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Ivy League race quotas imperiled because students asked for admissions files

by Matthew Boyer - Rutgers University on April 1, 2015 · add a comment

Tables turned on schools that had hidden embarrassing information behind FERPA for years.

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Republicans, professors join forces to fight Ferguson ‘debtors’ prison’

by Nathan Rubbelke - Saint Louis University on April 1, 2015 · add a comment

Republican state senator: ‘This is an issue that unites the political spectrum because they see what’s happening and it’s wrong.’

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Santorum stands strong against liberal students’ pointed questions on gay rights

by Vivian Hughbanks - Hillsdale College on March 31, 2015 · add a comment

Santorum: ‘Tolerance is a two-way street. If you’re saying that your religious liberties are not as important as my fill in the blank, then I’ve got a problem with that.’

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Professor denounces affirmative action: ‘Very damaging to blacks, other minorities’

by David Hookstead - University of Wisconsin Madison on March 31, 2015 · add a comment

‘When admission preference is associated with skin color, the result is the strengthening of the ignorant stereotype that people having skins of that color are intellectually weak.’

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New vote over UCLA diversity mandate shows it’s possible to stand up to campus leftists

by Jacob Kohlhepp - UCLA on March 30, 2015 · add a comment

ANALYSIS: Opposition to UCLA diversity requirement has been surprisingly successful.

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Students who built teepee for art class called offensive; outcry prompts removal

by Aaron Bandler - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo on March 30, 2015 · add a comment

Professor defends piece’s removal as ‘civility, not censorship.’

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Israel divestment passes at Loyola on CAIR intern’s tie-breaking vote

by Matt Lamb - Loyola University Chicago on March 30, 2015 · add a comment

Chicago’s Red Cross distances itself from campus chapter’s divestment endorsement.

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