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University shrinks testify: Trump incites violence, his rallies akin to those of Hitler

It finally happened yesterday: Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee and several peers in the mental health field held an online confab to inform whoever was watching — especially Democratic lawmakers — that Donald Trump is unfit for office.

The event took place the day before special counsel Robert Mueller appeared before the House of Representatives.

According to the Washington Examiner, George Washington University’s James Merikangas said rallies in support of the president are like the “Nuremberg rallies that Adolf Hilter had.”

James Gilligan of New York University added that Trump is “dangerous to an unprecedented degree in our history.” He said  “What we are seeing is how he has succeeded in stimulating racial prejudice and a fear and hatred of immigrants, foreigners … What I’m alarmed by is the effect he is having on the public.”

Professor Lee has been on a crusade regarding the president’s (poor) mental health since at least the beginning of last year.

From the story:

Part of the event’s purpose was for panelists to provide questions they thought lawmakers should ask Mueller, including: “Given the president’s many traits that are commonly shared with violent individuals, did you not consider it prudent to recommend a violence risk assessment?” and, “As a prosecutor, do you see a nexus between the president’s hate speech and danger to others as targets of his rhetoric?” …

When panelists completed their assessment using the Mueller investigation in April, and after Trump didn’t respond to their request that he undergo an independent medical evaluation, they recommended Trump lose his war powers and access to nuclear weapons. The panelists haven’t made specific recommendations about the political process for doing so, such as whether Congress should invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the president from office.

“What we found through Mr. Mueller’s report was alarming,” said Dr. Leonard Glass of Harvard Medical School. “The president failed every criterion for rational and reality-based decision making capacity.”

Like Lee has noted in the past, the panelists said they weren’t “diagnosing” the president but rather offering their views on his “ability to make sound decisions free of impulsivity, recklessness, paranoia, and false beliefs.”

Merikangas said “We predicted he would deteriorate under the pressures of this presidency. It appears to be what is happening.”

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