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White Actresses Barred From Columbia University’s Vagina Monologues

White vaginas need not apply.

That’s the long and short of a recent decision by producers of this year’s The Vagina Monologues annual joint-venture between Columbia University and Barnard College.

The decision, producers say, was based on white women being overly represented in the past during the play, as well as in mainstream feminist discourse in general.

“Barnard-Columbia V-Day is excited to announce that our annual production of The Vagina Monologues will feature an all self-identified women of color cast this year,” producers state on their Facebook page. “The Vagina Monologues has historically overlooked the empowerment of women of color, queer women, and trans* folk, among others—often replicating and perpetuating the same systems of power and privilege that prompted the playwright, Eve Ensler, to write The Vagina Monologues in the first place.”

“The marginalization and erasure of these groups in such a generative and influential feminist play speaks to a failure to consider the effects of power structures outside gender within the feminist community. We hope that an all women of color cast of The Vagina Monologues will continue a serious dialogue on campus regarding the shortcomings of mainstream Western feminism.”

The 17-year-old play consists of various monologues performed by women who aim to highlight all things vagina – including reliving sexual encounters, retelling molestation and rape survival stories, tales of orgasms and empowerment, soliloquies on the birthing experience and menstruation, lesbianism, and other similar topics.

In response to the decision, many comments posted on The Columbia Lion, which first reported the news, were critical of it, saying things such as “discriminating against white people is still discrimination” and “this action flies in the face of Columbia’s discrimination policies, but I guess those policies only apply if you’re not white.”

Others were not so concerned: “Wow what a surprise, another thing white people demand to be included in, and pretend that it’s discrimination if they don’t get to be in it.”

Much of the discussion on the Lion comment section centered on whether white women are more likely to be sexual assault victims than women of color, and how those statistics played into the decision, if at all.

An apparent spokeswoman for the play commented on the Lion to defend the decision: “Not by the rules, but the original casts WERE majority not women of color, and feminism has also been mainly feminism for women not of color. So it’s frustrating to me when people talk about the demographics of white survivors of sexual assault being excluded, when historically, this play has already been not very inviting to the other 80+% of sexual assault survivors.”

Columbia University is no stranger to unique Vagina Monologues performances. Last year a performer was “swallowed up by the cast, having an orgasm on the stage,” the Columbia Daily Spectator reported. In 2011, Columbia and Barnard actresses and activists not only mentioned vaginas, but screamed, chanted, whispered and sung about them, according to the Spectator.

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  • RecklessProcess

    Self-identified? Like Elizabeth Warren?

  • Hatshepsut

    I can’t imagine they’ll attract a large crowd. Nobody wants to see or hear about black vaginas. Eww.

    • Televangelist

      …and since the GOP base is largely composed of elderly white racists, your comment is upvoted to the stratosphere. Keep frothing and raging as your party slides into oblivion, kids.

  • CruisingTroll

    Through the looking glass, down the rabbit hole, bouncing ’round like a pachinko ball in an Escher painting only to plop down on Beclowned Lane. Do these people have ANY clue how absurd they’ve become?

  • Rezqewr

    White women don’t have vaginas?

    • joeg2

      Their vaginas benefit from White Privilege. It’s hard to see racism when you’re a white vagina.

      • Underneath it all, aren’t all vaginas pink?

        I thought that was the whole point of non-discrimination in the first place – we’re all the same underneath our skin.

        • rocketride

          When I was growing up, the expression was “All women are pink where it counts.”

          • Eli Odell Jackson

            all liberals are pink where it counts too
            pinko at least 😉

    • e2657383

      White women do have vaginas – and their vaginas smell FISHY.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      Privileged, patrician, oppressive, boring vaginas.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    Hahaha… Feminism imploding in on itself. I love it! It’s high time that white women start suffering the same discrimination white men have been facing for the last fifty years. No whites need apply, indeed.

    • rocketride

      More like it’s climbing up its own [orifice slightly to rear of vagina].

    • Televangelist

      You think white men suffer discrimination? Your deluded fantasy world is adorable.

      • Homo_Occidentalis

        White man 200 years ago: “You think the blacks suffer discrimination? Your deluded fantasy world is adorable.”

  • MekongDelta69

    “this action flies in the face of Columbia’s discrimination policies, but I guess those policies only apply if you’re not white.”

    I LOVE it when leftists get a dose of their own garbage shoved in their own faces (or, in this case… (ahh, you’ll figure it out)).

    “Hey – let’s see who’s higher (or should I say, lower) on the grievance food chain today.”

    “I’m gonna go with colored people for a thousand Alex.”

    Remember ALL leftists’ mantra boys and girls:
    Freedom for me, but not for thee
    Diversity for thee, but not for me


    • daized79

      This reminds me of the Vote episode in Will and Grace.

      GRACE: Well, what makes you think that you have the better candidate?
      WILL: Grace, he’s gay.
      GRACE: Well, mine’s a woman and Jewish. That makes two victims to your one.

      (The episode is worth reading to the end–the last punchline is killer (for modern liberals).


  • melissa236

    Absolutely no vagina should be discriminated against! Pure intolerance!

    • e2657383

      As long as the vagina is FISHY, it is equal in my book [99.999999% of vaginas smell nice and fishy].

      • c684570

        I totally agree on how fishy they ALL are!

    • daized79

      They should open up a new show called the vagina dialogues and be inclusive.

      • rocketride

        Or call it “Snatches of Conversation”.

        • daized79


  • 1XXX


    No one needs those white bitches anyway.

  • David TehGnome

    Haha, sometimes I forget what a powder keg the contemporary left is. Jews and white liberals, militant blacks, lesbians, queers, trannies la raza mexi’s, I mean the whole thing is bound to implode at some point. Cannot wait for the show.

    • daized79

      Don’t forget fascist Arabs (and you did mention La Raza, but not that their race supremacists). And they are all united in their hatred of Jews.

      • David TehGnome

        Fuck off jew

        • daized79

          Exactly. But hey I’m not the one named after the king of the Jews man.

      • And white people.

        • daized79

          I wish that the White Supremacists would see we’re on the same boat. 🙂 (Kinda kidding there–but I’ll take allies from any quarter in time of need.)

          • Not me – those people are certifiable crazy (which is why they fit in so well with these dingbats) 😛

      • rocketride

        As the Tom Lehrer song goes: “. . . and everybody hates the Jews.”

  • mike5586

    I can’t imagine any intelligent white women going to what sounds like a liberal man-hating convention in the first place, so I can’t bring myself to care.

  • Dalliance

    Apparently they intend to discriminate against all white women who self-identify as women of color (race is a social construct, right?). I consider this to be very racist on their part. (Hey, leftists: If a man calls himself a woman, then you have to accept that — “gender”, right? But if a white woman calls herself black, then you’d probably just roll your eyes, you bunch of racial putativists!)…. Lord, this is fun.

    • rocketride

      “Putativists”? Well, I get the “puta” part, anyway.

      • Dalliance

        Heh-heh. I´ll have to brush up on my Spanish. 🙂

  • Kram

    Aren’t they all pink?

    • e2657383

      Pink and fishy.

    • daized79

      To a certain point.

  • odie11

    As usual, even the comments are effeminate. I have a suggestion. If you don’t like the obvious preference vote with your feet–don’t attend and don’t patronize the production–end of discussion. If the “producers” find that it doesn’t “sell,” then they won’t continue to spend money on producing productions that no one wants to attend.
    Black Americans, for example represent 12.5% of American Society. All women of color represent approximately 30% of society. Viva le differance.

    • Dalliance

      White is a race when they want to exclude you. It’s a social construct when they want to join in. It’s the talking out of both sides of their mouths that I find annoying. It’s not discrimination; we’re oppressed! (i.e., “Don’t mind us. The Multicult is secure.”)

      • rocketride

        Actually, it’s not their mouths that they’re speaking out of both sides of.

    • daized79

      Well that’s just not true. They get funding. This isn’t a commercial show. Plus the audience is almost captive. Barnard? You probably have to go to graduate.

  • e2657383

    I like all vaginas as long as they smell nice and fishy. I would say 99.999999% of vaginas are very fishy.

  • c684570

    Vaginas smell sooo fishy.

  • xbox361

    i think it would be great if Columbia’s white students/grads never get jobs.
    let someone else have a chance to succeed.
    those white people have screwed the world up. lucky we let them breathe.

    have a nice diversity day :)!

  • c684570

    Vaginas smell fishy.

  • CannedHeat

    ..This is hilarious…

  • rocketride

    How about a parody of “The Vagina Monologues”, in dialogue form, to be called “Snatches of Conversation”?

  • BlakeSDavis

    Truly bizarre

  • BlakeSDavis

    Hey, are arabs considered white? How about jews? What if one parent is white – can you be in the show? What if you have one black grandparent and you look black?
    What if you were born in African but you are white? How about people like Zimmermann – white hispanics? Can they be in the show? How about transgender white people? How about rich people – what if you are really really rich? What if you are non-white but are royalty?
    Where is the rule book? How are these divisions made? Are there appeals? What’s the procedure?

  • ChuckNoland

    Will they be able to use the same water fountains?

  • MarineSecurityGuard

    If my daughter were attending this school, and was denied participation based on her race, they would be damned well advised to call their Risk Management. They would be hearing from my attorney, and from the good folks at FIRE. Boneheads…

  • ZimZam

    Aaaahh. The Liberal Racism. Jim Crow is alive and well.

  • rainbowdash69

    I feel offended by the absence of trans and polysexual monologuists.
    Are these people nazis or what?

  • Old Fan

    This is racism. Simply ugly. Columbia becomes a racist institution. Bravo.

  • UncleElmer

    Would that Martin Lawrence as “Big Momma” do a reading of The Vagina Monologues. I might even pay to see that.

  • Scott_D

    Women defining them selves as a body part. Interesting.

    • rocketride

      Objectification, anyone?

  • Eli Odell Jackson

    the freaks, fruitloops and chestnuts’re out on display I guess
    … when did Ol’ Glory roll up and die?