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UCincinnati asks students: Are you male, female, trans male, trans female, genderqueer or different?

The University of Cincinnati recently gave students a rainbow of choices when asking their gender in a recent survey.

In addition to male or female, the students were also given the choices of: trans male, trans female, genderqueer or “different identity.”

(A screenshot of the question shown at right)

A University of Cincinnati student who provided the screenshot told The College Fix the question came as part of a short survey students were offered as campus leaders solicit preferences for a new UC president.

“The survey was mainly about what I would like to see in the next UC president, what programs I’d like implemented by the new UC president and what type of background the next UC president should have (e.g., medical, academic, etc.). For each question, there were about six options,” the student said.

“It was an anonymous survey, but did ask if I was taking undergrad or graduate courses and asked for an age range,” the student added. “Oh, it also asked for my ethnicity. I clicked on ‘two or more races’ because I figured if I clicked ‘white’ they’d just disregard my answers.”

As for the six gender choices, the student added: “I was surprised that there were so many. Is it really that complicated? It seemed absurd to me.”

But the university is tame in comparison to Facebook, which offers 71 different genders to choose from, and a “custom” option if that’s not enough.

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