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Today’s trans-identified teen: bored, privileged, lonely and entitled

OPINION: One mom shares her personal experiences and observations

Once upon a time, trans-identified teens were the traumatized, the ostracized, and the sexually abused kids from dysfunctional and broken homes.

Today’s trans-identified teen is a new breed. The bored. The privileged. The lonely. The entitled.

I live in a big city and my family lives comfortably. We have good jobs and are living the American dream. So I thought.

Two years ago my husband and I were blindsided by our son telling us he was “trans” without any gender confusion before this time. He only had male friends and only liked and played with typical male toys and activities.

We tried to wrack our brains where this came from. He had a great childhood and seemed really happy until now. We joined parent groups with thousands of parents from all over the western world who were telling us the exact same story. All blindsided.

There has been a lot of information out about teen girls suddenly declaring they are trans with Lisa Littman’s study that found it’s a social contagion and Abigail Shrier’s book “Irreversible Damage,” which studied the transitioning trend among young girls and teens.

But there had not been much on boys within this so-called transgender craze, so I helped start a group for parents of trans-identifying boys.

What we noticed after a while was that the scientific and medical communities refuse to study this phenomenon, so we started doing our own research.

Quickly some interesting commonalities emerged: 85 percent of our boys had an IQ over 130. We learned that these are mostly smart nerdy boys who claim they are straight and want to identify as a lesbian. They also were also often on the autism spectrum, had suffered trauma, or had internalized homophobia.

But, as we dug deeper, we began to notice more common threads, and as we pulled on them, the story came into focus. On average, our kids are white kids coming from two-parent homes, with comfortable lives — sometimes even VERY comfortable lives.

What on earth can this mean? What are these kids so lacking that they hope to find by identifying as trans? One can speculate.

In a world in which the racially oppressed and marginalized are placed on pedestals and celebrated as brave heroes, where do these privileged white boys fit in? They’re called oppressors, supremacists, and toxic, so they seek to identify with an oppressed class.

Perhaps they are ashamed that they have it so good?

Is society pushing a culture of hate of anyone who is not marginalized and these vulnerable kids are picking up on this? Are they embarrassed to be white, male or female and — God forbid — straight? Are they embarrassed of their cookie-cutter homes, their private schools, their bank accounts and successful parents? Maybe it’s simply that kids think it’s cool to be oppressed and part of the victim class.

These are questions that we MUST start asking. We can’t wait for the medical and scientific communities to step up and investigate what’s going on, so it’s up to parents to do the hard work. Teens have always pushed back against expectations. It’s called teenage rebellion. But this rebellion isn’t harmless. The stakes are high. They involve drugs and amputations. We can’t let passing teenage privileged ennui and rebellion result in irreversible harm.

I am writing this piece to warn parents of school-age children — this can happen to a family like yours, just like this happened to my family. Children are being taught as young as kindergarten that they might be born in the wrong body. Vulnerable kids are prey to this type of grooming and brainwashing.

Talk to your kids and let them know before they learn this from school or online that gender theory is an ideology or religion — not a scientific fact. If you asked any disbelieving parent of a trans-identifying child what they would do differently they would tell you to keep your kids off the internet and make them play outdoors.

Hindsight for my family is 20-20. It doesn’t have to be for yours.

Pam Curtis is a pseudonym. She is a working mother of a trans-identified teen son who is on the autism spectrum. She is one of the parents writing for Pitt.substack.com (Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans), which was started to bring awareness of the trans ideology.

If you are a parent of a trans-identifying, resources and information are available at Genspect.org. If you are seeking a support group, please go to Parentsofrogdkids.com.

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