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VIDEO: Students blast whiteness, Trump, and the Electoral College

The Democratic presidential candidate pool is too white. The Electoral College should be abolished. And President Donald Trump is the worst.

That pretty much sums up the sentiments of many students who attended New England College’s College Convention 2020 in New Hampshire earlier this month.

The event featured a slate of Democratic presidential candidates and drew progressive-minded students from across the nation.

The College Fix attended the event and asked students a variety of politically minded questions about race in the 2020 election, President Trump, and the Electoral College. Watch the video:

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About the Author
Kyle is a sophomore at St. Olaf College where he studies political science and history. Kyle has worked as staff on a congressional campaign, interned with the Center of The American Experiment, serves as Vice Chair for the Minnesota College Republicans, has contributed to conservative outlets across the web, and was named the 2018 Minnesota College Republicans Activist of the Year.

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