ruthless derision and mockery, it’s the masks! In a way, a gaggle of naked maskers do just that, albeit unintentionally; but I say that the covid hysterics have taken enough from us — don’t let them take this moment of rebellion from you, too!

Interestingly enough, the mask requirement is in effect for streakers even though the audience is required to wear a mask “at all times” over both mouth and nose.

Read the Stanford Review column here.

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