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Univ. of Arizona hands out $146,000 in iPads to transfers

Tuesday, the University of Arizona, in collaboration with Apple, bestowed iPads upon approximately 200 students who will be transfering from Pima to the UA in the following semester. At $730.42 a pop,   that comes out to the handsome sum of  $146,000.

Now, when we initially received the press release for this event, it looked like nothing more than a lesson in misplaced incentives. Here are a group of students who made the economical decision to fulfill their general education requirements at a community college at a much lower price than they would have paid had they attended UA from the beginning, and, notably, are not even necessarily eligible for need-based financial aid. Indeed, the only thing the transfer students had to do in order to receive the iPad was take STU 210 at Pima, a class whose syllabus is devoted to teaching students how to transfer to the Univeristy of Arizona.

Read the full story at the Arizona Desert Lamp.

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