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Yale’s Trump-diagnosing shrink keeps at it, this time in talk to College Democrats

The Yale psychiatrist who wanted President Trump “contained” for an emergency mental health evaluation is still at it.

Bandy Lee spoke to the Yale College Democrats on Wednesday evening about “the impact an unstable public leader can have on society,” and the duty folks in her profession have to speak out about it.

“I’ve been concerned about the deteriorating state of public mental health, and part of that showed up in the attraction and election of an impaired leader in the first place — pathology attracts pathology,” Lee told the audience. “If we were able to educate people [enough], we could prevent a lot of these things.”

According to the Yale Daily News, Lee said the morning following Trump’s huge upset election victory, “thousands of people contacted her” with their worries about impending violence.

Based on what she had seen in some of her past patients, Lee said, she felt an obligation to warn the public about Mr. Trump.

From the story:

Lee stressed that she did not diagnose Trump when she spoke out about his mental state to congressmen; rather she assessed the danger he poses to the public. She noted that the president’s tendency to boast about sexual assault, taunt nuclear power and endorse violence in key public speeches can cause harm “because [he’s] laying the groundwork for the culture of violence.”

Lee pointed out that there has been an unprecedented spike in both hate crimes and incidents of gun violence since the start of Trump’s presidential campaign, and that these are predictable reactions to his “endorsement of violence.”

“We’re not talking about his personal diagnosis but the dangers to public health, so we’re talking about the situation, not so much about the person,” Lee warned. “Mental health professionals are in agreement that this is a very dangerous situation and that something is seriously wrong, and of course we won’t diagnose unless we have information, but to say someone is dangerous, you don’t need all information, you just need information to raise alarms and then treat the person.”

Yale College Democrats President Jordan Cozby said that he “always thought about [Trump’s popularity and election] in a very political, economic and social lens, but thinking about it from a medical standpoint is driving at the same issue but obviously from a different perspective and one that adds a lot to the conversation.”

Professor Lee had claimed she received death threats “at a level that makes her fear ‘mob violence’” after meeting with Congressional Democrats a month ago.

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