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About the Fix

The College Fix is a news and commentary site dedicated to higher education news. Our content draws from the members of the Student Free Press Association, as well as the best college news stories of the day. The College Fix editors mentor the student reporters, as well as write news and commentary for The College Fix.

Editor – Jennifer Kabbany (Contact: jkabbany(at)thecollegefix.com)

Associate Editor – Greg Piper (Contact: gpiper(at)thecollegefix.com)

Assistant Editor – Dave Huber (Contact: dhuber(at)thecollegefix.com)

The College Fix/SFPA is run by veteran journalists for the benefit of beginning journalists. We identify and support college students who seek to improve campus journalism, explore careers in the media, and commit themselves to the principles of a free society. The College Fix/SFPA also offers a slate of paid internships each semester and in the summer at D.C. media outlets.

Interested in writing for The College Fix? Join the SFPA. It’s free to join, and we pay students to write articles under our tutelage.