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School District To Launch ‘Trayvon Martin Dialogues’

“Trayvon Martin dialogues” are slated to launch at middle and high schools across San Diego, with elected officials of the 132,000-student public school district saying they hope the talks give students a chance to vent their frustrations into something positive.

School board members of the second largest district in California made the decision at their recent meeting, directing the superintendent to develop how, when and where the discussions will take place.

The resolution approved by a 4-0 vote July 30 calls for the dialogues to “allow students to speak honestly about their identification with Trayvon Martin’s story, including feelings of fear, anger and skepticism that they will live in a just society as they prepare for their future.”

The resolution also states the talks will “allow students to speak honestly about the world view that prompted George Zimmerman to confront Trayvon Martin, and help students develop perspectives and strategies to channel their feelings about Trayvon Martin into positive work for themselves and the larger community.”

San Diego Unified School District board member Marne Foster said before the vote that “Trayvon Martin could have been any one of my three sons as an unarmed, young African American male traveling home.”

She said she hopes the dialogues offer venues for “candid, honest conversations about the state of America.”

“This … gives them a voice and the tools to constructively and safely engage the world around them, and more importantly to become that change agent that we so desperately need them to be,” Foster said, adding “especially given in 2013, they are still living in a time reminiscent of Emmitt Till.”

Till was a young black teen who, in 1955, was beaten to death for flirting with a white girl. His murder was a tragedy that helped spawn the Civil Rights movement.

“The feelings of young people I have spoken to who have made their voice heard throughout our community are feelings of anger, frustration, a sense that, ‘Is the society that young people grow up in and enter into –  is it going to be fair?’ ” said school board member Richard Barrera prior to the vote. “Those are legitimate feelings young people are having. We have a responsibility to allow young people to come together and have dialogue with each other and express these feelings openly and honestly with the support of professional educators.”

The dialogues are also expected to delve into the “stand your ground laws (and) how to deal with being confronted by others in an authoritative manner,” the resolution states.

“(We’ll) carefully and methodically look at what happened and analyzed this,” said school board member John Lee Evans. “This is an important teachable moment.”

A video of the school board meeting at which this discussion and vote took place is available online: click here. The discussion starts at 2:11:30.

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  • Kram

    “A chance to speak honestly”??? I doubt it.

    • Helmut

      I agree……..the answer is recall the school board and pull your children out of school.

  • xerocky

    “Trayvon Martin could have been any one of my three sons as an unarmed, young African American male traveling home.”

    The vast majority of crime that involves white and black people deals with the black attacking the white. It’s a known known and it’s not even remotely controversial at all. Speak to your kids about the fact that if they decide to attack a white dude, that white dude may fight back, and they could lose very badly.

    • jcol1

      Actually, teach your kids to respect others and avoid conflict whenever possible! If they do this, they won’t be attacking “that white dude”, who just might have a concealed weapon and the nerve to use it to save himself!”

  • raccman

    A 17 year old thug, expelled from school three times, with a Police record for burglary on several occasions, and on drugs. “What a lovely innocent child” ! He has become a Heroic Figure for Blacks, thus pointing up their very skewed value system that far too many don’t realize ! So, racial hatred will persist, as will the Black crime rate, the Black school drop-out rate, the Black unemployment rate, and Black illegitimacy rate. ! How sad and, disgusting !

  • robert

    How come know one want to talk about these cracker kids?

  • Harris Denton

    What about a dialogue about the 13-year-old Pinellas County, Florida WHITE boy who was brutally beaten by three older BLACK boys on the school bus – while the bus driver looked on!

  • Hoosier Daddy

    “Trayvon Martin could have been any one of my three sons as an unarmed, young African American male traveling home.”

    Really? Are your three sons known burglars and drug dealers who case houses on their way home? Do your three sons have a propensity to “jump” people, knock them to the ground, and brutally beat them? If so, then maybe your three sons ARE at risk.

  • Hoosier Daddy

    Trayvon Martin has become a catalyst for black racists to rally around. Never mind that he was a burglar and a drug dealer who viciously assaulted a man and was brutally beating an innocent man when shot.

    Can you imagine white people elevating a worthless thug like this to hero status? We’d be saying “good riddance!”

    Personally, I blame white liberals – and particularly white liberal teachers – for instilling blacks with victimology. Racist blacks who refuse to see George Zimmerman as the victim that he was believe that in any encounter between blacks and whites, whites
    MUST be the aggressors. They’ve been indoctrinated to believe that whites dislike them and will ALWAYS do whatever they can to keep them down. We know it’s a lie, but they firmly believe it.

  • walking talking contridiction

    he should have been punished in some way, it is the fault of the prosecutor for seeking out these overzealous and politically driven charges. fact is the whole thing is nothing but a propaganda tool for the far left to keep black and white divided and secure the minority voting block. liberalism is a disease and the creators of it know what it is designed to do. its unfortunate that so many that lack common sense ,, education and morality follow these libtards. the guy isnt even white??? does the liberal media point that out??? no he is white for their purpose.. its truly disgusting. the kid was no angel but he did not deserve to die. you cant just shoot someone for kicking your ass. that being said…. the obvious use and exploitation of this situation to hold african americans down is nothing new and if black people truly are to rise up and overcome they must take responsibility and embrace our free market system. it is a wonderful thing that people such as the idiot jayz , kanye, and others can rise to such status in this country .. for that black people should be grateful and strive to better themselves. handouts and socialism and pity and reparations and whatever other garbage narrative is spewed will do nothing to elevate minorities. socialism does not work plain and simple its history . proven over and over

    • jcol1

      I concur with some of what you say here but not about the not deserving part and that I have no right to shoot when my ass is getting kicked badly enough that I am convinced it will likely cost me my life. I was a seasoned police officer and know full well how deadly this situation might have been for the neighborhood watchman. No, he did not suffer a severe concussion and die, because he was lucky enough to be armed at the time his head was being pounded against the concrete. This enabled him to save himself before loosing consciousness.

      Be careful how you judge, for it is by your judgements that others will judge you! By the way, that is biblical wisdom from ages of experience.

      Now this, if you are dumb enough to turn upon and pick on a curious snake, it is best to make darn sure that it is not venomous! If you pick it up anyway and it sinks it’s poisonous fangs into you, by virtue of your stupidity, and by nature’s determination, you definitely deserved your demise! That is the way things work in real life! Take this to heart from a veteran who fought in the jungles of VietNam and you just might live a nice long fruitful life.

  • jcol1

    Trayvon Martin, Trayvon Martin!
    It’s all about poor. little. almost black. and defenseless Trayvon! Mary Hartman is ancient history!
    Actually, it is not and she isn’t!!
    Kids are extremely impressionable, as are we, whether it be during the primary or secondary learning experience. Why was it that for years, most males were not even considered responsible enough to be considered adults until they reached twenty-one? Yet, further back in history, a thirteen year old may have been working at a mill or as a hand tending a farm or ranch, or even in a factory? I was operating a cash register and counting back change when I was ten!

    We are what we eat! Remember that one?
    That applies to what we learn too, to what impressions are often drilled into us or what choices are set before us to ponder, decide on, and assimilate! How do you think the image of Mary Hartman and drowning in a bowl of soup resurfaced in my head?
    If you want racism to blossom, make darn sure the topic is constantly on our youth’s table! I think some things should not even have consideration in the human mind until we are soundly in the adult category mentally.
    What this is really about is that it is an effort to keep the spark of racial discontent alive. normally, this case would eventually fade into virtual obscurity in the mind of school age youth as they continue coping with their daily activities and blasting their minds with rhythmic lyric. But no, we have to keep the hornets nest stirred, especially in our classrooms!
    The democrats want our guns and have actually been instructed that the best way to eventually get them is to take advantage of every single conflict involving firearms against an ethnic group member. What better way to accomplish this then to fan and stir up the flames of discontent among our school age youth? Sear the image of racial difference, conflict and resentment into their minds and hearts; fry it deep into the youthful conscience! How do you think the communists and socialists were able to wiggle so many of their concepts into the minds and hearts of so many of our citizens? While they were tolerated and even guests on our campuses, of course!
    Our kid’s inquisitive were wooed and mesmerized by trained youthful recruiters who told of something more tasty then the American Dream!

  • Here’s the honesty they’re looking for.