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The College Fix Presents Its Top Ten Most Outrageous Stories of 2012

The College Fix presents its Top Ten Most Outrageous Stories of 2012, in no particular order:

The Saga of Sandra Fluke

Who knew Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” would be the best thing to ever happen to her? After that, the Georgetown University law student became the spokeswoman for government-subsidized condoms, a victim of the GOP’s alleged “War on Women,” and the darling of the Left, with a spot at the DNC podium and a TIME person of the year nominee. But it wasn’t always so rosy as of late for the newly minted lawyer. During the presidential campaign, when Fluke traveled the country to speak at colleges in support of Obama, she was lucky to draw a couple dozen students, tops. More recently, The College Fix broke the news Fluke was auctioning off an hour of her time for charity. The lucky winner would receive a “Skype” conversation. And no refunds.

Professors Unabashedly Support Democrats, Obama’s Re-election

It’s not even close. Story after story on this website and others reveals professors gave to President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign over Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s bid by a margin of about 9 to 1, and roughly the same margin is found when comparing educators’ donations to Democrat versus Republican political candidates – a perfect illustration of the lack of campus diversity. Several College Fix exclusives highlighted this phenomenon, including: Top Obama Campaign Contributors This Year – Professors; Many California University Leaders Back Democrats; and Donations Go to Democrats, Not Republicans, at SUNY Purchase.

‘Sex and God & Yale’ Exposes Ivy League Perversion

Published in August by College Fix Editor Nathan Harden, Sex & God at Yale covers many of the shabby low points of sex at the university: Live nudity in the classroom, oral sex seminars, masturbation how-tos and other examples of dedicated folly. Beyond sexual perversion, the book details examples of academic negligence and a blind devotion to political correctness and moral relativism. One such example is how Yale’s art department approved a phony senior art project that was supposed to consist of the blood and tissue from numerous self-induced abortions. Underlying problems addressed in the book is that Yale, along with other leading universities, has used academic freedom as an excuse for abandoning academic standards.

Podium Turns Into Pulpit During Science Lessons

A renowned University of California-Riverside professor advises students that to save Mother Earth, they should eat vegetarian, only have 1.5 kids – two at the most – take up social justice causes, and lower their standard of living. A Duke University professor names a new fern genus she describes as bisexual after popstar Lady Gaga, and further says the different methods plants reproduce celebrates homosexuality in humans. A prominent UC Berkeley professor links ignoring global warming with watching people die during a guest seminar. These three College Fix exclusives published this year illustrate science is far from black and white, and fairly regularly, professors use the subject as an opportunity to proselytize.

Butler University Student Spotlights Politically Correct Class

A College Fix contributor highlighted a political science professor at Butler University who asked students to disregard their “American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality, middle-class status” when writing and speaking in the classroom. It was a very well-written and important story, but generally speaking, it’s the type of article The College Fix publishes frequently. But for some reason, this particular story resonated with the masses. It became a phenomenon, reportedly talked about by the likes of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage. On the internet, it went viral, read by tens of thousands of people and recommended more than 5,000 times on Facebook. We’re glad it did, but there’s more where that came from. Different students, different professors, different schools. Same problem. Stay tuned.

Jesus, Obama, MLK: What’s the difference?

“The Gospel According to Apostle Barack” is the title of a book penned by a Florida A&M University professor who compares Jesus with Obama and says God told her in a dream to write it. Professor Barbara Thompson argues Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr. walked the Earth to create a more civilized society, but Apostle Barack, the name he was called in her allegedly divinely inspired dream, walks the Earth to create a more equalized society. “Now that he’s been re-elected he is going to help the middle class and working poor experience living heaven here on Earth,” she says. “That is a lifestyle.” Maybe she should have compared Obama with Santa Claus.

Universities Nationwide Snub, Criticize Christ

There’s the War on Women. The War on Drugs. The War on Terror. The War on Christmas. Well, what about the War on Jesus? A College Fix survey of hundreds of religious studies classes at universities across the nation uncovered that, for the most part, professors prefer to snub the subject of who Jesus was and what he preached. Classes that are focused on Christianity, meanwhile, tip-toe around or altogether avoid the topic of Christ’s teachings. Jesus Christ is – without question – the most influential figure to ever walk the Earth, but professors clearly prefer to offer electives on much more obscure matters, which a summary of the survey details in earnest.

Harvard University’s Incest-Fest

At Harvard, students paused from studying things like philosophy, history, or the sciences, in order to celebrate something called “Incest-Fest.” Incest-Fest is, essentially, a campus party where making out and hooking up with as many people as possible is the goal. It gets the “incest” name because the event is open only to residents of Kirkland house–one of Harvard’s undergraduate residences. Thus, students who are living together (as if they were members of the same family, get it?? Incest? So funny, right?) are having sex with one another. America, this is your best and brightest. Are you proud?

Student Athletes Who Cheat, and the Grown Ups Who Let Them

A College Fix series this fall looked at the recent cheating scandals at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina, examining in detail the already-heated discussion of just how much influence college athletics has over academia. The articles delved into the important concerns that athletic programs wield too much power and lack sufficient accountability at the collegiate level. The articles also takes to task the NCAA and others in power for the ongoing scandals that not only rocked Harvard and UNC, but other colleges across the nation over the years.

Whites May Launch Race War After Losing Election

As outrageous as that sounds, that’s the hyperbole coming from leftist professors nowadays. Par for the course. In this instance, The College Fix exclusive shined the spotlight on a lecture given at Columbia University after President Obama won re-election, which – according to this professor – marked the end of “Anglo Saxon” domination over the United States and the beginning of a possible race war between whites and Latinos. The professor, Linda Martín Alcoff, a well-known philosopher from the City University of New York, went on to connect an increase in recent gun purchases to whites arming themselves for some sort of possible race war against Latinos. Aye Yai Yai.

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