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University Apologizes After Removing Students’ Pro-Life Display

Please accept my apology.” That was the message from the Dean of Students at the University of Alabama, just days after administrators removed a Students For Life display from campus without warning.

In a press release, Students For Life reported details of the events that led up to the official apology:

the University of Alabama apologized to the pro-life group on campus, Bama Students for Life, and reversed their decision after they removed Bama SFL’s approved student display on campus because an administrator deemed it “offensive.” The University stated that will allow Bama Students for Life to set up their pro-life display on campus once again.

Bama Students for Life and Students for Life of America thank the University of Alabama officials for rethinking their decision and allowing pro-life students to openly express their First Amendment and free speech rights on campus.

Below is the email sent by Carl Bacon, Assistant to the Vice President for Collaboration & Director of Ferguson Center Student Union, to Bama Students for Life on Monday:

“Dear Bama Students for Life,
Please accept my apology that your display was removed without your knowledge two days before your reserved time expired.  You have two options available to you to complete your 30-day reservation.  The same display case will be available for two days starting February 22nd“, or the case between the SGA office and the office of the Dean of Students is available this week for two days.  Please let me know which option you would like to choose.”

On Wednesday, Students for Life of America’s Campus adviser, Rev. Pat Mahoney, will arrive in Tuscaloosa to speak on campus about the case and, on Thursday, he will assist Bama Students for Life in setting up their display case on campus.

The display, which featured several abortion-related facts, pictures of women who died as a result of having an abortion, and two small pictures of aborted babies, was among numerous other student group displays.

Kristan HawkinsPresident of Students for Life of America, commented: “Today is an historic victory for pro-life students nationwide. Because of the courage of Bama Students for Life and the dedication of grassroots pro-life activists across America, the University of Alabama has apologized for censoring our constitutional rights…

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