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Professor: Obama Should Be Allowed to Run for a Third Term

Want more Obama?

In The Washington Post, Jonathan Zimmerman, a history professor from NYU, has written an article claiming that all of America’s problems would be soloved–GET THIS–if only we would allow Barack Obama to run for a third term!

He wants to amend the Constitution and abolish presidential term limits.

Zimmerman writes that Obama–whose approval rating is at an all time low of 37%–would be much more effective at governing if he could stand for re-election in 2016 because then he’d be less likely to “ignore” the will of the American people. “It’s time to put that power back where it belongs,” he writes. “Barack Obama should be allowed to stand for re election just as citizens should be allowed to vote for — or against — him. Anything less diminishes our leaders and ourselves.”

We don’t know whether to shake our heads in disbelief, or burst out laughing.

This professor admits that only a third of Americans approve of the job Obama is doing in office, yet he wants us to believe that we’d be better off if he were able to be president until the year 2020–and beyond?

That’s some strange logic.

Just one week ago, the very same newspaper ran a story predicting that if the 2012 election were held now, Mitt Romney would win the White House, not Obama.

Right now, this country has a serious case of voter’s remorse. Therefore the timing for this call for a potential third Obama term couldn’t be worse.

If we were going to go to the trouble of amending the Constitution, I think more Americans would be interested in adding the power to recall this president than would be interested in giving him a third term.

Nathan Harden is editor of The College Fix and author of the book SEX & GOD AT YALE: Porn, Political Correctness, and a Good Education Gone Bad.

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  • Wyck Holland

    The good professor is yet further proof that most of our colleges and universities are in dire need of reform — and new hiring practices.

    • Dugway

      Also more evidence – as if obama isn’t enough – that professors/lecturers and politics don’t shouldn’t mix well.

      • John (magnum)

        This so called professor, fully demonstrates the liberal mental disorder. Lord help us from this ignorant liberals !!

        America, have you had ENOUGH yet ?

        The Corruption and Lies of KING Obama

        Fast & Furious
        SEAL Team 6
        Aid and comfort to the enemy
        Obamacare would save the avg family $2500 per year
        Forcing businesses to violate their religious beliefs
        Violating the rights and sanctity of our Churches
        Obamacare web site-cronyism
        NSA acting as Obama Gestapo
        17 Trillion in debt
        Lies about Benghazi
        Voter fraud
        Intentionally trying to hurt Americans during the sequester
        Intentionally trying to hurt Americans during govt shutdown
        Blocking veterans from seeing their own memorials
        Allowing illegals on mall during govt shutdown
        Shutting down ‘The Peoples House’ tours
        We can keep our insurance if we like it
        We can keep our doctors if we like them
        Military not getting their votes counted
        Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood with arms and money
        DOJ spying on the free press
        Not securing our borders
        Spying on Americans on American soil with drones
        Picking winners and losers
        IRS targeting conservatives
        IRS targeting the Tea Party
        Millions losing health care coverage
        Increasing welfare rolls
        Increasing disability rolls
        Countless party’s
        Countless exorbitant vacations
        Releasing illegal’s from prison
        Unconstitutional recess appointment
        NO budget for 5 years
        Destroying the coal industry
        Clapper lying to congress
        Holder lying to congress
        Failing to prosecute the New Black Panther
        Reading our e-mail
        War on women
        Promoting race war
        War between makers and takers
        A123 Systems
        Cash for clunkers failure
        Debasing the U.S. Currency through inflationary “Quantitave Easing”
        Common Core
        Trayvon Martin
        Infanticide supporter
        Abortion supporter

        • rainesson

          Obama Uber Alles, eh Herr Professor?

          • PIKEMASTER

            Obama, wants to rule……

          • Willard Shank

            Mr Obama stated just this week that he will not be running for re-election in 2016. I wonder if you interpret that remark as meaning that he will assume dictatorial powers at that time.

          • HankReardon77

            I actually think that if he was popular enough he would actually run. If he would get elected via the Democrat party process to be on their slate and subsequently get the votes in the national election he would do it. It’s a risky proposition, especially now that he has such a soured reputation. No one wants to challenge a whole host of unconstitutional actions and why would this one be different. If someone actually ran for a 3rd term, how do you think that gets stopped. It has to run its course. Once elected and in office, he basically fights with his lawyers and waits until he is thrown out. Who takes over? His VP? It’s a risky move and it’s unchartered territory for this country to deal with a party and its constituents to try something like this. Cops are not going to show up. It would also be up to each state whether to put his name on the ballot as well. What if enough of the important states would leave his name on the ballot like the west and east cost as well as Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and some of the big swing states. It would be a media and legal circus. He would have to very popular to pull it off. He isn’t. I actually think he would have tried it. I think if there was a PResident that the whole country loved at 90%+ a third term would actually happen constitutional or not.

          • exoriente

            Except that your entire scenario is prevented, ab initio, by the Constitution, dude. That’s why this Zimmerman guy proposes amending the Constitution.

          • HankReardon77

            Constitution only works if lawyers challenge an alleged violation in the courts. Yes, it is more or less obvious here. However, the court system needs to be motivated to strike down an encroachment. Think about all the current challenges. It takes time to officially stop encroachments that are deemed as such whether they are b&w or in the grey area. Zimmerman wants to chaneg things so it never comes to court. I think there should be one six year term wirth two recall votes that have a special set of rules as to how they can be initiated.

          • paperpushermj

            “Obama, wants to rule”….
            Lets not limit that fact to just Obama. The whole Progressive Dominated Democrat Party shares that Want/Need/Goal.
            Progressives see Governance as the tool to Rulership.

          • Nola_Navy_Vet

            Rainesson you act like Barack Hussein Obama II Is A Kin To Hitler. You Are So Correct.

          • jsmithcsa


          • TransitDave

            I think a photoshop of Joe Stalin would be more appropriate……or, since we are dealing with an incompetent, perhaps Benito Mussolini…………Let’s face it, Obama is no Adolf Hitler……….

          • Nola_Navy_Vet

            How is this TransitDave? No dishonesty here.

          • TransitDave

            OUTSTANDING! (I will add to my collection, with your permission) Now I only need Stalin and Mao to complete my collection……

          • Nola_Navy_Vet

            Use Freely And Enjoy. Thanks

          • TransitDave

            And you got the arrogant sneer perfect!

          • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

            Now if only we could hang him and his ugly wife up by their heels at some gas station…..

          • Old Crow

            Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe would be closer to the truth.

          • TransitDave

            You’re absolutely right, but very few would be able to recognize a spoof of Mugabe…….

          • MoFreeMoney

            Libya: The terrorists Obama supported made things much worse.
            Egypt: The terrorists Obama supported made things much worse.
            Bush: “ we are at war with terrorists AND terrorist supporters”
            Syria: The “rebels” Obama supports are supported by al-Qaida
            Iran: Obama unfreezes $8 billion and lets them go nuclear

            QED Obama is a terrorist supporter.

          • Lola Guin

            That’s an insult to Hitler. 🙂

          • Dugway

            Hey, quit posting in Austrian.


          • nostudme1

            Heil Oblamma!

        • tod

          you post everywhere. what are you going to do? continue to post words on a website? or be a leader that does something?

          • John (magnum)

            What would suggest this one old Vietnam vets does by himself ?

          • dimbulbz

            What should a Vietnam Vet do? Be cool and let America become what it chooses to become. Thank you for your service. I’m not sure what Tyranny America will tolerate these days, kids still love their X-boxes and World of Warcraft, so I’m not sure who will be around to “object” in another 30 years. We cant raise our Kids forever. Until I see a little passion in the younger generation for freedom and a hatred of tyranny, this fight is only an excersize in futility.

          • Dugway

            Sorry, we swear an oath on enlistment/appointment, and retirees take that oath to our graves, so we can’t just sit back and be Canadians.

          • ★FALCON★
          • that is racist and disgusting.

          • John (magnum)

            Honest and truthful is more like it !!

          • PIKEMASTER

            Now that “Ab-Norm” has shown up, the CLOWN POSSE is complete

          • Nola_Navy_Vet

            You are right Norm, Barack Hussein Obama II is racist and disgusting!

          • mac12sam12

            RACIST!! LOL!!!

          • Ron Burgandy

            The word moron does not discriminate, I mean look at you.

          • Come On Now

            OK Kunta – settle down

          • Randy

            Racist? Wow, what a clever, cutting edge comment. Let’s see if it catches on!

          • lugnut4

            Waaaa…..mommy make them stop it!!!!

          • TexanPatriot2

            SO…..just how is it “RACIST”? If it were a picture of George W. Bush, would you also call it “RACIST”?

          • bcmugger

            How is it racist? Are you saying blacks cannot be morons?

          • Lola Guin

            You really don’t understand the term “racist”, do you? A racist is someone who believes that one race is superior to another. That’s it. Period. There is NOTHING racist about that picture.

          • doubleducks

            People are angry because the man repeatedly lies to the American people – after promising to be completely different. He is a poser, a pretender. It has all been smoke and mirrors, aided and abetted by the sycophantic press.

          • mac12sam12

            What’s racist about it? To disagree with a black’s policies is racist? LOL!

          • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

            I don’t think so….and I’m Black. Its true.

          • cubanbob

            Moron is too high on the IQ scale. Imbecile or idiot is more appropiate.

        • those are all made up tea bagger issues.

          • John (magnum)

            Fuhrer Obama BAGGIE alert !!

          • Randy

            “tea bagger” What a sharp wit you possess!

          • Nola_Navy_Vet

            Norm you are as dumb as a stump. You and Reggie Love have something in common.

          • TexanPatriot2

            Awwww, the happy couple.

          • mertsj

            Let’s have a gay marriage. Say…to have one of those does it matter if you are already married to someone else? Or perhaps the rule is you can have a “wife” of each sex? Maybe three wives? What if one is transsexual? Since we’re redefining marriage we may as well include all the aberrant behaviors.

          • typicalwhiteguy

            Which one “pitches” and which one “catches”; or do they switch up? Talk about teabaggers; these two probably do that too!

          • Lola Guin

            Is that a real photo? It’s pretty telling if it is. 🙂

          • lugnut4

            Tea Baggers…Tea Baggers…KOCH Brothers….squawk…squawk….Bush wars…Big Oil…..Corporations made America,,,,but I still hate them…the stock holders are NOT people…need more Taxes…squawk…squawk..I’m a Democrap fleabagger Parrot….Faux News…Faux News….Squawk…Squawk…I hate Ted Cruz and love Castro…C*R*A*P in my cage and on cop cars….squawk…squawk…Bush’s two unfunded wars…Drones and NSA spying OK now….free birth control pills….hate Jews….squawk..squawk….kill babies..save the whales…squawk…squawk…I’m a Democrap fleabagger Parrot…my master leaves MSLSD on the T.V. for me to watch and told me 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities doesn‘t mater…squawk…squawk….I love Rachel Madcow and Chris Matthews…they made me wet my cage…squawk…squawk!!

          • TexanPatriot2

            Define “tea bagger” for us, in explicit terms. Go ahead.

          • typicalwhiteguy

            Norm could. He’s gay, you know.

          • mac12sam12

            Do you think Reggie and Barry are tea baggers? I do!

      • John Hall

        As a college professor, I can tell you that the federal government controls all of higher education, including private institutions, through accreditation and financial aid. And now more than ever, since Obama had the government take over student loans.

        • Jan Ullrich

          Of course, that’s how liberal governments work across the board. In education they use political pressure to determine who gets the money, who gets tenure, which fields of studies become majors, shape the curriculum, get grants, etc… Who wins awards, prizes, and nominations

    • buddynoel

      Third term can work both ways – Obama vs George W Bush? Be careful for what you wish. Obama wouldn’t make it past the primary against Bill Clinton.

      • jsteele98

        Yes, what the good “professor” REALLY means is that Obama should be declared president for life.

        • typicalwhiteguy

          Just like Herr Hitler, Idi Amin Dada or Hugo Chavez: just eliminate that pesky annoyance called the Constitution. The flap-eared turd would definitely spark a second American Revolution if he tries that gambit.

          • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

            Which is why he wants to disarm us

        • Nina Van Sweden

          Does the term “dictator” come to mind? Remember that not too long ago Venezuela had a democratic form of government, then came Hugo Chavez.

      • Susan Daniels

        And Bill Clinton is the most embarrassing president we ever had. How anyone can ever forget his dalliance with Monica Lewinski astonishes me. Obama is just a moron being led around by the marxists.

        • tervon late

          If it wasn’t for the tea party lead government shutdown. The Heathcare web site wood have been running on time and people wood be begging Obama to run again. The tea party is just wants to block any positive progress the president does.

          • s1lv1to

            dazed and confused are you. you should start realizing that they have been trying to prevent disasters from happening. Wake Up please the alarm clock is going off.

          • ArJay

            you must be on the same “trip” the dear professor is!

          • gomez addams

            would, not wood … another example of public mis-education …

          • typicalwhiteguy

            Sounds like this idiot writes in a form of “Ebonics”.

          • DogGoneGaDawg

            So the Tea Party is responsible for spending nearly six-hundred million dollars bringing this monstrosity online (if you can even get online) and three years doing so and it is a disaster. How can you possibly blame the Tea Party? Oh, its the talking points. You are a mindless moron.

          • Judeth

            oliars zombie followers blame anyone that disagrees with the destruction of our nation but, never their divine boy king.

          • RetiredTpr

            The healthcare website would be up and running? Are you from this universe? Obama has now been forced, by his own ineptness, to do exactly what the so called sequester was about, and that was to delay Obamacare until it had been fully checked over, by all parties. Obama, being the buffoon that he is, had to go through with it and now he has egg on his face. What a fool it is to follow this buffoon!

          • GordonRanger

            Would that be maple, oak or pine?

          • typicalwhiteguy

            He needs a pine knot up the side of his head to beat some sense into him.

          • 2yves

            What are you smoking?

          • ayatollyahso

            It is”working” numbnutz!

            It’s trashing jobs, the middle class and 1/6 of the economy; because15million people did not have health insurance? It obviously isn’t about “healthcare”.It is functioning as (mis) designed!

          • typicalwhiteguy


          • vinny66

            Dr. Shockley proven right again.

          • Flayer

            Well then the shutdown was a success, then. You’ll thank us later, years from now, erect statues and lay wreaths on our graves. If not you then your kids and grand kids. Is tyranny really so appealing to you? Isn’t that what we fought a war for? Does not individual liberty not hold ANY appeal to you?

          • LukeJohn

            The Tea Parties had nothing to do with the website failure or any of the many other problems with ObamaCare – Typical government INCOMPETENCE had everything to do with it.
            A few years back, California abandoned a new DMV website after spending OVER $100 MILLION of our tax dollars on it because they just couldn’t get it to work.
            Find me even one private company that has spent anywhere near that on a website and is still in business, let alone the $600 million PLUS that the ACA website has purportedly cost.

          • otis

            Did you mean that the Tea Party wants to block any progressive/communist antics that the president attempts to do”. ( Progressive: resurrected Commiecrat buzzword from the past.)

          • commonsense

            Hey, dumb dumb, we are now months past Obama’s shutdown and the site still isn’t working, you’re full of crap. Time to go back to school.

          • Tori

            There is no such thing as progress and this president. He is regression and tyranny.

            When you wake up and realize people in the Tea Party, and other Patriotic/Freedom -loving organization are your only hope, you’ll be welcomed.

          • MichealTurner

            Wrong. ObamaCare funding was part of the 75%+ of government spending deemed necessary and already budgeted for. The shutdown had no effect on healthcare.gov site.

          • Randy

            1. The government never shut down. 83% remained in operation. Did anyone miss their welfare check? No.

            2. The Tea Party didn’t shut anything down. The obama administration made the decisions, culmination in the closing of publicly owned parks and monuments.

          • Dvwrld

            Get your haircut Dumbass.
            Maybe you could go get a job then!
            Then maybe you could get some healthcare without sucking off of the Govmnt TiT for some “change.”

          • mertsj

            Are you really a dolt or do you just play one on the internet?

          • mac12sam12

            You give the Tea Party a lot of credit. Only a president can shut the government down, not a Tea Party. This amateur administration has had 3 years and 600 million dollars to set up the web site. GOOGLE spent 2 million for theirs. It’s just another example of this administration’s incompetence.

        • If I Had A Donkey

          The only truth I can assign to Bill Clinton is in his remark during the 2008 campaign when he said about Obama, “Give me a break, this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever scene.”

          • Nola_Navy_Vet

            Was Bill Clinton referring to Bath House Barry being gay?

      • irvinelady

        Well there might be a battle in IL but he would lose every other state in the meet-up. Wouldn’t that be priceless!

      • tompro97

        ALL we need is four more years of the Clinton clown show!!!

        • encierro

          No problem. All the interns in the White House now are pure ugly

          • typicalwhiteguy

            No problem for Slick Willie; he’ll go for any hole that’s warm and wet.

    • MakinItRain

      In this case, professor should be in quotes.

      • galocke

        Those quotes were already used up each time there was a reference to Obama as a “professor” of Constitutional law.

    • MichealTurner

      Amen! Abolishing tenure would work wonders on many fronts.

      • buddynoel

        I would support it ONLY IF lawmakers included a provision to allow voters to recall the president and federally-elected politicians (senators and congressmen). Limit the recall election to one per term and make it a straight YES-NO vote, so you’re not running multiple candidates. A no vote would kick in succession (President Biden) and not a massive ten-way election race that would prove nothing.

        • Dugway

          As we elect a President and VP on the same ticket, surely the Constitutional Amendment – legislation wouldn’t do it – could be worded to permit a recall of the ticket – thus removing POTUS and VPOTUS simultaneously.

          • buddynoel

            Let’s fix that too and start doing what some states do and elect the top two independent from each other. That would have left Obama with VP Paul Ryan or VP Sarah Palin. Now we’re talking fun stuff!!

          • Dugway

            No, let’s do it the way the Constitution originally dictated, and have VP Romney.

          • buddynoel

            Can’t disagree with you there. I think we could get a recall law through on the oft chance some people believe this would support an Obama election. Arizona would be the first to use it to recall John McCain.

          • TexanPatriot2

            Like you’d have any disagreements on policies?

          • TexanPatriot2

            Petition to the Chief Clerk of the Archives would and should be sufficient. No need in endowing the Supreme Court with additional powers they didn’t seize.

          • Dugway

            Petition to an agency where the leader is appointed by the President could be problematic, methinks.

        • Vette66

          I thought Senators were congresspersons (PC corrected), did that get changed and the general public hasn’t been told yet? Or is congress still the House of Representatives and the Senate?

          • Don

            You are correct. The House of Representatives and the Senate comprise the United States Congress.

          • Vette66

            Guess that isn’t obvious to some people or I wouldn’t have had to write my comment.

          • buddynoel

            As per AP style – the term congressman is never used to describe a member of a state or US Senate. It is always, senator or senator-elect. AP also says the term “representative” should be used in first reference, whenever possible, but congressman is used to differentiate the reprsentative from a state elected office.

        • TexanPatriot2

          They STATES should include provisions in their Constitutions which provide for the recall of Federal officials. Since the States created the Federal government, if enough States demand it, then it SHOULD undo the results of the Electoral College. Or we all just ignore them and just elect a new President (without their involvement).

        • Chuck Stamford

          The problem is too much democracy in this country, not too little.

          “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” Winston Churchill

          “Democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people.” Oscar Wilde

          “Democracy arises out of the notion that those who are equal in any respect are equal in all respects; because men are equally free, they claim to be absolutely equal.” Aristotle

          “Democracy passes into despotism.” Plato

          Democracy leads to more government intervention into our lives, not less, and what freedom requires is less government intervention, not more. Of course so does despotism. The genius of our Founders is they saw a way to balance one public urge (i.e., to rule over others and to be left alone) against the other, so that the conjunction tended to reduce the potential for governmental policy implementation, making it an “event”, and a rare national event at that, rather than the process that has now produced the largest book ever written in human history: the Federal Register.

          • Liliana Rawks

            But the U.S. form of government isn’t a democracy. Our founders made it very clear they did not want a democracy.

          • Chuck Stamford

            A bit of a quibble isn’t it? Technically speaking, any form of government not headed by a monarch is a “republic”, and only forms of government where all national matters are decided by a direct vote of the citizens are “democracies”, and the US is a democratic republic. However, all that misses the point of my reply, which was the more directly the citizens take part in deciding national affairs (i.e., “more democracy” or “more democratic”) over and above that already allowed by our Constitution, the more despotism we’ll end up living under, not less.

      • SteveThomas39

        If we’re going to amend the Contitution, let’s start with the repeal of the 17th amendment and go from there.

        • Mike_Shallowitz

          There is no way to upvote this comment enough.

          • Bob350

            The 17th amendment was the beginning of the progressive (socialist) movement in the country.
            Wish I could give way more up votes than the one allowed.

          • tadchem

            Voting more than once would make you a Democrat. So would voting after you are dead.

        • cwgf

          We need all 11 of Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments. Install them, and watch this country rise from the ashes like a Phoenix.

          • renkentom

            Better still, it would be a differant country if there were 11 Mark Levins in leadership roles.

          • Dotcoman

            It’s called Israel. And none of the 12 Levins can get along

          • Jeff

            Didn’t Levin play Captain Bighampton on McHale’s Navy?

          • pj4me

            If we had Netanyahu for a president instead of the Muslim in the White House, America would be a lot safer place to live, and a lot more free than we are with BO’s destruction of our Constitution! You probably love Obama, huh? Tell ya what, if you like Obama, you can keep him.

          • Aussievick

            Keep him where? Cerftinaly not in the W.H. It was Congress, after FDR had “croaked” in office AFTER 4 consecutive terms that decided the 2-term limit. Reading this “professor’s” comments seemed more like he wanted a dictator-for-life approach to the Presidency.

          • gemini34

            Bozo wants to stay in the WH forever so that he can continue taking $100M vacations.

          • Tom K

            You wonder how some professors have the audacity to teach any logic at all.

          • Aussievick

            So true Tom. I think some subscribe to the idea of “making their own reality.” Frankly, I’ve always believed that many of the non-academic skills such as critical thinking & logic have to be inculcated long before college. It’s not something that can be taught in a semester class; it has to USED daily in one’s everyday life.

          • adnawsr


          • Aussievick

            I’d love to be a fly on a wall in one of those classes. (Assuming, of course, that flies can understand logic or the lack thereof-lol)

          • Thomas Paine

            It was after FDR was elected to 4 consecutive terms, he died a few months INTO his 4th term. In any event I absolutely am opposed to granting Obama another term. If it were in my power, he’d have been removed the day after he bowed to the leaders of Third World shiiteholes!!

          • Aussievick

            Did you accidently respond to another post, rather than mine above?

            I KNOW all the above, being born in the 1940’s. BTW, it was the Republicans who are the reason we no longer have more than 2 terms for the Presidency.(Wise more in today’s fast-moving society.)

            And your last sentence is legion in my household. BTW, reading one of “your” books; you were an interesting man.

          • JeromefromLayton

            Bring Bibi here, wait seven years, and go for it! [He was born in the USA.]

          • adnawsr

            WE NEED HIM NOW

          • adnawsr


          • Richard Cotromano

            Better yet,take him with you and both of LEAVE!

          • Jere Joiner

            What we would have here is more yelling and screaming than I could take. I can’t take Levin more than about two minutes. Whatever he contributes to the discussion is lost when the decibles go up. From such shouting, good Lord deliver me!

          • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

            Get off the thread you big dope!

          • Thomas Paine

            Who’s making you listen to him at all?

          • adnawsr


          • fb0252

            Yup, those liberty amendments will fix everything. Anybody know what they are?

          • Ken Mitchell

            He wrote a book about them. Check Amazon.

          • tadchem

            There are actually only 10 I could find. They are at: http://www.redstate.com/2013/08/13/mark-levins-liberty-amendments/

          • cwgf

            The fourth Liberty Amendment listed in the RedState link is actually two in Levin’s book. I originally thought there were ten also, until I counted them in his book.

          • fb0252

            txs. for link. those will certain fix obama care, stop third world immigration, and rampant benefit fraud. Are these what Levin rants about for three hrs. a night?

          • Dotcoman

            No they will not. Levin is making an emotional populist appeal to the low information arm chair Conservatives.

            Most of the Amendments if enacted would actually do more harm than good and open us up to even more Democracy and direct voting further harming the State’s Rights and the Republic while undermining the Representative role of the Congress.

            Everything Levin proposes is risky at best and very dangerous as he fails to consider the obvious unintended consequences.

            Mark Levin is a straight up Trotskyite and is not to be trusted, as he is clearly a bought and paid for minion of the New World Order.

            His book is full of populism designed to suck the weak willed and the undereducated in.

          • Richard Cotromano

            Wake up,idiot!

          • Dotcoman

            That is in correct. Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments are a bogus panacea. They would actually do far more harm than good.

            As it stands our government does not obey the Constitution as it is written now, what makes you think they will obey any Amendments that come after what we have now. They don’t even honor or obey their own laws .

            We do not need new Amendments to make the gov heel and obey the current constitution.

            And do you really want Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid or Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz picking and choosing Con Con candidates?

            Levin’s amendments are as bad as his book. I want to know who paid Levin off in order to get him to write this garbage?

            Mark used to be against the Con Con on very common sense grounds.

            Now this book gets written to pull in the low informed suckers in the Tea Party and the GOP.

            Do not be that guy.

          • cwgf

            I disagree. Completely. Have you actually read the book?

          • Don B Reedekulous

            Of course not!

          • Sbell

            Well, my friend, this whole right vs left will have to be resolved one way or the other, with care and reasoning or violence and blood. Mark Levin advocates the former. I’m not advocating violence, but it is bound to happen if things are not brought back to order peacefully.

          • Alec Stuart

            Interesting. You wouldn’t happen to be a member of the John Birch Society by any chance, would you? Their stance on the Liberty Amendments is almost identical to your own.

            The question I have is, what is your solution? How do you make government obey the Constitution again? For my part, a groundswell of support at the state and local level for a convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution (not a “constitutional convention” as some people label it) would demonstrate that the people are rising up against the Beltway elites. It may be the last chance we have to peacefully reform our current system of pseudo-republican government before more drastic action is required.

          • Thomas Paine

            Alec: Believe it or not, but the original call for the convention of 1787 was the same, i.e., proposing amendments to the Articles of Confederation. Once there, they decided fairly quickly to scrap the Articles and write a totally new constitution. Any new convention for the same purpose, COULD decide to do the same, where everything is on the table.

          • pj4me

            “As it stands our government does not obey the Constitution as it is written now. ” Well, of course not! BO IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

          • Richard Cotromano

            You libs have no right talking about low info suckers,you voted for a TRAITOR TWICE!You can’t get more LOW than that!

          • mike360000

            You are exactly right Dotocoman.
            It’s sad that people can’t fathom what you and I know and say..
            Levin is a cruel joke. Yet people flog all over him just because he submits an idiot idea making it look good.

            Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

          • David Sparkman

            @Dotcoman Can you tell me how to get a job blogging for Liberals and how much does it pay? It sounds so much easier than reading Mark Levin’s book three times as I did. I am sure you didn’t have to read it, and just got a really good summation in your daily talking points memo.
            Oh yes, and you missed the survey that showed that TEA party members are more educated and more knowledgeable about politics than Liberals. So I would make a great blogger being an officer in the local TEA party.

          • Richard Cotromano

            You hit that dead on!

        • Oger

          Should Obama linger, we’d hope that the American will be there to “escort” him out the back door like he did the Dalai Lama.

          • MoFreeMoney

            Clinton stuck his index finger in the air to see which way the wind was blowing before making major policy changes.

            Obama, Pelosi and Reid uses a different finger.

          • Snowman 54

            Placed somewhere else.

          • Don B Reedekulous

            …and we know where he moistened his finger too don’t we?

          • Luxomni

            Ask Reggie Love.

        • mertsj

          Oh so true. And let us all do our part by contacting our representative to our STATE Legislature and make sure that our state is going to be represented at the December 7 Mount Vernon Assembly of the States.

        • fred_flintstone

          ST39, after my own heart. Most problems we have now would be solved with ‘true representation’. This could be reimplemented by giving the States back their rights.

          • cwgf

            True StephenC. But the States will have to take their rights back – our corrupt rogue Federal government will never “give back” the rights it has usurped.

        • Not-Jello Biafra

          Repeal the 13th would also help.

          • cwgf

            Why the 13th? Who do you want to enslave, Not-Jello?

          • Not-Jello Biafra

            Everybody sing…

            “Kill The Poor”
            Efficiency and progress is ours once more
            Now that we have the Neutron bomb
            It’s nice and quick and clean and gets things done
            Away with excess enemy
            But no less value to property
            No sense in war but perfect sense at home:
            The sun beams down on a brand new day
            No more welfare tax to pay
            Unsightly slums gone up in flashing light
            Jobless millions whisked away
            At last we have more room to play
            All systems go to kill the poor tonight
            Kill kill kill kill Kill the poor:Tonight
            Behold the sparkle of champagne
            The crime rate’s gone
            Feel free again
            O’ life’s a dream with you, Miss Lily White
            Jane Fonda on the screen today
            Convinced the liberals it’s okay
            So let’s get dressed and dance away the night
            While they:
            Kill kill kill kill Kill the poor:Tonight

          • u.r.tripping

            DKs rule. I still have my 45 EP with the cover of the poor being bulldozed into a mass grave.

          • Not-Jello Biafra

            Hood rats.

          • Thomas Paine

            No, it would only make things worse. I do not want to “own” another human being; I simply want to be as far from them (descendants of slaves) as humanly possible.

        • UnclePete1946

          Elimination of direct election is precisely what Fearless Leader wants

          • Dotcoman

            The Senate was never intended to be a direct vote of the people, This is how we got Senator Obama in the first place.
            And if you will please read your Constitution you’d realize that repealing the 17th Amendment does not entirely do away with direct election of the US Representatives.

            You are also dead wrong about Obama and the Leftist Democrat’s intentions, they want Democracy ( Mob rule) for all elections because they feel that they can control the sentiment of the mob.

            Steve Thomas is absolutely right, we need to repeal the 17th Amendment and put our US Senators back under the thumb of our respective states. It’s actually a State’s Rights issue. The 17th Amendment is actually unconstitutional because it took away the right of the State to select their own representation in the Congress as it was originally intended by the framers of the Constitution.

            Right now the US Senators are beholding to no man and to no one. The State’s can’t even call them on the carpet to answer for their crimes. That is not how it was originally intended to work, and we can now see the results of that egregious error.

        • JohnGalt11

          And the 16th too.

        • lan

          Bring back a poll tax. No more voting by tax eating parasites.

        • LarryNC

          I think that we would all be better off by starting with the 15th and 16th amendments. Just my personal opinion.

        • Jeff

          Why do you right wingers assume that returning to the world of the 18th Century will be such a blessing? How many other amendments should we repeal so we fit exactly into the mold envisioned by the founders? The 14th? The 13th? Certainly the 19th, I’m sure. Never mind that the Senate was originally envisioned as a House of Lords Redux to mitigate that horrible force known as democracy. We already have the Courts to restrain the worst impulses of “mob” rule. If you want the Senate to work, eliminate some of the idiotic rules and do something to mitigate its extraordinarily anti-Democratic structure. When the Constitution was ratified, I don’t think the founders had in mind a body where residents of one state (e.g. Wyoming) have 35 times the representation of those in another state (say, California).

          • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

            You libtards wanna repeal the 2nd……so STFU hypocrite

      • Mustang13Sally

        Actually, the university losing money gets their attention. If enrollment drops significantly and donor money dries up, the university board will be forced to change. The best example of this is Bobby Knight. Throwing chairs and verbally abusing players didn’t get him fired. Losing his ability to recruit and donors sending their dollars elsewhere got him fired.

        • rnagel

          When you consider that Bobby never had a player who played all four years not graduate and they replaced him with a coach who never did have a player graduate you may be right. Bobby had some serious temper issues, but he was also one of the most generous of people. The shoe money that most coaches pocket was instead given to the assistant coaches. His salary was very modest. When Landon turner was paralyzed he raised money to support him and gave him a job. He even admitted that while he really liked him afterwards, before the accident he didn’t. He even takes the time to respond to every letter he gets. I sent $50 to the Landon fund and he wrote back thanking me.

          So, I think you are right. Very right.

          • PlaysChessWithPigeons

            You are correct rnagel. Growing up, I did not like IU or Bob Knight (mostly out of jealousy), but he did things the right way (minus a couple of temper tantrums). He played by the rules and detested the rampant cheating that was prevalent, especially at a nearby rival to the south of Bloomington. He graduated his players and they always played hard & physical but were well-behaved on the court.

            The press developed a vendetta against him, and the sissified sports communities went right along (surprise!). They finally decided that grabbing a spoiled brat who wouldn’t follow directions was the last straw.

            I am always amazed at how easily the majority of people in this country are so easily swayed by the media. So many times I’ve seen people who were unfazed by a certain event, who then become OUTRAGED after hearing a biased media account.

          • rnagel

            Ironically, the kid that got grabbed probably tells the story every chance he gets. He would have even if it hadn’t gone farther than the tongue lashing Bobby gave him. It was an excuse for the president, who didn’t like sports anyway, to get rid of him and put a minority in his place. His replacement was promoted above his ability and was soon replaced with the former Las Vegas coach who was already on probation from the NCAA.

          • nostudme1


        • MichealTurner

          The main problem with your analysis is the near uniformity of Liberal ideology within academia. It took years of national press coverage on one basketball program to build up the necessary pressure to get Bobby Knight fired. There were plenty of other universities with basketball programs players and donors could choose from. In contrast, there is a near-impenetrable wall protecting ideologues like Ward Churchill and Michael Mann. The only differences in this intellectually monochrome sphere are the logos and tuition rates.

          • doubleducks

            You are correct – I would guess somewhere around 85% of professors are liberal. Business profs tend to be more conservative. English profs are just plain nuts. Chemists are more conservative, physicists in the middle, and mathematicians more liberal. History, sociology, anthropology, are again in the nutty category.

          • Rick Fictus

            The reason liberals are predominant within academia is because education correlates with liberal views. The more educated you are, the more statistically likely you are to be liberal.

        • Chuck Stamford

          Unfortunately this is, boiled down to essentials, the suggestion that if the problem of academic self validation didn’t exist, it would be possible to fix it.

          I don’t know what can be done directly to reverse the radical liberalism that grows with each decade in our educational institutions, short of closing them all down and letting every parent instruct their children as best they can. Getting rid of tenure doesn’t have much chance. Administrations are as responsible for the politicization of our colleges and universities (and now high schools!) as are the professors and instructors in the classrooms. And in many cases these professors and instructors have as much or more power in determining curricula as do the administrators. So once you make it the case they can be fired, whose going to be doing the firing? Besides, how can we be true to our principles of liberty and due process if we start terminating professors for their ideological commitments?

          The problem is academia in this country has existed for far too long in an ideological, self-validating, self-perpetuating bubble. I don’t see how it can be assaulted, much less burst, by direct action. The only way I can see to restore the academic world to its former glories is by seizing the Federal spigot supplying funds to these institutions, and shut it off for all of them. This will sharpen competition in the academic marketplace of ideas and, theoretically, at least, thereby improve the ideas on offer there. Whether or not is sharpens that competition enough is an empirical question that can only be answered by experiment. To even conduct the experiment, however, it would be necessary for the American people to throw out of national government all but the most moderate of liberals, and keep them out for decades. And I’m not sure the American people still have that much wisdom, or having it, the statesmen necessary to ignite it in them.

          • MichealTurner

            The first step, IMO, would be for Congress to deny funding to any college or university that keeps tenure. As heavy handed a move that would be, it’s the first dose of medicine higher education in the US desperately needs (though many there don’t want it).

          • Chuck Stamford

            I half agree. The Federal government needs to get out of the education business all together. This will vastly increase competition in the education industry, and that will, at least theoretically, improve education. Increased competition generally increases product quality and lowers price in every other industry in the world, why should education be the only exception?

          • Thomas Paine

            I would correct the problem by appointing a Conservative Czar for every public university, with the power to fire professors who exhibit a liberal bias. It’s the only way to get control of our tax supported institutions from the communists and Marxists.

          • Chuck Stamford

            And in doing so you’d be acting against conservative principles, and that sort of “means/end” thinking is exactly why liberalism is so dangerous. Furthermore, you’d just be changing the ideological bias, when it’s the existence of ideological bias in our institutions that is our problem, not what the bias happens to be.

            Look, when our institutions of higher education were doing the job properly, they were teaching our children how to think for themselves, rather than indoctrinating them in some political or/and philosophical ideology. They were at pains to fairly present both sides of any question, instruct students in the art of critical thinking, and then let them decide for themselves. We need a return to that way of teaching, not just change in the content of indoctrination. If, as I believe, and apparently you do to, conservative principles are best, and if they are presented and compared and contrasted with liberal principles (assuming there are any such things; I’ve had no luck myself in identifying them in any meaningful way) in an objective neutral fashion, then students will lean more right than left without any indoctrination, and we’ll get what we don’t have now. If we’re wrong about that, and students continue to generally lean left, then it must be because we’re wrong in thinking conservativism is better than liberalism, or Churchill was correct in observing conservativism is a matter of maturity, which is why the young tend to be liberals, and people in the midst of a career and raising a family tend to be conservative or moderate.

      • annie66

        It would also help if those who try to educate had brains in their heads instead of their heads up their a***s.

        • billyrumble

          It’s the money. Professors get paid by the feds and other government entities. Their primary loyalty is to the government, not the students and not the citizens. Professors support anyone in favor of expanded government, which includes liberals and other groups that exploit the general population. The yoke of government influence needs to be removed from education.

          • Siegfried

            This professor is out of his mind!

      • hachie1

        Heh. If we were to allow tenure for this administration, America would (even more) be soooo F’ed.

      • gwbnyc


    • Bill

      Actually, if this guy was serious about holding presidents accountable, he would advocate amending the Constitution to remove an administration and hold a new election if 3/5ths of the states vote in the affirmative.

      That would actually accomplish the goal of keeping presidents from going rogue.

      Impeachment is not workable in practice, because it is far too politicized a process, since the US Senate became so partisan. However, that too could be solved by returning the power to elect Senators back to the states where it belongs, rather than the big money contests between national political parties that it has become since the introduction of the ill-considered 17th Amendment.

      • Nina Van Sweden

        Good solution – where do I sign on?

    • obot

      The Nutty Professor should stick his head back up Obozo’s rear end and come back with some more dark ideas

    • dthorny

      Term limits for liberal professors.

      • Jersey_Prophet

        Ha…since they’re all Left, there wouldn’t be any left!

    • onceproudamerican

      Not to mention that since there is a constituonal prohibition on ‘ex post facto laws’ Obama would not be able to run for a third consecutive term…

    • ITYS

      A perfect example of where the low information voters get their information! A history professor and the diminished pHDs! The leftists must destroy everything….the 3 stools of the leftists paradigm: destroy the family, destroy the education, destroy the culture.

    • john4637

      Dire need of fumigation is more like it!!

    • Flayer

      I’d support a charity or state funds going for an intervention program for Zimmerman and other like-minded professors. Perhaps we need a rehab facility where crazy profs like Zimmerman can go to seek the help they need. They’d be locked in with books by Hayek and Bastiat, the Constitution, Mark Levin, recordings of Rush, Levin, discussion groups on liberty, the Founding Fathers, Judeo-Christianity, and so on. A six week rehab might be enough, especially with out-care support. There really is mental illness amongst some of these professors.

    • robertsgt40

      Those that cannot do, teach and “profess”.

    • Diriger

      I don’t see why we need to amend the constitution! THE ONE can simply use the power of his office to brush term limits aside!

    • bddd

      Those who can, do. Those that can’t, teach. Those that can’t ‘do’ or ‘teach’ run for political office.

    • WAYCAL

      The good professor is an idiot

    • TexanPatriot2

      And what is “good” about him?

    • AuldGuy

      I’m thinking re-education camps for college professors…

    • Bob

      Mr Zimmerman.You are an educated idiot!

    • cqarhs7disqus

      As delusional as this lefty is, I’m surprised he even mentioned an amendment to the constitution and not an executive order…lol. To which I say, go right ahead. He would be following the constitution which is the antithesis of what obama does.










    • nostudme1

      More toilet tissue for a-holes like this.

    • Dotcoman

      Remember the good ol’ days when some yahoo like this professor would say something profoundly stupid like this and a bunch of fellas would just jump in the back of a pickup truck and then just drive on over and drag him out of his classroom by his hair and then tar and feather him right there on the quad for all to see.

      I miss those days.

      • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

        I’ve got the truck…..you get the tar and feathers

    • mohammad.felafal

      and regular beatings administered to thes long haired liberal socialist lunatics.

    • Glen3

      More to the point, we need a thousand Joe McCarthy’s. All scouring the country to cleanse it of the progressives, who are no more than neo-Marxists. The universities are filled with them.

    • PartyofKnow

      Cleon Skousen wrote a book called The Naked Communist in 1958. It stated 45 Goals on how to best destroy America from within. Goal #17 Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for Socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the Curriculum. Goal #29 Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs. Prof. Zimmerman is obviously a communist, as are thousands of other professors.

    • Ibulena

      Possibly he got his title from the same place Al Shaprton got his.

    • John

      Who in his right mind would pay tuition for his kid to sit in that moron’s class room.

    • AceTrace

      Far too many of these professors are Marxists.

      • Reed Smith

        Thats the plan! Infiltrate and indoctrinate from within…same goes for our courts and media.

    • Art Tafil

      Acadamians live in an “Ivory Tower” world of theory and never never land scenarios. They don’t “work” for a living by having to compete in the real world of daily strife’s. They were educated by “left wing” liberals that were, in turn, educated by “counter culture, flower children” that burned their bras and draft cards to avoid responsibility. It’s a self perpetuating pile of monkey dung!!!!

      There is no end in sight because of the system of self perpetuating left wing losers saying what “butt kissers” will succeed.

      When I returned to college after 6 years in the U.S. Marine Corps with 2 tours in Vietnam including 2 Purple Hearts, I constantly argued with my professors but they had to give me “A’s” because of my irrefutable arguments with proof of my correct stances.

      I guess that’s what comes of being a Naval Aviator (A tail-hooker).


    • frank shea

      My grandson wants to attend NYU!
      I think I will get involve and be sure that it is still a good place for his education!
      Where is the logic? Why will President Obama change?
      He imposed Obamacare on America knowing the majority of Americans were against it. He bribed members of his own party with the Louisiana Purchase, Gator aid and the Cornhusker deal. Now as Mrs. Pelosi stated, we are about to see what is in the law she voted for without ever reading it! It is a total mess.

    • Bob Young

      They are certainly in dire need of intelligent professors.

  • Major Beatdown

    Dear professor Zimmerman, we’re hoping Barack The Destroyer will be in prison by then.

    • mrbp

      Throw the prof. in prison as well. We are trying to get term limits for the congress as well. Just think how much better off we would be if they would have passed term limts back during the 104th congress.

      • Sally Hoover

        We’re going to have to use the States Convention thats described in the Constitution to get term limits done. John Mason at the end of the Convention, stopped everyone from leaving until they wrote into the document that the people also have a recourse to propose amendments. He knew that entrenched politicians would never vote to limit their terms or their power. This process was used to repeal Prohibition as the anti drinking crowd still held the majority in Congress and would never repeal it

        • Nina Van Sweden

          If you have not already done so, read Mark Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments”

    • typicalwhiteguy

      Agreed. I’m all for a third term for Obungo; a term of life in prison!

  • Scottvan949

    Professor you get an F.

    • Major Beatdown

      Really? I gave him an FU!

      • Tom_

        Well this turd polisher teaches at NYU so we shouldn’t expect any normalcy from him. Maybe some thug named Trayvon will play the knockout game with him.

        • Lindakl

          Good idea, I wish we could channel those knock out players to the academics.

    • algonquinmatt

      don’t be so quick to judge. he probably also gives speeches to his students about how there needs to be term limits in Congress.

      • Cahal the Mad™


      • Sammie Jo

        but only for republicans, no doubt. lol

  • steve b


  • newtiffen

    Evidence of how inept education really is. A PhD. in History is a credential for moronhood in reality.

    • Cahal the Mad™

      You can BUY a PhD. or ANY degree and it will be 100% valid and requires zero college attendance or education. Fundamentally, they are as useless as an honorary degrees but on your resume, they open many doors.

  • jcw_industries

    This isn’t news to anyone who went to college. 96% of the profs are Soviets.

  • Anthony

    Just another deranged liberal in love with Obama and should be on meds. He also forgot to include something about racism that all deranged liberals fixate on.

  • Holy Crapolla

    This Dumb A$$ still thinks Obama can solve problems, OBAMA IS THE PROBLEM. On the other hand you have to consider the source. New York !!!

  • American White Dude

    At least he is honest. He is calling to destroy the Constitution and enact a Socialist dictatorship. Most others still try to sound like it is American idea. @USAWhiteDude

    • dthorny

      He should move to Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia or Iran for his policies in action and failing at every level.

      What a moron.

  • marijman

    Dear professor Zimmerman, Please stop making public statements you are embarrassing to meth addicts

  • What’s the difference between Romneycare and Obamacare, which we were told is based on Romneycare? Romneycare works. Just sayin’.

    • FUKUnUpUrs

      Actually, Obozocare had nothing to do with Romneycare. The architects of Obozocare never once asked for advice or information from those that created Romneycare. That claim about Obozocare being a copy of Romneycare was just more Obozo election year BULL SHIITE — as opposed to regular Obozo BULL SHIITE the spews forth every time he opens his pie hole.

    • Cahal the Mad™

      What’s the difference? In short…

      70 pages
      no new taxes
      hasn’t cost people their coverage
      actual bi-partisan support

      2700+ pages
      $500 billion in new taxes
      has rendered millions of citizens uninsured
      highly partisan, full democrat support, no Republican support

      See? They’re “exactly” alike.

  • Alohajonny

    If this nut job taught any of my children I would move to another state.

  • welovetheUSA

    In your dreams…………all professors should be fired from public colleges for treason and put in prison.

  • Syrin

    Record poverty, record debt, record unemployment, record numbers on food stamps, record violations of Constitution, and the solution to this f’tard is more. Obamacare hasn’t even taken hold yet and will get MUCH MUCH worse. See, liberals don’t give a flying PHCK about the people, the law, or even outcomes. It’s all about their “team” and maintaining control at WHATEVER COST. Law is in the way, then F THE LAW. This is why tyranny and genocide ALWAYS comes from the left because it’s all about control and power for the left. Conservatives are about individual freedom and liberty which are the anti-thesis to everything a liberal stands for. If you disagree, go try to buy a 20 ounce soda in NY.

    And by the way, 100% of the democrats are tyranny loving Marxist liberals, and 95% of republicans are liberals. They’ve taken over both parties.

    • PJ McFlur

      ‘Conservatives are about individual freedom and liberty which are the anti-thesis to everything a liberal stands for.’

      Until it comes to civil liberties and equality. Can’t allow gays the same rights as the rest of us.. and can’t allow people to smoke pot either.

      Thats why Im a libertarian. I agree with conservatives on almost every issue when it comes to fiscal responsibility but not social issues. I cannot agree with continuing the drug war or demonizing gay people. Both of those issues lie within how Liberty is accepted and viewed.

      When conservatives come around to the philosophy of Liberty, I will be more likely to register with them. Until then….

      • MrSnuggles2k2

        Losertarians don’t understand one very important thing. You CANNOT HAVE a socially liberal society without a very fiscally liberal society to take care of all those people that end up suffering the consequences of social liberalism.

        If you want to have individual liberty and small government, you have to have a shared value system where everyone follows the same social norms. This is why the left is always pushing for the next social barrier, because they know it leads to destruction and government dependence.

      • John D

        So does that mean you are a drugged out gay?

  • I somehow doubt Zimmerman would have been happy with Reagan or George W. being President for life…

    Are there ANY intellectually honest liberals?

    • Kyle


    • Cahal the Mad™

      It depends on what you mean by “intellectual”. Remember, libs think they ARE “intellectual” because they can regurgitate the same insane marxist brainwashing nonsense over and over again without having any actual education at all or any problem-solving ability or critical thinking skills.
      As far as honesty goes.. well… you’ll never find that among the pathologically dishonest ranks of the left.

  • jwp

    Soon we will have to fight scum, like this professor, in the streets to maintain our liberty…

    • Major Beatdown

      Can’t wait! I’m glad as hell to be on the side with all the guns!

    • Syrin

      No, this f’tard will be shaking in his boots in his closet or will have been put down in his regionally designated FEMA camp. Those who give the gov’t the power to become a tyrannical state are ALWAYS the first ones the state kills. No, you’ll have to fight the DHS, Russian and Chinese troops (both of which are already are on US soil)

    • Rod

      You may be as stupid as the professor, if you think he will fight!

    • Cahal the Mad™

      I’m looking forward to it. The left has become so self-serving, so treasonous, so bent on being the enemy of all things and in all ways, that I have no qualms about sending them all into the void. I am totally without remorse for their subhuman ilk.

    • Randy

      That will be a short battle.

  • buckbamboo

    The way his poll numbers are dropping like a rock, it might not be a bad idea. Byy the time the next election comes around, his approval poll numbers will be around 2.

  • danno1180

    Professer needs to go back to school——-he left his brain there……

  • TreeOfLifeSword

    Are people so morally bankrupt and blinded that they can’t distinguish good from evil anymore? This ‘president’ is a fraud, con man and traitor who should be impeached.

  • Liberals have no morals

    This guy probably thought Hitler just needed a few more years too.

  • Meleagris gallopavo

    It appears stupidity is incurable and, consequently, terminal.

  • cloonfush

    What the hell was in that dudes turkey?

  • micwi

    There couldn’t be a more perfect example of why this country is in such a mess. Decades of this Marxist/Communists educating our youth.

  • Liberals have no morals

    This just shows people what a delusional world liberal democrats live in.

  • Sighted In And Ready.

    Obama and the democrats current poll numbers are going down faster than Barney Franks underwear at a gerbil farm, yet, this idiot wants everyone to believe….we’d be better with a 3rd term from this fool?

  • FUKUnUpUrs

    Wow, I didn’t realize that Cracker Jacks was giving out Phds now.

  • Don-O-Mite

    He should sleep in class more often. It’s obvious he isn’t getting the proper amount of shut eye overnight.

  • First Last

    Good idea, give him a third term. This way he can destroy the few things left he failed to in the first two.

  • battleshorts

    Dear Leader – President for Life!
    Ya – that’s probably not such a good idea.
    But – let’s run it by Harry Reid, he’s very good at changing the Rules.

  • GarandFan

    I’m sure the Obamabots would be happy if King Barack the Magnificent was crowned as Emperor. He already acts that way.

    • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

      “This is how democracy dies….to thunderous applause.”

      -Sen. Bail Organa of Naboo

  • Lorenzo A Vina

    Yeah right, thanks to Republican “obstructionism” he hasn’t completely destroyed our Nation yet.

    • Cahal the Mad™

      Yeah. Repubs “obstructing” the left’s tyranny and intentional destruction of the United States and it’s citizenry, is such an “evil and wrong thing to do”.

    • V vendetta

      Every party is an obstructionist to the Constitution. Time to see the polished turd for what it is. How about being in the American party? We are growing in membership.

  • Mike Benton

    There is another idiot popping out of the woodwork every week.

  • johndd

    This is more an argument for getting rid of tenure for professors than giving a third term to Obama.

  • tony tyler

    fidel castro likes the idea as well..

  • capisce

    Definition of liberal insanity – re-name, re-package, and re-enact the same failed policies and hope for a different result.


    First, Obama should have never made it into office if our media were not up his azz, I have known since 2007 what he is….second, when you look at the IRS , Benghazi, Iran secret talks, DOJ tapping AP phone records, DOJ not prosecuting voter intimidation, and the 634 million-1 billion website disaster. You can see the man is incompetent for the office, and if it were a conservative they would have been impeached by now…

    Plus when you add all the green energy disasters that cost taxpayers billions, and the healthcare lies he smiled about across the country while others lose their healthcare……his motto must be lie now, ask questions later….those who have lost their health plans should march on Washington and show/describe to these liberal talking heads who support this boob the real stories of so called “affordable” healthcare….they are saying these plans were not good that are cancelled…the plans under the ACA are THE WORST I HAVE EVER SEEN….poor people cannot pay a 6,300 deductible, taxpayers will get stuck with that bill….so what was this really about…no one questions him on these issues…

    I don’t want more taxes to help pay for people I do not know, I pay my way, you pay your way, we get along just fine…this so called professor should be fired and called out, school should not be partisan, it should be educational…

  • Economypilot

    …the education system is dead. I wouldn’t trust an typical professor to watch my children, let alone educate them.

  • meeester

    This professor serves a purpose. We can use him as an example when people criticize us for not ‘meeting in the middle’ on issues.

  • captaincameron

    For all of the (well-deserved) bashing of this professor, don’t be surprised if the left actually mobilizes in this direction. It would be an amazing power grab, but we keep seeing other power grabs that six years ago , even I couldn’t imagine (and I am a cynical bastard, especially when it comes to the motivation of those who seek to rule rather than govern).

    • john_koenig

      Try getting 37 states to ratify anything, much less a nutball amendment like that. Ain’t gonna happen.

      • PJ McFlur

        executive order….?

        I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried.

        • john_koenig

          That would result in tanks surrounding the White House. I’d love to see the poser’s “presidency” end that way.

          • Davole

            Would that be tanks for the memories!

          • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

            Why do you think he’s purging Generals faster than Stalin did in the 30;s

    • musterion

      Well, at least he suggests acting in the manner prescribed by the constitution, by amendment. My worry is that the current occupant of the White House, given how he like to rewrite laws on the fly, would simply declare himself eligible to run again, and run again. Because, as john_koenig points out nfw 37 states would ratify such an amendment. Additionally, future Empress Hillary would not like to see he who must not be named run again.

  • damsteve

    Why just 3 terms? Why not for life? Never mind that silly old constitution

    • rhinobuster

      I think a life sentence in a federal institution is a better solution.

    • K9_00BK

      Agreed, Obama has been ignoring the Constitution for the past five years and everyone thinks it is normal. Executive Order…president for life, keeping Biden as VP to insure a long, long life. Has already been done in most 3rd world countries, why not in the US. Will prove to the world Americans are not racist.

  • steve

    If the GOP candidate adds term-limits to the platform for senators and congressman, h(s)he’ll be elected in a landslide!!
    But since Obama seems to be enforcig laws depending on the winds, he may just decide to appoint himself ruler of the known universe.
    Because if we oppose that, we’re racists!

  • Ronald O Gall

    Boy is this dumb…..it’s like Ready Aim. Fire

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Nope, Obots aren’t delirious cultists or anything, and I have no idea how that vicious rumor ever got started…

  • Heartland Patriot

    Jonathan Zimmerman is the kind of guy you wish would go play on the freeway in heavy traffic.

  • MrThroatpunch

    Dear Professor Moron
    Don’t leave New York. We don’t want your pathetic @ss out here in Real America!

  • Zeke

    This is a great solution… to the question ‘How can we start another American revolution?’.

  • Steven Dollinger

    haha ha ha nothing like a professor making money for acting like a moron…..good to laugh at

  • guest

    If we’re getting rid of Constitutional Amendments, might we also roll back the 17th and have Senators once again appointed by the Governors.

    All the folks who exempted themselves from Obamacare should be brought back into the program/pogrom,

  • Ed Gibbon

    Let him run…and lose in spectacular fashion

  • Giordano_Bruno

    Let’s just cut to the chase and crown him Emperor Barry!

  • Richard

    Professor of what? Idiocracy?

  • Mike Keller

    As mentioned many many times before liberialism is a mental disease. When they (prof) make statements like Zimmerman did they just confirm it. Now that liberals have their odumbocare they can go snort, pop, inject and/or inhale and still get treatment, that is, if they can sign-up and pay the premium, high deductable and co-pay…

  • sebastianwoof

    Professors like Zimmerman are like
    termites in the woodwork of our universities

  • john700

    Even better: no more elections and Obama stays in the White House for life. Knockout!

  • Kathleen3

    Prof Zimmerman proves “The world is filled with educated derelicts.”

  • rhinobuster

    Just another communist with tenure that has been living a cushy life at the taxpayers expense. His brain is obviously been affected by too much “Cush”!

  • Brandigo

    what a doofus.

    Of course the criminals on the hill will think that’s a wonderful idea and our creep for a president will think so too. He’s stomped on and spat on the constitution so often what’s breaking one more law to him?

  • Patmajek

    Maybe he’s on to something. I say we have the election next week so we can get him out now. He couldn’t get elected as dog catcher right now!

  • dogman1313

    I just want to know how someone so stupid got thru college & eventually became a professor? The standards must be pretty low, but then again look whose president.

    • Heartland Patriot

      Well, the mass news media did say that the current POTUS was a “constitutional scholar”…now we are seeing an example of the standard he was measured against.

  • Rich

    More proof of another liberal’s lack of oxygen to the brain by having his nose stuck too far up Obama’s @ss.

  • OtterThanWho

    BIG DIFFERENCE between possibly ruining a single state than ruining an entire country as Obummer-Our Commander in Thief-is doing.

  • MarkJ

    Professor Jonathan Zimmerman: Living proof that “Ph.D.” and “moon-barking loony” are not mutually exclusive terms.

  • rbba

    How silly to propose a potential five-year lame duck presidency. If the Constitution gets amended it should be for term limits to the congressional representatives who only spend their time now planning re-election.

  • G Tegs

    Obama should be impeached immediatley and imprisoned for life.

  • BB

    This Prof has the ID10T error going on in his brain….

  • Oboy_must_go

    I’d like to punch that guy right in the face!

    • Demhate

      Save me a place in line !

  • overthecoastline

    Parents: NOW do you see what a colossal waste 4 years of “higher learning” at $30,000 per semester is?

    Tell your dopey kids to go out and get a job, and spend their college funds on yourselves. You earned it – – so can they.

  • Cahal the Mad™

    These leftist retards truly dwell entirely within fairy tale fantasy world existences. It would actually be the most compassionate thing in the world, to euthanize them all. Obama has totally ignored the will of the people since day one and has been acting entirely of his own accord for his own goals. Look at the disastrous state our country is in right now because of him. Anyway, Senator Joe Serrano has been trying to abolish the 22and amendment since Obama unlawfully took office the first time. I’ll bet you all that one of two things will happen… the treasonous Senate will try to undo the 22nd amendment, or if they don’t, when 2016 comes and it’s time for Obama to gtfo and be replaced by the new Repub president, Obama will refuse to leave. He might even take the extra step of using “executive privilege” or some unlawful action to remain in office. After all, Obama hasn’t followed ANY law or ANY part of the Constitution to date, and he thinks he is an emperor with unlimited power.

    • Jack

      Okay – follow up on this. How many American citizens would take action to stop this from happening? Crickets…Bottom line is we are screwed. Without enough “Torches and Pitchforks” in the streets nothing will stop them from doing whatever they like for as long as they like.

  • John Whalen

    LOL LOL!!! Liberals crack me up!

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Ain’t going to happen. I do not expect to see any Democrat taking action to amend the Constitution, because doing so would be a tacit admission that the Constitution actually means something. It’s more likely that a packed SCOTUS will declare the 22nd Amendment unconstitutional and strike it down. That’s more the left’s style.

  • Woblocc

    To me… the irony that this guy’s last name is Zimmerman is hilarious!

  • freedom_is_good

    Zimmerman writes that Obama–whose approval rating is at an all time low of 37%–would be much more effective at governing if he could stand for re-election in 2016 because then he’d be less likely to “ignore” the will of the American people.

    Yeah, after ignoring the will of the people for 8 years, he really needs a chance to do it some more. /sarc

  • BranMakMorn

    Only a progressive American Jew could say something this stupid.

  • JeromeD

    The professor – and I guess I have to use that term loosely – rests his assertion on the fallacious logic that the pressures of public opinion somehow result in “better” decisions. Just the opposite! They necessitate kicking-the-can down the road with regard to unpalatable problems, lying about proposed solutions to survive re-elections (“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan”) and all other sorts of nonsense.

    Remember, having to run for re-election *also* means being beholden to those “big donors” that the professor probably decries in his OTHER commentary.

  • Engels’ Friend

    I support the professor. What he says brings tears of joy to my heart. Capitalism has failed. It’s time to put the power where it belongs. Back to the people. The constitution allows for indefinite presidential terms. You just don’t understand the constitution. It’s time to edit it a little bit. It was written gazillions of years ago. Communism is coming whether you want it or not, right wingers. It’s a coming. We are coming for your guns, your houses and your bank accounts soon.

    • Oboy_must_go

      Oh BS! The twenty-second amendment limits the President to “two” terms.

      • Engels’ Friend

        You ain’t reading what I’m reading. It’s very clear.

  • HM_Phobe

    If they amended the constitution to allow this, do you really think BO could beat Bill Clinton in the primaries? No way Bill would not run again.

  • Ryan

    I told anyone who would listen that is BO was reelected you would see this. This is just the beginning, basically this article was put out to test the waters. These people can’t help but give themselves and their agenda of dictatorship over us away!

  • Jimmy

    I say let Obama run. He can win the majority of votes…taking them away from Hillary…and when he wins tell him, “Sorry, you’re ineligible according to the US Constitution. The GOP candidate wins by default. Go home loser.” And America wins…unless, of course unless either McCain or Christie are the GOP winners. Because then it is Obama all over again.

  • wazzupFolks

    How does this Libtard still have a teaching position? The Marxists have taken over academia! Warn your kids!

  • DP_612502

    Yet another academic that thinks they are smarter than everyone and therefore knows whats best for everyone as well. Who is this SOB that thinks we need to change the constitution because he feels that Obama is the savior of the world? What is he basing that on? If anything (and i mean anything) if this country has gotten better then it has in SPITE of the President and his policies not due to them. Besides being a flat out liar and the consummate picture of eternal politician, this president is so very under qualified for his current position that it is seriously not funny. He needs to fade into the Sunset with his better Jimmy Carter and be used as an example of what happens when the people want to trade their liberties for a nothing more than a political slogan. The man is a egoistical demigod (and his loyal minions aka harry Reid and company) are no better. Wise the hell up people and take control of your life and get future back before you either give it all away or it’s taken away from you in the name of “what’s best”.

  • ABitofThought

    Just wondering – Would the good professor be saying the same kind of thing if a Republican president was in office?

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    The “Prof” doesn’t think well. What in the world makes him think that Obama would be more responsive to the “people” if he were elected again, or even to become President for Life? Cue the weird music, we’re entering an alternate universe….. academia.

  • overthecoastline

    I can’t wait for the coming student loan bubble, when thousands upon thousands of students find that “higher education” has left them brainwashed, unemployable and in debt up their eyeballs.

    Perhaps THEN they will understand the scourge of liberalism. But I doubt it…..

  • tony tyler

    we already know professor that we are living in a dictator police state and that our government hates us.. it is us against them .. we get it already…if you like a dictator move to cuba you piece of garbage..

  • danowood

    What an idiotic statement. It has been pre perceived by many though, but it will be thorugh martial law that it will be accomplished not through the voting booth.

  • Ryan

    We should be amending the Constitution to ENFORCE term limits on congress

  • BenTravis

    How about a “term” in a Federal prison with his buddy Eric Holder ?

  • rob247

    If he ran for a third term he would WIN. This is how stupid America has become. The percentage of people that rely on the federal government for their well-being has skyrocketed under this president, which makes it that much more difficult for Republicans to win the necessary electoral votes, something that already was an uphill battle. As it stands, if Hillary runs in 2016 with Kathleen Sebelius as her running mate, they’d be a lock. Heck, JOE BIDEN AND A SOCK WITH A FACE DRAWN ON IT would be a lock for the next President of the United States.

  • jazz12

    what a goof

  • bubba

    I just read the source document and the College Fix article distorts what the author wrote. He’s not advocating that Obama be re-elected. He is saying that if, without term limits, presidents would be held accountable. Right now, what is Obama’s disincentive to do the things we find repugnant? Nothing! If he stood for reelection he would have to again defend his policies to help his reelection efforts. Do I think it is a good idea? No. Did I think that this article distorts the point and is sensationalism? Yes. I usually love College Fix but you lost a lot of credibility with this one.

    • Jack Bilko

      BS, that is exactly what the author is calling for, Obama-bot.

      • bubba

        Did you actually read the source document? I’m not at all a fan of Obama and would love to see him gone. But this article distorts the original assertions. Again, do I think presidents should be allowed to run for a third term? No! But you’re letting your ideology interfere with your critical thinking skills. This type of behavior just feeds fuel to the liberals’ assertions that we conservatives are just stupid.

    • MikeC1975

      Agreed completely, I don’t know what these jokers are railing about. I made a similar observation much earlier in the thread. I can also say that I’m really disgusted by some of the stuff I’ve seen here…it’s just not acceptable. I’m surprised a Yale educated writer could botch an interpretation so badly…My guess is it was intentional.

  • tednovak
  • logo67

    Why don’t we just grant him tenure, Professor? Works so well for you guys.

  • John Hall

    The reason there are term limits on the presidency is so that people like Obama, that already used the IRS to limit fund-raising for the Republicans during the last election and would no doubt take even more illegal and unconstitutional actions in the future to ensure a re-election, won’t turn the U.S. into a dictatorship. Surely this “professor” knows this, but, as usual, the left believes anything is OK in order to push communism. That’s why it’s so difficult to deal with them. They are willing to do anything, lie, cheat, steal, etc., in order to win. What could be worse than what Obama’s done already, selling guns to Mexican drug cartels to push gun control, allowing our ambassador to be murdered, lying over and over about Obamacare, making the IRS an arm of his campaign, “negotiating” with Hezbollah and Iran, making race relations even worse?? He’s a very bad man.

  • dthorny

    The worst president in US history allowed to remain in office?

    I’d like him gone TODAY. He can’t be any more pathetic than he already is, enough already with this tyranny.

    Let the adults run DC as Obowma has been an utter failure.

  • Sally Hoover

    Look, this joke called a Professor is from NYU.. Ever go there.. It reliably produces good little REDS that go out and become Democrat Journalists. This school pumps out some of the most anti American communists you can imagine.. even more then Berkeley CA. At what point do Americans say enough and start rounding up these commies that have infiltrated our education system

  • Jack Bilko

    You vil’ comply peons!

  • Robert Dnago

    James E. Ray, we need you badly! Didn’t you have a son?

  • Micky

    Only if wants to make himself a dictator

  • Paul Bunce

    “Insanity – Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” A. Einstein.

  • Joey

    Why a 3rd term? He’s done more damage in 5 years to our country that he doesn’t need another term. He needs to go away and hold up in his safe house somewhere in the mojave desert when he leaves in 2016.

  • josephtoomey

    Harden conflates advocacy for allowing Obama to run for reelection with a desire to see Obama reelected. Harden is a young, silly man and will learn the hard way not to take quotes out of context. In a strange way, it would be good if Obama could stand for reelection. That would provide voters a chance to renounce him and his disastrous policies.

    • Falsk Konto

      Dear God no. The voters already re-elected this no-good-dumbo-nothing once….

  • Jeffrey2099

    Not NO but HELL NO!

  • Almerin O’Hara

    How about term limits for “Professor” Zimmerman?

    • DG

      Yes, like at the end of this fall term.

  • georgewashlincoln

    unfortunately there are many Americans who would love to see barry get another term and another and another.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    How’s that working out in Venezuela? Maduro is really turning that country around, isn’t he? Well, some say it worked in Cuba…..

  • richie449

    Proof that educated does not mean smart…..
    A history professor choosing statism must not have done a very good job of studying history.

  • Jeffrey2099

    Educated damn fool comes to mind.

  • Roxanna

    Why would anything think that obama would ever start paying attention to the will of the people. To him, we’re nothing more than an annoyance that needs to sit down, shut up, and kiss his butt.

  • Austin Acosta

    Aye… Romney should be our President now. He would have been a good one. A whole lot better than the Man without a Clue or credentials for the job. I swear, Obama couldn’t lead you to the front door of the White House!

  • Axl Roberts

    Don’t abolish term limits. Instead, every elected official in every level of government should have term limits. It is the best way to flush the sh… i mean waste out of government.

  • hitman

    Pull your head out prof!

  • burnsy

    Does anyone really believe that Mr Obama is going to leave office? The government is being prepared for a coup. Why do you think the military is being decimated and all the government agencies are hoarding weapons, ammunition, and hardware.? One speech will have all of his peeps on the street within a couple of hours. Who’s going to stop them? You? It’s coming,

  • RowdyYates

    A third term for the anti-American Obozo? More racism, hatred, class envy, thievery, covetousness, and economic destruction aimed at the very foundations of America the Beautiful? What an amazing level of insanity this professor exhibits! This moron probably also thinks that wrestling is real.

  • Falsk Konto

    I’d rather bring carter back for a second term. He was a failure, but at leased he loved this country.

  • Craig Evans

    It is time to close the communist indoctrination centers and test the professors knowledge of the constitution and loyalty to the republic for which it stands.

  • Engels’ Friend

    I support the professor. What he says brings tears of joy to my heart.
    Capitalism has failed. It’s time to put the power where it belongs.
    Back to the people. The constitution allows for indefinite presidential
    terms. You just don’t understand the constitution. It’s time to edit
    it a little bit anyway. It was written gazillions of years ago. Communism is
    coming whether you want it or not, right wingers. It’s a coming. I’m
    sure our leader is coming for your guns, your houses and your bank
    accounts soon.

    • Susan Daniels

      Get back to your Kool-Aid. Get ready for the Conservatives to come for you.

    • Oboy_must_go

      pelosi is that you?

    • Paul Roth

      Either you are:
      A. Making these comments to insight a rush of comments or
      B. You are an absolute moron and I hope you never have to experience the effects of your idiotic rambling.

  • Gemstone

    The question is whether college professors ought to be removed from their jobs by a vote of the public. I will bet if their was a constitutional amendment for this concept it would easily pass.

  • dennis pitner

    Well, lets have the recall first!

  • Tuck

    Actually Obama is living proof exactly why presidential term limits were placed in the US Constitution in the first place. Our founding fathers would rather die than live without freedom and liberty. A concept that seems to be fading quickly thanks to liberal propaganda and socialist profs teaching our kids. Which ironically takes us back to Obama…living proof of the pitfalls of liberal education.

    • Paul Roth

      The thought of Obama running for a third term has me speculating about which country I’d be relocating to. Lol

    • AZWarrior

      Presidential term limits were added as an amendment after the four term President Roosevelt died.

  • hitman

    Liberalism is truly a mental disorder forced on students at most American schools!

    • olddog

      Taught by Mutant (D)NA IDIOTS..The science is SETTLED…ya know.

  • Christy

    spiritually blinded = stupid

  • Jon Galt

    If you needed any other proof…these nut bags are straight up communists.
    3rd term?
    The country, or at least half of it, would riot.
    Obama is a POS. I wish he would develop stage 4 lung cancer from all that chain smoking.

  • Aeffesstoo

    Oh, Please do! Let’s see what happens when Obama even more blatantly ignores the Constitution.

  • jsteele98

    Proof positive that American universities are populated by jackasses, morons and comedians, rendering the American college degree perfect for wiping one’s backside.

  • Brent Richardson

    Yup he should sue to get his money back on his education that any JrHi goverment class would have taught him about the constitution and elections

  • stormykitteh

    WOW. Time to put up a fence around greater NYC and keep them contained at least.

  • lbeacham

    What Liberals want is complete control so they can “give” us what they think we need. It is amusing and far-fetched until you start listing the despots that adhered to this Leftist dominance goal and total the numbers of murdered, imprisoned and ruined lives of the targets of their “affection”. There are no success stories for Socialism, Communism or Fascism. Only Capitalism coupled with Freedom can allow man to prosper on his own terms. Our Constitution is an imperfect creation but it’s the best example of success that’s ever been. The biggest test is ahead is when we discover if we can rely on it to undo the last 50 years of Liberal destruction of personal responsibility and the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for every American Citizen.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Professor Zimmerman would make more sense if he proposed that the American People be able to initiate recall elections for removal of bad Senators and Presidents.

    • Harry_Buskin

      Great idea.

  • Dr. 9

    A third term? Sure. We’ve got a tall tree and a strong rope waiting. In fact, we even have enough for the comrade professor.

  • Christy

    liberal + spiritual blinded = extremely stupid

  • olddog

    Just after he gets out of JAIL…

  • K9_00BK

    Keep in mind that a bill was introduced in 2009 to remove the 22nd Amendment. This bill is still floating around in the dark recesses of Oz.

  • craphound

    Want the correct definition,this professor want a communist dictator

  • Leroy Shitslinger

    more logical…instead of removing term limite why not allow RECALLS?

  • steady321

    Figures a self-hating Jewish professor would say that.

  • sodakhic

    Can’t wait to sing, Na,na,na,na,Na, na, na, na, Hey, hey, hey, GOODBYE, in Jan 2017.

  • James

    This professor is “nuts”. Do not rationalize with rabid dogs is my motto, and liberals are rabid dogs.

  • TroyGale

    Yes sir, now this is a History Prof I want teaching my kids! sarc/off

  • Brian washere

    For indoctrinators, such as this professor, this is indeed the golden age.

  • Ragnar_NY

    Man. if my kid went here…

  • Micheal Mcquade

    Just make the bad man go away

  • dudefromdixie

    Why don’t we amend you you whacked out liberal POS.

  • disqus_TZwmIwpSB5

    Especially since he is a history prof, the university should look at having him removed for health reasons since he should not be in a classroom. It is evident from his proposal that he is suffering from diminished mental capabilities and needs to be on disability or retired for advanced age,

  • Torch1952

    Don’t shake your head in disbelief, or burst out laughing because regardless of how absurd Progressives proposals seem, they are serious.

    Repeal the Progressive 16th and 17th Amendments not the 22nd.

  • johnt

    Rules are not for leftists. The professor may get his wish however, there’s at least an outside chance that Obama may decide he’s to important to leave after his term ends. Some strong arm tactics & declarations of national emergency may be on the table. The professor may get his wish and I think there’s plenty more like him.

  • Cheyanne Cody

    Friggin flummoxed.

  • cbl1984

    He DOES have a point: typically the cursed second term brings all two termers down. The only one who bucked the trend was FDR because he was allowed to run for a third (and fourth!) term. I would repeal the 22nd amendment. I just wouldn’t do it until after the current President is out of office.

  • ou812

    He’s joking to get attention and not serious like most liberals who don’t care about this country.

  • Pungo

    The devil is waiting for Professor Zimmerman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sagesteve

    He is frickin’ INSANE…I N S A N E!!! It shows you that the loons (almost ALL liberals) are out there. Another term?…would bring the world to its knees because the anti-christ has finally exposed himself. He is the ABSOLUTE worst president in the history of the world. Get it? THE W O R S T!!!! He has accomplished NOTHING but chaos. Accomplished N O T H I N G!!!!! Owebama needs to leave NOW before the tipping point.

  • rell87

    I think he should run for a 3rd. It would be fun to watch him lose his own party’s nomination.

  • Marti Denham Dietz

    I am not even sure we will make it through this term. God Forbid he gets another shot at destroying the country even further.

  • DG

    Let the professor keep calling for it. It’s always best when such people spend their energies on a cause that is completely impossible to attain.

  • moretruth2power

    I was wondering how long it would take before these kooks came out!

  • Mollie H.

    Karl Marx in his “Das Capital” wrote that to create a Communist State
    says you need to infiltrate the Media, Educational Institutions and the Government (usually in Depts and Agencies).
    Then you use the government positions to degrade the market by over-regulation and degrading the currency.

    • Engels’ Friend

      You know better than that. He never said such a thing. Tell me exactly which book. I have a complete library of Marx and Lenin books behind me. I have read everything from them.

  • ou812

    Feel sorry for the students he has to teach.. wackjob.

  • potvin

    If he tries he should automatically be arrested and thrown in jail for treason. In fact that should have been done already.

  • TheDoctor

    How about a Constitutional Amendment to limit ALL politicians to 2 terms?

  • Rick Joseph

    How about just giving us a “Re Do” on the 2012 Election? That would yield a much better outcome.

  • snapperman

    What a turkey.

  • Jim Smith

    insanity comes in many shapes and forms

  • bill1942

    We had a socialist/Marxist king, FDR, back in the 30’s and 40’s. That’s why we have a two term limit on the presidency. How did this moron get to be a professor of history? Obviously, he is a waste of our time.

  • Diane Stephan

    The Nutty Professor.

  • KCGranny

    Maybe we should establish a parliamentary form of government. It would be easier to eliminate this parasite.

  • LibertyWriter

    College professors teaching college professors…hmmmmm

  • Damnedifino

    This says it all,” Zimmerman, a history professor from NYU”. Imagine having to fain interest while sitting through this libtard’s class in order to get a passing grade. Imagine having to pay tuition to listen to this addled babble. Imagine using your NYU diploma to line your parrot’s cage.

  • dudefromdixie

    From NYU website, history department.
    Everyone who is appalled by this opinion, here is this loon’s contact information and bio (my what a liberal he appears to be, what a surprise).
    Jonathan Zimmerman

    Professor of History; Department Chair, Humanities and Social Sciences in the Professions, Steinhardt School
    Johns Hopkins University, PhD 1993
    Office Address:
    246 Greene Street, 3rd floor
    [email protected]
    Phone: 212.998.5049
    Fax: 212.995.4832
    Field of Study:
    United States
    Areas of Research/Interest:
    Education in the U.S. and the world; 20th-century American politics and culture; teaching of history; sexuality and schooling
    Jonathan Zimmerman is Professor of Education and History, serving jointly in the Department of History (FAS) and in the Department of the Humanities and Social Sciences in the Professions (Steinhardt). His research has focused on the ways that state schools shape citizens and cultures in the 20th century. He is currently working on two books: a global history of sex education and a history of academic freedom in American public schools. Zimmerman is the co-editor of two book series: “American Institutions and Society” (Cornell University Press) and “History and Philosophy of Education” (University of Chicago Press). Zimmerman has authored more than 300 oped pieces in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other major newspapers and magazines. He is also featured on a bi-monthly radio show, “That’s History,” on Philadelphia’s National Public Radio affiliate.

  • irvinelady

    That “professor” should be fired immediately for incompetence.

  • Gardenstateed

    Whether due to idiocy or ideology, it’s clear our universities are no longer fit to “educate” our future generations. It’s clear universities are only in the business of receiving government dollars through tuition assistance, grants, etc. In short, it’s a welfare system.

  • geronimo

    How about middle income pay for “proffs”. No tenure.

  • cunov2

    I would agree if the only qualification required is to be half black and to some people that is all that is required. Otherwise, we may want to look at his performance.

  • John Edwards

    perhaps this “professor” should first consult with Gilligan and Mr Howell before his next column is released?

  • rodg

    this is how tax money is wasted on education. low information voters are much to stupid to understand and continue to pass bonds to fund schools.

  • neil99

    You guys are missing the point. The Prof didn’t say Obama should be elected. He said he could run again so he would be trounced for history’s sake. The problem is that the electorate so manipulated twice might fall for the ‘I’ll do anything and say anything to get elected’ technique and the voter fraud might be enough to do it again.

  • mesndblues

    What, did this this professor just decide he wanted to make it to the drudge report for his fifteen minutes of fame? The only way Obama gets a third term includes tanks, soldiers and a official public burning of the US constitution by dearanged leader himself.

  • sooth1

    Really Professor? Really? Wow, you are really smart. Just kidding, you don’t look at the facts or the truth anymore. You must have tenure…….. Time to get rid of that….

  • Engels’ Friend

    I totally agree with the professor. Totally.

    • harry kittten

      Yes, totally. Schmotally totally.

  • Fip1

    OMG, the college Professors have been transformed into lemmings for Obama. They were lefties before and now they sound more like Socialists and Communists.

  • Clover11111

    Right, twelve years to do more damage than eight?

  • chicodon

    It gets worse. Now that Obama has a rubber stamp Senate, these kind of people will sail through confirmation to the courts and Cabinet positions. There was a reason for the filibuster rule.

  • Tommy

    Unless people agree with the crap professors are filling students’ heads there must be something wrong with the parents. Parents should demand better for a lot of hard earned money spent on a college education.

  • AgentLobos

    What a capital idea, Professor D**kless.

  • bill1942

    We had a socialist/Marxist king back in the 30’s and 40’s – FDR. That’s why we have a term limit on the presidency. How did this moron get to be a history professor?

  • Sammie Jo

    Does the “professor” know what it takes to amend the constitution? If he doesn’t, he should go back to college……………………as a student, if he does, he should see a psychiatrist about his need to look stupid in public.

  • charles_1

    My opinion of “higher education” gets worse every year. These intellectual elites can’t think past their own ego.

    • john4637

      That’s the problem they think too much!

  • lewis128

    I believe the Professor is being misrepresented.. He is saying that by not letting ANY president run for reelection, you remove the need for him to be accountable to the American people. His actions have no political repercussions for himself. He is not running for anything again so he can ignore the public and follow his own agenda regardless of how the country feels. Now congress is always running so they should be the check on this since they do care. However Democratic and Republican presidents have both unilaterally and unconstitutionally expanded there powers by use of executive order…. All that said I believe Presidents as well as congressmen should be force to retire by term limits

  • Jim Smith

    I had one of those leftist, tenured professors in film class. He gave no one instructions in how to critique a film, yet expected students to critique selected films for term papers. The high grades only went to a select few who wrote with a leftist slant. The rest got C’s & D’s. When I complained to him directly, in private, he angrily and arrogantly said he deserved respect for his many years as at professor, to which I replied, he did not earn respect from me, and that his arrogance did not address the issue of why so many people got C’s and D’s.

    This is the problem: leftist are not liberal at all, or they would accept all points of view. Instead, they are arrogant, pious, self-serving, pinheads.

  • john4637

    Maybe we should start rolling over like dogs for these commie pigs!!

  • Fading_Shadow

    And by that logic, he should then be allowed to run for a 4th term because he wouldn’t ignore the will of the people so much if he knew his 3rd term wouldn’t be his last term either, eh professor? So taking this absurd thinking to it’s conclusion, obama should just be installed for life so he can accomplish what he wants to do regardless of those stupid Americans that believe in a Constitutional rule of law.

  • Anonymous

    Another reason not to attend a liberal university. The idiots have no concept of reality.

  • Mike

    I think we should all contact this “professor” and tell him exactly what we think!

    Jonathan Zimmerman

    Professor of History; Department Chair, Humanities and Social Sciences in the Professions, Steinhardt School
    Johns Hopkins University, PhD 1993

    Office Address:
    246 Greene Street, 3rd floor
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 212.998.5049

  • RodT82721

    So another meaningless musing from a faculty lounge, deep inside some liberal bastion of socialism.
    Don’t we have enough of these in the White House and this administration already. The concept of ignoring our Constitution is not a new liberal thought. Our dear leader has been living it for the past 5 years.

  • markmeyer1

    What the h3ll is this nutty professor talking about.

  • MikeC1975

    Did we read the same article? That’s not what he was implying, AT ALL (that O deserves another term). He was making an abstract argument about the folly of the 22nd amendment. I didn’t think it was particularly controversial, and the fact that he personified it because O is the current president is in no way indicative of him saying he deserves a third term.

    • JayJay

      Yeah, I don’t think we did read the same article.

  • JayJay

    I think he’s scared sh!tless that Democrats won’t ever win again after this turkey. They’ll just fix the books again if he does run.

  • Fred Wells

    Academics and lawyers are the only tangible product from anal sex.

  • BHarp

    And he is supposed to be educated, LMAO. Where do we get these idiots. One in wash is enough

  • JPTX

    This asshat thinks that fixing the nation is further disregard of the constitution.

    GREAT idea. Jackass.

  • middlechamber

    I am, Oh So Glad, I never went to any school of higher learning if this is what they teach. They’ve decided to teach CRAP and their own desires, instead of useful applicable knowledge.
    I will continue to implore people to self educate their children and to gain experience in vocational trades instead of sitting in on useless classes listening to a rambling inept liberal fool.
    This Prof. is an idiot

  • larry sheppard


  • harry kittten

    There’s that little issue of the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution standing in the way of three terms. Get 75% of the States to agree, and you’re on your way to a third term. Shouldn’t be a problem, seeing as how his first two terms are nothing short of stellar.

  • ModdKenwood

    if liberals had any brains they’d be conservatives

  • mesndblues

    Well, America needs to hit bottom before we can help ourselves, and a third term of Obummerdaysdude would certainly accomplish that, but seeing as we have three more years of this stalinist/marxist puke to go, the bottom will be reached in plenty of time that his deranged hand at the wheel will no longer be needed. But thanks for caring about our welfare you commie puke professor.

  • klaatu

    Yup, this guy is a moron, but expect to hear more nonsense such as this. Socialists do not let go of power easily…

  • Dc

    Mithridatism at it’s finest – Mithridatism is the practice of protecting oneself against a poison by
    gradually self-administering non-lethal amounts. The word derives from
    Mithridates VI, the King of Pontus, who so feared being poisoned that he
    regularly ingested small doses, aiming to develop immunity.

  • RogerThat

    Time for the Military to take over

    • Dmacwired

      Be careful what you wish for.
      ‘o’bama is working on taking out all members of upper level career officers that don’t hold to his policies.
      If he gets what he’s cultivating we might get the Military take over but it won’t be the kind you or I would hope for.

  • Kevin

    The truth is, he would probably win. The Republicans will nominate some limp noodle RINO, the ignorant Democrat voters (most Democrat voters) will vote for Obama whether they approve of him or not, the socialist core of the Democrats still approve of Obama.

  • belief101

    There is probably only ONE thing worse than what the lawless Obama administration has done to this country; the people who want more of the same.

  • Jeff6times7

    I wonder if the professor’s real name is Tudor or Hanover or …

  • Bob Parkman

    Oh. my. god. Just like universities shouldn’t provide remedial education for freshmen and they should go to a junior college or continue high school to reach a level where they can meet acceptance standards, the presidency of the US is not a position where we can accept a junior management trainee. It should be clear to all that Obama was unqualified, is incompetent, and unlikely to improve. If he does improve, it should be in another line of work.

    • RalphToon

      Community organizing?

  • brainpimp

    More liberal delusion.

  • harry kittten

    Just more blather from the rank-and-file communists occupying our universities.

  • DogGoneGaDawg

    Amend the Constitution in this climate? I do not think it is even possible time wise since it would have to pass congressional muster and then be ratified by two-thirds of the states. Dream on, moron.

  • vince kim

    NATHAN…needs to have his nuts crushed if he has any and deported to jungle bunny land. Just what the fk America needs is another 4 yrs of putting this country in Trillions more in debt. Arrest the entire Obama administration now fro running a criminal organization!!!!

  • sirock

    This History professor should be History along with Obama ASAP. Maybe soon they can become forgotten History

  • nicolasofcusa

    If this professor knew the Constitution, he would realize that there is an easier way to achieve his ridiculous goal. The Constitution limits to two the number of terms to which a person may be elected president, but it does not limit the number of terms that a person can serve as president. If Michelle ran for president with Barack as her vice presidential running mate, and if she won, she could then resign and allow him to serve the rest of the term. This play can be run an unlimited number of times with numerous straw presidential candidates. It has already been done in other countries. He is so deluded about his own value, he might actually try this.

  • AmericanMan2012

    First of all Zimmerman, should , if he has one, turn his guns in because he is definitely mentally ill. He is a hazard to society, and he should not be teaching our youth, because he is obviously in capable of logical sane thinking.
    Also, Zimmerman’s banking accounts should be checked, for large sums of money which obviously came from the bribe money of the last Trillion $$’s that Obama just ran up.
    We need an Honest Abe, not a double talker pathological Liar to get us out of this deliberate disaster.

  • bigsurb

    Be asured, this professor was told to write this to introduce the idea. If fed goons can promote the chatter, the press behind them,100%, Congress parallyzed, bingo. Then too, maybe it’s vulnerable to executive order.

    • paul_vincent_zecchino

      Absolutely. It’s all of a piece.

    • Dmacwired

      Executive Order does not include abrogation of the constitution or even one part of it.

      It takes the Congress authority to amend the constitution and then it has to be ratified by the States.

      Back in the 80’s – If I recall the decade – there was a call to pass the ERA or Equal Rights Amendment to create complete parody for women. That agenda failed because there were not enough States willing to go along with the change and enough resistance in Congress to stop the process before it really got started.

      • bigsurb

        That’s parity for women. Though parody is very funny and maybe true.
        Re the constitution and this president….dream on.
        He’s dismissed the constitution and Congress dozens of times already. Most recently by deciding what part of the law of the land, Obamacare, will be implemented and when. Unconstitutional. Maybe unprecidented.

  • Nola_Navy_Vet

    The Village Idiot Speaks, Professor Jonathan Zimmerman Is A True Village Idiot And Does Not Need To Be Teaching Anywhere, Period.

  • Lasco X

    This just shows how ignorant and delusional some people in the higher education system are. It also shows how blatant many of the left are with their continued hero worship of Obama. I think we have had enough of Obama’s vision for America. Another four years of Obama would certainly destroy our economy and totally divide our country along party lines. The man that people claimed would be a unifier has been exactly the opposite. The last thing America needs is four more years of him.

    • NOWAY

      You are a frog in the pot

  • John D

    Jonathan Zimmerman must be a professor of stupidity. How can a supposedly educated man be so ignorant?

  • MG

    I’m sure he’d change his brain damaged mind as soon as a president he doesn’t worship gets elected. Heck, why not just trash our constitution all together and instal a dictatorship?

  • Michael L

    HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!


    why run for 3rd term when he can deem himself king and eliminate anyone that objects. he WILL start the killing soon.

    • Cody

      He will be the one killed if he tries that.

      • NOWAY

        The whole purpose of the ones that control the situation. from the beginning he has been expendable. “they” NEED him to be assassinated IN office in order to accomplish the destruction of our political system. “They” first HAD to render the “Congress” irrelevant. that has been accomplished.

  • Cody

    I would rather amend the Constitution to allow for murder of people like this professor.

  • “President for Life, PhuxtainHusseinOblome”
    n-word, please…

  • NSSAWatchingEwe

    Zimmerman….Zimmerman? Hey isn’t he that “White” Hispanic?

  • fedup

    It seems that when people are crazy, they make them professors at elite colleges instead of locking them up in an asylum where they belong.

  • Gregg Mcphedrain

    the professor should be shot his family (if he has one) steralized and anyone related to him moved to a fema death camp – to show what happens to stupid irresponsible educators who add nothing to the planet… then his life will have served a purpose

  • Off into the Sunset

    Well of course he should be able to run again…he just can’t serve! Although I’m sure all the minions and liars and thugs that elected him will find a way. He doesn’t follow any other laws and gets away…why would this be any different? Joe Biden won’t be able to accomplish anything…impeach and convict the fool now and let Biden show the way to get a republican elected.

  • Robert Chambers

    I think it should be cut back to 1 term. If the president is doing good we need to elect someone with the same qualities and if the president is not doing good he is gone. We need to get the voters educated to what they are voting for

  • RalphToon

    A Professor from NY wanting a third term for the king. Imagine that.
    Look who NY elects and the mystery disappears. Mayor Big Gulp, Anthony Weiner, Chuck Schumer, and the Messiah. NY votes for it’s own misery.

  • silence dogood

    “I would rather be governed by the first 535 names in the Boston phone book than by the faculty of Harvard College” –WFB

  • Holger Schwab

    Proof the wacko left is insane. Weird pretzel logic; insane!

  • Joe Rogowski

    Ha Ha Ha The lengths that Profs will go through for a grant. Just file this under great Democrat lies like Global warming. As a geology department chair of a major university once told me, “you don’t get a grant without a crisis”.

  • randy kowalski

    Outrageous satements like the foolish professors are made for a reason: to get a reaction out of the public, either for ratings or publicity. Ignore. And they will flutter away into the trash bin, where they belong.

    • Dmacwired

      That may well be the reason – it’s a trial balloon to see how much sentiment is out there for removing term limits so ‘o’bama can get a third term and a fourth term.
      It also potentially gets the conversation going among the media and op-ed columnists. They can advance more sophisticated reasons for pushing the idea and give it plausibility for the die hard ‘o’bama lovers.

  • Rex

    Is Jonathan Zimmerman a kneegrow, a homosexual or a Socialist Jew, because those are about the only groups who still think the ObowelMovement is not out to destroy America.

    • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

      Not all of us, friend.Many of us are loyal Americans

  • Moe

    This man should not be teaching anybody. He’s obviously out of his mind or has little or no common sense.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    There were calls for an end to presidential term limits the moment the lights went out after the 2009 Inaugural Ball.

  • disqus_nwJ4uy1QtW

    Just an executive order is all it takes. This happen and you will see a hellish war on DC you have never seen.

  • dredzo

    I can see this professor’s point: it’s NOT that “giving” Obama a third term would help the country: it’s that giving him the “chance” to be re-elected would make him behave like he was “accountable” for his actions. But does anyone out there really think Obama has EVER acted accountable for ANY of his actions? He’s constantly campaigning AGAINST HIS OWN POLICIES, pretending he’s an innocent bystander, and outraged against the real culprits, George W. Bush and the Republicans in the House. And while we’re at it, anyone else think that REMOVING PROFESSORIAL TENURE would make those loonies “more accountable” for their behavior??

    • Wild Hog

      You brought up an excellent point that nobody talks about in the MSM in that he constantly campaigns against his own policies then pretends he is not connected to it. Limbaugh calls it the Limbaugh theorem but he is the only who speaks of it which is odd because it is so blatantly true. You see it everyday.

      • dredzo

        You see a lot of people complain that Obama is always campaigning, but 99% of them think that Obama is campaigning FOR something, like Obamacare, and that just isn’t true. He’ll be campaigning for Obamacare like it hasn’t been enacted, and has been blocked by Republican straw men, and THAT’S why it’s failing.

    • Dmacwired

      The Prof is underestimating ‘o’bama’s intentions. The man does not care about what happens to the country if he did he would not lie like there is not tomorrow.
      He is angling for a third term as it is so giving him one in hope that he will somehow rise to the occasion makes as much sense as letting a three time loser convict become the president of a local savings and loan bank.

  • danshays

    I like term limits… for college professors!

    • NSSAWatchingEwe

      It’s called tenure.

  • harry kittten

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Wild Hog

    Watch where you send your kids to college folks. Rule of thumb, the more expensive it is, the more likely they are full of idiots like this guy.

  • Rex



    What HASN’T the ObowelMovement lied about, and WHY do Democrats want America to trust a compulsive serial liar with their children’s health??

  • Honest American

    Obama should, he is not finished destroying america yet, those darn Republicans were standing in his way, but now that he has broken down Bohner and McConnel and will load the courts with his crooks in black cloaks he can really finish America off and get those FEMA camps for Americans going as the Muslims and illegals take over thier new country.

  • Rex

    The “AFFORDABLE” Care Act Website was designed by a KNEEGROW
    CAMPAIGN DONOR/BUNDLER who named his business “QUALITY” Software

    What HASN’T the Obowel Movement, or his affirmative action website designer
    lied about?

    Democowards never answer, they scurry back under their rocks!



  • paul_vincent_zecchino

    Yeah. Right. A third term will solve everything. And if it doesn’t, another kampus kommie will agitate for a fourth, fifth, and eighth term.
    Frankly, many citizens are operating under the assumption that the communist chicongo MOB will ‘use all necessary means’ to stay ‘in power’ indefinetly.
    It’s the ‘Chicago way’ isn’t it?

  • Coyote

    He must be drinking the Obama Kool-Aid.

  • Dewreck

    Hey Zimmerman, move to Cuba or Venezuela, you’d fit right in.

  • Dmacwired

    for potentially giving this guy the idea.

  • cooldela1966

    We have known all along that the black community would want Obama to remain in office forever. Obama has made greats strides toward a social democracy but I doubt he is far enough along to get a third term yet. Too many Americans still believe in working for a living. Although I must say the number of people wanting to work grows less each year. I expect a Democrat will be elected to a third term within 20 years or so. We are on the fast track.

  • NSSAWatchingEwe

    He’s lucky my kid doesn’t go to NYU, as a responsible parent forking over 10s of thousands for tuition and fees…this self loathing liberal professor and I would have words.

  • J_Biggs

    Democrats are the face of modern fascism.

    • Coyote

      Communism under a different name.

      • harry kittten

        Democrats must lie to get elected. If they told the truth, they wouldn’t get elected.

        • NSSAWatchingEwe

          Not true, they get elected and reelected all the time because their bobble-headed voter base are ignorant cows.

  • Rex

    Barak Hussein is claiming the “religious exemption” from

    So is Barak Hussein Amish, or is he Muslim?

    Remember, George Stephanopolis, Chief Liar for Bill Clinton, and current CBS
    “News” Propagandist, had to remind Obama that Obama was not a Muslim!

    Also recall that the ObowelMovenments Church of over 20 years named a racist
    black MUSLIM as their man of the year.

    Ever heard of a CHRISTIAN Church naming a MUSLIM as their MAN of the YEAR?

    What HASN’T the ObowelMovement lied about?

  • paul_vincent_zecchino

    Zimmerman is reason #482,491 to keep your kids away from college.

  • sledge77

    Professor Hedinazz is the poster child for intellectually impaired academia that has destroyed post secondary education in the US. He proves the insanity of fervent liberalism as well. Traitor!

  • Geoff

    Obamacare is fortunate in that it tanked Obama’s popularity. Otherwise we’d be hearing more of this drivel.

    But there’s still 3 years to go. Who knows what rules and laws the Democrats will have passed or changed by then? Or how much of our senior military leadership will have been purged by then, and replaced by politically reliable officers?

  • AmericanMan2012

    One more kick in the *ss for Zimmerman, is that this idiot is probably Jewish, and he supports Obama, even after Obama , basically screwed Israel , threw them under the bus , when Obama had secret meeting with Iran. If Zimmerman isn’t an *SS kisser, I would be really surprised !!!

  • cooldela1966

    Governor Bev Perdue called for the cancellation of elections several years ago so that those in office could remain until the nations problems were solved. Her suggestion was so ill received that she did not stand for a second term as Governor of North Carolina. However, after her term was up she went to Harvard. Go figure.

  • Rex

    The ObowelMovement declared war on whites soon
    after he was inaugurated.

    The ObowelMovement declared open

    season on “Whitey” when he refused to prosecute the racist Black

    Panther who threatened white people with a club, at a polling place, on

    election day!

    It’s Open Season on WHITEY, FOOLS!

    If you white folks out there have not noticed, the
    race war against whites has

    already begun. White folks just are not fighting back yet, making all of those

    “little angel Trayvons” much bolder by the minute!

    Of course the Obowel Movement has been egging the
    violent negroes on, telling

    them to “BRING A GUN TO THE FIGHT”!

  • Canis Dirus

    Translation: Liberals realize the totalitarian state cannot be fully implemented in the remaining 3 years.

    They need more time to make the misery permanent.

  • nicolasofcusa

    There is an easier way to achieve this ridiculous goal. The Constitution does not limit the length of time that a person can serve as president; it only limits the number of times a person can be ELECTED to the presidency. If Michelle runs for president with Barack as her vice presidential running mate, and she wins, she could resign and let Barack serve the rest of the term. This could be done over and over with various straw presidential candidates.

    • In_the_OC

      OH. GOD. NO.

    • Canis Dirus

      Huh? If Michelle wins and resigns, the position falls to the VP. No one else.

      • nicolasofcusa

        That is the point. Barack is not prevented from running for VP with her. He could be the VP who succeeds to the presidency. Everyone would know that they are effectively voting for him while she is running. She could play the race card against Hillary the way Barack did.

        • Canis Dirus

          No one would ever fall for that.

          The dem’s understand the political landscape. They may put on the brave public face, but they cannot wait for Obama to get the heck out of DC.

    • RalphToon

      Your point is a good one. Obama was elected twice but Valerie Jared is acting President. Barak just reads the script on the teleprompter.

  • GM Off with their Heads

    I was hoping he wouldn’t last that long!

  • thetoysurgeon

    The so called Power this wacko professors talks about BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE! Not one man nor one intity.

    • thetoysurgeon

      sorry entitiy. me bad on sp.

  • PS65

    One has only to follow the money trail.

  • sanchez

    My dog has more intelligence than this glasshole!

  • jsmithcsa

    I’m not convinced we should have let him run the first time

  • Marcos Valenzuela

    For a minute I thought it was April 1st. and this is our tax dollars at work!

  • jschmidt2

    If you like your president you can keep your president. They new motto of liberals. Obama and the dems are a disaster for the country

  • Rex

    FLUSH the OBOWEL Movement NOW!!!!
    While America still clings to life!

  • KPHT

    Behind every trail of dung is a liberal.

  • cooldela1966

    Obama campaigned that he would change the way things worked in Washington. So he ain’t ever gonna leave.

  • Anamericanvet

    What we really need is term limits for teachers and professors along with a monthly IQ test. This idiot would of gave Jimmy Carter a third term. I don’t know what is more scary this clown allowed to voice his opinion or that he is actually teaching our kids. Either way is clear to me we are in big doo doo if he is allowed to survive. Sad point is he has many co workers just like him. Now you know why kids coming out of college can’t find a job. As soon as they express what they have learned a smart employer would toss them off the roof.

    • Shiprock_Bilagaana

      Hey Damned — Jimmy Carter didn’t even get a SECOND term!

      Kind of a shame, too. Had Reagan waited until ’84 to be elected to his first term, the Democrats would have had the US in such a mess that we could have been in control of Congress for the next 20 years.

  • Hollowpoint

    This is just the beginning of “posing” the third term agenda for Obama. After all he is half black. He should be GIVEN more opportunity to get it right before he’s shown the door. #revolution

  • Felina Flash

    Over my dead body.

  • Kicker

    And after a third term, would we see a movement for a fourth (since it is almost guaranteed that he’d accomplish even less if given more time), and then a fifth, and a sixth…

    Let’s face it, folks like Zimmerman don’t believe in self government. They want to be ruled. They like the idea of someone else being responsible. Too bad they are taking the rest of us with them.

  • cooldela1966

    Professors know nothing of the real world. They live in a vacuum and talk only to those who are forced to take their class.

  • PS65

    Obama ruined the chances of another black man ever becoming president again.

  • ccpony

    * laughing * Good one.

  • DieselBoatMan

    No surprises here. The pattern continues unabated.

  • cooldela1966

    Which does the least? A college professor or a community organizer?

  • Nina Van Sweden

    To the contrary, I believe we should have term limits on Congress and on the Supreme Court and the Courts of Appeal. The way things are set up now, the courts are legislating and these judges get in for life so one political regime can continue to affect our lives for a very long time. The lifetime terms for judges were supposed to keep the politics out of their decisions but it has not worked.

  • Sara Holmes

    And we can all fall in line after drinking the KoolAid this nutcase has prepared.

  • Bill Wilshaw

    He the professor is smoking crack

  • cooldela1966

    I would like to see Obama become President of Israel as well.

  • Cliff Forbes

    Need to clean out the federal bureaucracy too since it is infested with liberals, as evidenced by the IRS scandal.

  • randyo99

    Wow, rarely throw up in my mouth, but this did it. Even perverse logic can be defined as logic. And he’s teaching (indoctrinating) you kids folks. Sad.

  • Matthew Heintz

    Did no one read the article? The professor wasn’t claiming Obama is a good president, nor that he supports Obama. He was making the argument – a good argument – that 2nd term presidents no longer represent the will of the people because they never have to run for re-election again. If they could run for re-election, they wouldn’t do wildly unpopular actions in their 2nd term. Why is no one debating this point, it’s a decent argument. I feel like no one has reading comprehension anymore…

    • KPHT


    • J_Biggs

      No, it isn’t. Obama has never served the will of the American people.

    • J_Biggs

      Wildly unpopular actions? Like Obamacare? Wasn’t that part of his first term?

    • biglou15

      One word and one punctuation – Idiot PERIOD.

  • J_Biggs

    This just goes to show that Democrats are the face of modern fascism. If any law needs to be repealed, it is the 17th amendment.

  • capoprimo

    Of course, Rule of Law be damned. Exactly what one would expect of a from Progressive Liberal college professor teaching at today’s universities.

  • thetoysurgeon

    Elections have consequences. Remember November 2014

  • biglou15

    Zimmerman? Where have I heard that name before? Could he be the crazy uncle of George Zimmerman – the white, Hispanic racist?

  • porkexpress

    Methinks that the Professor should go back to school and study the history of the U.S. and what are laws are. Once again it is one’s understanding of what “Term Limits” is.

  • Peggy Martinez

    ATTENTION PARENTS: If your child is attending NYU and has a class with “Professor” Jonathan Zimmerman, tell him or her that they have a choice — either drop that class or pay for the rest of their college education themselves, because THIS Zimmerman is obviously INSANE…………

  • djsmps

    I’ll bet the professor’s an avid reader of the Huffington Post.

  • Fvckobamathescumbag

    Hopefully this moron drops dead soon from the obvious lack of oxygen getting to his pea brain.

  • Darin Clements

    Ginormous douchebags with a platform…. Nice. To paraphrase Shakespeare; First let’s kill all the lawyers, then wade through the academics.

  • galocke

    Obama ignored the will of the American people even while campaigning furiously — for four years! — for a second term. Why would anything change if he were running for a third or fourth or fifth term?

  • Janet91

    I’m just guessing, but I don’t think this is a logic course professor. Obama would be less likely to ignore the will of the American people if he had no reason not to just run roughshod and do as he pleases? The professor is a moron.

  • William Svoboda

    When these Liberal get into Washington they never want to leave. Whether it’s the Obama’s or the Clinton’s or Schumer, or Pelosi, they feel as if it’s their birthright to laud over us. This was never the intent of the Founders but it seems to be the intent of the Liberals. If three terms would be good what about four or five. Why not merely name him “Der Fuhrer” and be done with it. Mr. Zimmerman I don’t feel Mr Obama deserves a second term, he hasn’t even earned it.

  • suckmycracker

    ALL HAIL DEAR LEADER!!! Mugabe-style leader for life. However, unlike Africa, his life span would then be measured in days, not decades!

  • jnnrd54surrounded by libs

    How do you spell HORSESHIT? Yes, this fool should move to Cuba or Vanezuela. Lay odds this POS in the WH is a Muslin bent on destroying the wonderfil country this was before the left started taking little bites out of our liberty and freedom. Kiss my _ _ _ _, Zimmerman and your leaders. Time Warner series on the World at War, circa 1960’s. Elderly woman interviewed who said HItler told the parents he did not care if they were with him, he had their children. Did history teach you ignormuses about the “Brownshirts”? Deflect and distract- never let a good crisis go to waste. To you fools who have your heads buried in your electronics who don’t have a clue what is going on I suggest you make an extended visit Cuba or Venezuela and see if this is really what you want. Tune into what the Muslins are really saying about what they wish for America. You won’t find it in the mainstream media.

  • PhocusPlease

    There ya go folks, this dimbulb is teaching your children what to think instead of how to think. Are you ok with that?

  • Im_Rick_James

    I have a better idea. How about we abolish tenure…

  • monica

    The way the dems steal elections, we’d have Ovomit forever

  • duh_sami

    Man, the Prof shore is smart in a twisted sort of way.

  • thetoysurgeon

    Sure he needs a 3rd term or more. Can’t let those FEMA camps go to waste.

  • HankReardon77

    Amend the constitution for one 6-year term with the ability to recall him/her the first and second two-year portions. If recalled in the first set, elections would be held shortening term from 6 to 3 years. If recalled at the second two-year portion, then it shortens from 6 to 5 years. So there’s only a lame duck session of 2 years instead of 4 years, and you’re force to do something for at least the first 4 years, because of the recall effect. If all goes well you get 6 years to do something without all of the time spent electioneering. Chances are a recall would be less likely, because it would require a lot of effort. A recall would require a 60% majority if done. And a recall vote could only happen if at least one chamber voted to do so with a 2/3rds majority, i.e. the President would have to be really stinking it up. It’s equivalent to a quasi impeachment process but it gives the citizens the opportunity to overrule one of the chambers.

  • ralphinfla

    With the Homeland Security Dept. stocking up on weapons and ammunition and increasing their staffing, it might appear that the boy king Obama is making plans to avoid leaving the White House after his term is over, and having the racist Holder and DHS defend his coup.

  • occams_chainsaw

    This guy is a good little vote slave….

  • Federalist Lawyer

    Actually, this professor’s comments directly parallel Hamilton’s in Federalist No. 72. Term Limits are an abomination, totally inimical to the constitution as drafted and to the People’s interests: they circumscribe the People’s right to choose whomever they will as a leader; they remove any constitutional incentive for an executive to behave properly (the hope that he will be re-elected if he respects the people’s wishes); and replace that healthy ambition with an unhealthy temptation–the lure of taking by unconstitutional usurpation what before required good behavior.

  • zonable

    New York University. Right. A liberal professor from one of most left-wing schools in the nation. Right. Obama in 2016. Right. There are actually some people out there who believe in this tripe. They’re called progressives.

  • RattleSnake

    I would not recommend it at all! That would be like playing with gasoline and fire

  • Hawkdriver1961

    Why no story of this guy saying the same thing during Bush’s second term?

  • KT007

    What an Idiot!

  • keith12345

    I’d have no problem with amending the Constitution to abolish term limits, but once passed, it’s something that shouldn’t kick in for something like 12 years, so that it can’t benefit those currently in power. Same logic for if the size of the Supreme Court is ever expanded. You’d have to set that at some future date so that the current president couldn’t pack the court.

  • Dave Allen

    Following he reasoning, why not just make him King and then we won’t have to worry about re-election.

  • Darryle Sanchez

    So the good professor believes that the American public is incapable of learning from experience. Wait! Odimwit WAS re-elected once! Guess the professor is right…

  • Wild Hog

    Seeking a third would be solid evidence of the real intent which is to destroy what is left of America.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      He won’t need it.

    • Dmacwired

      And that is exactly what the president intends to do.

  • sane_politics

    I have a better idea – let’s have a coronation and make the Chief Chimp King for Life. Does that work for this idiot prof?

  • Guest

    Sent the kids off to college to learn how to make money, not Marxism…

    • zonable

      I hope they’re at a private conservative school.

      • you mean Hitler Youth hate school?

        • J_Biggs

          Says Norm the Obama brownshirt as he goosesteps around the room saluting his Obama posters.

        • zonable

          Seriously, seek help. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Just a friendly suggestion. Have a great day.

          Love ya,
          The Tea Party.

        • Dmacwired

          Come on Norm you know we are not Hitler’s disciples but you on the other hand are the hater indeed.
          You hate those who would prevent you from taking.
          You like all the rest of your fellow maggots are takers; and Takers Always Take.

  • M T

    Au contraire! Not only should we not abolish the existing term-limits, we should institute them for all other elected officials — except those, whose job is life-time by design (like most of the judiciary).

    It may seem to “violate the will of the people” (who may wish to keep reelecting the same guy), but that’s a small price to pay to safe-guard against corruption (at best) and tyranny at worst. Because the incumbent — whether executive or lawmaker — has tremendous undue advantages over the opposition, whatever their party…

  • Davole

    From which liberal nursery school did that wacko receive his professor accreditation?

  • Captain Reynault

    Reasons Professor Zimmerman should be ignored:
    1. He’s a history professor.
    2. He’s at NYU.
    3. 1 and 2 are evident in his logic.

  • zonable

    NYU, the nation’s hotbed of thought. Progressive thought, that is. Why not just overthrow the government and install Marxism without even bothering to have an election, professor. Wouldn’t that be easier than pissing off all of those old, white, bitter-clinging, gun-owning, Bible-reading Tea Party guys?

  • John Smith

    I read the article twice – the second time removing the specter of Obama and imagining Clinton, Bush 43, or Eisenhower instead. The idea still sucks. The President may or may not be a moron – depends on who we’re talking – but the President appoints a small army of folks who do most of the executive mischief and it is getting rid of those folks every-so-often that is a huge value of term limits. Good leaders and managers somehow find a way to lead and manage. Weak ones, especially the made-up hero currently in the White House, pass blame and claim ignorance. A third or fourth term won’t turn Obama into anything we haven’t already seen. I am not anxious to see more of it.

    • Dmacwired

      Our founding fathers knew what they were doing but there nothing anyone can do to prevent moral decay in society. No law, no constitutional provision no executive order for that matter can change the mind set of the people whether they will to do what is right or desire to do what is wrong.

      That’s the Achilles’ heel of every nation that has ever risen to fall.

      • John Smith

        I wish I could write a scathing response that you are an idiot and don’t know what you’re talking about and you’re a moron, etc. Unfortunately I can’t – because I suspect you are correct.

  • Mirimichi

    The Bible talks about college professors. See II Timothy 3:7. Always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth.

  • beezdotcom

    Well, the prof may have inadvertently stumbled onto a good point – the “lame duck” status conferred on 2nd-term presidents DOES tend to empower them to ignore the will of the people. I don’t think removing the 2-term limit is the answer – but I’m willing to listen to other mitigating solutions.

    • Dmacwired

      That lame duck argument doesn’t fly with this president it only has a chance when the person in question has integrity, a conscience and a moral compass.
      ‘o’bama has none of these so lying to get a shot at a third term is no big deal.

  • Jersey_Prophet

    I must confess my utmost distress that said professor doth profess in excess!

  • JeffyTheQuick

    I am willing to go along with you, but I want the Amendment to read:
    Section 1: The 22nd Amendment is repealed.
    Section 2: If an elected offical loses a race, they are no longer eligible for any retirement for that office. Any person retiring within one year of a regularly scheduled election is considered to have lost that election.
    Section 3: To be re-elected, a candidate must win 50 plus the number of years they have held office, with a maximum of 66 2/3% of the popular vote. (ie. a House member needing re-election would need 52% of the vote).
    Section 4: For candidates for President, a candidate must have at least 50% of the electorial college for their first term, and additional 10% for each additional term.
    There you go, professor.
    If you like your President, you can keep President. Period.

  • joshq

    We all knew this “Draft Obama for a Third Term” was coming. Any president who can lie about keeping your health care plan, or pull troops prematurely our of Iq/Afg, easily could justify thinking he’s another Roosevelt, and upend the Constitution prohibiting running again.

    • I’ve already signed several petitions that are being sent to congressmen to get the amendment repealed. This country needs President Obama to fix the Bush mistakes.

      • J_Biggs

        No, we need a country to prosecute your mistake. Better war than another four.

      • winnebago

        yeah, that 5% unemployment was rough

  • jamesben

    This guy CAN’T be serious. He probably mistook the “Washington Post” for “The Onion,” I know, because that happen to me from time to time.

  • BOB

    How much college cost again?? My bad I mean for white kids?? $45k and up? think I’ll just have my kids go to an online school.

  • Fred863

    Sp he’s saying that our tyrant in chief would beplaying the same game he played his first term and not showing us his true self if he thought he could be president for four more years?
    That may be true, but the lame duck president has already shown his disregard for the US constitution and the separation of powers and checks and balances. Why nothing has been done about it by our legislative or judicial branch is beyond wonder.

  • Combat_Vet

    “….Jonathan Zimmerman, a history professor from NYU….”

    Here is a better idea, pull the professors credentials and any tenure permanently and withdraw any federal funds for NYU until it happens.

    • winnebago

      on the contrary, he’ll likely be the most popular History Professor at NYU after this

  • I would gladly vote for President Obama a third and even 4th time. He is a true leader that is doing the right thing for all Americans and finally punishing the 1% and making them pay their fair share.

    • J_Biggs

      You’re a mentally deficient fascist, so of course you would.

    • Dmacwired

      Sure pally, you are normal, yeah, that’s right perfectly normal now go back to watching the TV in the community sitting room at the ward.

    • winnebago

      I am no defender of billionaires nor do I want to storm their gates, simple question though, please define “fair share”? Who decides what that is? You?

      What’s your fair share?

    • jnnrd54surrounded by libs

      You dumb _hit. Little do you know that it’s big business that is in Obama’s pocket. Read “Extortion” and Levin’s books, “Americatopia” and “The Liberty Amendments” if you want to get educated and become a real contributing member of this Country. Or, shuffle you ass off to Cuba or Venezuela.
      You my friend are a disgrace to this fine County. You have obviously been taught what to think instead of how to think. A result of our “fine” educational system.

  • PJ Ethen

    Another shining example of our education system at work. This is one on the people educating your children. Wonder what he teaches in his classroom.

  • John Crump

    Typical LIBERAL Prof. We have a retired woman Prof where we live and she of course is a DIE HARD LIBERAL DEM. Worships the ground that Obama walks on etc. This is a woman that TAUGHT our kids! No wonder this country is in the condition it is. Our forefathers that founded this country, went through hell to settle this country into what it WAS the BEST IN THE WORLD a place where hard work, sweat and tears paid off. You get what you WORK for, NOT something for doing NOTHING! The Blacks DID NOT SETTLE THIS COUNRY. HOW MANY BLACKS arrived on the shores and sacrificed white OUR WHITE FREFATHERS DID? NAME ONE? Now we have to bow down to the poor blacks who say they where abused? GIVE COUNTRY BACK TO THE ONES THAT DESERVE IT AND WORKED FOR IT.

  • Susy

    Profs like him have been in our universities since before early 60’s. They need to be weeded out. Have ruined three generations and working on another. Let’s get them out while un electing these bozos in our govt. now.

    • winnebago

      too bad they have tenure and not term limits themselves…

  • Alky

    A history teacher no less! Where was he when they were teaching him history?
    Don’t worry Mr. Z, your hero won’t need a third term, at the rate he’s going, he will complete the destruction of America in two!

  • erichwalker

    How come this professor isn’t on TV? If I were a producer over at Fox News, I’d make sure this guy was in heavy rotation on O’Riley, Hannity, the Five, Fox & Friends, and any other show he wanted to be on. This guy needs to get his message out.
    First, Harry Reid gets rid of senate filibuster. Now this guy wants to usurp the 22nd Amendment. I wonder how long until some highly educated idiot suggests we just get rid of voting entirely.

    • J_Biggs

      Many Democrats would like to disregard the constitution in its entirety.

    • Dmacwired

      No Comrade, we will always have voting – it is a must in order to validate the people’s will. Da?

      • erichwalker

        Exactly, goodcitizen. After all, the voting is not as important at the counting, and once doubleplusamnesty is passed, the counting will be the easy part. “Special delivery for fifty million absentee ballots.”

  • bgbs

    Im in my 4th year of indoctrination. I know how these people think. What I’m amazed about, is how did the the universities got taken over by communists? Why is communist thinking in such high regard? Why is anti-christian doctrine, is made academic?

    What the professor is saying, is very plausible in today’s new America. If Dem’s gain more seats in the upcoming 2014 elections, then the Dem’s will likely due away with term limits, and you will never get rid of Obama. That is why 2014 is more crucial than 2016.

  • VioletLoganGirl

    I don’t know about abolishing term limits, but abolishing tenure would be more likely to save the country.

  • Sashland

    hmmmmmmmmm. Recall. [period]

  • Daniel Petry

    Finally the truth comes out. Lock and load. See how quickly these Fascists will run as the lead starts to fly. Charlie Rangel says Obama should “drop the charade of democracy and rule directly by executive orders.” Finally!! A Democrat who’s honest about his party’s true intent. Unbelievable: http://allenbwest.com/?p=1562

  • Ho Jo

    reads like a plan, let GWB run again.

  • Zebulon

    I can’t see any real change if Hillary runs and is elected. If the Republicans can’t
    come up with a competent and electable candidate, we are doomed to eight more years of Obama-style progressive liberalism.

    • I hope you are right. We need that to erase the Bush destruction.

      • 2summer4

        Don’t you people ever have an original thought? We hear more about Bush from you people than we heard during his 8 years. Give it up already. Obama had 5 years to “fix” it – and has made it MUCH worse than Bush could ever have done. And I don’t like Bush.

        • no, you are a tea bagger nut

          • Ho Jo

            and you just tea bag

          • J_Biggs

            Says the D-bag.

      • J_Biggs

        Obama declared the great recession over in the summer 0f 2009. What needs to be erased is progressive fascism.

        • Ho Jo

          he was referring to his personal recession

      • Ho Jo

        GWB 1 terrorist attack, which we can blame on Clinton. Obama 7 in his first 5 yrs and more to come

        • are you referring to all of the tea baggers like Lanza and Holmes who shot up innocent women and children due to Bush’s and the tea party’s lack of common sense gun laws?

          • 2summer4

            Sicko, I never knew the Tea Party had so much power. Wow.
            Both of those mentally deranged people were from Democrat families. Hello.

          • Ho Jo

            fort hood….. and the list goes on

          • Judeth

            Maj. mooslim hasan was involved in a workplace violence act, there’s no such thing as a mooslim terrorist, oliar won’t hear of it, they’re his people.

          • J_Biggs

            No, actually those shooters were progressives, just like the OWS that tried to blow up bridges in Ohio.

          • J_Biggs

            Holmes was a progressive Democrat carpetbagger from California.

          • Chimookman

            Holmes is a Democrat activist, fool.

      • RalphToon

        That’s who Obama is running against for his third term, George Bush.
        You O-baggers are kooks living a fairy tale.
        If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan, period.

    • bgbs

      According to the professor, Hillary needs to fear Obama more, than any of the republicans.

  • GNO54940MG

    Sounds like they need to start doing background checks on these idiots.

    • The tea baggers need background checks. I think all of America is scared of those taliban wannabes.

      • J_Biggs

        Typical ignorant comment by your typical ignorant progressive D-bag.

      • winnebago

        hah, good one – “tea baggers”..did you come up with that yourself?


        • Ho Jo

          it is the only thing he is good at

      • RalphToon

        The O-baggers need head checks for brain damage.

        • 2summer4

          That’s assuming they have a brain. lol

      • dudefromdixie

        Taliban wannabes? Are you serious Nimrod? Man are you uninformed.

      • jnnrd54surrounded by libs

        You must live in California. Stupid liberals.

  • karl

    A man of genius.Such a scholar.Look how well things are going since Mr Obama: We have won all of our wars, the national debt is paid in full, such a need for employment that we have to bring in millions from Mexico to fill the factories and workshops. Obamacare, a jewel, the cities rebuilt, Crime? what is that? All the people putting race behind them and united. Peace in the Middle East, Iran making flowers and love-beads. Only such a man of mind could see this.

  • Michael Scott

    I don’t understand why anyone is surprised about this. Despite failures in just sbout every single area of his presidency. Despite the fact that black people have seen declines in every measureable statistic regarding opportunity, economy, education, etc. This isnt a matter of opinion on my or anyone else’s part. It is a matter of fact. The economic indicators are derived from the US government. I’m fairly certain that the President would rather they were different.
    Despite all this, President Obama has perfectly fulfilled the single most important qualification that most black people wanted from nim in the first place. Barack Obama has remained, faithfully and without exception, a black man. That’s it.
    Polls shown that an overwhelming number of black Americans would vote for him again, though even his predecessor had better results for the advancement of black people in all of the area mentioned above, especially the middle class. One good thing I guess, black people do have access to affordable health care…..oh, wait that didnt work for anyone regardless of skin color.
    So in the end, most black people will vote again for this failure of a president, despite the fact that he has kept almost none of the promises he’s made them and has done almost nothing for them as a whole. I guess Al Sharpton is right. Racism IS alive and well.

  • Play Righter

    Obama’s been late for almost everything else. Why not his exit?

  • iceman3232

    LOL, many people in the 2008 election, ignored his past. 51% of the people ignored his 1st term record. Now this guy says if he has just one more chance he will be successful. He has never changed course or policy, so what would be different?
    – Bush “awful years” avg. 5.3% unemployment & 66% labor participation rate
    – O “great years” avg. 8.2% unemployment & 63% labor participation rate
    – Highest young unemployment since tracked in 1953
    – Highest minority unemployment in 35 years
    – Highest women unemployment in 35 years
    – O’s “great years”
    – 38% increase in poverty levels
    – 36% increase in homelessness
    – Lowest home ownership in decades
    – First 5 years of consecutive wage losses, highest in our history
    – first time in history only 47% of workforce is full time
    – Greatest net worth of middle class in our history
    – first time in our history more entry level jobs created than skilled
    – Highest tax rates in our history
    – More debt incurred in 5 years than all other administrations combined
    – Record spending
    – not only did not end the 2 “Bush” wars as promised, had 3rd war with Libya
    – Greatest loss of middle class in our history
    – gas prices doubled
    – Energy costs up 32%
    – Record $ given to big business than any previous administration
    – More lobbyists in his admin. than any previous admin
    – Record $ donated to O from big bus. than any prev.
    Yep 4 more years would be great

  • Dale A

    Third term or recall. Recall in a landslide.

  • NoParty

    At least he knows it is not legal, but given the past executive orders Obama has dictated, who knows, he may just mandate his third term. Professor Zimmerman, your students parents deserve a refund.

  • JoeB

    This is this kind of dumba$$ that is teaching our chidden. Maybe Bush could run against Obama.

    • President Obama is still trying to fix the TYRANT bush’s mistakes. President Obama would win in a landslide.

      • jamesben


      • J_Biggs

        Obamacare is bleeding your tyrant dry.

      • JoeB

        Please stop smoking crack before posting… it makes you like like an idiot.

      • RalphToon

        If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, period.

      • Ho Jo

        yeah with Reggie by his side

      • Judeth

        put the hopium pipe down dude, how much are they paying you to work from your home computer?

        • 2summer4

          George Soros pays him a penny a word. And he’s happy with that.

  • ObviousTruths

    It is getting to the point where I question the value of spending any money sending my kids to college.
    This guy is a history professor? Wow, I am sure the “history” he teaches is heavily edited by him. I am sure he is doing it for the good of his students. So what is the point of paying to have this guy “teach” your kids?

  • lemmiwinks88

    jews seem to have A LOT of problems with The Constitution and the laws of this land.

    Perhaps this jew would be happier in apartheid isntreal

  • jamesben

    Obama needs to worry about surviving impeachment to END this DISASTER of a presidency.
    Obama is Jimmah’ Effing Carter on steroids.

  • Countrygirl1411

    Hold a recall election and see if the voters think he should even stay in office until the end of his term. I would hope that their eyes have been opened and would vote him out.

  • Scalovi

    What a moron. Professor? This is the United States not Cuba. Its no wonder our kids leave college lacking the ability to think critically and independently when idiots like them “educated” them.

    • jamesben

      What kind of idiot votes this comment down? Everything you said is true.

      • J_Biggs


      • This professor is voicing his solid opinion and that is his first amendment right. I know the tea party hates those rights along with women’s rights.

        • J_Biggs

          It was a Democrat that said women are better off being raped than they are defending themselves.

        • realistic12

          By stating ‘tea party hates those rights’, you would be implying the tea party is in charge of our current government. Which has done more to trample rights than any administration in history. I wonder just how stup!d one has to be to spout the nonsense you do? Do yo feel you are not taxed enough already? That is the only actual thing the tea party stands for you low info drone.

        • otis

          Norm the troll

  • J_Biggs

    Democrats, including Norm. are the face of modern Fascism.

  • Josh River

    Is anyone really surprised at the stupidity coming from the mouths of academia?

  • Okeydoker

    Is there really any doubt that obama is the worst president in american history?

  • JDsHandsomeSon

    America does seem to have a growing portion of its citizens who want to be treated as grass eating farm animals waiting in pastures for Obama to kick their slop buckets as a signal to eat. Apparently there is indeed a point of diminishing returns to classroom time and maybe our country would profit if we closed down half the universities here and eliminated all courses that contain the word: “Studies”.

  • njlen

    if you like your fuhrer, you can keep your fuhrer. lol

    • J_Biggs

      “It is not enough to simply obey big brother, you must also love big brother.” – George Orwell’s ‘1984’

    • 2summer4


  • Lefty Turner

    Russia, China, Iran, Egypt, Al Qaida, North Korea, & Hezbollah, all agree, that indeed this is something America should try.

  • Tat

    Earth to Professor Whackjob- Take that shizzna and stow it. I know you liberals live to usurp and destroy the Constitution. We see it on a daily basis now but we the people are not like the yellow-bellied cowards in DC. We fought for principle, for freedom..not a hefty paycheck , free trips. We haven’t sold our souls for 30 shekels so you and your leftist comrades are hereby on notice.. We will NOT stand for martial law or an Unconstitutional power grab by your demi-god ..

  • cubanbob

    “Barack Obama should be allowed to stand for re election just as citizens should be allowed to vote for — or against — him. Anything less diminishes our leaders and ourselves.”

    A recall election would be a better idea.

  • Lefty Turner

    This “Professor” not only wants the American People Fed-Up, he wants them to vomit.

  • Any One

    Obama couldn’t win again even if he were the only one running…

    • dudefromdixie

      Not so. Blacks will vote for him again and again and again.

  • Dennis Zellaha

    The surest way to kick off the second Revolution is for that to happen!

  • GSU__1987

    NYU & WaPo is all you had to read to completely disregard this story….

  • Dominic

    Just another black racist !

  • J_Biggs

    It is the 17th amendment that needs to be repealed.

  • realistic12

    Then by the same logic, Universities should abolish “tenure” for professors…bet he wouldn’t be in support of that idea.

  • FreemenRtrue

    Well what could it hurt if Obama ran again? We’ve seen the results of this most transparent administration. The reason it is transparent? The “Invisible man” OCCUPies the highest office in the land. He is a blind adherent of a reactive Progressive political philosophy which has been discredited over and over again for 150 years because its Utopian view fails to account for the fallibility of man. Our degenerating nation has voted twice to put this miscreant in power; a third time would probably justly seal our fate. Pray that we can make it through the next 3 years. Mitt Romney is a very good man and I posit here that a good person can not be elected to President in our country anymore. As Hayek said, in Socialism the excrement will rise to the top or something like that. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Tito, Ho Chi Minh, Hitler……don’t get in the cattle cars or trains to gulags or cultural revolutions or re-education camps or……

  • Lefty Turner

    Look we can find & elect a much better liar than this loser.

  • tim martin

    He’s a college professor . . . what do you expect. I have had more intelligent conversations with the mechanic at the local garage. He never finished high school but has read as much as he can and is educated well beyond many of the college educated people I know. Of course, he is not ‘politically correct’ in his thinking and doesn’t have the piece of paper on the wall. Just basic common sense and logic. Imagine that !

  • AlexxelA

    Yes, a third term! We don’t even have to even vote for the President! We can have the Senate pass it with a 51% majority vote. There would be no more Inauguration! it would be a Coronation! I can hear the trumpets now with everyone kneeling and Harry Reid Crowning the President with tears in his eyes!

    • Don

      And pee running down Chris Matthew’s tingling leg.

  • Steveerino

    Look at his educational credentials and you will see why ha thinks like this. It is pure Marxist philosophy. It is fine for you and everyone else but he may be an exception. Drop him a note and let hin know why he is wrong. be nice. [email protected] 212-998-5049

    • jnnrd54surrounded by libs

      THANK YOU!!!

  • WakeupAmerica

    God! It’s no wonder we are in the condition we are in with @$$holes like this being given press coverage so the great unwashed are exposed to their idiotic ideas. Barrack the 1st and his fellow ‘Progressives’ are going to be the cause of the demise of our country if they are not stopped.

  • Don

    Crawl back into your pit. You are nothing but a Communist. That is obviously your desire.

  • Bradley Perkins

    This article proves once again that Liberals have no moral compass or boundaries when it comes to laws. I think we should do away with tenure at all colleges.

  • McGruff

    The most alarming thing about this story is the fact that this lunatic has the title “professor”.

  • Defins

    Why does this moron have a job? Really?

  • Marc

    This person has tenure?????????????????

  • Rob P

    WHAT would that be called? ” Hope and Change Part III ”.

  • bingyboy

    Why doesn’t Obama just issue an executive order that he is president forever–who’s gonna stop him?? Have you ever thought about that?? And don’t answer that it’s not constitutional because that doesn’t seem to affect this guy in the least

  • This Side of Hell

    Obama should be allowed? Another suggestion from whack-ademia. fueled by 60’s LSD no doubt. Three cracks at imploding a nation? Not on your life.

  • bajasurfer

    I think maybe this professor should be hanging from a lamp post .

  • Freeland_Dave

    If this is an example of what NYU has to offer in the ways of education is there any wonder why the entire state of NY is so messed up in their thinking?

  • noyo14

    Jonathan Zimmerman is living proof that there is a vast deference between being intelligent and a academic. As one can become book smart and worldly stupid. Having the the capacity to learn from studying scholars living and dead does not necessarily equate to having good sense. Zimmerman though educated is not smart, just educated. (in my opinion)

  • paperpushermj

    “That’s some strange logic”.
    Please this is Sycophant Talk and because of that, it has nothing to do with Logic.

  • Larry King

    Do you think the good professor would want people voting on the existence of his job every four years? Or how about asking those students who are now 10 years removed from one of his classes to vote on his keeping or losing his job? Ten years because by that time they will have hopefully experience non – academic “real life” and it should shake a lot of the non sense that these kinds of professors put in these students minds. Universities severly need to be changed by us “We the people”. Bottom line, he’s another academic idiot.

  • sbw

    Ahhhh, once again the mental disease that is liberalism rears its ugly head. part of the disease is the inability to think with logic, to ignore facts, and then choose the most counter-intuitive conclusion to a problem. Examples: spending more money to reduce the deficit, extending unemployment benefits to put people back to work…and now re-electing a President who is ruining our Country so he can have more time fix the country. You cannot teach this kind of stupid.

  • Mark Burns

    best part of the professor ran down his momma’s leg for the all night frat party she was at.

  • chipster

    there is no room for logic in the democrat party

  • Leon Davis

    Obama don’t need no stinkin’ election. Just one conveniently-timed “Big Badda Boom!” as the ultimate “October Surprise” and the New York Times; CNN; Washington Post; MSNBC: and the majority of Congress, including RINOs, would be begging Obama to rule by decree – “for the good of the nation in a time of tragedy”. You heard it here first…

  • truthteller13

    “Zimmerman writes that Obama–whose approval rating is at an all time low of 37%–would be much more effective at governing if he could stand for re-election in 2016 because then he’d be less likely to “ignore” the will of the American people.”

    Only an egghead professor could come up with such a ridiculous idea.

    Community organizer and amateur golfer barry hussein JR has constantly stuck his thumb in the eye of normal Americans and “governed” against their will.

  • seaarrow

    Just like all communist countries and dictatorships a third leads to a forth leads to a fifth. Remember Stalin said it is not important that the people vote for him it is important that the people counting count the votes for him.

  • SrNewk

    This is a perfect example of what we should define as a Wacky Professor! Zimmerman is a professor of History, and he should know better than to recommend we should allow Obama to run for a third term. The professor must teach by indoctrination, and therefore is trying to change true knowledge of history, because his recommendation is a big mistake based on historical fact of the failures of socialism.

  • Geri

    OMG!!!! I can’t believe all the hate and bigotry I am reading here! Obama is doing is best for us — Can’t you GOP bigoted KKK sheet wearing tea partiers see that???? Obama deserves our respect AND admiration AND ANOTHER TERM!!!! Obama still has a lot of post-Bush mess to clean up! The job is far from being finished!

    • tedlv

      Your sarcasm is delightful.

    • notanobamaliar

      The job that Obama has been doing on freedom, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, the Constitution and the American people is one of destruction and devastation. We have resisted his vicious attacks and will survive as a nation in spite of him and mindless obamabot blind followers like you.

    • Anamericanvet

      Your nuttier than the Professor!

  • LuJr75

    Colleges, Universities = Zombie Training Centers

  • buildersent

    As much as I dislike Obama – there should be no term limit on the Presidency unless there is a term limit on the other 2 positions of the government.

    Limiting the Presidency without limiting Congress, federal judges and especially the Supreme Court creates unbalanced power.

    I say, let’s term limit both houses and the Supreme Court. 6 terms for Congress, 2 for the Senate, move the president to 3 terms and the supreme court to 12 years each. or better yet increase the size of the court to 13 and have a seat be appointed every year (other than the chief justice).

  • dlei

    Apparently the bar for professorships is so low you can crawl over it in a semi-stupor.

  • The_Chilling_Curmudgeon

    Only small-minded racists who view our ‘so-called’ Constitution as settled law could object to fulfilling Obama’s wish for our nation… by ‘crowning’ him as the omnipotent ‘King’ we never wanted. [sarc off] Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice? Shame on me. Grant you a third wish? Get out – right now!

  • Randy

    That this professor is not too bright is one argument. Another might be that his reasoning is subterfuge for his actual goal, establishing a liberal dictatorship.

  • notanobamaliar

    This prof from New York la la land would love to have this communist, racist, freedom hating miserable excuse of a president as dictator for life. Why doesn’t he just move to North Korea?

  • Den

    And to think that our children’s minds are being distorted by these idiots these idiots beliefs. We’re in deep trouble when our colleges allow these frauds to teach our children but then you have a bunch of liberal who never worked or earned anything in their life running these over priced institutions. People need to wake up.

  • Dr Tom

    I wish the good professor luck getting 2/3 of both houses and 3/4 of the states the buy his churlish, puerile garbage.

  • libknocker

    Why not he has broken most of the laws in our constitution?

  • Fat Hubie

    This administration’s policy of ignoring the will of the American people is how we got into the mess we have today. Best we crucify this “messiah” and get a real American in office.

  • LaCrika De TuMai

    Typical all my Societies professor teaches is how Marxism is the best way to govern and how Capitalism = Evil lol

  • Come On Now

    Johnathan Zimmerman, you just cost NYU three more years of my son’s tuition. In short, I will not allow my son to attend, nor my money to fund, a university which exhibits such low requirements and standards for its faculty. I will not have a mentally deranged liberal teaching history to my child. Period.

    Expect to hear from the Dean and/or head of your department, as I will make it loud and clear that the reason I am pulling my son out is because of you.

  • realitychecked

    No surprise the far left-wing kooks would advocate such insanity. It’s time for the adults to resume control of the White House and the Senate. Enough of Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the rest of these lawless lunatics.

  • Gear4War

    Proof positive that there is no real benefit to higher education unless you want to be subject to left wing hysteria and indoctrination. Better our young should go out and attend vocational schools and learn how to do real work that has lasting benefits such as Electrical, plumbing, carpentry etc. etc. Get a higher education/degree after you have developed the means to making a living with a real skill if you have that desire. Things like environmental studies and a doctorate in Lesbian literature have no real value in helping one make a living but if these things interest you you can always attend college after you develop the means to make a living. The ability to make a living wage doing real work can help insulate one from left wing indoctrination and propaganda should you decide to go the route of a college degree.

  • RagsOnYouSchwags

    zimmerman would make a fine addition to 1936 nazi germany 🙂

    • tedlv

      Wonder if he is related to the guy that sh0t Obama’s “son”.

  • Annunaki

    Let him try. There will no longer be a ‘United States’ to be president of…

  • NYU.

    Nuff said.

    If NYU and New York wants him, they can have him.

  • vbanker

    vote for anything we want ? how about impeachment ? and criminal trials
    for treason ? HOW DOSE THIS SOUND COMRAD?

  • Shagnasty1

    Letting this greedy Marxist to have a 3rd term would solve America’s problems all right because there would be no America left. I’m afraid it will take generations to restore the US to what we were after 2 terms it was in office. Please voters, please never unleash uncontrolled Democrats on us again!

  • Rdlake

    These retards with a defective chromosome are teaching our teen age kids & we keep sending them to their schools. The fault is on us.

    • jnnrd54surrounded by libs

      Teens? How about it starts in kindergarten.

  • Charles

    I think (and hope) the professor’s message is being misinterpreted here.
    I feel the point he is trying to make is that without having to run for re-election Obambi has no reason to worry about his approval rating or crapping on the American public. The only worry he could have is to safeguard his party’s image but he is so arrogant and self centered he isn’t concerned. I see this as more Dimocrates are starting to pull away from the “Great One”. Hopefully this will continue until midterms. I can’t think that America would be stupid enough to actually give him a third term but I really was surprised and dumbfounded to see them give him a second. I guess nothing would shock me anymore.

    • jnnrd54surrounded by libs

      I wonder how the election would have turned out of you toss out all illegal votes – you know, the ones from dead people and illegals.

  • Keno

    These leftists should relocate to a country that follows their ideology. These “academics” are usually the first in line for destruction or the re-education camps in the countries they are modeling the transformation of America after. Laughable fools.

  • billobillo54

    Another example of secular liberalism working to destroy western civilization….more later, today, yesterday and tomorrow…

    • pilgrimsjog

      Yes! Post-modernism is engaged in destructuralism at every social institution that holds our society, based on the rights of the individual over the rights of the socialist collective, together.

  • 1PissedAmerican2

    Ol’ Barry uses the Constitution as toilet paper already, he might was well keep going…..

  • realclearconservative

    There is no indoctrination occurring in colleges. These are not the robots you are seeking.

  • Mike Clover

    This guy is a idiot.

  • dude1394

    A better solution would be to limit the terms of all of congress.

    • jnnrd54surrounded by libs

      As aptly discussed in Mark Levin’s The Liberty Amendments.

  • Tom in Mass.

    I understand that this is the Times but it begs up a question (again!). Can someone please explain to me why the Washington Post is paid so much attention in in the conservative media? It is a completely discredited liberal dinosaur with an ever dwindling readership. If not for Drudge and other sites like this one, I’d personally never look at / acknowledge them. We do more harm than good I think. Put ’em in the closet.

    • guest

      A Law Professor at Texas’s A&M University is calling for the abolishing of our Constitution…

  • Brad

    There would be blood in the streets….

    • Tori

      Already is, and this President caused it.

  • Mark Jessup

    The late Jerry Clower once uttered what is the perfect description and definition of this ‘Professor’, which is “it is clear to me, that you are educated way beyond your intelligence!”

  • Fred Flinsttone

    College education in America is outdated and most College professors would struggle to find a burger flipping job. The Department of Education needs abolishing and our entire model of “College” needs to be revamped. College is just an entry slip into the American business Frat club and does nothing to compete on a world stage and provide the technical skills a new world will need.

  • Den

    Oh yeah, he’s a history professor. What really we need are more science, engineering and math majors who wouldn’t be bothered by the garbage this fool spews.

    • guest

      All those students have to take history, also…

      • WBC

        But unfortunately they study history from scum like this guy.

    • WBC

      No, we need better history professors. I have met a great many students of the “hard” sciences who are culturally illiterate – ignorant of history, literature and philosophy. Technology has its place, but if our institutions of learning are merely filled with technocrats doomed to make all of the mistakes of the past for the simple reason of knowing nothing of the past, then we might as well turn off the lights.

  • Shaun Patrick

    College is a waste of money.

    • Tori

      It has been taken over as a tool to line the pockets of criminals left and right.

  • encierro

    What’s he on?

  • IRightULeft

    Time for the good professor to check into a mental institution.

    • Juvenal

      He’s at NYU, he’s already at one.

  • SeanDelevan

    Should he be allowed to terminate all validation mechanisms again so foreign entities can donate to his campaign as well?

  • Mike

    A tenured professor from NYU = a left wing nut job!

  • Lou Bator

    My thinking is that the “professor” wants the armed insurrection to begin sooner rather than later. I fear that a race war is brewing, and it is time to clean house. May God help us all.

  • JerseyFresh12

    Sieg Heil, Mein Fuhrer!

  • JeffDeWitt

    Sounds like a idiot educated well beyond his ability to reason. He reminds me of an old saying… “He can can does, he who can’t teaches, he who can’t do or teach runs for President.”

  • rnagel

    Obama has lost support from both those who actually believed him and those who are disappointed that he hasn’t given them more free stuff. The mistake the professor makes is that even with the low approval rating the takers and tokers would re-elect him because even if he didn’t deliver on all his promises they will assume that a third term will deliver more. We can’t afford anymore voter auctions and yet we are probably destined to suffer at least a few more until America wakes up and the independents realize they are financing Democratic dominance with their prosperity.

  • Mike Clover

    What a idiot, I hope this guy gets fired for making such a radical comment.

  • G Volans

    oh Hell NO!!!!

  • Craig Davis

    Why amend the Constitution? Obama should just allow himself a waiver.

  • speaknowamerica

    Liberals are getting desperate now because they know that Joe Biden is a laughing stock and that Benghazi will be Hillary Clinton’s Waterloo.

  • JW

    Yep, the democrats/libs are always one step away from creating utopia, but something always gets in their way. This professor (so-called) is just looking for a little attention, or maybe some grant money to study how global warming has impacted our thinking. Despite the absurdity of the very notion, this is how the left fights politically. They follow the Sherman total war doctrine, and the right tries a limited approach. It is the equivalent of showing up for a gun fight with nothing more than harsh words. The right needs to start fighting a total war (politically speaking of course). The left has infiltrated the media, our schools, our text books, churches, voting centers, and everywhere in between. They fully understand the need to reach the uninformed/politically dumb. They keep selling ideas like this because it works for many a voter. Look how often they blamed Bush for things he had nothing to do with during his time. Wake up and start fighting back, or an idea like this will gain momentum.

  • vanman2010

    Fire oBUMa and this so-called prof…This is the MOST incompetent president EVER!!

  • JerseyFresh12

    Would this loon call for this is Bush was president?

  • LObomatomy

    Zimmermans contact info.

    Email him your thoughts: [email protected]
    Call him and tell him ypur thoughts: 212-998-5049

  • d2lv

    What an idiot. And he is teaching college students.

    • Tori

      Correction: brainwashing young adults.

      • d2lv

        I stand corrected.

  • gasil

    does this guy live in the REAL world? not only is it illegal, who would want this so called constitutional lawyer? both these guys are dumb a####

  • Stephanie Payne

    This Zimmerman nut is like so many of the people teaching our young people in academe. NeoMarxist corruption and class warfare in the nation’s classrooms. No wonder the country is going down the tubes.

  • CharlestonBoy

    More evidence that those who can’t,…teach.

    • RalphToon

      He has and he helps run it.



  • FanboisSuck

    to be fair, he is saying he should be allowed to RUN for president so that he does what the people want. (the fact that he doesnt even when not up for election is a bigger problem…..)
    The first problem is for him to be accountable, he has to WANT to run for a third term. Lets not forget that there were no presidential term limits for almost 200 years and FDR was the first to get a 3rd term.

    The second is the assumption that being held accountable to re-election will force him to change his agenda. He forced unpopular legislation (along with a supermajority in the legislative branch) through in his first term. Why would he change now?

  • logo67

    The US Government made a profit of $40 billion from student loans last year so our young can be taught by the likes of Professor Zimmerman. The plan is obviously working.

  • Jere Joiner

    This professor has been smoking something. People are already saying Obama is set to displace Jimmy Carter as the worst president ever and he wants him to have a third term! Professor, you better crawl back up in your ivory tower. The real world is too much for you.

  • khornet

    This “professor” give us another perfect example of why stupid should hurt!

  • einstein

    Reminds me of Malcolm Muggeridge observing that modern liberals have “educated themselves into imbecility”.

    Worse than just being an educated imbecile, this “professor” is spreading his thought-cancer to students — who PAY to receive such toxic indoctrination!

  • Maregon

    Just sent him an e-mail and probably will leave a vm on his number. People in this country, especially the hard-working, middle class or whatever, are tired of supporting the rest of the country and the lunatics in Washington. BTW did Congress sign up for Obamacare yet???

  • justfedup52

    People like this professor that lack common sense are like an anchor, slowing progress, dragging our society below its potential…They do not understand why they dislike themselves, and the answer is quite ironic…They cannot see that they lack common sense and have lost their individuality…They have never developed their own views, so they have no sturdy foundation upon which to build a meaningful life…They view people with common sense angrily because they do not understand the source of their happiness…These people, like this professor invariably hurt our society as a whole…They should not be working jobs in our government, should not be running organizations, and should not be allowed to vote…They should not be given any influence…

  • JohannesPerlmuther

    What a horrifying thought–a third term for the most Left-wing, activist who instantly became the worst president in history, without a doubt.

  • 1tymtrvlr

    This moron professor should be loaded on a transport plane donning a parachute and kick his worthless, useless marxist rear out of the plane over north korea. Time to clean the educational marxist cesspool out, and get rid of these marxist indoctrinators that have infiltrated our educational system. Like the marxist agenda dictates, don’t give them a choice, they will be forced to leave. Force it on them, like they force us to live by their stupid, childish alinsky philosophy. Look at the mess Americans are in, as these parasites have started pushing this agenda. marxism can’t exist without someone else paying for it. It promotes idiocy, brain washing, and laziness.


    Ok. First, it is unconstitutional ….. Second, it is stupid beyond belief to expect different results from the same socialist failure who has almost destroyed the United States of America. Third… see #2. If we are going to amend the Constitution about term limits it should be to LIMIT the terms of the house and senate.

    What a moron

  • twinstick1

    Of course this nutty perfessor (sp. intentional) wants to abolish term limits for President. He most likely wants King Putt for life. The bizarre thing is, he just may get his wish…

  • Inhurricane7

    A six-year lame duck is bad enough for the country. I cannot imagine why anyone would favor a 10-year lame-duck?

  • Tony Villarica

    Now I really do believe in zombies!

  • Bladerunner64

    This is interesting, I wonder how the media and the general public at large would react if Obama did say he was running for a third term? He seems to be able to change an existing law willy nilly and there isn’t much of a stink about it. It would be curious to see if there would be mass protests in the street or if it would just go virtually “unnoticed” by most folks. I heard years ago, during Clinton’s term, that if they did allow a President more then two terms, that it wouldn’t take effect until the following administration. With this guy, he’d just kick it into gear immediately. We shall see what happens.

  • GuidoFL

    ” Nutty Professor ” replay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • catlettuce redux

    This isn’t what he says. He says that if Obama had to run again he would be accountable in a way he is not because of term limits. “Nor does Obama have to fear the voters, which might be the scariest problem of all. If he chooses, he could simply ignore their will.” You have woefully misunderstood his point.

    • einstein

      Obama is unaccountable because he is a lawless zealot! Period.

  • Robert Olschlager

    I’m game, but the black panthers will need to be stopped from harassing white voters and vote counts, especially in Philadelphia, need to be 100% verified.
    I welcome the chance to see the look on Obama’s face when he sees the crushing rejection that would result.

  • Cmayne

    Another blithering IDIOT heard from!

  • renkentom

    This is from a university professor? No wonder our country is in such turmoil and confusion. With professors like this China and any other third world country must be chomping at the bit to take over world leadership from a country that is fast becoming an illiterate bunch of morons with their hands out for a free lunch. I’m surprised Jimmerman could even write an article he is so ignorant. Please don’t allow such idiots to waste our time it takes to read such dribble.

  • Another ivory tower moron who could not make it in real life

  • Dimoknob

    Someone needs to step away from the ‘shrooms…

  • Chaddington

    Zimmerman, a fine German Jewish name. Thank you for your contributions to the United States.

  • The MOST delusional people on the planet, in order to survive, must live in those places LEAST effected by an objective reality, like….. hmmmm COLLEGE!

    … particularly those that are ensconced in cities insulated by a strong bureaucratic impulse, and buffered by voluminous quantities of other people’s wealth….

    • catlettuce redux

      BUT THIS IS NOT what he says. He says that if Obama had to run again he would be accountable to the people and because he doesn’t have to run, he is NOT. He actually AGREES with you! See for instance quote in Zimmerman’s essay “Nor does Obama have to fear the voters, which might be the scariest problem of all. If he chooses, he could simply ignore their will.” You have all misunderstood the point!

      • BHO,… never “feared” the voters, or intended to satiate their hopes, dreams, or desires with promised actions. He lied in the first election, he lied throughout the first term, he lied during the second election, he’s lying now, he will keep lying throughout the second term, and will do so even after he’s pried from the desk and shown the curb.

        He LIES… BECAUSE he knows he is going to ignore their will and do whatever he needs to do in order to permanently ensconce a Left-wing agenda upon the United States. He never intended, NOT ONCE, to fulfill the duties or oath of the office with which he was entrusted. He was always, always, always was going to use it as a weapon against the Liberties of the United States in furtherance of his demented Socialist agenda.

        The Prof may or may not be mistaken about the effect/affect additional terms would have on POTUS, but it matters not a wit. Rather, his delusion lay in the belief that BHO ever had a voter’s interests placed ahead of his own cabal’s agenda, in the first place!

        Liberal Democrats fall for this almost every time….. unfortunately, they trust in “face value” all too much, and we are all going to pay for that unfounded trust in this case, before these last years are over….

  • BK Martin

    C’mon man! This sounds more like a satire story from The Onion than something any professor would say. Oh yeah, if the dude really IS a professor? He should be fired immediately…

    • guest

      A Law Professor at Texas’s A&M University wants the abolishing of our Constitution!!!

      • BK Martin

        I’d rather it be abolished too, instead of watching The One use it like toilet paper to wipe His Obama…

    • catlettuce redux

      This is not what he says. He says that if Obama had to run again he would be accountable to the people and because he doesn’t have to run, he is NOT. He actually AGREES with you! See for instance quote in Zimmerman’s essay “Nor does Obama have to fear the voters, which might be the scariest problem of all. If he chooses, he could simply ignore their will.” You have all misunderstood the point!

  • Tori

    Barack Obama doesn’t want to run for a 3rd term. He’s furthered the agenda of the leftist criminals as far as is possible, and he knows it.

    Upside: he tipped his hand.

  • Yukiko

    Who is this moron? And how did he ever manage to get a job as a professor?

    • Tori

      Sucking on the liberal teat.

  • James March

    im in favor of another term for obama……………..how’s 15 to life sound?

    • Tori

      Sounds like Justice.

  • somatic60

    It would be comical to see Obama try. The Clinton meltdown alone would be worth the price. I’m not sure Obama could get elected to dog catcher right now.

  • MisterMan

    The professor is an idiot. Why not just abolish the constitution all together and just declare Obama emperor? I mean thats what they relay want.

    • catlettuce redux

      He says “Nor does Obama have to fear the voters, which might be the scariest problem of all. If he chooses, he could simply ignore their will.” You have all misunderstood the point!

  • 0321ReConUSMC

    Actually I agree with the Sick minded Professor giving Obama a third try even though It is against our Laws .
    Obama Should run for a Third term but for far different reasons .
    This would decide whether or not we want to be a democracy or Iron hand ruled by a Marxist minded party !
    Obama by far has been been the worse President in all ways possible that even beyond Pathetic Jimmy Carter .
    Obama has totally failed in all major important area like Foreign policies , The GDP ,National debt Less Jobs , Higher taxes ,Higher energy and Living cost , far more expensive EPA regulations , sanctions and now our cost of health care doubling and tripling . Not to mention on his watch to date .The middle class is hurting worse than in 1978 under Carter with far less jobs with a 14 % larger population than in Carter years of living hell .
    If America would ‘Choose ‘ Again what Obama meant by his Marxist ‘Hope and Change ‘garbage .
    That simply means We as a Nation “Moronically “”Deserve ” and agree to have far less freedoms . Pay more in taxes ,,far less rights and individual personal decisions …And let Big Govt. be our Nanny’s Womb to Tomb .
    Only a damn fool and butt layer would want that for himself or America .

  • lazybumranch

    My goodness….and this clown teaches “History”? One can only imagine the fiction he spews in class.

    • catlettuce redux

      But this is NOT what he says. He says that if Obama had to run again he would be accountable to the people and because he doesn’t have to run, he is NOT. He actually AGREES with you! See for instance the quote in Zimmerman’s essay “Nor does Obama have to fear the voters, which might be the scariest problem of all. If he chooses, he could simply ignore their will.” You have all misunderstood the point!

  • Jsac2

    You gotta wonder what is in the water he drinks.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Fast and furious, Benghazi and the IRS scandal…Three good reasons to impeach this lying fraud! Oh and don’t forget…”If you like your insurance you can keep it, period.

  • sirjohnnyrotten

    i hope he just goes back to kenya , so he can destroy that economy also.

  • Larry Rappaport

    Mr. Zimmerman? If you think Barack Obama has been successful in any fashion these last 5 years then you Sir are the one in need of an education. You should forever be dispatched from any classroom. Do you perchance have a son named George?

  • WellArmedLamb

    People like this are teaching our kids…..it is any wonder that many of today’s young people without the benefit of strong parental guidance are screwed up?

    • catlettuce redux

      This is not what he says. He says that if Obama had to run again he would be accountable to the people and because he doesn’t have to run, he is NOT. He actually AGREES with you! See for instance quote in Zimmerman’s essay “Nor does Obama have to fear the voters, which might be the scariest problem of all. If he chooses, he could simply ignore their will.” You have all misunderstood the point!

  • AlexxelA

    The next President of the United States should have to present a business proposal. It would have a budget, a plan for world politics and a domestic policy.

    There has been no budget passed in 5 years. End less spending and digitizing of Trillions of dollars.

    The media keeps saying that deficit spending is down! The reason why is Tax collection is up and the spending cuts from March!

    Remember the Sequester?

  • Bulldog

    This guy is the crap pile that parents pay to teach their children and they pay dearly. This really bad fart should be flipping burgers in Mongolia and kept far away from students and humans.

  • Tom_EE

    Actually the professor may well be correct! Many of this country’s problem would soon be solved if Mr Obama “won” a third term in office.

    This country would very soon after, rid itself of many liberals, especially those in Washington. That “purge” would occur with the onset of our country’s 2nd Revolution!

  • catlettuce redux


    This is NOT what he says.

    He says that if Obama had to run again he would be accountable to the people and because he doesn’t have to run, he is NOT. He actually AGREES with you!

    See for instance quote in Zimmerman’s essay “Nor does Obama have to fear the voters, which might be the scariest problem of all. If he chooses, he could simply ignore their will.”

    You have all misunderstood the point!

    • Oboy_must_go

      He ignore’s our will anyway…How do you think the ACA got passed!

    • 2summer4

      Do not mess with the Constitution. Period. Obama hates this country and will continue his jihad – his way – no matter how many terms he has. Idiotic thought process.

  • Osamas Pajamas

    Barak Bait-And-Switch OhBummer can best help America by shooting Biden The Magnificent, Nazi Pelosi, Feeeelthy Harry Reid and himself in the head. OhBummer is Napoleon Blownapart, always leading the charge against messes which he and his party created. Hey. OhBummer. Go blow your head off.

  • J2

    I expect these calls to gain in number and momentum from the Leftwing Establishment, because making O’Bongo our dictator has been the plan all along. The idea that we will even have an election in 2016 may just be the Final Obama Deception. We now have virtually all the pieces in place for a police state, except for eliminating gun ownership, and you see how hard they are working on that one. Why create a police state if you don’t plan on creating a dictatorship?

  • Gail

    The professor’s suggestion would be equal to “Let’s give this dying cancer patient a double dose of cancer cells in hopes he will be cured.” What the heck are the qualifications to be a professor at NYU???? “Stupidity???

    • catlettuce redux

      He does not say that. He says that if Obama had to run again he would be accountable to the people and because he doesn’t have to run, he is NOT. He actually AGREES with you! See for instance in Zimmerman’s essay “Nor does Obama have to fear the voters, which might be the scariest problem of all. If he chooses, he could simply ignore their will.” You have all misunderstood the point!

  • MisterMan

    No need to amend the Constitution. Obama will run again under his alias Barry Soetoro with yet another SS# and birth certificate so he can serve another two terms.

    • WBC

      More likely as Betty Sotero after a quick “reassignment” in Thailand.

  • bluemongoose

    Impeach Obama and repeal the ACA. Vote out every liberal for every office…that’s how we fix this mess, and I’m not even a college professor!

  • EATitCNN

    You have got to be kidding me.

    • catlettuce redux

      He says that if Obama had to run again he would be accountable to the people and because he doesn’t have to run, he is NOT. He actually AGREES with you! See for instance “Nor does Obama have to fear the voters, which might be the scariest problem of all. If he chooses, he could simply ignore their will.” You have all misunderstood the point!

  • warpsix

    Professor Crackhead…

  • chronovisor

    maybe it’s time we start shutting down publicly funded universities and start over! then cut out the moronic “gender studies” “race studies” programs and any other “studies” that contribute NOTHING to society! when the nation was sane, most of these so called “professors” would of been jailed

    • billyrumble

      We need to remove government influence from universities. Professors conduct indoctrination for the federal government and in turn they receive federal financing. Professors may seen silly in what they say and do to get their money, but it’s calculated greed.

  • abigz

    If you want to fix the Feds we would go back to the old ways. Like bringing House Representatives offices back to the area which they represent and the Senators are appointed by the States they represent. Yep, that’s the way is use to be. Makes it pretty hard on lobbyist and Congressmen to ignore their constituents for campaign money.

  • julianusrex

    I hope he’s not teaching constitutional law.

    • MisterMan

      constitution? what constitution?

  • otaycec

    The professor clearly has the right man for the job of tearing down the constitution. Nobody has been more successful than Obama in that regard.


    wow , yep , that’s exactly what we need

    • catlettuce redux

      This is NOT what he says. He says that if Obama had to run again he would be accountable to the people and because he doesn’t have to run, he is NOT. He actually AGREES with you! See for instance quote in Zimmerman’s essay “Nor does Obama have to fear the voters, which might be the scariest problem of all. If he chooses, he could simply ignore their will.” You have all misunderstood the point!


        no , not at all I just don’t agree with his thought process. Obama does not feel accountability and has demonstrated that. He is a narcissist, who if given the opportunity to run for a Third term would view it as a mandate for his current agenda before he even hit the campaign trail and given the less then trust worthy polling stations such as in Philly, I don’t trust the process

  • catlettuce redux

    This isn’t what he says. He says that if Obama had to run again he would be accountable to the people and because he doesn’t have to run, he is NOT. He actually AGREES with all of you!

    See for instance this in Zimmerman’s essay “Nor does Obama have to fear the voters, which might be the scariest problem of all. If he chooses, he could simply ignore their will.”

    • txborntxbred

      I agree with what you are saying about the professor,however, Obama was already doing many things not ethical, not legal and unconstitutional in his first term and yet he was voted back in….or was there a fix…could happen again. Most people are now waiting for his “tenure” to be over.

  • disqus_6z6JUiFv94

    Those who can, do. Those that can’t, become professors and whine.

  • Larry Kelly

    Well, like the infinite monkeys with their infinite typewriters, given enough terms he might do something right.

    • WBC

      Not enough monkeys. Or, from another perspective, too many monkeys.

  • WBC

    Couldn’t Barry just get a sex-change operation and run in 2016 as Betty Obama? No constitutional amendment necessary and he’d take all the wind out of the Hildebeast’s sails again!!!

  • rufedup2

    This is a joke, right? If it’s not, the professor’s brain is not getting enough oxygen. However, his condition can’t be treated. His insurance was cancelled last week.

  • NuttyProfessor

    Someone need to do BRAIN SURGERY on this idiot. Program the professor to be a stooge with a dunce cap for the rest of his life. ahole.

  • papal

    The Affirmative Action Presidency needs four more years to get things right, really. Didn’t Obama admit himself that if he didn’t get it turned around in the first term he shouldn’t have a second term. Obama kind of reneged on his promise because I guess he likes the perks. Maybe with a third term he could turn it into the Imperial Affirmative Action Presidency and completely rewrite the constitution. And folks are paying these fools to teach their children.

  • Gman51

    He never should have been allowed to run for a first term.

  • Terry Smith

    All I can say is that the professor is a sign of the moral decay that has taken over our institutions of upper learning. What a pathetic example and to think that he actually is allowed to teach!!!

  • CambridgeMan

    The logic is odd, but the point is valid. We would all be lucky if President Obama could run for a third term. I wouldn’t mind to see him as President for Life personally 🙂

  • kansas

    Forget the election. Let him install himself by executive order.

  • bo1921

    So this fool wants to vote for the phony in the WH three times? In all seriousness, mental illness is a terrible thing.

  • Chuck Stamford

    The threat to personal liberty and the foundational political theory upon which this country was founded, and that is primarily responsible for its historic prosperity grows with each year a liberal is imbued with ANY power to implement national policy. It was a huge mistake to grant this president one term, let alone a third.

  • ronb28135

    An endorsement from another Marxist is pretty empty of intelligence. He shouldn’t worry about Barry getting a third term. Barry has already laid the groundwork for a lifetime term of office. The second amendment stands in his way but he has laid the groundwork with the small arms treaty to get around that. If professor what’s his name is such an advocate of Barry’s policies and such a butt hugger he should volunteer for the BATF goon squads that will be sent out to kill those citizens who refuse to give up their guns. It may come to that.

  • 67garyn47

    This professor is a whack job.



  • Old Crow

    Mr. Obama being half black is the reason we, as a nation, are only half way to becoming Detroit. A third term would surly get US there.

  • He probably wont have to run. But even if he did, job satisfaction results would have nothing to do with his electibility.

  • MisterMan

    He should just run again as Borat Obama. Why not? this administration is a real comedy show.

  • SRussell55

    This professr got his degree from DAU, Dumb As$ University. And think, his students are being talked into $40,000 student loans., which later, they will whine to ask us to pay for. You people are idiot$.

  • Gus Mueller

    World’s stupidest Jew…

  • Piquerish

    And the reason for the regal hegemony would be a matter of pigmentation. How libtardic of him. Remember when professors actually studied things and educated people? Me neither.

  • WOW

    The good professor is likely on psychotropics. Americans, this is the one guy that we need to make sure doesn’t get his hands on a gun.

  • HoReeFuk

    Spend too much time smelling shrit on fingers.

  • Lydia

    They say you just can’t fix stupid but it appears we can hire stupid to be professors.

    • billyrumble

      Nope, you’re wrong. They are not stupid. They are narcissistic and greedy. They only seem stupid, but their actions are very calculated. The federal government rewards professors for their loyalty. This professor will be given extra consideration for the federal grants that he applies for in the future.

  • Drez Zipper

    All totally unnecessary, prof!

    Obama’s gonna put some martial law whoopin’ on America.

    • ILikeRush

      If he did that he would end up like Lincoln. Someone would get him.

  • Orwell

    What a moron. And to think Profs like this thing are teaching children.

  • cmunit

    Jonathan Zimmerman can KISS my RED, WHITE and BLUE ass !!!

  • CharlesFinley

    choco preezy for life!


  • Out_Fang_Thief

    This is the same illogical logic of a 6 year old who wants something he knows he can’t have, but he still continues to ask for it. Has there ever been a time when this country has had this many childish adults?
    If you’ve ever wondered where our nations entitlement mentality comes from, well, here’s your answer. Liberals: Functional. Adult. Children.

  • lysosome

    Proves yet again that liberalism is a mental illness, often incurable.

  • deepfriedfunk

    RECALL !!!! you mean IMPEACH and HANG for TREASON!!! not a joke…

    • ILikeRush

      If he succeeds in starting a race war we will not have to worry about that, We could also be able to fix the immigration problem.

      • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

        The problem is some of us would get shot by the good guys because we stand with you….and some would just fire on any Black man

  • TexanPatriot2

    We should also abolish the 17th Amendment as well. That would CERTAINLY nullify Obama’s 3rd term…..

  • mertsj

    “That’s some strange logic.”
    LOGIC??? LOGIC????? When are you people going to learn that The Liberal Mob, like all mobs, is incapable of logic. That’s why it is called a mob.

  • …because then he’d be less likely to “ignore” the will of the American people.

    Only a college professor would argue that the way to teach someone to stop doing something is to reward him for doing it.

    • catlettuce redux

      Read the article.

  • Fastgirl

    What a joke this professor is.

  • ILikeRush

    This is why our children are so stupid when it comes to the law and the Constitution.

  • JM

    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Dellinger

    I didn’t think marijuana was legal in NY

  • David Scuncio

    no FU***** way in Hell do we want this Clown for a third term, an no the constitution will not be change for him
    what are you teaching these kids,

  • Erdos

    We have a self-centered ass that’s only concerned with staying in power and not with the will of the people. Let’s put him up for reelection!

  • Mike Croft

    Professor Smellfungus strikes again!

  • Jacob Timms

    The professor is clearly an advocate of socialist/marxist policies. In his way of thinking socialism is the perfect socio-economic solution… it just needs more time to work. Zimmerman lives in a fantasy world like most so-called educated academics who are disconnected from reality in their academic bubble.

    I would bet that someone in the Obama administration is generating the creation of these comments as well. My concern is that Obama sees himself as a ruler rather than a transitory position holder of an office that doesn’t belong to him.

    Obama is dangerous.

  • Nick L. Gale

    The level of ignorance by this professor, begs to have his credentials reviewed.

    • Nick L. Gale

      I misunderstood nothing. Just didn’t try to rationalize it. All those points are why he should have done better in his first term, not a third one.

      • Nick L. Gale

        It was poorly written to express that.

  • Teecee3

    And this moron is teaching our young??

  • ordinary american

    A history professor who has not learned from history! Hollywood writers couldn’t even dream up that script.

    And, his name is Zimmerman! Probably a relative. ROFLMAO!!

  • DEF

    The troubling thing is…This man is a Professor!!

    • Antiobamunist

      Professor? Big deal, Obama is King.

  • roguenuf

    Recall? NO ! Arrest and imprisonment is what would be appropriate for committing treason!

  • ejeff

    One word explains it all…Progressives! It’s the neoprogs in education, the media, and government that keep this guy afloat. It is the neoprogs that want to fundamentally transform this country.

  • fb0252

    Obama Caucasian support these days seems primarily Jewish. One wonders why?

  • Corpseman57

    Zimmerman supports obama, the “friend” of Israel. Zimmerman. What am I missing here?

  • Richard Goesinya

    This guy is on crack has to be to make a comment like that this baffoon is toast I cannot wait for 2014 and 16, repubs will sweep both elections the masses have had enough of this guy ruining the country, let him go off to Hawaii and get skin cancer…

  • iatemine

    Obama could care less of the “will of the People”. He is a complete Ideologue, bereft of any conscience or respect for all that made Us the best Country in the history of the world to live in. He is a Marxist. His Cabinet is filled with Marxists, all intent on bringing the United States down and replacing it with a Far Left Socialist Oligarchy. Every decision He has made from the beginning has hurt Americans and America and We can count on Him doing nothing but the same until We can be rid of this !diot. He is doing the will of George Soros and His minions and has only His warped historically non-successful ideology at heart. It “seems” like there are more waking up to this absolute Liars propaganda but of course the uneducated Blacks and low-info and stupid voters will still follow Him.

  • bumbutcha

    I hope he’s not tenured

    • catlettuce redux

      I hope he is because if you read the link you will see this is NOT what he says. He says that if Obama had to run again he would be accountable to the people and because he doesn’t have to run, he is NOT. He actually AGREES with you! See for instance quote in Zimmerman’s essay “Nor does Obama have to fear the voters, which might be the scariest problem of all. If he chooses, he could simply ignore their will.” You have all misunderstood the point!

      • Antiobamunist

        Obama doesn’t have to be accountable because he in his last Term?
        I had no idea that the Separation of Powers and his Constitutionally Limited Authority expired upon Reelection.
        You learn something new every day living in Obamaville.
        Well, you know what they say, The only good Commie is an Impeached Commie.

  • ILikeRush

    Obama walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder… Bartender looks up and says,”No Village idiots allowed”.

  • seeayem

    I believe the good professor is right. Electing 0bama to a 3rd term would solve everything. We’d all be calling him massa and aksing him fa pamissin ta leaves da plantation. He could control everything from the White House and the golf course. How easy that could be.

  • ILikeRush

    Obama walks into a bar with a frog on his head. The bartender does a double take and says “What the hell is that?” The frog replies “I dunno…it started as a pimple on my @$$ last week”

  • Dontazemebro

    Professor of what? I swear, someone is putting something in the water.

  • ILikeRush

    A guy goes into a bar, there’s a robot bartender. The robot says, “What will you have?”

    The guy says, “Martini.” The robot brings back the best martini ever and says to the man, “What’s your IQ?” The guy says, “168.”

    The robot then proceeds to talk about physics, space exploration and medical technology.

    The guy leaves, but he is curious… So he goes back into the bar. The robot bartender says, “What will you have?”

    The guy says, “Martini.” Again, the robot makes a great martini gives it to the man and says, “What’s your IQ?” The guy says, “100.”

    The robot then starts to talk about Football, Budweiser and John Deere tractors.

    The guy leaves, but finds it very interesting, so he thinks he will try it one more time. He goes back into the bar. The robot says, “What will you have?”

    The guy says, “Martini,” and the robot brings him another great martini. The robot then says, “What’s your IQ?” The guy says, “Uh, about 50.”

    The robot leans in real close and says, “So, you people still happy you voted for Obama?”

  • Paul Crowley

    Why isn’t Obama going to stand for a third term? He is beginning to rather unabashedly rule by fiat, and some are encouraging him to do more. I think all it would take is declaring a state of emergency in 2016 and saying that the country is in too much of a disrupted state to hold an election – we’ll try again in another four years.
    President for Life Obama! It isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. Once you have a strong leftist get into government it is very, very difficult to get them out.

    • Joseph P. Campbell

      If there is a glimmer of that, you will see an armed revolution to clean up the mess that this perverted administration has promoted…it may happen anyhow.

      • Drez Zipper

        Yeah…the 2nd Revolutionary War…we know.

        • Joseph P. Campbell

          Just bury your head in your obama phone and keep sucking…

          • Drez Zipper

            You took my comment the wrong way.

    • Drez Zipper

      Exactly correct.

  • Whitefiled


  • Joseph P. Campbell

    Maybe this so-called “educator” should take some time off and read our Constitution.
    How in the world do idiots like this obtain a “professorship”???

  • ILikeRush

    A Muslim, communist, and illegal alien walk into a bar. The bartender says, “What’ll it be, Mr. President?”

  • Garr Oob

    Geeeee. That sounds strange for something coming from a NYU professor. NOT!

  • ILikeRush

    Obama walks into a bar, got a great big colorful parrot on his shoulder. Barkeep walks up and says,”Man, that’s really cool. Where’d ya get it?” Parrot says, “Africa. There’s millions of ‘em.”.

  • Jason

    I would support the amendment only if they agree to congressional term limits. Of course, that will never happen. We need to break away from the centralization of the State. How can 300 million citizens with diverse opinions, needs, and wants truly be represented (especially when it is actually the lobbyists who have control)? Return power to the local communities. Whether they want socialism, republicanism, direct democracy, etc let them have it.

  • ILikeRush

    Obama walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. Bartender says, “Does he talk?” Parrot says, “Not without a teleprompter.”

  • Larry Gibb

    Rush is right, “liberalism is a mental disorder”

    • bo1921

      Michael Savage said that.

  • ILikeRush

    Obama walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder… Bartender looks up and says, “Where’d you get that?” Parrot says, “Kenya

  • gregmax68

    Sorry about the quibble but there’s a typo . . . “soloved”.


    I knew without a doubt it was a jewish professor that suggested this right on cue. Folks…they’re 1/5th of one percent of the population of the world but the bankers are using them, since they are depraved, see 911, U.S.S. Liberty, hell every terrorist attack is by those criminal rats. The bankers let them commit crime after crime and not even get bothered. Youtube: Nixon and Billy Graham discuss the Jewish media in America.. HInt: They both on recording say, “This country is going down the drain if the jewish media is allowed to operate.” See what they do to a country? Obama’s mother is jewish you dumb shids. hahahahha Are you complete morons? OBAMA IS JEWISH AND THEY LAUGH IN YOUR FACE. THE ELECTIONS ARE SO RIGGED IT’S PATHETIC. VOLTAIRE THE GREAT POET SAID, “I WOULDN’T BE SURPRISED IF THEY BECAME DEADLY TO HUMANITY AS A WHOLE.” HENRY FORD WROTE A BOOK CALLED, “THE INTERNATIONAL JEW”. GO LOOK IT UP……MORONS. HAHHHAHAHAHHAHA THE MEDIA IS THE BANKERS LYING MACHINE. THE COPS DO WHAT THEIR BOSSES, BY THE WAY, ARE JUDEOMASONIC MORONS THEMSELVES….THEY’LL ROAST YOU AND FRAME YOU IN ONE SECOND TO KEEP THEIR WORSHIPFUL MASTER HAPPY AND KICKING THEM MORE SHEKELS…BECAUSE THEY DO. THEY’RE EATING YOUR COUNTRY WHOLE WITH LIES AND FLAT OUR ROBBERY COVERED UP BY THEIR MEDIA…..WOLF BLITZER IS DIRECTOR OF AIPAC YOU IDIOTS. HAHAHAH HE ISN’T GOING TO TELL YOU THAT. HAHAHHAHAHHA READ THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION, COUPLE THAT WITH THE LIAR, ALBERT PIKES 3 WORLD WARS LETTER. PIKES REAL NAME WAS CHASE, NOT PIKE. HE’S A LIAR LIKE THE REST. SENT HERE TO FOOL YOUR DUMBASSES.

  • hihellothere

    Third term campaign poster…

  • DrFinch

    I’m officially done with NYU and no more donations because if Zimmerman is a professor then Sharpton must be the dean.

  • Steve Fitzpatrick

    this is more proof of my way out thesis that we abolish college completely and have employers train future emloyees on the job with time for class work on the employers
    premises that would take politics out of the equation and the student would get a realworld education. and a lot of future alcoholics would not happen. just a crazy thought…

  • bcmugger

    Hes a jew, theres a surprise.

  • MsMag

    Just goes to show that all the psychopaths are running the asylum.

  • Jasonn

    That professor sound delusional to me. Probably hasn’t read the Constitution OR the national news.

    • Peter913

      I have a bridge in Brooklyn maybe he would want to buy 😉

  • I Believe

    There will be a crisis. Obama will get a third term, but America will be gone.

  • Shawn French

    If the press hadn’t aided and abetted Obama in defrauding the country, Romney would have won in 2012.

    • RalphToon

      The dead voted in overwhelming numbers for the messiah. I got a good laugh at some of the precincts in PA voted over 100% of the registered voters for Obama. A third term would be a cinch.



  • ElmoS

    Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but we already have had enough of this man and his politics. We also have had enough of the Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, and Communists that are spewing their trash in our colleges. You have done more to ruin this country than any group since 1776. Revoke Tenure.

  • Mr fix it

    That could be one way to guarantee an election for the GOP…..but in reality Hillary would be a third term for Obama, let’s keep that in mind when we tear each other up in the primaries”

  • savagenation

    They forget this would allow GW to run again, and after this Carter Redux, George would get re-re-elected by a landslide.

  • SRussell55

    The longer he is in, the more poor will die. You get what you vote for.

  • SloMark

    Hahaha. Idiot.

  • everfriend

    Is what he means that, if he faced an upcoming election, he would become even more dismissive of the Constitution and states’ rights, in order to garner votes.

  • Daphney

    Failing blog keeps doors open for a few more days.
    While an instructor gets a link to his book about Yale and sex… You’re a little late lady.

  • ojfl

    Given his current popularity, even if he were allowed I am not sure it would be a good idea. Humiliation would ensue.

  • Chad G. Singer

    OMFG. What is wrong with these supposedly ‘smart’ people? How can they exist in the real world without killing themselves out of sheer stupidity!

  • DrElephant

    Solve the debt issue. Hire an Alchemist.

    They’re both equally intelligent ideas.

  • reddog

    I have reluctantly concluded that some are just too stupid to see the irony of their proposals. Where are these people living, in a bubble?

  • David Hedricks

    And sadly, it’s this type of Communist drivel that our young people are being taught in school. This idiot would have been right at home under George III … Maybe he’d be happier in N Korea under a open dictatorship … Idiot …

  • Joe_Morgan_Speaks

    We need a new method of hiring professors because what we’re doing now is not working and it is ruining generations of college students. A quota that all universities must hire 50% conservative to 50% liberal professors would be a good start.

    • john_koenig

      The problem is the definition of “conservative.” I think Karl Rove is a leftist while the left thinks he’s a Tea Party member..

      • 2summer4

        So true!

    • doubleducks

      Go to the website of any university. Look at what the younger English faculty “specialize” in. Half of them – these are English profs – declare themselves experts in stuff like “gender analysis” or “gay theory”. It is absurd. They pronounce themselves experts in all fields.

  • Mel Content

    Proof positive that the liberal arts and humanities departments of our colleges and universities are filled with idiots.

  • AnotherPawn

    That professor should be tarred and feathered then ran out of town.



    • john_koenig

      Why must you shout on every thread?

  • thesunisup

    A single term, just one term, per President. Term limits are not supposed to protect a President. Term limits protect the people. The undeserving need a polite exit.

    One term will protect the Majority from Tricksters and the Minority-the 37%-looking at the clothes.

    We can always find another President.
    This one cost just $1 Billion per term.
    Just $3.33 per person for 4 years.
    It’s time Professor to buy another President.

    This one doesn’t work, something’s broken on the inside.
    Toys R Us will be open till midnight through Christmas.

    • john_koenig

      One six year term. No reelection foolishness that that the last two years of a first term always becomes.

      • thesunisup

        Six might work. The Will of the People is to end their misery now under this President.

        The People have admitted they made a mistake voting for him; they are done with the man now and the Prof. asks us to be burdened another 7 years.

        Who can bear the burden of this President?
        It is too great.

        Obama has required and forced every citizen to become a slave to his hopes and dreams and bitterness, to pay back his wild spending spree while in full mania.

        Prof. Zimmerman’s odd ideas; coming from anyone never a slave themselves, who never paid for their ancestors freedom now applauding the very man who has forced every person to become a slave to pay his lenders.

        Mr. Obama and Mr. Zimmerman are unworthy of their pretentious titles, they display perversity.Their ignorance of their pride is equal to the depth of humility they will soon experience as if awakening from sleep.

        What the President has done to others will become his legacy and his reward.

  • smilinjack

    First of all he would NEVER get elected to a third term. He has screwed this country over for 8 years and it will b hard to recover. The biggest thing we would have to recover from is the blood in the streets if the azzwholes even try it!

  • elizabethrc

    NYU, that bastion of liberalism gone wild.
    They hire morons to teach morons.

  • Larry Gibb

    Jesus walks into a cafe, sits down in the far corner.

    Independent walks in with crutches, sits down on the other end of the cafe and calls the waitress over and asks “Is that Jesus”?

    She reply’s yes it is, Independent says well send him the best shake and put it on my tab.

    Then a Republican hobbles walks in with a walker, sit near the Independent, sees Jesus and calls the waitress over……..and asks “is that Jesus”? She confirms that it is.

    Republican says well give him the best steak.

    Democrat walks in with a limp and sits in the opposite corner sees Jesus and calls the waitress over and ask the same question. Which she confirms that is is Jesus.

    He replies will get him some fries on me.

    Jesus finishes his meal and gets up walks to the Independent and puts his hand on his shoulder and says “Bless you my son for your generosity, you have been healed” and he jumps up throws his crutches and dances a jig out of the cafe.

    Jesus then walks to the Republican does the same thing, places his hand on his shoulder “Bless you my son for your generosity, you have been healed” and the Republican jumps up throws his crutches and dances a jig out of the cafe.

    Then Jesus walks over to the Democrat and starts to put his hand on his shoulder and the Democrat jumps up putting both hands out and screams:


  • Peter913

    3rd Term?
    Vote 4 a Democrat = saying Thank-U4 OBamacare!

  • Ted

    Why end 2 terms with trillions in debt when he go three and end in ……ZILLIONS. Bwah ha ha ha

  • Pragmatic Thinker

    Who is Jonathan Zimmerman and why should anyone care what he thinks? I am sure a lot of liberals would like to amend, tweak, modify, and perhaps even abolish the Constitution all together. Thank God my parents made me pay for my own way through college and I couldn’t afford a “real” education in a so-called institution of higher learning! Community college taught me that modifying the Constitution is a slippery slope and no party should ever be allowed to cross that line – ever! Professor Zimmerman please stay in NYC.

  • Tommy Shelton

    That’s the problem with this country today all the eastern and ivy league college elites are trying to tell the rest of the country if not the world how to live their lives ,they are so arrogant that they think that they are superior and know what is right for us just look at all the problems this country is in from them

  • OwnItObama

    How much of this country will be left when Obysmal’s 2nd term ends?

    • Walter

      Looks more dire by the day.

  • krinock

    The wacko professor is typical of the caliber of people teaching at our universities. Unfortunately 43% of the population probably agree with his stupid idea. Fortunately he won’t succeed in his quest to amend the Constitution.

    • john_koenig

      Just remind those 43% that Reagan would have coasted to a third term had it been permitted…

  • Mark

    It would be a landslide oblahma 39 %, any challenger 61%.
    even with democratic voter fraud.

  • izzycafe

    We keep over looking the need for a conversation about mental health, this professor is case in point.

  • J Kevin Brent

    This professor is a nazi. He should be hung from the tallest tree.

    • cgodfrey

      Without trial or due process? How about we charge you for inciting violence right now without a trial or due process? See how that works?

      • J Kevin Brent

        How about you go FY.

        • cgodfrey

          Well, there you see? You DO understand the importance of free speech. I knew you weren’t as stupid as first appeared

          • Mr_DAA

            How about you take a gallows dive also.

            They days of diplomacy are gone…………………..

          • cgodfrey

            I wouldn’t write any papers on free speech though. Your grammar is not quite so.

          • J Kevin Brent

            I hope you use a genuine name on your EBT Card, instead of that cowardly username. Ad be sure and clean up your cubicle area at the DNC/OFA/RINOve basement blogger brigade, in whatever dank parking garage in Debtroit that is.

          • cgodfrey

            lol – funny – never took any – or unemployment – own my house too, so the basement is only one of several floors i can choose. How about you? Does the ACA give you anger management funding?

          • J Kevin Brent

            Oh, yes you have. You don’t own anything. You a ho and bam-bam yo pimp.

          • cgodfrey

            Oh well, I thought I was conversing with an adult. My bad.

            Tell your parents they should really get the soap for that silly mouth of yours
            I have a job that actually pays me to get back to

          • J Kevin Brent

            No one care what you think. Yes, you get back to your job at the basement blog, or sweeping floors, or bama’s pedicure, or whatever it is you do for yo pimp.

      • Larry Gibb

        “Due process” it is only exercised by convenience today for those that have the coin against those that do not.

  • Bob Schwartz

    I think he was being sarcastic

    • Mr_DAA

      If you mean the professor, you are naive.

  • Michael Lederman

    Thanks Prof for the nightmare you have given me.

    if anyone needs proof that our children are being taught by some of the dumbest idiots the world has to offer… here it is.

    Hey Professor….. here’s your sign.

  • Opaque Blinders

    His article doesn’t deserve a response.

  • Ftno

    Third term = Military coup

    • john_koenig

      There needs to be one now.

  • JGTheMan

    We should amend the constitution to abolish liberalism, progressivism, and every other ism that’s based on the demagoguery of collectivism.

  • jnnrd54surrounded by libs

    If we had voter ID requirement this would be more palatable. However, it would also require an educated populous which we clearly don’t have.

  • Leo

    If this were allowed to happen, there would be thousands of new LHO’s or JWB’s reborn..

  • Eyes Openned

    Two Questions for the writer:

    1. Is This a Satire Piece?
    2. Are You a Real Professor?

  • Mr_DAA

    To think this professor has a bully pulpit to hammer his ideology home to his captive students lest they be kept from getting a passing grade no matter their abilities and accomplishments is absolutely abhorrent.

  • phillyfanatic

    Can you imagine parents spending tens of thousands to send kiddie to be in this brainwashing prof’s class? No wonder university libs have a safe haven for nuts like this. Time for schools to be more like Hillsdale rather than NYU.

  • Snowman 54

    The professor made an interesting point. “Perhaps Obama would be less likely to ignore the will of the people” if his re-election depended on retaining the good will of the electorate. There’s a better way though. Perhaps the Constitution should be amended to allow for the President to be subject to recall, as lesser positions are. Perhaps if a President knew that at any time the people could pull the plug on their despotism, they would be more inclined to focus on the good of the American public in general, as the public saw it. Rather than government being something done “to” them, we might see government done “for” them. Just a thought.

    • john_koenig

      Can you imagine the utter chaos a presidential recall would be? And once initiated the first time, it would be a tit for tat weapon with every president from that point on. What we need is a Congress with the balls to impeach when necessary.

      • Snowman 54

        Still. Maybe they would be distracted enough that they wouldn’t be dictating to the public, as is the case now.

      • DaveGinOly

        The problem with impeachment is that it puts the second-stringer (the VP) into the Oval Office. Impeachment is appropriate for the removal of a sitting president for a particular offense (i.e., some transgression for which he is solely responsible). But when the “offense” are his administration’s policies, replacement of one ideologue with another is not a solution to the problem. Recall and a special election can clear the slate, and is a more appropriate response to an objection to the policies of an administration.

  • Clark Simpson

    “….would be much more effective at governing if he could stand for
    re-election in 2016 because then he’d be less likely to “ignore” the
    will of the American people.”>>>>>>With their poll numbers running so low, why didn’t Nixon and GW Bush think of that?!

  • George A Watson III

    To preserve its “reputation” (if you can it has one), NYU needs to fire this clown – what an idiot. Glad I didn’t go to tax school there – probably more of the same crap there too.

  • WBC

    The “professor” seems not to understand that we passed the 22nd Amendment in order to avoid the sort of cult of personality that had been built around FDR. Roosevelt is without a doubt one of the most overrated presidents in our history – having managed to both prolong the Great Depression and get us into the second most destructive war in our history. The Halfrican Queen now occupying the West Wing is a perfect example of the evil that the amendment was intended to foreclose.

    No doubt his little op-ed piece is receiving great praise in the faculty lounges of NYU and other liberal academic brothels.

  • Victoria Koseck

    My Lord!

  • nitediver

    Let’s just all pray there is a “next” election.

  • dal

    Yeah, let the absolute worst president in history run again ? Don’t you want this freak educating your kids? There is a new definition for stupid and it is all over the educational systems of America. This guy redefines ignorance in this country. If corruption, lying, deception and ripping the constitution up would help this country then let this communist run again. We all know where the former USSR ended up. There’s where we’re going.

  • Chuck Cagle

    This guy is an effing idiot.

  • JoeBotz

    Time to cull a couple or more herds of the delusional left!

  • Burton Robson

    Yes that should solve the problems. he would be GONE!!

  • dareisay

    Wow! This professor doesn’t seem to know much, or he is a new immigrant!

    Parents, please Don’t spend your money to send your kids to this university…..there are better schools out there where they actually teach.

  • ConstanceUnderfoot

    The poser professor simply concocts the the vehicle to allow Obama to run again, with no sincere belief that it’s for a method of increasing responsiveness to the citizenry.

    Even if true, the potential threat to the citizenry of a leader allowed to retain power indefinitely with the help of the bureaucracy, far outweighs the possible benefit of any President changing his mind on issues in response to voters wrath.

    Politicians don’t listen now, unchecked limits wouldn’t help that.

  • 0321ReConUSMC

    Turns out the radial Socialist Professor makes over $ 176.000.00 a year .
    Works 141 days a year and Teaches 10 hours of class’s a week .
    Plus he gets
    5 awesome benefit programs,Free health and dental … subsidized housing and full retirement pay of 100 % with his highest pay for 5 years after 20 years at Yale .

    • dixhandley

      Affirmative action.

  • dixhandley

    Too many f’en liberals and minorities trying to be relevant. Go back, go back!

  • StephenC

    sounds good … lets see, Obama can decree his right to run through executive action … that’s the ticket 🙂

  • Aussie girl

    Haven’t you guys had enough of this already. Take a good look at who is running next time – don’t make it a black v’s white thing, or a south v’s north thing, make it what is best for the country, the people of that country, and surely you can find ONE honest man to take the position in your millions of residents. Maybe not – for an honest man would not run. May God bless America – but I really think your time has passed – when I see that your president has turned his back on Israel, you will be collectively punished. It is in the Bible – that old dusty book that we all have but very few of us seem to think of reading it…

  • Algen

    This is the quality of the intellect of the professors teaching at the way over priced collages these days. Any parent who has paid for their son or daughter to be taught by this professor should be eligible for a full refund and triple in damages.

  • John Rustic

    Great LIB LOGIC there pal!! See how far that gets you!!

  • Walter

    The professor is obviously not well, besides the liberalism.

  • Jerry Dean

    this idiot is another spoke in the wheel of destruction rolling over america

  • CashMcCall

    How delusional….

  • Dickgirth

    another REGGIN lover

  • dixhandley

    Okay, I just googled a picture of him. This explains everything. His heritage proves what I originally thought. Nothing to see here, move along now!

  • curious11

    Well, it’s a blessing that in order to change the Constitution, it requires a 2/3 majority vote of all the States… unless of course, Obama can sign an executive order to re-institute a third term for Presidency. That would not surprise me one bit … it would neither surprise me to see Michelle Obama (under the direction of Valerie Jarrett) to seek a shot at the presidency! Only time will tell if Americans get stupider and stupider and stupider!….Just like the move, “Idiosyncracy” (sp).

  • bonehead41

    Obama doesn’t need a third term. He will have accomplished his goal of destroying democracy and freedom before his second term ends.

  • Supreme Whitey

    Komrade Professor’s Credentials:
    1) BA/PhD in History
    2) Marxist
    3) …never mind the rest


    He’s hired to teach Politics to aimless young adults

  • jakartaman

    Why does this moron still have a job?
    You would think his bosses would fire him for gross stupidity

  • Amos3

    Kids, or their parents pay tuition to attend his classes? Either this guy is dumber than the piece of paper his diploma is printed on or he ‘s desperate for a spot on SNL.

    • Banjo

      I don’t know what the Professor looks like or what race he is but, I can assure you he’s another Affirmative Action Professor. Want to bet?

  • Mike

    I wish he would run,if for no other reason, to see all the right wing moron baggers melt down and stroke out. Best thing that could happen to America.

    • dareisay

      I don’t think you care about the country at all, you are just a die hard leftie!

      • Mike

        I do care about this country and the people (real people) that live here. That’s why you baggers need to go extinct.

    • Snake_Oilbama

      Please wipe Obama off your chin, parasite.

      • Mike

        I am hardly a parasite. I take very good care of myself and my family. As far as wiping Obama off my chin it would be more fitting for you baggers ( get the connection) to wipe cruz from yours.

  • UnclePete1946

    Talk about a whacky professor! Hasn’t this nitwit ever read the 22nd amendment? Does he propose a constitutional amendment? Does he really think that Obama would get 66% of the ratifying votes?

    This is one more reason why Leftisit professors should have an IQ of at least 105. Judging by his childish notion of allowing Fearless Leader to have an additional four years to totally screw up this country, I would say that his IQ is approximately 50.

    No, he is not an idiot, but he’s not quite as swift as a moron. That would make him an imbecile.

  • Alan

    Professor Jonathan Zimmerman – an educated freeloader.

  • DEF

    They have controlled the reporting of the narrative for so long ….That they think they can still just float an idea and their “Progressive” media Empire will make it come true!! It has always been that way in the past!!! They no longer Control the narrative.. Their demonizing of other view points no longer work!! Their victims/The entrepreneur/The people…. Yes even those they give handouts to are their victims… Making them dependent on a false god….Infesting their neighborhoods with malice and mischief (“Knock out game”)!!!! Their Implant named Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama has spread this evil seed/infestation across the land… Robbing at will….. The same as their government does!! This Regime does not represent the industrious/Ambitious it punishes them…It is it’s primary focus….How to take more!!! The longer they are allowed to breach established law by the stroke of a pen/bodily act or an invasion the harder it will be to define the line between right and wrong!!

  • Banjo

    I was telling my Uncle’s on Thanksgiving that the only way that Hussein Obama will leave the White House is if he’s dragged out of there. He thinks he’s a King when in reality he’s a Dicktator want-a-be!
    Well, the Liar In Chief told us to talk about him during Thanksgiving, didn’t he?

  • Jeff Johnson

    Smart people often have a strong lack of common sense.

  • skyking1000

    “He wants to amend the Constitution and abolish presidential term limits.”


  • Xanadu2

    What did the late William Buckley say..That he would rather be governed by the first 100 people in the telephone book than by the faculty of Yale? This idiot prof and his type are why!

  • Red_State_Eddie

    Why don’t we just start calling him “president-elect for life”?
    Or “King”?
    Or “His Eminence”?
    Or “His Royal Highness” – oh wait, that one’s taken…by the Brits…whom we fought to get rid of the term.
    Idiot sycophant.

    • Banjo

      I prefer A$$hole.

  • Dotcoman

    This is nothing new with the Marxist Left; back when they first elected FDR some of the Marxists and even no small number of Fascist Hitler fans in the Democrat Party seriously suggested that we shelve the Constitution and make FDR a dictator for a short time, till he had a chance to remake the country and to fix the broken 1930’s economy.

    You see that pesky constitution and the congress it created were standing in the one man’s way and in the way of the Party.

  • Paulo Revere

    Yes, Obama is graded on “The Curve” and therefor he gets an extra term and 2 extra points on his grade. Should be impeached with an F but will be THE MAN with a C-

  • 1NonPermissive

    Most college “professors” are on drugs, see everything from radical left wing textbooks as reality, and think the world can’t exist without them. Silly eggheads!

  • EchoLiberty

    Michelle Obama will be elected President in 2016. I’m not happy about it, but I see it coming a mile away. Don’t put it past the uneducated masses out there. It will happen.

  • Ken Trefaller

    Tom Hankks said it first. You will see more trial baloons. If he can do it no other way he will create and “incident” declalre martial law and himself President for life.

  • patriot1

    It’s appalling to observe the decline in the quality of “educators” over the last generation. This particular “professor” would be better served preaching to a gathering of lemmings with no horizon but to march blindly to the clarion calling of the fatally biased ideologue.

  • Homer Sapien

    Fruit! Loop!

    Better to establish the 28th Amendment, allowing Presidential RECALL!

  • Merriweather Brown

    Any serious ideas in this guy’s must be kept in solitary confinement.

  • tadchem

    The need for attention (or possibly the compulsion to publish) that drives this professor to make such an outrageous statement that betrays his ignorance of the Constitutional process (there’s no way the 22nd Amendment could be repealed in time to re-elect Obama!) – it’s positively pathetic.

  • Want another term of 0bama? Just vote for Hildebeest in 2016. Same leftist ideals, corruption, and lies.

    • Liliana Rawks

      Double down on the lies. That woman is a pro.

  • Ken Mitchell

    It’s true, of course; All of America’s problems would be eliminated during Obama’s 3rd term, because America itself would be eliminated. That’s happening now, of course, but I don’t think he’ll have QUITE enough time in 8 years to really destroy the country.

    Sort of like the “final solution” to the Jewish problem.

  • Josh

    Is the Washington Post so desperate that they print such rubbish?

  • Banjo

    Wish he would have thought of this when we had a real President like Reagan instead of the Dicktator want-a-be.

  • AZca

    I think the Prof might be onto something here. Obama (or any Pres.) shouldn’t be allowed a third term, but he should face a election at the end of his second term to determine if he gets his Presidential pension including library and secret service or if he is imprisoned and his family is exiled to some third-world hell hole (read: socialist paradise) for the next fifty years.

    • Banjo

      Now that’s the ticket! Yes sir, I like that.

  • obamavomit

    OMG this country need a civil war to round up all liberal democrats and bring them to trial for treason.

  • jimmydidit

    What a crazy azz, wonder how much obozo is paying this crazy nut to say this?

  • Homer Sapien

    The Obamination of Desolation Regime is well on its way to destroying our nation, our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and We the People,…in only 5 years of two terms,…and this joker “professor” wants to allow a third term?!? What a shitiod.

  • NoBama

    this would be great! to see Barry finally get the shellacking he deserves.

  • T S

    Apparently the professor is a racist and doesn’t believe there is another black man able to effectively run for president. He sees Obama as a fluke.

  • 1uncle

    People like this nut should not be allowed in school. I don’t believe he could learn from it as a student and should never be allowed to ‘teach’.

  • disqus_CxUjhR1v0v

    Parents, don’t give your kids ANY money towards college unless they attend a conservative institution. If they want to go to a “progressive” college or university tell them they will have to fund it themselves.

  • obamavomit

    Communication for IQ’s over 100:
    Concerning the 2nd Amendment and the conspicuous attempt by government official’s to restrict the individual citizen from possessing arms having military characteristics. This subverts the individual citizen’s ability to assure the right to maintain sufficient armament to guarantee the advantage of liberty and validate separation from any government action that would impose infringement against the liberties of the individual citizen.
    A message for IQ’s at 85, “obama”:
    If Blacks had guns they would not have been slaves.

    • Banjo

      Love your avatar.

  • Blahblahblah Noah

    Yeah, that’s the way to treat cancer…just let it run unchecked.

    And people wonder why we graduate blithering idiots from college when nutbags like this are teaching.

  • Dale

    He wants a “king” or “Dictator” for a leader ? This is the kind of thinking “Common Core” is going to produce. Good little followers.

  • Ken Trefaller

    Tom Hanks set off the first trial balloon. There will be many more. If this dosen’t work he will create an incident,declare martial law and himself President for life.

  • Liliana Rawks

    This man’s statement illustrates perfectly the utter ignorance of liberals. Mr. Zimmerman is a Jew. Barack Obama has done everything in his power to undermine the Jews’ homeland. It is to the point where he has now painted a nuclear target on every man woman and child in that country and Mr. Zimmerman wants to give him a couple more years to complete the annihilation of Israel.

  • Charlie hook

    Another liberal “professor”? Should be a headline like “Obama should be given a third term to finish off America”.

  • jswwrites

    I’d be living in another country by then. Our universities are a travesty.

  • LDMack

    Another sobering picture of, “This is your brain on drugs.”

  • res1944

    NYU has finally hit bottom with this Professor on their staff.

  • ZombieKiller

    Education just hasn’t been the same since they started selling Ph.Ds at the Dollar Store.

  • All_American

    He is a professor and hasn’t read the constitution WOW!
    Some ignorant people amaze me with their stupidity.

    • LouAnnWatson

      he knows, he just hates it.

  • Marcus Washingtonus

    No dear “professor”, creating an amendment to abolish the existing amendment which established term limits, isn’t the answer to the accountability issues of a very, utterly lame & lame-brained duck such as the executive branch head presently employed by our nation.
    On the other hand, suppose we form an amendment which creates the possibility of recall, or, a vote-of-no-confidence (let’s say, a recall voted upon by the people, vote-of-no-confidence done by the state legislatures) as a penalty upon the head of the executive branch… perhaps applicable not to first terms, but to second terms- perhaps expand it to apply to post-first-terms of Senators as well.
    We need to be creative and build new, Constructive (opposed to leftist “progressive”) ideas as we work to build escape velocity from Progressivist shackles, and begin establishing the post-Proggie era, to escape the utterly failed, antiquated systems imposed upon this civilization by unworkable & endlessly rehashed & rebranded “progressive” dogma.

  • RW

    A professor? LOL. THis is the type of thing you can hear from any black crack ho/thug/gangsta on any street corner being interviewed by da news.

  • cb2000a

    Not gonna happen. This professor is just another liberal whack job typical of what our colleges have become.

  • ussr51478

    A history proff? A Jew? And still didn’t learn shi!t not from history and not from history of our ppl. What a fu!kin looser. Hey proff go read a book other then Das Kapital, you fu!kin moron!

    • LouAnnWatson

      he just finished che’s biography while vacationing in cuba.

  • Eric Freeman

    Nobody in DC, even those in Congress who can keep running for ever, give a damn about what the voters think. I guess it doesn’t take much to be a college professor these days.

  • Jere

    That just proves the “Professor” is an idiot.

  • JohnGalt11


  • I am surviving Obama

    Hey Prof, how about this? We pass a law that NO LIBERAL BLACK person can ever again be put on a ballot. ANYWHERE. THAT would be a great place to start.

  • TaxpayerX

    Once again, the rule of law doesn’t apply to people of a certain race in the U.S. The U.S. would be a vastly better place if the southerners had just picked their own cotton.

  • DPC Commentary

    Obama, Hugo Chavez, Kirchner. The commonality: all failed socialist thieves desperate to stay in power to avoid being exposed. Oh…and they all found a Marxist PhD or two to support their case.

    • DPC Commentary

      PS: this really does prove that liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • disqus_CxUjhR1v0v

    Parents, may I suggest that if your kids want to attend a “Progressive” college or university, that you could tell them to fund their “education” themselves. It is time to put an end to this brainwashing at our expense.

  • Hawaiiguy

    Trial Balloon?

    • ussr51478

      Or he is shooting for a research grant, Salindra plant and it’s impact on history and economy.

  • Insure Guy

    Let’s do an honest poll once outside the MSM. Who herein believe that 5 yrs. from now Obama will known as the worst president in US history?

  • doggma

    wheres an asylum when you really need one……

  • Sbell

    Words escape me.

    • Jim Nordlie

      That is why he is a professor. I found protected teachers/profs I have had over the many years are living in an ivy league safe place in which to make irrational statements expecting to be applauded but this writer thinks he needs to get brain surgery. But then, I respect his right to write however, I absolutely do not agree . Jim Nordlie

  • RobertNJ

    At least he says amend the Constitution not ignore it. But a third term of this? No thanks, two will be more than plenty.

  • LawReader

    Most amusing! Or not – since ‘progressives’ think they’re doing a bang-up job. But Obama – the make-believe Constitutional law professor (the kind w/o tenure better known as ‘guest lecturer’…) – ignore the Constitution?

    Wait…that’s pretty much his forte’ isn’t it?

    On a brighter note – he just might get that rebellion he’s hell-bent on formenting…

    • Design Siemens

      I think I’ve figured out an analogy here.

      Just like the Islamic terrorists were only interested in steering the planes and had no interest in learning to land the planes,
      so, Obama only has interest in the parts of the constitution he can use to destroy the constitution and America.

  • PartyofKnow

    Cleon Skousen wrote a book called The Naked Communist in 1958. It stated 45 Goals on how to best destroy America from within. Goal #17 Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for Socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the Curriculum. Goal #29 Discredit the American Constitutiion by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs. Prof. Zimmerman is obviously a communist.

    • ussr51478

      Here is the question. Who won the cold war? I think the question is directly related to what’s going on in our country…. So, who won?

      • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

        Yeah…..Russia today is a freer country than we’re becoming. We’re almost the old Soviet Union.

  • squirefld

    Obama doesn’t want that. He’s going for KING of the world.

  • Design Siemens

    I think we’ve seen this movie before, starring FDR. It was a dark movie, not a melodrama.

  • gwbnyc

    basic academic ahole apparatchik.

  • Wojo777

    Great idea. We can make him dictator for life. That will give him the rest of his life to fight for Obamacare

  • Josh Mohr

    They will not leave office willingly, staged event is coming. This is the most corrupt and treasonous regime that has ever stepped foot onto United States soil. Obama is nothing but a Muslim plant that is doing what the central bankers want, total puppet. His job is to bring down America’s economy, strengthen radical Islamic terrorists all over the world, go after the guns, open the borders, socialized medicine, institute a carbon tax and Agenda 21, surveillance, drones and spying are increased ten fold, the police state is dramatically bigger and more powerful. We are in trouble. Both parties are bought and the media is nothing more than state run government controlled mouth pieces.

  • fred17

    And this liberal clown is teaching your kids!

  • tcp53

    Obama DESERVES a third term, alright. A term to be served in a Federal PRISON for corruption…..

  • Chuhyona

    Tenured terrorist

    Kathy Boudin, a notorious terrorist, bomber, and robber with the murderous Weather Underground in the 1970s and ’80s, has been back in the news lately. Folks in New York and across the nation are outraged to learn that she has been awarded an adjunct professorship at Columbia University’s School of Social Work in New York City. She has also been honored as the Rose Sheinberg Scholar-In-Residence at the New York University School of Law.

    Arthur Keenan, a retired police detective from Nyack, New York, where the Brinks robbery/murders took place, is outraged that Boudin is being given a prestigious soapbox to continue her radical activities. Keenan was shot in the leg but survived the Brinks attack that killed his fellow officers Sgt. Edward O’Grady and Officer Waverly “Chipper” Brown, and Brinks guard Peter Paige.

    Keenan’s sentiments are shared by many. Police Chief James Watt of Goshen, New York, likens her to Osama bin Laden. “Her and her group advocated the violent overthrow of the government,” says Watt. “They acted on it. Two police officers and a security guard were murdered. To me, it’s tantamount to having Osama bin Laden lecture at Columbia University.”

    Among the many citations regarding Boudin, Dr. Canfield provides this:

    July 9-15 1969, a reliably revolutionary SDS delegation (and a Latino delegation) of 34 persons traveled to Havana, “meeting and traveling around with the Vietnamese,” and were given “rings forged from salvaged metal stripped off American fighter aircraft.” They were Carlos Antonio Aponte … Kathie Boudin … Bernardine Dohrn …

    Bernardine Dohrn, of course, is the same unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist-bomber who is now employed as a professor of law at Northwestern University in Chicago. She is the wife of unrepentant Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers, now a retired “distinguished” professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. When Kathy Boudin and Dave Gilbert were arrested, they gave guardianship of their infant son, Chesa, to Ayers and Dohrn, who had earlier surfaced from the underground and had received only light sentences, thanks to plea bargains and connections in high places.

    Ayers and Dohrn are neighbors of Barack and Michelle Obama in Chicago’s Hyde Park, and Obama’s political career began in a fundraising meet-and-greet in the Ayers-Dohrn home.

    Although during his 2008 presidential campaign Senator Obama denied any close connections with Ayers, a huge amount of evidence indicates they were indeed close friends and were activists together in the same political projects. Two authors, Jack Cashill (The Audacity of Deceit: Barack Obama’s War on American Values) and Christopher Anderson (Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage), have separately amassed persuasive evidence that Bill Ayers actually wrote much of Barack Obama’s best-selling memoir, Dreams from My Father.

    Dr. Canfield’s Comrades In Arms provides this vignette on Kathy Boudin’s role in the deadly accidental explosion of a bomb Boudin was helping to make in 1970:

    A little after noon on Friday March 6, 1970 a homemade bomb — dynamite and steel nails — exploded destroying a townhouse, a four-story safe house, for the Weather Underground at 18 West 11th Street near Fifth Avenue in Greenwich Village, New York. The antipersonnel bomb loaded with sixteen-penny nails killed Ted Gold, Terry Robbins and Diana Oughton. The bomb was intended for a U.S. Army dance at Fort Dix in New Jersey where had it exploded, potentially hundreds of soldiers and their dates might have been killed or wounded. In the event, Diana Oughton, 28, possibly holding the bomb in her own hands, was decapitated in the explosion and identified by a fingerprint from a surviving fingertip of her right hand. Cathy Wilkerson and Kathy Boudin, survivors of the townhouse explosion, climbed, Wilkerson topless, Boudin naked, bloodied and bruised through a hole in the townhouse rubble to the side walk into the arms of two good Samaritans.

    At the time of the explosion, Boudin was already on the run, jumping bail after arrest for her role in the 1969 “Days of Rage” riots and mayhem in Chicago. Dr. Canfield writes:

    On October 8, 1969 the SDS Weathermen converged upon Chicago for “Days of Rage” smashing property and fighting police in the streets of Chicago. Months of preparation, promising a street fight, led not to the expected 20,000 revolutionaries, but to only several hundred street fighters…. Carrying large Viet Cong flags Kathy Boudin and Linda Sue Evans led the charge.

    Canfield also notes:

    Testimony agreed to by both the defense and the prosecution in the trial of FBI officials W. Mark Felt and Edward S. Miller showed that officers of Cuban intelligence met regularly with SDS/Weather Underground leadership—Bernardine Dohrn … Mark Rudd … Kathy Boudin … and Jennifer Dohrn. Cuba’s intelligence/secret police gave advice, logistical and monetary support and some instructions to the Weathermen. They were agents of a foreign power and rightful targets of surveillance.

    Ayers, Dohrn, Boudin and their comrades received help not only from Fidel Castro’s secret police, the DGI, but also from other Soviet KGB surrogates, such as the East German and Czechoslovakian intelligence services. Mark Rudd, the Weather Underground terrorist referred to above, resurfaced in 1977, served a short jail sentence, then went on to be a mathematics instructor at Central New Mexico Community College. Now retired, he is actively traveling the country with fellow 1960s’ radicals to reestablish the newly refounded SDS (Students for a Democratic Society).

    Tom Hayden, one of the original founders of SDS, is currently teaching a course at UCLA on the 1960s’ protest movement. He has taught previously at Harvard University, Occidental College, Pitzer College, and Scripps College.

    Kathleen Cleaver, a former Black Panther Party activist, lived in Communist Cuba and North Korea before returning to the United States to study law. She is now a professor of law at Yale University.

    Angela Davis, a former Black Panther Party activist and a leader of the Communist Party, USA, is now a retired professor from the University of California Santa Cruz, where she was director of the Feminist Studies Department. Like many of her 1960s’ comrades, she is still promoting the same radical politics, speaking regularly as a paid speaker at colleges and universities.

  • Ken Trefaller

    .I am being censored

  • Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Castro, Obama all understood perfectly what no Republican (either intentionally or inherently) has not a single clue about: Whoever controls the media, controls.

    ABCCBSNBC is the only dominant media that reaches more than 25% of the American electorate with a single repetitive message on every issue.

    Change who controls ABCCBSNBC, you change everything.

    Don’t change who controls ABCCBSNBC, nothing will change.

  • toadthewetsprocket

    It would make sense to have President Obama reelected to a third and maybe a fourth term. It is extremely difficult to utterly destroy … , I mean fundamental change, an entire nation. Now that we have redefined poverty (more people than ever on food stamps), what it means to be unemployed (we’re closer to 20% than we are 8), and inflation (the two items used by everyone every day, food and fuel, are no longer factored in), a rosy picture is painted for the proletariats drinking their “victory” gin.

    Race relations are as bad as they’ve ever been, friendly foreign leaders have no faith in us knowing we are unreliable, our enemies openly mock us, and there is a collective cry for the U.S. dollar to no longer be a global monetary standard. Our health care system that others use to travel to our borders to us is in turmoil. There are still too many doctors and nurses yet to pushed out the door. And the war on our children and their financial futures is still in full swing and not yet fully realized.

    There is more to demolish so as to completely and permanently devastate us as a nation. Two terms is surely not enough.

  • person

    Yea that’s what is needed. More lies and more evil.


    I guess eight years isn’t enough time to irrevocably fugg up a country.

  • SuperGuest

    A third term for this rodeo clown would definitely force me to violence.

    • jones67

      Go out and Google “Whiplash the Rodeo Cowboy” and you will see Obama when he is performing !!!!

  • jones67

    Perhaps someone should shoot this idiot and then sue his estate to recover wasted taxpayer money !!!!!

  • PDC in Vegas

    Is the Constitution dead?! Should we now become the People’s Republic of America?! All of those who previously gave their lives for this country are now rolling in their graves!

  • DaveGinOly

    OK, let’s remove term limits. So this would allow Obama to run again. But would he? Seriously? Is his head that big?

    But in the same amendment, include “recall,” as suggested by the author of the article. And one more thing – direct impeachment. Not sure how that’d work, but the impeachment would still move to the Senate for removal from office (Senators would hazard themselves if they did not remove from office a president impeached directly by the people). Must give some thought as to how this would work. Maybe the impeachment could be by State legislatures, with the agreement of two-thirds to impeach? This would be more of an “indirect” impeachment, rather than a popular/direct impeachment, but it could work.

    Note that “direct impeachment” and “recall” would not be the same. The former would go to the Senate as impeachment in the House does now, while the latter would remove a president directly and require an election to replace (one could presume that if the people want the president out, they’re probably not well-disposed to his VP, although the VP would be president pending the results of the special election). Also note that direct impeachment and recall efforts could run concurrently, with a successful recall removing the president immediately without regard for the status of an impeachment process.

  • Russell Jones

    That would be nothing more that a second flush making sure this country was finely and truly flushed down the toilet.

  • Chris

    A college professor saying something stupid? Shocking. The world really is going downhill.

  • sbruce1154

    Only in government and education does poor performance to get rewarded. In the real world if you mess up you get replaced, and that is they way it should be every where.. As a matter of fact I believe that term limits should be set on every political office. Offices of services were not intended to be for life. Oh and this professor is a moron.

  • Ron Strader

    He will have had 8 years to fix “all of America’s problems”. That is all the time any president has, so why is Barack Hussein Obama different? If he doesn’t like the U. S. Constitution, then let him return to Kenya!

  • lamar L

    It is doubtful we will survive 3 more years of the obomination administration let alone an additional 4.


    “If we were going to go to the trouble of amending the Constitution, I think more Americans would be interested in adding the power to recall this president than would be interested in giving him a third term.”
    That, or term limits for Congress. I’d go for both.

  • jake_is_my_dog

    We should get to vote if Obama gets a government pension or not!

  • RecoveringLiberal

    He didn’t advocate a third term. He said “Turd term.”

  • sam256

    There is always a comedian in the house.

  • The Buzz

    He will need his entire lifetime just to get that website up and running

  • Anthony

    Good god, see the level of indoctrination we receive in college people? Once in core humanities 202. I was forced to write an essay worth a 1/4 of my grade about why communism is good for young people. Yes this was taught at an American college that I am attending still unfortunately. I cannot wait to graduate so I can b e done with this filth being taught forever.

    • 2summer4

      You sound smart enough not to fall for any of it.

      • Anthony

        You know what is really ironic when I entered college I was an ultra liberal environmentalist. Now I am a conservative liberty loving constitutional believer. But then as I was introduced to the deepening of the indoctrination I was under, one day I just magically woke up and saw liberalism, and liberals for the lies they claim as truth. Did you know that they teach High Schoolers that Joseph McCarthy was the most evil man in American history and that he lied. Even though most historians back up McCarthy’s claims as actually being tue. McCarthy just simply did not have enough evidence to bring down the monolith of communism that penetrated our government, and education systems. So McCarthy lied a little to get the real communists out in public, in fact now that several KGB members have told the truth after the fall of the USSR. we know McCarthy was right about the people he accused pretty much every last one of them. But high schooler’s are taught this is a lie. God help us all at this point, I kinda think it is too late to turn the indoctrination around it is too imbed in kids today!

        • 2summer4

          The true patriots of this country are being demeaned (“McCarthy was a drunk”) and attacked by what might still be a minority of anti-American progressives/Marxists/Communists, but headway is being made by these people. Under Obama – it’s a free-for-all for the Leftists to destroy forever what’s left of this country. Doing it in schools, colleges, universities is a sure way to destruction.

  • toadthewetsprocket

    It would make sense to have President Obama reelected to a third and maybe a fourth term. It is extremely difficult to utterly destroy … , I mean fundamental change, an entire nation. Now that we have redefined poverty (more people than ever on food stamps), what it means to be unemployed (we’re closer to 20% than we are 8), and inflation (the two items used by everyone every day, food and fuel, are no longer factored in), a rosy picture is painted for the proletariats drinking their “victory” gin.

    Race relations are as bad as they’ve ever been, friendly foreign leaders have no faith in us knowing we are unreliable, our enemies openly mock us, and there is a collective cry for the U.S. dollar to no longer be a global monetary standard. Our health care system that others use to travel to our borders to us is in turmoil. The war on our children and their financial futures is still in full swing and not yet fully realized.
    There is more to demolish so as to completely and permanently devastate us as a nation. Two terms is surely not enough.

  • Madness

    Oh my God.

  • CarlosSpicyWeiner

    Actually, Obama should simply suspend elections and appoint himself dictator for life. I’m pretty sure nobody would stand in his way! America’s finished anyway, might as well be Obamastan.

  • davidscott999

    I agree with the author’s post: A third Obama term would be catastrophic. Check this – and it’s just from a “systems” point-of-view: http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/business-technology/obamacare-project-management-and-empiricism/

  • Mark edward marchiafava

    will you people EVER learn the very concept of the federal government is fatally flawed? Abolish it.

  • AntiSoros

    Another typical libtool PhD trying to spin the disaster that is O’Bummer. With an “approval” rating at 37%, it is bad enough until of course you insert reality and understand that that number is while he is still getting unending support of the msm…Imagine how low it would be if the media was as vitriolic toward O as they were for Bush??? Just imagine.

    A third term? ..Over my dead body.

  • BetYouCantPushJustOne

    Total lamer.

  • Carlos Danger


  • Ron Strader

    This idiot must have been experimenting with drugs in Husseins choom gang. He is delusional!

  • David Sparkman

    Here is a better idea, have President Obama issue an executive order naming him President for Life, then we can establish a true power structure that will eliminate all our problems. You think we have a problem? FEMA camp for you! Then we can be like so many other great countries in this world: Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China, etc. with their fantastic standards of living…

    • Ron Strader

      Don’t forget Obama’s utopia North Korea!

  • Thuban Draconis

    At least the guy wants a Constitutional Amendment which
    would require a two thirds vote of both houses of Congress AND ratification by three
    fourths of the state legislatures. That makes the argument purely academic as
    none of the three requirements could come close to being met.

    The normal Liberal approach would be to simply ignore the Constitution.
    Then they would accuse anyone who wanted to enforce the Constitution of being
    racists and the tools of greedy corporations.

  • Thomas in Jacksonville

    The Constitution was amended to prevent a dictatorship like FDR’s. Now this fool that has most likely never worked in a real job wants to bring about a dictatorship that has only one objective. That objective is to destroy freedom and the Constitution of the United States of America. If I had a child in that school I would pull them out TODAY.

  • donnieduck

    Having been around college professors all of my professional career, I know for a fact that far too many- almost all, actually- have their heads far up their butts so they don’t have to view reality. They believe that they are the gift to humanity when in reality they are pathetic, ignorant parasites.

  • Carlos Danger

    Well, with our schools turning out marxist robots year after year, we could see an Obama 3rd term.

  • MeezaThinker

    And this is what is teaching….no, indoctrinating…our young people. Time for torches and pitchforks, people

  • Risk A Devil

    I have been waiting for this to happen, my wife and I talked about it before the last Presidential election. I got here via DrudgeReport and I am betting from how slow this page is so did everyone else. Small server not ready for Drudge Report to point at them. Can you emagine 4 more Obama years! I am of the mind that he has pretty much already got his way — our goose is cooked it just needs to all play out. 4 more years and we start talking about holocoaust level stuff. Who will play the part of the “Jews” right now it is looking like Libertarian, Conservatives to me. As some one who would classify themselves as exactly that — that scares the ever living crap out of me. As a Libertarian, Conservative my view is Live and let Live what could be less intrusive into other peoples lives than that! In that same mind set — leave me alone and I will leave yo alone.

  • Skook

    There were hysterical cries to end term limits, when Obama was first elected; it was this same hysteria that gave him a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing. He was also claimed to be the most intelligent man to ever hold the office. The lunacy and hysteria has receded as we hope America survives the incompetent nincompoop and his Iranian handler Valerie Jarrett, However, we can expect a blithering idiot to come up with the now laughable cheerleading dogma once in a while.


  • georgechapogas

    tax payers pay for these fool. hows stupid is that? this country would be so much smarter if the government did not fund post high school ed and student loans. they graduate idiots, why pay for that?

  • roadsidecouch

    I disagree with the good professor, I am already Lord God Emperor Baroke Insane Owebama, Savior of the Universe. Being president of the USA is beneath Me.

  • edbiscane

    Everyone associated with this president is suffering from mental disorders. You couldn’t make this stuff up with a sane mind.

  • claymore

    I think he should run in angola

  • philstacy

    An alternative proposal: Obama admits he is not good enough to be president and resigns immediately.

  • Ed

    Deport Jonathan Zimmerman NOW.

  • Andylit

    I think I would be willing to exchange POTUS term limits for the abolition of all tenure and union protections in education.

    • John Walt

      How about giving nothing up, and still take those things you wish?

      • Andylit

        I’m a fair minded man. I can compromise.

  • trajan2448

    American education is producing scores of these useless imbeciles who produce nothing of value and believe that someone else should pay for everything forever.

  • VeritasSapientia

    More proof that America has become a crazy taken over country, and yes I blame Bush for not doing the right thing on 9/12/01.

  • John Walt

    This man should be in a padded cell. Not out in public. Certainly not
    teaching anything to others. You can’t give away to others, what you
    don’t possess.

    • Mr_Ed987

      impeach, convict and remove him from office is the best remedy for acute Obamaitis

  • Robert Strong

    If this “professor” had any intelligence whatsoever, he’d be producing something useful for society instead of prattling on about this kind of nonsense.

  • Michael_M_Mulligan

    I see no need to amend the Constitution. 0bama doesn’t follow it anyway, so where is the need to change it?

  • mac12sam12

    Right Obama and a third term. The country’s not quite a banana republic yet. Getting there, but not quite.

  • catsighting

    The whole educational system as well as the legal profession needs to dissolved. Parents need to educate their own, if both work, one can work at an evening or night job or trade child care duties with neighbors. Lawyers are not really needed. We have laws, your break the law, you serve the time and WORK while you are incarcerated.

  • 1984isnow

    Only a liberal can be this stupid.

  • merkinmuffy

    This is tame compared to most college professors, who believe that all Americans should be placed in re-education camps.

    • jtangren

      I’d give you more than one up vote if I could; you’re so right on!

  • t172048

    Tell professor Zimmerman to get another crack dealer, His present supplier cut it with some bad stuff.

  • HappyG

    Pretending that these United States isn’t loaded with anti-Americans like this nitwit is folly for the rest of us…Be assured, the Ayers, Dohrns, Rudds et al. never gave up their “Death to America” campaign…they merely took it to our school systems to poison generations of American children…

  • skully92

    What a great idea running for a third term! – With the policies of the great Obama turning this country around from Republican doom – With low unemployment, record stock results and Iran no off of the Nuclear time bomb list he should be crowned King of the United States – this man is an inspiration to all of mankind!!!

    • jtangren

      Sarcastic, correct?

  • Troll

    I love these crazy Onion articles

    …wait a minute.

  • Roxy

    Impeach. Now!

  • jtangren

    If Richard Nixon had come back from the dead, which he did metaphorically in 1966, he could have beaten BHO in 2012. Romney was one huge disaster for America; he couldn’t beat a total idiot.

  • Troll

    I put this clown up there next to the collage professor that was telling white kids to commit suicide.

  • northerncanuck

    President For Life, fits the leftist pattern.

  • john droz

    Just another stupid Professor among us! What Obama should be made to stand for is TRIAL FOR TREASON!

  • Reed Smith

    AYFKM??? Kick this guy’s a** down to Venezuela…let him live under that for while; what is happening to our institutions that we have imbeciles like this on the payroll?

  • tonyburke

    Right, so Obama can lie to the people some more, cover up more, and ignore the Constitution….

  • hymieg

    If the worst President ever, Obama, was allowed to run for a third term, I would move my family to another country and renounce my U.S. citizenship.

  • Carl Mayo

    liberals welcome dictatorship until they actually get what they want. then they cry out “no fair!” as they’re being dragged away to the gulag.

  • S1k

    The man is a disgrace to the office. If they finagled him a third term we would have another civil war.

  • Secretsquid

    He must be in liberal arts. He couldn’t hack a STEM degree. He doesn’t seem to understand why there are term limits either. After FDR’ s 4 terms.

  • GoodbyeUSA

    This is the kind of stupidity that dominates our universities today. It is seriously scary.

  • mike park lane

    At the end of Obama’s third term there would be Canada and 50 small countries in North America with the country of Alaska being the second largest after Canada.

  • William556

    If he likes Presidents for Life so much, how about he move to Cuba, Zimbabwe or North Korea instead of wanting to make the US like them.

  • John C

    Since article 2 section 1 paragraph 5, doesn’t seem to apply to the current occupant of the White House, why should the 22nd Amendment?

  • Don B Reedekulous

    As long as the left controls education it doesn’t really matter what the constitution says.

  • DPC Commentary

    Obama = Mugabe

  • joaquinradioman

    And to think of the garbage this idiot is filling young, unknowing minds with!!!!

  • Nancy Robinson-Jackson

    and this guy is a history teacher!! WHF.

    • VeritasSapientia

      Teacher for the brain dead who have no individuality and belong to the collective.

  • Stephen Brooks

    Sad, that this has to be written the day after such a wonderful Thanksgiving for me and my family, but, the World stops for no one, does it not? Not even for Mr. Zimmerman’s offensive declaration for the hopeful completion of his ultimate Liberal-socialist utopia. Not surprising that Mr. Zimmerman is a professor at NYU. All sane and intelligent applicants apply elsewhere. At the very least, Mr. Zimmerman’s position- though it’s his right to have it, blah, blah, blah- is morally decrepit, and ethically irresponsible. Morally irresponsible for the very fact of how Mr. Obama’s policies while in office have negatively affected the very millions of American’s he claimed they would help, such as the increase the number of Americans on food stamps rising to nearly 50 million during this time, and the abhorrent and politically calculating move to remove the key provision from the Clinton-era welfare reform law passed in 1996 http://blog.heritage.org/2012/07/12/obama-guts-welfare-reform/ within the period of his re-election campaign in June of 2012. Not to mention the fact of his debacle of a website rollout for ‘Health.gov’ for his dreaded Obamacare Law, and the fact that he’s been discovered, after 3 years of his proclamations that, “No matter how we reform health care,” Obama said in 2009, If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like you healthcare plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away from you, no matter what” http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2013/10/31/fact-check-if-you-liked-your-health-plan-you-can-keep-your-health-plan/. But, no matter what happens with Mr. Zimmerman’s Messiah’s healthcare law, he will continue to have a fruitful and lauded career as a blindly uninformed, Liberal college professor at distinguished New York University for years to come.

  • IdoubtIt

    Professor Dip$hit

  • JoiseyJ

    And this is a perfect example of why I stopped giving donations to NYU’s alumni association. I refuse to contribute towards the what the university has become.

  • VeritasSapientia

    As long as Americans remain brain dead, they can be re-educated into anything the so called professor would like them to be. My Generation understood that school really starts when school ends. The professor can say whatever he likes to, but when will this new generation understand that they need to think for themselves and not be brainwashed? School is just a tool to use, but your education is really your own responsibility!

  • marty362

    When Obama was first elected, they talked about him becoming the fifth face on Mount Rushmore. Now, he’ll be lucky if they let him into the Federal Witness Protection Program.

  • erichwalker

    Obama should run for a 3rd term, and then a 4th, and then President-for-Life. And if the election results don’t go his way, he should issue an executive order nullifying the vote.
    Now can I be a history professor too? I’m obviously overqualified.

  • erichwalker

    “If you like the 22nd Amendment, you can keep the 22nd Amendment, period.”

  • IdoubtIt

    Idiots like this would embrace any dictator they agreed with. The kind of mind it takes to arrive at such conclusions as this professor has should never be permitted to teach in universities but instead universities are stacked with them.

    • erichwalker

      They would embrace any dictator that promised them benefits. In the words of one Boston beer maker (of no importance, I’m sure you’ve never heard of him, Prof Zimmerman certainly hasn’t) “If you love security more than Liberty, benefits more than Freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your council or your arms…”

  • Jimi

    If there’s a chance of the same shitty guy forever, instead of a bunch of different shitty guys, people may decide to fucking do something.

  • thesunisup

    The bitterness of this President has embittered a whole nation.He
    falters and fails to deliver his word to a single nation. He creates
    new enemies and insults and mocks our old friends. He defends lawbreakers, murders and those who threaten the very people he vowed to defend. He takes the wealth of a
    people and squandered it on himself and his friends who openly hate the
    people who trusted him. He applauds evil, his friends are in prisons. He cherishes his
    family and ignores the poor. A Marie Antoinette of his day, he tosses the
    people the crumbs from his opulent table of fine wines and foods
    served on silver to those who continue to applaud.

    The President has traded away self respect for titles, gifts for applause, riches to the unruly and the despot. He does not hear the People. Is he deaf?
    Prof. Zimmerman does not observe the will of the People. Is he blind?

  • Jimmy_Chance

    Professor should be hit by a bus, and have a non existent funeral on Hart Island. Piece of garbage thinking the piece of garbage in the white house deserves another 4 years to destroy this country more.

  • disqustang

    President-For-Life! Just like other third world countries! Which is what he’s transforming the US into! Free health care for college professors, labor unions, the 47%…yeah, Professor, sign me up! Just don’t give those who disagree with you Fs.

  • Leslie Anderson

    Okay, so then we should repeal the other two amendments of the early 20th Century Triumverate Power Grab–which have been used to deny Americans their rights–the 16th and 17th Amendments. (the third was the 18th)

  • CAV

    we have 3 more years of this madman at the helm on behest of the idocracy i.e. (average american voter). what we can hope for is stopping this MArxism in the courts as much as humanly possible and turn it around in 2014. other wise folks….. I shudder to think but zombies are not that far off, they may be alive so to speak but zombies they are and they will kill or turn you.

  • Harry Paranockus

    “Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things.” Peter Drucker
    This president is neither a manager nor a leader.

  • ss

    It is known that there are groups out there with growing support who are looking to repeal the 22nd amendment. Not saying that it will happen, but it could. I myself think the term limits are silly. If the people want Obama for a 3rd term, then they should be able to have him. After all it is a country for the people is it not?

  • Christopher Bowen

    Mostly I object to idiots like this getting enough attention to get these idiotic ideas into the mainstream.

  • jkw99

    I think it’s perfect logic. He’s not saying Obama should be re-elected, but if he was concerned about running again he would be more cardul in what he does. Right now he has nothing to lose, he’ll do anything.

  • johnsmith500

    I said it all time. Lots of those idiots want to get around the Constitution and allow this creep to sit in the wh for life.

  • derbed

    The good professor is an IDIOT!!

    • mikemoair2

      why he never left school, cant make it in the free market

  • Hound Dog

    Why doesn’t this moron just move to Cuba, Venezuela or China? He would fit right in. They don’t have a constitution to inhibit his Marxist point of view.

    • John S. in St. St Petersburg

      Which moron are you referring to…the Prof or the Current Occupant? Either/both would qualify.

      • Hound Dog


  • Rickie elliott

    It definitely would resolve America’s problems by the simple expedient of destroying America and establishing a New World caliphate.

  • Inarguably

    Better yet, get rid of tenure. That would make Zimmerman an Ex-history professor.

  • Dandee

    There won’t be anything left by then

  • Thomas Paine

    Professors are noted for their detachment from reality and this guy is at the top of that list!!

  • Benjamin Hagen

    Figures the one person in the world saying we need to change the term limits of the president is a collage professor during the presidency of the ONLY American president who is a communist! The only president in my life time who should of been elected to a third term was Reagan. When will ass holes like Jonathan Zimmerman learn your a God Damn Teacher! that’s all you are and like the rule says those who can’t Teach! Final thing Zimmerman, if you really want to live in a SocialistCommunist society then please renounce your American citizenship, and move your pompous ass to one of the following country’s: France, Spain, Greece, China or Cuba!

  • Irony Curtain

    Mr. Zimmerman went on to say, “Look, who cares what happened in the past. It’s not like we can learn from history or anything. I think we should make Obama Fuhrer, tear up that dusty old constitution, and if there’s any group that doesn’t like it we can round them up and burn them in an oven!”

  • mikemoair2

    make him king of bukkake

  • Mike Gilmer

    If Obama were to declare martial law and name himself ruler for life, I suppose this moronic professor would give his blessing.

  • mikemoair2

    lynn bias still cracks me up, pun intended

  • mikemoair2

    I miss james brown getting all arrested in Georgia, driving high, drunk shooting guns at his wife, dat dude was wack baby

  • mikemoair2

    but MLK jr was a republican baby

  • mikemoair2

    do you think the mossad has noticed Obama dropping a log in bibi’s mouth?

  • mikemoair2

    man, there was all sorts of new knockout stories today

  • mikemoair2

    maybe a mind is not a terrible thing to waste huh?

  • mikemoair2

    what cool guy pot smoking Hawaiian DOESN’T SURF?

  • mikemoair2

    the selina gomez story on the E channel, you ever seen her in that blue bikini, her legs spread wide for the camera? man, google it, its what they want you to do baby

    • mikemoair2

      with her visible toe you KNOW there aint no black triangle there man, its pink city, bare. do yourself a favor and take a brake from kaley cuoco

      • mikemoair2

        you know she hasn’t had anybody who can really perform oral pleasure her…oh 17.4 trillion in debt baby, not that it matters

  • mikemoair2

    17.4 trillion in debt baby, not that it matters huh

  • mikemoair2

    thank god for fracking or your natural gas bill would be x 3!!!!!

  • mikemoair2

    maybe I need to turn to the mining channel to get the weather

  • garyfouse

    Academic logic at work.

  • Adael

    The above goes to show that even those that call them self a “professor” can be Totally INSANE. The only term Obama should serve is one of Life In Prison – along with the banksters and the minions that follow along behind him. He is a devil inhabiting a human form.

  • pj4me

    OMG Someone STOP the INSANITY!!!!

  • TheQuickening

    Well! The curtains have just parted on the Theater of The Absurd. If only we will triple down on stupid all will be well, eh? Not quite done “transforming America as we know it” into a 3rd World Country? Too Frakkin’ Bad.

  • Joe Plumber

    I’d like to see Zimmerman’s statements during Regan’s presidency…and I’d rather see NYC and NYU succeed from the Union before more damage is done by this liberal minded left wing party that continues to go in power and destroy America from within.

  • Harry Seaward

    Tort reform #1

  • Bob A

    Liberals love their anti-American dictators. Time to teach this totalitarian a severe lesson.

  • Phil

    Just curious. How many of you folks that read this hire people?
    If you do. Does a college degree make you want or not want to put them on the second interview list. To me. In most cases.It’s more detrimental to them getting the position.

  • rodulfo-tardo

    This spokesman for the self intoxication of tyrannical regurgitation, leaves no words to express the depravity with which it speaks of implementing the ‘legislated’ overthrow of this Constitutional Republic, regardless what the consequences are, as far as it stands the elimination of the filibuster rule, is comparable to the passing of the 1933 “Enabling Act” passed in Germany, by the Reichstag, this legislated dictatorial powers for Adolf Hitler, surpassing his tittle as Reich Chancellor, to one given this power, he legislated the Weinmar Constitution [1919-1933] away.
    The imminent danger of tyranny, is evident when dictatorial powers are endorsed to cancel what the “rule of law” has been, the dynamics of this present administration, shows without any apologies the progression of polarizing policies focused on minutia, while it shields reality from public view. There is the indication of losing freedoms, when the military purges escalate, the fact that al’Qaida has weapons supplied by this administration, should be reason for concern, taken reports of Benghazi are ‘censored’ without question, and those in the military purged like the Commander of AFRICOM, General Carter Ham, along with U.S. NAVY Personnel that include Admirals, that had the response ready to defend the compound in Benghazi, but it appears this action would have interfered with plans to overthrow Syria’s Al’ Assad, who while resisting the Arab Spring, has been invested in defending the Ancient Orthodox Christians, that face Jihad from the same “foreign fighters” we have fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, the response to 9-11-01’s attacks on the Unites States, but delegated to political grandstanding by an administration that has increased our casualties by over 74% since Obama’s Caliphate began in 2009, before this time those Killed in Action, were below 400 as of 12-31-08, how else can this be explained? except to observe how the “rules of engagement” have been changed to favor the enemy, who are now being armed by the U.S., Qatar, and Turkey’s geographical placement that affords the enemy to move freely, between Syria, Libya and Egypt, who has rejected Obama’s policy of Supremacist Islamiism, and now faces the Muslim Brotherhood for the destructive force that it has always been,

  • Casey Pharr

    I do not like this administration, but what he is saying makes sense. People would not vote him in again, but if you hold the last term accountable for something, then a lot of these presidents wouldn’t use a second term to just do what ever they want. They would have a motive to still listen to the people. That is what he is saying. Since the last term, is your last term, then the president in office at the time, now has a free reign, with no worries if what he does is for the people or not, because it doesn’t matter if they hate his guts, he can’t run again. Is that logic really so hard to understand? You all just regurgitate the opinion of the writer, without thinking on your own.

  • lutesong56

    Just think of the millions of dollars $$$$$$$ wasted on people who come out “brain dead” ! ! ! ! !

  • Brian L.

    Not only do we need term limits for the President, we also need term limits for ALL elected politicians. There should be no such thing as a career politician. Politicians, like dirty diapers should be changed often and for the same reason.

  • sn1616

    What a shame to have a rum-dum like this teaching our kids. Like most liberals, no common sense.

  • Arnold Young

    Just how crazy is this idiot? How far can you get your head up a rectal orifice before you choke? I just want bho’s term shortened to 5 years. (impeach and toss out of office) Then we can began to repair the damage already done.

  • LEHensonPROAmerica

    To hell with the obamination.

  • dan cnad


  • dan cnad


  • Guest

    I was a auto mechanic for thirty years. Got out of that field and three years later quit working and retired. I have a Colage degree. Now if I didn’t have money and I am to old to repaire cars and keep up with the changing tecknology and just had to have a job to survive I would teach auto mechanics. You see those who can do, do. Those who can’t , teach.

  • wade

    I was an auto mechanic for thirty years. Got out of that field and three years later quit working and retired. I have a College degree. Now if I didn’t have money and I am too old to repair cars and keep up with the changing technology and just had to have a job to survive I would teach auto mechanics. You see those who can do, do. Those who can’t, teach. Therein lies the problem with higher education.

  • Shut-your-goddam-mouth

    Professor Zimmerman is representative of why Hitler hated the Jews.
    They cannot keep their goddam mouths shut – EVER! It’s in the genes!

  • norm al


  • Woodstuck

    What a joke – He could only do more damage… We have had enough of him already – And what ‘good’ has he done so far? Highest unemployment EVER, and highest debt this Country has EVER seen under Nobama – Professor of ignorance – Where do you get that Degree?

  • Jack

    As usual, professors are wrong.

  • Gman

    When you think you’ve heard it all, leave it to New York to come up with something that pegs out the stupid meter. Just really shows the reason of how and why these stupid brain dead New Yorkers vote and think ignorance. Again, please stay there in that crap hole state and don’t ever move south.

  • gemini34

    The professor is sitting on his brains. Or maybe he has his head buried so far up between his legs, he can no longer see what’s happening.

  • Mutley46

    The only thing Barry should be serving is time. Like life for treason, life for murdering 4 Americans in a place called Benghazi, or maybe life for lying to the American people and not fulfilling his oath of office. But a third term? Professor, dear Sir, you need to thing about serving time at Bethesda Naval Hospital Psych Ward.

  • Sheriff John

    This guy is the reason I would never send one of my young’ns to a liberal school. You would think that after FDR, a history professor would know better. He is out of his pee picking mind! Cerebral colitis just doesn’t cover it.

  • CarolinaSistah

    This man has lost his mind!

  • Pepperspray137

    This is Obama and his staff’s putting out feelers. First academics to begin the “calls for a third term,” along with hints by media personalities. There will be several reasons in the next year or two we will hear:
    1 The country needs Obama, especially those less fortunate who will miss out.
    2 Obama needs the time in order to get AcA right, no one but him can do it.
    3 Congress has no idea what they’re doing, (their aporval numbers are lower than the president’s) so Obama the man-god is needed to ensure the continued existence of America.

    This may seem like far fetched silliness, but I am willing to bet we will see those three reasons, and many many more. The president will go by poll numbers, and reactions to mentioning of a third term to decide whether or not to peruse it. It will start like this, next it will be Al Sharpton and every other weasel at MSNBC. If there is no immediate call for heads it will be CNN who does it next, then finally the alphabet networks. They have already been running a competition on “who can keep Obama’s hands cleanest” in the media, I think we will find the next mantra will be “get Obama re-elected to a third term.”

  • David S. McQueen

    Given Obama’s failures and scandals and moronic policies, I don’t have a problem with him running again. That would insure a Republican president in Jan. 2017. Anyway, term limits are a fool’s errand. If you can’t trust the voters to elect the right candidate, then you deserve the likes of an Obama. American Republicans let the leftists pick McCain as the Republican candidate in 2008 and then Republicans failed to support Romney in 2012. Sure, the propagandist left-leaning media are s–t eating dogs (for the most part), but that shouldn’t persuade a rational, critical thinking person to vote for a Marxist like Obama.

  • chucklc

    Well Professor, it is obvious you do not teach logic. If given four more years Obama “will begin listening to the people”, you must be hitting the Kool-Aid. He has not listened in five years,wow, I hope you do not escape from your cloistered Liberal environment into the real world.

  • McMeister

    Ahem. Is this the professor who said, “The rumors of my objectivity are greatly

  • Fakir Smith

    He’s forgetting our elections are fixed, electronic voting machines can be hacked, etc.

  • James Frankin

    Modern artisans from the liberal U. Fine arts are no longer a modus for educating. The liberal U is the backbone of corruption. Each of the students of course are victims of a failed system. Under that system we have procurred the best and brightest of village idiots the world has ever seen. In China alone 200,000,000 million women have been murdered. Care to add up the numbers in the US. .Care to pronounce the future. The latest debate centers around the supernatural method and style of this Prof. . The total numbers of riots going on globally. The wave of fighting that is even taking hold in our inner city’s, The reversal of fortune for the select to create a new team of select individuals for the future wave of socialism. While the infrastructure collapses around their knees.

  • Baffled

    The man that stated this should be fired because he’s crazier than a bestsy bug and should not be allowed to walk through the university doors!!!! He certainly cannot be called professor!!! He’s too over the top crazy.

  • norman sunden

    Sadly hes not alone

  • adnawsr


  • 50gary

    The number one last thing this country needs is a constitutional convention at this point in history. The country is in turmoil as I have never seen it before due to total lack of leadership. The current congress is one of the worst in history, and there are those that would entrust the re-writing of the constitution to those idiots and traitors? The same people that ‘effed it up would be the same people to re-write the amendments. It’s not as if Ronald Reagan would come back to guide the process, the current crop are to be trusted at all. For instance, would you trust John Boehner to guide the house to do the right thing by traditional American values. How would he change the immigration laws, oh wait, we’re about to find that out soon enough. We would see what they mean when congressmen call the constitution a “living document” Obama himself has called it “outdated”

    Be careful what you wish for…

    • paridell

      Any convention called under Article V would be a meeting of representatives of State legislatures. It would not involve Boehner, Obama, or indeed Congress, beyond the fact that it would be the duty of Congress to convene it.

  • This is the EXACT reason there is a Second Amendment. WE, my dear August Professor, do not want to live in your DICTATORSHIP.


    Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments anyone?

  • disqus_A7m6jzM4Z0

    Good luck changing the constitution democrats.


  • TEEK

    What a goddamned despicable article. What a THUG for the Obama administration. Get out of this country if you think you can wipe your ass with our constitution. This isn’t a dictatorship, there are checks and balances for a REASON. So corrupt fools like this professor cant install the totalitarian nanny state upon us without our consent. Unbelievable what the libtards will do to protect their darling. Americans will NEVER stand for this. Try it.

  • m bmm

    This would likely be treated as a ‘hate crime’ if the roles were reversed.

  • Gregg Mcphedrain

    professor zimmerman… reaaallly…. like GEORGE ZIMMERMAN>?
    are they related. maybe the professor is afraid of ‘retribution by blacks’ and doesn’t want to even give the ‘appearance’ of an opinion

  • Ishkabibble

    Academia has become a permanently disgraced joke….and it’s only getting more embarrassing. Way to go, Zimmerman.

  • Mitch

    The answer is no.

  • Gerald Boesen

    Even if the Constitution were to be amended, Dear Leader would be excluded as he is in office at the time of such an amendment. Personally, I think the Constitution should be amended to prohibit more than one term for Presidents.

  • findlayhawk

    Glad my kids never go an “education” from this butt clown.

  • Ken Trefaller


  • Ace Boogie

    The professor should be purged north korean style…

  • Bob Young

    Is it possible that we can amend the law to allow all citizens to beat the crap out of Zimmerman every time they see him as well?

  • Charles Gerber

    I love dope smoking hippie professors.