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Student newspaper posts map of campus locations where students have had sex

Paper wants to examine ‘intense, funny, casual, uncomfortable or haunting’ sexual experiences on school grounds

A school newspaper at a prominent California university has begun a project documenting the various places students have had sex around the school’s campus.

“For our special issue on sex, The Daily Californian is collecting stories to examine where sexual encounters on campus actually happen and what they actually look like,” student Ian MacGregor writes at the newspaper.

“If you feel comfortable, please share a time you had a sexual encounter on campus, where it happened and how it made you feel,” MacGregor urges students. “We want to provide a safe and anonymous space where you can feel comfortable sharing your own story, however intense, funny, casual, uncomfortable or haunting it may be.”

The map thus far has at 40 different accounts of sexual encounters on UC Berkeley’s campus. One student recounts having told her boyfriend that she wanted to have sex by the campanile, a bell tower on Berkeley’s campus.

“So we tried to have sex In the tree area by the campanile but it was like 9pm on a night gameday so there were too many people,” the account reads. “We then moved to these random tables by haviland Hall I think and had pretty dope table sex. Anyways, that’s the story of the first time I hooked up with my then boyfriend.”

In an account of an apparent homosexual encounter, another student writes of ejaculating onto university property.

“Met up with a PHD student via Grindr who had lab access in VLSB,” the account reads. “We went up to his lab, I gave him head, and we both came all over the lab floor.”

Still another recounts a sexual encounter on top of the campus’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Building: “Roof of MLK – the beauty of the skyline and my ass getting eaten.”

One account reads simply: “Oops.”

According to the newspaper, the sex project was inspired by a similar initiative from The Californian called “Where We Cry,” an “interactive map for readers to share their experiences of crying at UC Berkeley.” That project had 363 total respondents, many of whom reported crying in the same places that students have also reported having sex. Six people, for instance, report crying in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Building.

View the campus sex map here.

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