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Yale Occupiers heckle Morgan Stanley info session

Who wouldn’t enjoy being heckled by 50 of your classmates on the way to a consulting information session?

The Yale Daily News reports approximately 50 Yale students protested a Morgan Stanley information session on campus last night. Among other chants, they yelled at attendees, “25 percent, is too much talent spent” — one in four Yale grads goes into finance or consulting.

Other chants:

  • It’s not what it seems, don’t abandon your dreams.
  • Give change a chance, don’t go into finance.
  • Make change, not money.
  • We’ve got talent, we’ve got smarts, but our careers are moved by our hearts.
  • They take you in and spit you out. That’s what these jobs are all about.

So, more or less what you might expect. The police moved the event across the street, where a professor and a law school teaching fellow spoke to the crowd.

[Yale Daily News]

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