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Dear campus leaders, please stop telling me who I should hang out with

by Victoria Razzi - Syracuse University on May 23, 2015 · add a comment

OPINION: What level of Melanin my friends have in their skin has no effect on friendship.

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Univ. of Wisconsin symposium to teach how to become ‘a thief in the university’

by David Hookstead - University of Wisconsin Madison on May 22, 2015 · add a comment

UW-M radicals to fight ‘settler colonialism, neoliberal capitalism, hetero patriarchy.’

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Gun-rights advocacy is too dangerous for Texas college to allow, lawsuit claims

by Greg Piper - Associate Editor on May 21, 2015 · add a comment

Ceramics professor accused of threatening student activist if she files suit.

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As long as you’re not a straight white male, Columbia’s got a job for you

by College Fix Staff on May 19, 2015 · add a comment

‘Is it any more satisfying to suspect you got into Columbia because of who you love, rather than what you look like?’

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Catholic school takes down homage to cop killer after professor points it out

by Matt Lamb - University of Nebraska-Omaha on May 19, 2015 · add a comment

Sorority chapter that conceived mural of Assata Shakur gets thrown under the bus by its national organization.

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