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STUDY: Environmentalist Whackos Aren’t Nuts, Allegedly

A new study claims that environmentalist whackos aren’t really nuts.

And actually, the study takes it one step further, saying people who obsess over global warming and the like are actually doing something healthy and constructive.

“Qualifications such as ‘global warming hysteria’ and ‘energy policy schizophrenia’ put forward by some climate change skeptics, usually outside the academic arena, may suggest that people who seriously worry about the environment suffer from psychological imbalance,” University of Bath (UK) researchers stated. “While habitual worrying in general is strongly associated with psychopathological symptoms, in a survey a near-zero correlation was found between habitual ecological worrying and pathological worry.”

“Instead, habitual ecological worrying was associated with pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors, and with a personality structure characterized by imagination and an appreciation for new ideas … (who) demonstrate a constructive and adaptive response to a serious problem.”

So the messed up ones in all this are the reasonable people who don’t freak out over nonexistent threats. Yeah, right.

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