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University of New Hampshire advises campus to avoid using word ‘American’

Campus officials across the nation have labeled the phrase “America is the land of opportunity” offensive, but the madness does not stop there. Even the word “American” is a problem to some campus officials now.

A “Bias-Free Language Guide” posted by the University of New Hampshire declares the word American “problematic.”

“North Americans often use ‘American’ which usually, depending on the context, fails to recognize South America,” the guide states. “American assumes the U.S. is the only country inside these two continents.”

The guide recommends terms such as “U.S. citizen,” “resident of the U.S.” and “North American or South American” as “preferred.”

Many other innocuous words are also listed on the guide as “problematic,” notes Campus Reform, which first reported on the guide.

Here’s some additional highlights:

Problematic: Opposite sex. Preferred: Other sex.

Problematic: Homosexual. Preferred: Gay, Lesbian, Same Gender Loving

Problematic: Normal … healthy or whole. Preferred: Non-disabled.

Problematic/Outdated: Mothering, fathering. Preferred: Parenting, nurturing.

Problematic/Outdated: Obese, overweight people. Preferred: People of size.

“We offer this guide as a way to promote discussion and to facilitate creative and accurate expression,” campus officials state. “An integral part of UNH’s mission is to continue to build an inclusive learning community, and the first step toward our goal is an awareness of any bias in our daily language.”

The University of New Hampshire is among many universities warning faculty and students to be careful of the words they use.

“America is the land of opportunity,” “There is only one race, the human race” and “I believe the most qualified person should get the job” are among a long list of alleged microaggressions faculty leaders of the University of California system have been advised not to say.

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point officials have advised faculty that the term “America is a melting pot” is a racial microaggression.

And faculty at the University of Missouri-Columbia have been advised to correct peers’ noninclusive language, or politically incorrect terminology.

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