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Harvard Votes To Banish Bottled Water

Harvard University students agreed by vote that plastic single-use water bottles should no longer be sold on campus, leaving the fate of plastic water bottles in jeopardy at the Ivy League institution.

While campus administrators cannot be forced to go along with the student vote’s outcome, organizers of the ballot measure say they expect cooperation from Harvard officials, who will be lobbied by the student government to comply.

“We will be working with the administration to make sure student wishes are met,” Katrina Malakhoff, chairperson of the Harvard Environmental Action Committee, said in an email to The College Fix.

Sixty-four percent of students who voted in Harvard’s fall referendum late last month supported “ending the sale and distribution of plastic non-reusable water bottles on campus (including at Harvard cafes and Crimson Catering events) and making drinking water more accessible through the installation of additional water fountains and reusable water bottle filling stations.”

Harvard University officials did not respond to phone calls and emails from The College Fix asking if they would support the student referendum’s majority vote to end the sale of bottled water on campus.

Malakhoof, in her email, said “now that students have shown their support, we are optimistic that these stations can be installed within the next few months.”

Funding for the new water stations will be shouldered by a grant the environmental action committee received, as well as support from the Harvard Office for Sustainability and other campus coffers, Malakhoff said.

Single-use plastic water bottles are the latest environmental trending cause. Critics contend the environment is polluted once to create the plastic bottles, then again when they clog landfills, and further tout tap water as just as good if not better than bottled.

“Single-use plastic water bottles represent one of the most easily obviated threats currently plaguing the environment,” The Harvard Crimson student newspaper stated in its editorial in support of the ballot measure. “Ending the sale of bottled water on campus would constitute a step toward addressing this problem and advancing President (Drew) Faust’s explicitly stated goal of mitigating the university’s environmental impact.”

Nearly 47 percent of the university’s students voted in the fall referendum, in which most students also agreed to support mixed-gender campus housing and pro-amnesty immigration reform. But those measures passed with more than 80 percent of voting students in agreement.

The water bottle ban, while approved, didn’t fare quite as well. There were plenty of detractors.

Student Carson Scott argued in a Crimson op-ed before the vote that there are better ways to get students to stop buying bottled water – through incentives – and suggested imposing a university tax on bottled water, for example.

“An outright ban of water bottles offers easy fodder for conservative pundits bent on opposing the cause of environmentalism, making it easy for such pundits to label proponents of this policy as radicals who are willing to overlook any and all individual freedoms in order to achieve their aims,” Scott stated.

In an interview with The College Fix, student Jack Kocsis said in an email he voted against the measure, calling it “overly silly and capricious – banning something that is altogether seen as a salutary beverage – and because it is yet another example of a paternalistic attitude expressed all too often here on this campus.”

He went on to note removing bottled water from Harvard-operated areas would drive students to off-campus locations for the product, such as the CVS in Harvard Square, as well as force thirsty students to purchase a less healthy alternative, such as soda.

“The way I see it,” he said, “an enactment of this ban would lead to less revenue for the school and less water consumption by the students.”

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Jennifer Kabbany is editor of The College Fix. She previously worked as a daily newspaper reporter and columnist for a decade in Southern California, and prior to that held editorial positions at The Weekly Standard, Washington Times and FrontPageMagazine. She is also a Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship recipient and has contributed to National Review.

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  • MarkJ

    This brand of H2O-driven idiocy is one of the best arguments for bringing back military conscription. A couple of years in the Army would, if nothing else, pound some humility into these navel-gazing twerps.

    • M_J_S

      I couldn’t have said it better!

    • segeny

      Be careful what you wish for — do you really want these dimwits armed? They might hurt a real person instead of only themselves.

    • Miagogo

      Humility or not, we know where their loyalties would lie in the end. I would prefer to keep them untrained.

    • DiggFerkel

      True, the military does make intelligent adults with common sense out of liberals. A little harsh reality knocks them from their ivory towers.

    • MMM

      Not possible with today’s PC military. They would run to their nearest EO NCO, who would then take the complaint up the chain; and then down the chain would be a series of death-by-powerpoint briefings on sensitivity to (insert latest liberal environazi demand here).

      • glenp

        Command would probably ask them for some fellatio

    • glenp

      OVOMIT has devastated the military command into a bunch of limp wrist pederasts so that won’t work now

    • Joe

      You seem intelligent.

    • Diogenes13

      navel-gazing twerps…. DAMN! I could have thought of that!

  • Pouncekitty

    But they will continue to drive their Range Rovers, fly in their parents’ jets and consume vast amounts of resources. But this water-bottle thing makes them believe they’re doing “something important..” Nitwits are as empty as Obama.

    • Dennis_Webb

      You’ve hit the nail on the head. As usual, it’s all about moral self-aggrandizement.

      • some guy

        Well that was the primary motivation for voting for the half black candidate.

        • Dutra

          Excuse me…half white.

      • Jamal22

        I think they should only drink creek water scooped up with their hands.

        • Dennis_Webb

          There are now groups of people (mostly college age) who only eat food from dumpsters. By a bizarre train of logic they “reason” that eating food that’s thrown away will reduce the burden on the planet. They roam around at night in packs, salvaging dumpster food. These are kids from middle-class homes who can’t seem to find any moral justification for their lives and so have to invent these strange rituals to compensate. Someone should introduce them to the idea of tutoring kids who are having a hard time with their school work.

          • 1mikejanz1

            Who would have ever thought that libturds would deprive the homeless of A prime dining spot, they’re so compassionate!

          • Yale U

            Stick to football matches, haaaaarvard.

          • Dan_o

            They’re just preparing for life in the USSA.

          • Jamal22

            I wish I lived near Harvard. I’d sell ‘Carbon Offsets’ on 3×5 cards to those ‘elite’ minds. Wait…I’d put the ‘Carbon Offsets’ on the back of scrap paper…that would be more eco-minded. 🙂

            I’d tell them I’ll not use electricity for one hour per offset. $20 per “offset”.

          • Dan_o

            Ha, great idea! You could make $160 a day just for sleeping.

          • Jamal22

            Shhhhhhsh! I’m still thinking. Don’t let it out.

          • Dan_o

            Sorry. I won’t mention the fine print disclaimer for “time served”, meaning time selling offsets counts towards not using electricity.

          • Alabama Mike

            It’s ok, the left hasn’t figured out yet that paper is a renewable resource. They could store their water in paper bags, I guess.

          • kimbershot

            your late–al gore got a patent on that bs.

          • Californian7

            I’d call them “water bottle offsets” if I were you…

          • Jamal22

            I knew someone would help me! Thanks, Califorian7, GREAT IDEA!

          • Noozjunkie

            Forget the 3×5 card! Just talk to the water bottle manufacturers and have them print them right on the damn water bottles. More sales for the bottle manufacturers (Harvard students get to buy them on campus again). More low paying jobs for liberals (making water bottles in a 3rd world country). More carbon offsets purchased (O is happy). Everybody’s happy.
            My work here is done.
            Now I’m going to go crack open a ice cold bottle of water and pour it out onto the ground and toss the bottle into a trash receptacle, just for the fun of it.

          • Matai

            They will also buy rock pets because they don’t fart and pollute the environment.

          • BlakeSDavis

            Those who believe in nothing will believe in anything.

          • craig

            Do you really want idiots who think roaming around at night eating out of dumpsters is helping this world, teaching your kids?

          • replyingtoignorance

            Do you people hear what comes out of your own mouths?

          • disqus_DLuN45o5io

            That wouldn’t be weird enough now would it.

          • Libertarian Advocate

            Ummmm aren’t you asking too much of them by asking them to think?

        • spooch

          They should be forced to use solar stills..

        • Klaus

          Apparently, the fluoride in the tap water is working at Harvard as planned.

          • mohammad.felafal


            …Isnt this the institution that gave us this lying incompetent divisive thin skinned ignoramous who currently squats and parties in the white house?

            I think they should recycle and drink their own urine…you know as a show of contrition for not flunking King Puttz out when they had the chance…

          • dumpsterdog

            Isn’t it weird that none of Obama’s profs or students of that era remember him.

          • scottthestrategerist

            I HATE Obama. Let me be clear. However, there is plenty of evidence he attended Harvard Law School. The problem is no one from Columbia University remembers him. The controversy around Harvard is how he got admitted and who paid for it. Bill Ayers’ parents’ mailman came forward saying that he would chat with the mother, that she said that they had funded the schooling of a black foreign student, and that he later met Obama at the house, who said he was there to thank the Ayers. Meanwhile Percy Sutton, who was Malcolm X’s attorney, said in a television interview in 2008 that Khalid al-Mansour (a black American Muslim who was named Donald Ward at birth) contacted him to use his influence to arrange for Obama to be admitted, and that he was raising money for him. Ward is a long-time associate of Ayers and is also an adviser to a wealthy Saudi family. I know liberals will scream and cry, but facts don’t care how upset they are by them.

          • Mikeyoung6

            George Soros’s money can buy anyone a Columbia diploma.

          • scottthestrategerist

            The evidence is clear that he never attended Columbia in that, among other things, (1) no one remembers him and (2) there was a website which lists collegiate attendance and it only shows him going there for nine months and not two years. Why the discrepancy? Why won’t he just release his records? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. My guess is either bribery or, as liberal (but honest) journalist Wayne Madsen wrote in his book on Obama, “The Manufacturing of a President,” Obama worked for the CIA. I’m not wholly convinced, and the evidence is circumstantial, but there’s quite a bit of circumstantial evidence, and of course, they could easily give him a college degree he never earned!

          • Aussievick

            Do you know the address for that web site? I’d be happy to pay for it if they charge a fee; never heard of it before.

          • scottthestrategerist

            This is a summary of what I’ve read on a variety of websites over the years. The best places to go are:


            For each of them, you’ll have to search the archives. A LOT of really solid research has been done on these issues, but the major media ignores it because the liberals have made questioning Obama toxic. Of course, I couldn’t care less what issues offend anyone. Facts trump everything to me.

            As for Wayne Madsen, he does charge a fee for his site, but he has a lot of good journalism available for free too (although again, from a liberal perspective). His website is:


            I’ve read his book, which you can purchase from him or on Amazon. I will warn you that it’s mostly background information on the *C*ooking *I*nstitute of *A*merica, but, being a former officer with *No *S*uch *A*gency, he has the requisite background to understand these issues. I’m not saying he’s right. I did find it interesting that, when he was speaking to older black leftist activists in Chicago, they all suspected Obama of being an intelligence/law enforcement plant from the beginning, and even his fellow black students at Harvard called him O’bama (rhymes with “Alabama”) because they thought he was a phony. It’s hard to say for sure because, in the world of intelligence, people deliberately take on false personalities and engage in deceptive behavior. Still, a case can be made. Obama is either a far leftist or an infiltrator. Take your pick! lol

          • MikeofAges

            When he was registered at Columbia, Barack Obama was doing something else somewhere else, and getting credit for courses he was not actually in it put on his Columbia transcript in return. And getting the problems with his citizenship “fixed” for him. He was an international man of mystery in training in those days. His first job after graduation was with a CIA front and adjunct, Business International Corporation.

            When he got his job as a “community organizer”, he was fleeing “the company”. But you never really quit. It’s not allowed.

            All a theory, but it could be.

          • scottthestrategerist

            Well, BIC did some work for the Company in the 50s. That’s not quite the same as saying it was a “front.” Granted, the ties may be more extensive than acknowledged and there’s a TON of circumstantial evidence linking Hussein and his family to the Company, but he could just be a committed leftist/Communist/socialist too…

          • MikeofAges

            Many people are “all of the above”. Being a leftist doesn’t mean he was out of the game. BHO had great assets if you think about it. Biracial. Could pass himself off a Commonwealth subject or an American. He could pass himself off as a Muslim, Christian or secular Westerner. He apparently was fluent in an exotic language.

            All the material was there. That doesn’t mean it happened. But the stuff of it was there.

          • scottthestrategerist

            Yes, I guess he could legitimately be liberal and still be working for the Company. Good point!

          • juan767

            he will not release his school records. therefore logically he is hiding something. just like Pres. Clinton never released his health records and Kerry never released his military records. i like F. Hyak’s quote,” in politics scum rises to the top”

          • SandyLester

            There is this:

          • picnicfun

            Why didn’t Hillary use this in 2008?

          • SandyLester

            I do not know. I just saw it for the first time today.

            It was Hillary if you remember who first brought up “was he really born in Hawaii?” She was eviscerated over that, maybe she was spooked.
            Then of course Bretbart had info he was going to release, then mysteriously died (I know he was supposed to have heart problems) and then it all sorta vanished.

          • bob1233

            “Spooked?” Are you racist?

          • SandyLester

            hahahahah Did not even think that, I am funny without knowing it

          • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

            Down thumbers have difficulty grasping contexts of jokes written in text .

          • abcnewscansuckit

            Dang it, I was gonna ping on that!

          • Michael Brown

            There are others that died too. You know the bathhouse Barry days and all.

          • Agamemnon7

            the govt takes care of lots of problems. Many have died when they become a threat. Eisenhower warned us. Now most are just pawns in this great game of propaganda

          • Freeland_Dave

            Because she knew she didn’t stand a chance for the presidency then. Now it’s a different story and her bringing it up now wouldn’t do much of anything except to damage the party both of them are in. It’s all about party politics. It would have been pointless for her to use it in 2008 and damaging to the party to use it when she does run for the seat in the Oval Office. Therefore, for her, mum’s the word.

          • Jim O’Donnell

            It came up during the election cycle. The problem is that you can be born in a foreign country and still be President. His mother was an American citizen who had resided in the US for years and happened to be in Kenya or Hawaii (depending upon which consipiracy you subscribe) at the time he was born. The Constitution does not define “Natural Born” and it has been defined by Congress. There’s just nothing there for the Birthers to grab onto.

          • TexanPatriot2

            There’s plenty of flaws in the PDF of that “birth certificate”. You just get shouted down when you bring them up. Nevermind being an expert on document archivals and on birth documents from the 57 States.

          • Johnny

            Someday they will have enough on him, I hope. He is destroying this country, He is a DICK TATOR.

          • angie

            Seriously – I opened that crap up in Adobe Illustrator and found over 50 layers. A single scanned image should NOT have that many layers.

          • Panicazi

            Birthers? That term almost made sense before the documentation became available to verify the allegations. Twenty years ago a candidate so poorly vetted could never have been elected. Why do you hate facts?

          • Orville_J_Clutchpopper

            The word “parents” is plural. Having only one “parent” doesn’t count. His father was, I believe, either a Kenyan or British subject. In this case, he does not meet the requirements of “natural born”. There is also the fact that if he was an “American citizen”, born in Hawaii, then how was he able to obtain funding for college as a “foreign” student? No one has ever truly explained this…

          • Yaspar

            Simple: he lied on his admissions application. That’s why his records are sealed. “Kenyan-born exchange student Barack Hussein Obama” is a lot sexier than “Barry Soetoro from Hawaii,” so no one investigated.

          • abcnewscansuckit

            What you say is correct, White Knight Obamapologist. Well one must THEN axe oneself why the mongrel waited so long to “release” his BC, which was an obvious phony one? Seriously? The father’s race listed as “African?” “African” isn’t considered a RACE in any district. What it was, the politically correct forger was going to put “African-American” there, which I think we can all agree isn’t any known “race” either. But keep those blinders on, you stupid White Knight peckerwood. Blacks still hate you, and so now do your white betters. Happy?

          • Frank_Truth

            Because unlike Republicans, Hillary is not bat shit crazy.

          • Panicazi

            Not crazy, just villainous.

          • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

            Lol even lib’s insults toward conservatives are parroted from some shill verbatim. Go ask for your brain back.. sheesh

          • ohh gosh

            Naa she is much crazier then that, hanging crack pipes and condoms all over the Christmas tree is pretty normal in your family I take it? Perhaps murder is as well? If so look who is talking lol

          • Yaspar

            She’s crazier than a craphouse rat.

          • abcnewscansuckit

            Why didn’t McCain?!?

          • Pouncekitty

            They would have screamed “racist.” Every time you criticize Obama, no matter what, they will scream “racism.” That’s their golden get-out-of-jail card. They use it daily, hourly.

          • Tony M

            While I’m just to the right of Jessie Helms, I try to avoid the Birther “TAG”. That said the reason why he WONT release his records is that he claimed to be an EXCHANGE/Foreign student to get priority placement, plain an simple. If that came out NOW,,,people will claim defrauding the college, or it would support the claim that he was born in Kenya… Pretty simple to see how it was done,,,an 18 yr old looking to GAME the system..claiming to be from Kenya,,with that kind of name and his dads name….Lastly he probably got several scholarships from the college as an exchange student and that would create Fiancial fraud that could be prosecuted.

          • BuffersT

            His grandmother remembers the day he was born in Kenya, she said she was in the room!

          • getridofoblabla

            i think u mean the hut, not room. room implies a house and in kenya….

          • TexanPatriot2

            The British had plenty of “rooms” in Kenya. After all, he is really a BRITISH subject.

          • foxbox

            But if his mother was an American citizen, it doesn’t matter where he was born.

          • Orville_J_Clutchpopper

            BOTH parents must be citizens, not just one.

          • scottthestrategerist

            Well, MAYBE. Y’see, in Minor v. Hapersett (the supreme court’s last significant statement on the presidential eligibility clause) and Wong Kim Ark (see my post above), the high court ruled that a person must be born in the united states to be a natural born Citizen, BUT in Minor, they left it open as to whether or not birth alone was enough, or whether a natural born Citizen must not only be born in the united states, but must have two citizen parents as well? In all honesty, the latter is probably not a requirement as it generally wasn’t at common law, from which our citizenship law is derived. But since Hussein was born in Kenya (and Juan McKennedy in Panama or the Canal Zone, and Ted Cruz in Canada), it matters little.

          • scottthestrategerist

            Wrong! Wrong!! Wrong!!! The Supreme Court in United States v. Wong Kim Ark, which is the leading case on the citizenship clause of the fourteenth amendment, said (and I paraphrase as I’m writing from memory) that statutes extending citizenship to the children of citizens born abroad are enacted under congress’ NATURALISATION powers!!! Such persons (including Ted Cruz) are citizens at birth but it’s because they’re NATURALISED, by STATUTE, at birth. They are NOT eligible for the presidency. Furthermore, under the law as it existed in 1961, a foreign-born child of a U.S. citizen mother and alien father would not be a citizen of any kind unless the mother was at least 19 years old (among other qualifications), while Ann Dunham was 18. Sorry, but he was born an alien. He’s about as eligible for the presidency as Prince Charles!

          • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

            Still looks like a skinny Frank Marshall Davis with his mom’s chin if you ask me

          • Aussievick

            So agree! If you look at yearbook pictures of Marshall’s kids ( his wife was white also ), it is eerie how much they look like B.O. to me.

          • abcnewscansuckit

            Either way, Borat’s mom was a disgusting skank.

          • scottthestrategerist

            Nah. Go look at photos of his half-brother (by a white mother too!) Mark Ndesandjo. They look so much alike it’s spooky, and yet they only share one parent! Yeah, it COULD be that FMD, Malcolm X or some-random-black-guy is his father, but Ndesndjo is our control test, and he looks exactly like Hussein. Of course, I would love for there to be a DNA test, just to be sure, and FMD’s son said he’d submit to it. Now we just need a sample from Hussein.

          • scottthestrategerist

            True. That was the famous interview with the Anabaptist minister. Are you aware that, in a 2008 interview with the BBC, she said (in her own language), “Barack was born in this village.”? Also, in a 2010 article discussing her work with children, she said, “Even the president of the united states has passed through my arms.” Since Hussein was never known to have visited Kenya at any other time during his childhood, this must be a reference to him being there at birth!

          • Dennis Klein

            Obama is one big fraud, where it starts or tops no one know. So nothing is off limits to his lies and fraud. But odd that so many things remain hidden from us.

          • Michael Brown

            Facts…!00% correct.

          • Teas On Yo

            Affirmative Action, obviously. Got him into college and the White House.

          • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

            I dont know if thats the best term .. a lot more than skin color at play when creating a puppet President

          • Michael Brian Smallwood

            You Republicans can’t resist the opportunity to further your racist, hate-filled, evil murk and bash one of the greatest presidents the US has ever seen. I love Obama so much and readily admit that I’m permanently and forever attached to his right testicle, occasionally switching to the left to give my dear leader’s right one a chance to recover, or something to that effect.

          • Jason Schlesinger

            Lol… Thank you for my morning chuckle. Comments like yours get me through these dark days.

          • jaydeebee

            Stop it! You’re making my leg tingle.

          • KTK

            I saw him with Oswald, George Bush, and Fidel Castro in Dallas…

          • dumpsterdog

            Khalid was also banned from practicing law in S.F.

            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Harvard Votes To Banish Bottled Water

          • scottthestrategerist

            San Francisco?

          • dumpsterdog

            yes…I googled his name and that S.F. thing came up

            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Harvard Votes To Banish Bottled Water

          • scottthestrategerist

            I didn’t know that one! Thanks for the info!

          • Pouncekitty

            There are more fantasies about Obama than facts. He is one of the most ill-vetted, ill-conceived, ill-documented and ill-prepared person who has EVER dared run for office in the United States. And the moronic nitwits who voted their celebrity-obsession for “the first black president” have NO CLUE who this clown really is. Nor do they care. They only care they can congratulate themselves for being so “fair….”
            Empty fools!

          • Sammie Jo

            Even George Stephanopolis who was in Obama’s classes doesn’t remember seeing him. lol

          • SandyLester

            It is very weird.

            The graduating law class only had 35 students and at their reunion no can recall ever seeing him.

          • picnicfun

            Condi Rice’s teachers remember her clear as a bell. She seemed destined for bigger things in high school as well as college. Someone needs to decode the Obama mystery. Why he made no impression on anyone.

          • karryokie

            He made quite an impression on that record number of moulinyans who showed up in record numbers to vote for him.

          • zz3magnet

            That he made no impression, if he were there, tells a huge story. It means he did not do anything important, lasting, unique, memorable or significant.

          • RLABruce

            Or else he was never there.

          • Replyingtoignorance

            Except become president of the most influential law review in the US….

          • jaydeebee

            Maybe because he was too busy skipping class to snorting and smoking.

          • violetvirginia

            He was a hologram. Mr. Transparent!

          • mohammad.felafal

            well…after 5 years of this incompetent idiot, i am pretty sure the majority of americans cant wait for this boob to be out of office so they can forget him too.

          • TexanPatriot2

            He simply wasn’t that memorable…or wasn’t there.

          • ISeeaBadMoonRising

            … and also should release his ultra secret school records.

          • Boxhawk

            He can’t. They will show that he attended as a foreign exchange student from Kenya.

          • D’

            And what difference does it make now?

          • Libertarian Advocate

            Learn to quote accurately. It’s: What difference, at this point, does it make? 😉

          • bcmugger

            He could be kicked out and all his BS repealed.

          • TexanPatriot2

            He could murder someone. In the White House. With a gun. On live TV. With a hundred million witnesses. And he still wouldn’t be arrested, or convicted by the Senate under impeachment proceedings.

          • Clearhead

            @ “D’ ” — Look around you, D, and you will see.

          • Boxhawk

            It would certainly vindicate a lot of people, if nothing else. The mainstream media certainly wouldn’t learn from it.

          • mohammad.felafal


            he attended and recieved financial aid as a foreign exchange student from indonesia…..NOT Kenya.

          • TexanPatriot2


          • mohammad.felafal

            D is for Democrat…if you know what i mean and i know that you do.

          • Libertarian Advocate

            That was the Harvard Law School, where the fake Indian (feather, not dot) princess taught law before cruising to victory as a senator.

          • mohammad.felafal

            How dare you speak ill of Princess Pasteyskin Lyingfeather. I am 1/32nd outraged and you can tell by the flush on my high cheek bones…just ask my granny.

          • Clearhead

            Putzz only attended in theory.

          • mohammad.felafal

            Show some respect you insolent peon.

            It’s His Royal Highness King Puttz

          • Guest
          • pau lrevere

            he only pretended to go to harvard

            probably just went to summer school there

          • Ray Williams

            That has never been confirmed.

          • Pouncekitty

            And Harvard refuses to release his (presumably dismal) student records. When Bush released his records from Yale, it turned out he was a higher achieving and smarter student than John F.Kerry. Just goes to show. Liberals have a LOT to hide. They will never come clean, they don’t DARE.

          • Michael Brown

            Thank you for that.

          • Deminimis

            Ted Cruz isn’t in the white house, and the closest he will ever get is one of those white house tour groups.

          • mohammad.felafal

            After obama….

            …anything and anyone is possible.

            and the fact that you even made such a statement in response to my post….shows that you either have no reading comprehension, or you are just another dumsh!t liberal idiot spewing your leftwing talking points that you have dutifully stidied at the democract madrassa where you go to pray to Mullah Obama.

          • Deminimis

            …Isn’t this the institution that gave us this lying incompetent divisive thin skinned ignoramus who currently squats and parties in the white house?”

            Did you really think that a comment like that deserved and actual response? Your reply to me pretty much shows the type of person that you are. That you received 178 up votes for your original comment, pretty much shows the type of site that this is. “Right-minded campus news…” I’m guessing that most here haven’t actually been on a college campus. Oh, I corrected your spelling of ignoramus for you.

          • mohammad.felafal

            What gave you the impression that i cared if you or anyone replied?

            Your view of your self importance is disproportionate with the number of [email protected] I or anyone else gives.

            As to the spelling….Thanks. I disabled the spellcheck in mozilla because of slowdown. Glad to see little grammar nazis like you are there to pick up the slack.

            But i am glad you feel superior because you can spell ignoramus…which isnt surprising considering that you of all people should be intimately familiar with that word…if you know what I mean (and I am sure that you do) you arrogant metrosexual meatbag.

          • Deminimis

            Grammar Nazi? Not really, a grammar nazi would have probably pointed out that you also left the apostrophe out of isn’t in the same sentence. I just never would expect someone to use a word like ignoramus to describe others, if they were unable to spell the word themselves.

            Also, I don’t feel superior because I can spell the word ignoramus… I feel superior to you because you can’t seem to carry on an intelligent conversation, or a conversation at all. You seem to be very impressed with yourself by how many derogatory things you can call others. Which would seem to prove that you have nothing intelligent to say, and are over compensating, and similarly lacking in other areas as well, by attempting to be intimidating through the Internet… If you know what I mean (and I am sure that you do)…

          • mohammad.felafal

            you are an ignoramouious.

            you are also a lonely litttle metrosexual mamm’s boy.

            go get therapy.

          • Biff Spiff

            Fewer cavities?

          • John (magnum)

            NO, it is the liberal idiot professors !

          • Guesteroni

            We have to drink bottled water —>

            (1) There’s nuclear radiation in drinking water!


            (2) The EPA raised the amounts of radiation allowed!


            (3) For YOUR own sake, learn everything you can about this issue. Highly recommended sites to learn are:

          • sunnysouthflorida
        • skoch

          Flushing the toilet, and taking a shower every day uses vast amounts of water (what about the delta smelt???)

          Time to use outhouses with holes in the ground, and only bathe on Saturday night.

          If you are a prissy wimp you can buy 5 gallon, RE-USABLE bottles of mineral water and that will cut down the extravagant use of water et al.

          • everyoneneedstocalmdown

            I also think part of the issue is the HUGE amount of oil it takes to make throwaway plastic waterbottles…not necessarily the water that comes in it…

          • abcnewscansuckit

            Uh huh…er…HOW “huge” an amount of oil does it take to make “throwaway” plastic waterbottles, Ms. Chemist? And we KNOW what you idiot liberals are shrieking about regarding plastic. It’s just you Chihuahuas only go after what people want to consume. If people like you were such big anti-plastic warriors, you’d take all of your electronics to the nearest recycling centers and then kill yourselves.

          • replyingtoignorance

            because you dont buy a new Xbox controller every single day…

          • abcnewscansuckit

            Actually I haven’t played an Xbox game in many years. I play golf or find schit to fix around the house in my free time. What about you, New Castrati? And if you’d read my comment in total instead of jerking those knees, you would see that I was calling out one of your fellow libs for hypocrisy. Your hypocrisy is what is killing your (bowel) “movement” and makes people really hate you all. You should practice what you preach. YOU start living the lives of the ‘poor’ to show your solidarity with them instead of asking ME to. How about YOU try your retarded policies on yourselves first? Oh! That’s right! “Socialism’s for the people, not the Socialist.” Is that not your creed?

          • Noozjunkie

            ….then why aren’t they complaining about plastic Coke soda bottles, plastic tea bottles, plastic parts in cars, plastic, plastic, plastic….. ???
            When compared to forever in a landfill, even something that’s used, reused, reused, and so on for years at a time, is still no match for forever in a landfill.
            These Harvard types are just saying “No” to throw-away plastic water bottles while they toss out a few dozen red solo cups a week.
            Typical liberals — exempt from common sense — absent intelligence!!

          • Tom

            To preface, I’m a National Review subscribing conservative Republican.

            I have thought for years that individual use bottled water was a complete waste of the resources required to make the bottles. It’s as though my tap-water-drinking generation (I’m 62 years old) was somehow deprived of tasty, clean drinking water. Not so. We used pitchers of ice water in our boardroom and somehow got along just fine.

            Ban single use bottled water–it’s an item whose cost of plastic resources doesn’t ROI.

            Tom in Austin

          • jaydeebee

            Well, once upon a time, we had water fountains. Thirsty? Go get a drink. What happened? We were told there was scary bacteria on every surface. Drinking from the water fountain will give you a fatal disease! We were also told that we had to drink a gallon of water a day to be healthy and VOILA! The ubiquitous water bottle was born. Don’t be seen without one! Does anybody over the age of 40 remember carrying a water bottle around school when they were a kid? Am I the only one who remembers getting a drink from the fountain before and after class?

          • Ed

            You forget that when fossil hydrocarbons are converted to plastic, the CO2 becomes permanently sequestered. One can consider plastic bottles as reducing climate change.

          • skoch

            If you ever lived in California you know that water is the issue. The police write citations for watering your lawn. The farmers cannot water their crops for fear of the stinking delta smelt dying out. Land prepared expressly for a school had a big puddle after it rained…A stinking brine shrimp hatched and the land now sits, in the middle of a neighborhood, but the school has been barred from being built. The green weenies are a bunch of idiots herding the public school ill educated.

            The world has all the oil it needs. Take a look at the cost of bottled water and and that of an equal volume of oil……….

          • replyingtoignorance

            Because that’s how chemistry works…

          • jaydeebee

            But they don’t bathe and they make us use low-flush toilets that you have flush 5 times to make the stuff go down.

          • replyingtoignorance

            a) There are some very effective ways to cut down water used in showers and toilets without sacrificing modern day comfort. Read a book

            b) This move is being made to save plastic waste not water waste

            c) THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEIR DOING. Replacing bottled water with access to centralized purified water.

        • mikifenn

          Me, too.,

        • boboadobo

          yeah, drink from the charles river and it is a race between the bacteria and toxic waste to see what does you in first. but, the spoiled children of harvard will pass a symbolic vote and continue drinking bottled water as before.

          • August West

            they’ll pass the vote then move on and leave the upcoming classes to go without

          • peacefield

            The water they drink is from the Quabbin Reservoir, Rated as one of the best waters in the nation.
            They avoid using chlorine, mostly ozone gas is filtered through it, but I understand that the engineers are now using an even better method.

            I lived local for a few years and found it better than bottled.
            Yes, tap water can be better.

          • boboadobo

            bottled water is a scam , never said otherwise.

          • replyingtoignorance

            I’m pretty sure they perfected water purification back with Pasteur…

        • BuffersT

          EXCELLENT! Just look at the emergency trucks arriving after a disaster, the first thing they bring is BOTTLED WATER!

      • menofletters2005

        Yup. A campus full of libtard, trust-fund babies.

      • ands

        yet isn’t that what you and all your friends here are doing in the same breath?

    • markgl

      Next, they’ll want to ban plastic bottles on airplanes!!!

    • Azznerak

      What? These silver-spoon fed, over-privileged wastes are actually laughable hypocrites trying to get attention…

      • Dugway

        I’ll bet if those voting for the ban held their breaths – forever – there might be a greenhouse gas reduction… that would make an impact on the environment.

        • 1mikejanz1

          If it didn’t have an impact on the environment it would definitely have an impact on libturd lying!

        • ands

          It might be more productive if you and your friends held your breath. After all, there were no more than 4000 votes cast in this election. On the other hand, there are unknown thousands, maybe millions of your kind lurking on the internet. Curbs the ignorance too. Killing two birds with one stone 🙂

          • Jason Schlesinger

            Except there is no man made global warming. We all know it. You don’t, but a least you can die in pursuit of your misguided convictions.

          • replyingtoignorance

            We don’t “all know it”. Every scientist worth his weight in manure is in agreement that it exists.

            Excuse me if I listen to the chorus of people with “fancy degrees” from “elitist institutions” over the ignoramus whose only provable skills are logging onto a computer and composing sentences that are almost English.

          • Jason Schlesinger

            “Every scientist worth his weight in manure”…that somehow seems the appropriate way to categorize the “experts” who trumpet climate hysteria. 🙂
            “we all know it” was a bit exaggerated, but with you it had the intended effect. Now you know how it feels to have someone dismiss your side’s argument with one sweeping denial of your existance. The truth is this is a debate and a conflict – but we on the this side have come to realize we need to dehumaize you alarmists the same way you do us before you actually deign to debate..
            As for your one substantive comment, yes, there is a chorus of government grant-craving, elitist, quasi eco warrior “what does it matter if I’m wrong if APG is a crock, if it gets us more global wealth distribution” academics out there, touting AGW. There is also a growing chorus of experts (with degrees in subjects which actually have significance like meteorology) who are sceptical of one or more tenants of APGW. Many of the “experts” your ilk typically site (UN IPCC) are not.
            Using your primitive “might makes right” measure for the veracity of an idea, I suppose Galileo was a heretic and Ghandi a misguided rabble-rouser…right? If not, then don’t embarass yourself replying with a “head count”. Science is not the result of consensus, it’s the result of facts gained by measures, giving way to new facts. The facts of the moment are no warming in a decade. WE ALL KNOW THAT (unless you’re simply ignorant of current headlines). Consensus is a measure of politics, and the AGW debate is political, not scientific. The polularity of “the sky is falling – hot” alarmism, just like the “the sky is falling – cold” of the ozone layer “crisis” from just a few decades prior, is the result of ascendent Leftism right now in politics…but it will not stay that way.
            Meanwile, better bundle up – one of the coldest winders in some time is underway.

      • ands

        Silver-spoon fed, over-privileged? Try 20% of us on full financial aid (meaning from families earning less than 65k yearly) and well over half receiving some need based aid to attend Harvard. Unlike you, we channeled our energies in excelling in as many areas as we could and giving back to the community. We earned our places here. Come back when you can show us the same test scores, grades, artistic and athletic achievements, and hours spent working with and for our communities- often on top of hardships you can’t even imagine behind the safety and comfort of your computer screen in ignorance.

        The difference between you and us is that, when we see something don’t like, we WORK to change things- you? you just waste your time criticizing others.

        • T.

          So you didn’t work hard enough for a scholarship then. I see. How unfortunate for you.

          • ands

            Everyone who gets into Harvard gets a scholarship if they need hence “NEED BASED FINANCIAL AID”. I worked hard enough to get into Harvard, my family needed help paying, so I got a scholarship, transitively I guess you could say I worked hard enough for a scholarship. Harvard covers over 75% of my cost of attendance.

          • jaydeebee

            How nice for you. I was on the dean’s list every semester at my school. I graduated with a 3.91 average. I’m still paying off my student loans. I’m not saying they weren’t worth it. I’m just saying that you can’t say you aren’t privileged if someone is paying 75% of your bill.

    • Echo Star

      Wow, this is an outstanding summary boiled down into three simple lines. Well done!

      • Steve in Austin


    • Guest_User

      The brainwashing is nearly complete at this level, and they will take top positions with firm conviction to their religion and not be willing to budge from encrusted ideology that leaves no room for discussion. Great. More pedantic division and ad-hominem, snarky self-righteousness.

      • neechian

        And the greatest sacrifice they will ever personally have to make is to re-use water bottles.

        • detcord

          Baby seals and sea turtles will rejoice for the selflessness.

      • Buck Ofama

        >they will take top positions with firm conviction to their religion

        Their religion being the worship of humanism, with its ultimate end: complete disappointment.

    • neechian

      It;s called moral status mongering. I think I liked the privileged better when it was all about money, Your prep school had 6% students of color? Well mine had 8% and my boyfriend in 11th grade was Indian! His name was Raj.

      • Quasi Quirky

        thanks for the laugh, neechian

        • Lol

          Harvard has 17% Asian, 6% African American, and 9% Hispanic. That’s at least 32% students of color. If you want to insult us, at least get your facts straight so you don’t look so silly…

          • etg

            I hate Harvard and Harvard Students (in general) because of the extreme radical left wind ideology that the students soak right up from their radicalized teachers.

          • Libertarian Advocate

            Lol: Thanks for the stats! Do you happen to have the numbers for LBFM’s presently enrolled there?

          • Quasi Quirky

            OMG… you are rife (and proud) giving me race related stats, and you suggest I am insulting on some kind of race basis? Me realizes it is YOU keeping scores and quotas and NOT able to accept your fellow man without racial definition and quotas. It is YOU with the numbers, the percents, the races – judging man by quantity rather than heart and soul. I am truly sorry that we (in our quest for diversity) have allowed our education system to fail you – we started that pendulum, but we trusted (and should not have) the zealots/the controllers that have lied to you; that we did not teach you what you are worth nor did we teach you the worth of those groups of people you just outlined for me as you too, just judged them by their race. Harvard was once a good institution. It is now pretty lopsided. Bless you – just take that as sincere, not an affront to religious divisions, just accept that a tea-bagger stranger cares.

    • Molon Labe!

      These are the so called best and brightest…what a bunch of dull knives.

      • nostudme1

        Sponsored affirmative action dullards.

        • black at harvard

          those affirmative action dullards still have better SAT and other standardized test scores than you do, I’m sure.

          • Quasi Quirky

            Certainly you can’t be sure of that. Surely you lie about other items as well.


        lol-well said

    • Bill Bitterass

      I’m surprised they took time out from beer drinking, smoking pot, viewing porn, posting on facebook, experimenting with homsexuality, and tweeting to accomplish this majestic endeavor to save the planet. Once they graduate, however, they’ll see things differently as bottled water is an essential element if the yuppie ensemble.

      • Ehhhh

        Actually, sometimes we like, learn and stuff too. And one of our own invented that Facebook thing that you just mentioned. Sorry to disappoint.

        • Quasi Quirky

          no kudos to the man, only kudo to the institutions, I see. so, you take credit for the vision and drive of a Harvard kid whom you likely never met. ah….. you are nothing but a jealous thief, dude.

    • dwpittelli

      Few Harvard college students own any car — which is little more useful in Harvard Square than in Manhattan — let alone a Range Rover, and fewer yet have private jets.

      • jjgnc

        Few own a car? Seriously? What planet are YOU from?

        • JasonM124

          Just throwing in my own experience here – though this seems to getting totally off the topic above.

          I graduated from Harvard in 2000 and I was one of the only people I knew who had a car (and mine was a used Oldsmobile Intrigue). NO ONE I knew there had a private jet (including their family).

          This perception of Harvard as just a bunch of little privileged rich kids is patently false. OF COURSE there are rich kids there. But that’s not ALL there is. Even the stat that CharlesKaye posted (with no citation, I might add) makes my point – if 45.6% have families with dual incomes over $200k, that means that the majority – 54.4% – make LESS than $200k per year.

          All that being said, yes, Harvard students love getting behind liberal causes (often irrationally). I remember one incident that really pissed me off was when Harvard students were demanding a “living wage” for all Harvard employees (janitors, dininghall workers, etc). When they surrounded the administration building to protest, and the Dean attempted to present his position, the protesters all yelled so that his point of view couldn’t be heard. This was hailed as a victory by the student body, though I only saw it as a defeat for reasoned discourse.

          Yes, the irrational liberalism is probably worse at Harvard than other schools, but it’s hardly a Harvard-only or Ivy League-only issue. Colleges students are notorious for this. Churchill said it best “If you are not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative at 40, you have no brain.”

          Point is – I love my bottled water and think this ban is foolish. If you don’t like bottled water, don’t buy it. Educate other people. Don’t take away their choice.

          But also, don’t paint Harvard students or even your opponents with an insulting broad brush. My guess is the majority of Harvard students who voted for this don’t own their own car, let alone a Range Rover, and have never even seen a private jet, let alone fly in one.

          Let’s debate the issues, not simply disparage those who disagree.

          • jjgnc

            Alright, you make a good point. I apologize. I don’t apologize often. : )

      • CharlesKaye

        Dug this up just for you Skippy – “approximately 45.6 percent of Harvard undergraduates come from families with incomes above $200,000 (the top 3.8% income bracket).

        Tell me how these people don’t have cars…

        • buutttarpwaerijo

          Don’t confuse him with facts, or this may happen:

          • dwpittelli

            Don’t assume you know things you don’t, or that you know your opponent.

          • buutttarpwaerijo

            I don’t assume I know anything about anyone. But you have made your feelings on the matter pretty cut and dry.

          • dwpittelli

            I hadn’t yet commented “on the matter” but rather a side issue. My attempt to educate “Pouncekitty” on the energy consumption habits and the motivations of the enviro-students does not mean I side with the students. If you are to defeat or even come to terms with your ideological opponents you must understand them first.

          • buutttarpwaerijo

            Know thy enemy. What if the enemy is a pathological liar though? How do you know I’m telling the truth? That is why the internet sucks. No tells.

          • GuateNY

            Is that screenshot from the movie Scanners?

          • buutttarpwaerijo

            Hahaha, yep.

        • dwpittelli

          Their family is rich enough that they could have a car, and some, but not most, have a car at home. Many will get cars as graduation gifts. But very few undergraduates keep a car at Harvard. Even a rich person would find it more convenient to rent one as needed, say to go skiing in Vermont, or to take a cab to the airport for longer trips, than to maintain and park a car near Harvard. But everything they need or even want to do on a daily basis is within easy walking distance. (Similarly, even fairly rich adults who live in Manhattan often do not own a car.) Also, a median income just under $200,000 doesn’t actually leave all that much disposable income after taxes and multiple tuitions for prep school and college. Your condescension is unwarranted. (BTW, I went to prep school and Harvard, albeit some time ago.)

          • Aiken_Roo

            Maybe my comprehension skills aren’t as great as yours but where does he say or even imply that he is speaking about when they are on campus?

          • dwpittelli

            You have a point: “But they will continue to drive their Range Rovers, fly in their parents’ jets and consume vast amounts of resources.” does not state where they will be doing these things. OTOH, they are at Harvard for 8 months of the year, most do not drive SUVs the other 4 months, and very few fly in private jets. So other than that… well, that leaves very little to the claim that these children of privilege are wantonly wasting resources in these ways while hypocritically voting to eliminate water bottles. They are, of course, being rather silly anyway. But with no Apartheid to protest as in my day, and little excitement left for Mr. Hopenchange, what else is an armchair do-gooder to do?

          • oldspeak rules

            Sounds like you’re defending yourself more than the hypothetical Harvard undergrads…

          • dwpittelli

            How so? What do you think I am doing that I feel the need to defend?

          • CaptainHatred

            you keep opening your mouth and making us all grab our noses because your breath smells like hot garbage.

          • dwpittelli

            I stand in awe of your erudition.

          • d_bully

            they can take their drug money and donate it to some kind of children;s charity.

          • Rocketman

            Hey dwpittelli – you misspelled dimwit.

          • dwpittelli

            That’s clever. But someone using the pseudonym “Rocketman” might want to avoid making fun of peoples’ names.

          • oldspeak rules

            Why are you defending this? And yes, it’s quite obvious you went there given your smacked-ass tone.

          • dwpittelli

            I am not defending this silly resolution. I am defending factual truth. The students are not being hypocritical, just young, idealistic and stupid.

          • d_bully

            emphasis on STUPID.

          • Gord

            That statement reminds me of the President every time he opens his lying lips.

          • dwpittelli

            Name one lie in any of my statements, or forever show yourself to be a libelous clown. (Well, you would so show yourself if you had the cojones to post under your name.)

          • healthcareforDistrict9

            What I’d like to know is, will they enforce it. Environmentalists, specially young, bright ones relish an opportunity to watch others comply while they morph into scofflaws who hols compliant students in utter contempt.

          • dwpittelli

            Well, they’re not trying to enforce a law (yet — wait a few years and they may be pulling the full Bloomberg). They’re asking/telling Harvard to stop selling bottles of water. If I had to bet money at even odds, I’d say that Harvard will go along with their demand that Harvard stop selling water bottles. How much that will increase the sales of Coca-Cola and other nutritionally worthless, tooth-rotting crap, I don’t know.

          • healthcareforDistrict9

            I have heard that without plastic bottled water, post catastrophic mortality (e.g.Haiti) would skyrocket in tropical regions. The purchase of such products keeps the price down. Contamination of public water systems is a high value target for low information terrorists.

          • Chriss Markey

            regarding your last paragraph… perfect proof a high paid education does not equate to intelligence.

          • MichaelH1836

            The entire tone of your post smacks of wealth and privilege. I’m not against it…what I’m against is the overt display of it and the assumption that government should provide leeway for spoiled rotten brats coming to an institute like Harvard and looking down their collective noses at “the great unwashed” AKA the rest of us.

          • dwpittelli

            When did I say “government should provide leeway” for anything? I’m saying that the students at Harvard may be misguided and overly idealistic, but you can’t infer hypocrisy just because most are upper-middle class and all go to Harvard. I also don’t see that you can show that they are contemptuous of “the great unwashed” merely because they have bought into “green” propaganda. If anyone has unresolved class issues, it is you.

          • MichaelH1836

            Unresolved class issues? Not at all…I’m perfectly content where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I’m likely to be in the future. Our family income is ‘upper middle class’; and it suits us fine.

          • skeptic

            So in other words through all of your pedantic post your argument is that they own their Range Rovers and Lexus but just don’t use them at Harvard, except for their extravagant ski trips, which many environmentalists argue is also very destructive to the environment, to Vermont for the weekends of boozing and pot smoking. What a noble effort to save the planet.

          • dwpittelli

            Paint with a broad brush much?

          • fairplay

            $200,000 just don’t go as far as it did.

          • Pouncekitty

            You are so linear!!!! It’s obvious your brainwashing has never worn off. Sad, really, to think all the reality you’re missing out on.

          • dwpittelli

            Please tell me what sort of brainwashing I am suffering from, so that I may get it reversed.

          • Pouncekitty

            Failed liberal indoctrination, rendering most college graduates unable to cope with reality. Hence, the election of Obama. Any more questions?

          • dwpittelli

            Any more questions? How about, why do you presume so much?

            I’ve been pissed at Harvard since they fired President Summers. I volunteered in the reelection campaign of my Republican Congressman in 2010, I voted for McCain (with held nose) and Romney, and I have been a Life Member of the NRA since 20 years ago.

          • mallen717

            I live in Cambridge and just because Harvard is located smack in the middle of a small square does not change the fact that most of the student body owns cars.

          • dwpittelli

            It may seem that way to a person who has to fight for parking every evening, but no, they don’t.

          • Arw

            Now, who’s painting g with a broad brush?

          • xExekut3x

            You’re really going out of your way to defend a bunch of douchebags who produce incompetent leaders such as Obama and out-of-touch 1%s. You must be one of them.

          • dwpittelli

            It is a good idea to understand the true nature of your opponents, and I will defend anyone against a false charge. I do not agree with the Harvard decision on the merits. That does not mean its backers are hypocritical or disingenuous; rather, they are foolish and paternalistic environmental obsessives.

            Further, I post under my own name and my opposition to President Obama as an incompetent and a leftist has been consistent (except that I thought him less a crook than Ms. Clinton, and thus a better primary choice; I voted in the general elections for McCain and Romney).

          • xExekut3x

            You didn’t deny it, you douchebag 1%… Go fap yourself.

          • dwpittelli

            1) You really ought to read Dale Carnegie or someone similar.
            2) I denied supporting them, except against the charges of hypocrisy and disingenuousness. I also denied supporting Obama (which fact is verifiable as I post under my own name). What didn’t I deny?

        • Jack

          Real scholarship here – 45.6% of student’s families have a high income, thus all must drive range rovers and own private jets.

        • caillte

          There are a variety of reasons why people choose not to own cars, especially in crowded areas like Cambridge, that have nothing to do with money.
          Tell me how you don’t realize that..

      • Snoop doggy

        That’s because Harvard hasn’t been desirable to WASPs since about 1970.

        • dwpittelli

          Really. And what have WASPs desired since 1970, if not to get their children into Harvard?

          • Snoop doggy

            Hahaha … you are confusing WASPs with Chinese immigrants. I could tell you, but I’m not going to …

      • Pouncekitty

        You totally missed the point. Typical student mentality.

        • dwpittelli

          I am sorry I cannot display the maturity of a person who uses the pseudonym “Pouncekitty” — particularly sorry as I am now 48 years old. If your point wasn’t a claim of environmental hypocrisy, please tell me the point as you see it.

          • Pouncekitty

            Typical liberal spin. It’s not about maturity. I never said that, but you did. Again, you missed the point. It’s about capacity. You seem to have a lot of trouble with people’s screen names here. You seem to whine a lot, complain, act defensively. See? I told you you were brainwashed in a liberal college and I was right. After those failures, aka “professors” got your brain addled with liberal propaganda, you are no longer capable of thinking clearly. But you do seem to have some typing skills……that’s a start.

          • dwpittelli

            Our differences are not about ideology. At any rate, I am not a liberal. Our differences are due to your inability to understand your opponents as well as the English language. The students at Harvard were being naive as well as paternalistic, but your specific “facts” and your claim that they were also being disingenuous or hypocritical, are both incorrect. They are true believers, having been brainwashed into environmental leftism and statism since elementary school; private schools are generally at least as bad on those measures as are public schools.

    • GustavG

      This is another great victory against capitalistic abuses.

      The problem in this world is not the water bottle. It is the company who markets 2c worth of water and sells it for $2,

      My brothers and sisters at Harvard are merely wielding the only
      weapon we have which is the green movement to force the necessary change
      to this broken and antiquated system called capitalism.

      Carry on comrades.

      Vote Union!
      Vote Democrat!

      • OustObama12

        Я согласен, товарищ!

        /sarc off

      • in4d net

        Here’s the real problem.

        It’s not about the container the bottle is but actually about the liquid that is inside the container.

        What’s in YOUR water?

        If it’s from the tap, the answer could be anything including fluoride, peroxide, Zanax, Rohypnol or other date-rape drugs, and who knows what else that has been flushed down the toilet in the attempt to avoid arrest for trafficking drugs during a police raid!

        You don’t deal drugs?

        Doesn’t matter; somebody in your community likely does, and has likely flushed something in order to evade being caught with the evidence in their possession.

        And now that you have decided to eliminate the only chance to truly know what’s in what you put into your bodies, you will get to drink that unknown thing coming from faucets on campus that is masquerading as H2O.

        It might even turn out to be H2O2 !!! H2O in its natural form is safe. H2O2 will kill you!

        Some victory.

        • Roy Rogers

          So you assume the Harvard student body drinks from the toilet?

      • OpinionBuster

        You’re right. The problem is all of those companies providing employment for our citizens so they can provide for their families. How horrid! If only we could bring down all of the evil corporations. Then we could force people to take government handouts and make them slaves of the Feds.

      • glenp

        YA VOLL!! SEIG HIEL!!!

      • informan

        And vote your fellow union fools right out of their jobs!
        What a bunch or morons!

      • jan_poster

        Then why don’t they just not buy it and urge their fellow students to do the same? If no one buys it then they’ll start disappearing from the shelves. Instead they have to ban it and force you to do what they want. It’s a familiar pattern in a heavily liberal state like Massachusetts.

      • nostudme1


      • ruralcounsel

        At least the government isn’t telling them they HAVE to buy the bottled water, or face a fine!
        Government is coercion and force, masquerading as Nanny in the US. Capitalism works in all systems of government. But it only works fairly in free markets. What we have now is crony capitalism, and it works well for the ruling elite and their financiers.
        If this is your only weapon, you might as well lay down and die now. You’re pathetic in your inability to understand the real problems.

      • mikifenn

        Wouldn’t it be less stressful for the students to move to a communist/ socialist country? Then they could live their dreams of living in uptopia and not have to be so afraid of the big, bad capitalistic system.

      • dwpittelli

        The way to not waste money on bottled water is to not buy bottled water. Insisting that no one else do so either is when you go too far. We have enough “green” scolding from Al Gore (who is, unlike most Harvard students, grossly hypocritical) without a bunch of 19-year-olds trying to run the world.

    • detcord

      Most would just buy their water at Walmart for $2.50 a case. Liberals ban its sale.

    • nostudme1

      Looking for minority to vote for

    • Misti Fied

      Can we just forget all of these baby-steps and go ahead and completely ban water already? This aquacentric society we live in is drying the planet!

    • leslymill

      One giant step for Harvard students and won tiny hard to see it move step for mankind. I am glad to see they are looking at wasteful spending…and impressed they moved a finger..Hard to get the college to comply considering the probable profit loss.

    • ecomamacita

      Seriously? This group of students worked together in order to do something positive for the environment, and you want to thank them by throwing out insulting stereotypes? Its easier to critique than create – isn’t it.

      • Rotorwash

        This is so insignificant, the environment will not notice or even care if it did.

    • mikifenn

      Letr them drink tap water.filled with clorine, flouride and who knows what kinds of other chemicals and contaminants.

      • idrinktapwater

        In the United States, tap water is often held to higher standards than bottled water. Bottled water companies are private and are thus subject to fewer regulations. The prejudice against tap water is ridiculous as we live in a developed country that in most municipalities controls and maintains their water supplies. I’d argue that our love and attachment to bottled water is a sign of how millions have fallen in the trap of finding “status symbols” (Fiji, Evian? These are unnecessary).

    • Gallagher

      What will they do when no one’s looking? Harvard could burn down for all I care. Look what (not who) it’s turning out? It might rid America of a bunch of elitist, spoiled mushheads but there’s always Brown and Columbia.

      I don’t use single-use water bottles, but don’t trumpet my preferences for all the world to see. I don’t believe in loading up the landfills. However, I realize there are situations when they are the best alternative such as at little league games. Ever check out those water fountains? Pretty gross.

      • replyingtoignorance

        How is this trumpeting? his was a vote taken within the Harvard community that just happened to get picked up by news outlets.

        also they’re planning to install bottle filling stations no more water fountains.

        • Gallagher

          Oh, goodie. So, how’d the news outlets pick it up? It’s kind of like the divestment in oil. All for the press. And like I mentioned, what’ll they be doing when no one’s looking? That defines character.

    • orlandocajun

      So I guess that those idiots will either be using glass containers or paper bags to carry their water if plastic won’t do.

    • cccdude

      Don’t forget they will tweet about how enlightened they are on their iPhone that were built with slave-child labor, in countries that have no environmental laws they shipped across the globe on a ship powered by fossil fuels, and delivered to their stores in trucks powered by fossil fuels that are lighted and warmed by fossil fuels.

    • cheapseats2

      Hey, but they overwhelmingly voted in favor of mixed gender housing. I hope they plan on mandating the use of biodegradable condoms too.

      • dannyvice

        I dont think you’re going to rile too many people up with the idea of mixed gender housing. I shared an apartment with three girls while in college and didn’t mind watching them get ready in the mornings one bit. Neither did they.

        • cheapseats2

          I didn’t say there was anything wrong with mixed gender housing. I am saying it’ll probably increase the use of prophylactics.

    • lyingmedia

      The religion of leftism. If they don’t like it you can’t have it.

      • replyingtoignorance

        Wait like abortions?
        and birth control?
        and gay marriages?
        and marijuana?
        and healthcare?
        and a right to a religion that’s not christianity?
        like those things?

        • lyingmedia

          You didn’t name a single thing I am opposed to. Just pay for it yourself.

    • arcsinice

      Ever SO important.

    • Rich Shepard

      In principle I think the whole idea of bottling and selling water is ridiculous inasmuch as you can get it free and it is usually fine. So, on the one hand it is probably just as well. But, since people have decided that they prefer to pay money for what they can get free, so be it.

      While there is a better use for so much plastic, IMHO, it isn’t my place to say what people should or should have. Additionally, if our planet is going to be destroyed by plastic bottles, then it is a hopeless cause anyway.

      It is kind of amusing to see the values of the snobby kids collide however. Should I get this foo-foo bottled water or should i “save the environment”. Actually, if you think about it it is an invented crisis or problem for them. Me, I could care less. I’ll get a glass of free water, while I laugh at their ‘dilemna’.

    • Sally Smith

      This is the school that Obama went to, after all! Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 462 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc. http://danfromsquirrelhill.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/obama-252/

    • Shena

      Guess the Harvard students don’t know about this:

      “Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities”


      Learn more about this at the highly recommended site called ENENEWS dot com.

      • Libertarian Advocate


    • vxp

      So you think it’s better for the sheeple to do nothing….?

      • bobvedari

        It would be better for the sheeple to actually THINK. Get a sense of proportion; get a sense of scale; get a sense of doing things that actually make some sense instead of expressing mere symbolism. Don’t vote for a Messiah; vote for a pragmatic, boring fellow who doesn’t want to “fundamentally transform” a great country into a third world cesspool. There are consequences to not thinking things through. Sheeple will never understand. So it’s probably better to take off the sheeple hat once in a while and THINK.

    • Nitwit 1

      This is awkward… My parents don’t own a jet. Does that mean I don’t actually go to Harvard or are you just wrong?

      • Pouncekitty

        Not even a quarter clever. You missed the point. Spoiled kids, huge resource consumption, selective outrage about the planet (so long as it doesn’t impinge on their perks…) Get it now? The phony liberal nitwits? Do people have to spell everything out for you? Irony? Do they teach that at Harvard?

    • tham

      Unfortunately, Harvard graduates are immediately placed into upper echelons of the corrupt collectivist regimes in Washington.

      • Pouncekitty

        Harvard “University” is too cowardly and corrupt to dare release Obama’s (presumably dismal) grades. When they made Bush release his, it turned out he scored higher than the so-called “brilliant” John Kerry. See? Liberals use universities as bacteria dishes to disseminate propaganda, the nitwits suck it up, then go forth and destroy economies, businesses, societies, people’s healthcare. We do agree this is an unfortunate plague on our nation.

    • Harvard ’15

      You do realize the majority of us are receiving massive amounts of financial aid. I receive $40,0000 a year to go to this fine institution, that is 4,000 less than the average financial aid award. Times have changed, for the better I might add.

    • jacobSmithson

      Wow, you must have spent hours finely crafting that straw man before you huffed and puffed and knocked it down with the full force of your logic.

      • blacknblue2


        Pouncekitty’s observation holds some truth. The little preppies won’t give up what they really crave and that is for someone to look at them and comforts that can be afforded to those that can afford the $40,000 plus annual tuition.

        Then they get out and go to work creating such wonderful things like the derivatives markets. Those markets that allowed certain people to legally steal the wealth from other people.

      • Pouncekitty

        Barely 10 seconds to bust the Harvard nitwit logic. Straw men are something Libs create to deflect from their catastrophic failures. Heard any Obama speeches in the last 5 years?

    • aanonn

      The trash vortex is an area the size of Texas in the North Pacific in which an estimated six kilos of plastic for every kilo of natural plankton, along with other slow degrading garbage, swirls slowly around like a clock, choked with dead fish, marine mammals, and birds who get snared. Some plastics in the gyre will not break down in the lifetimes of the grandchildren of the people who threw them away.

      • Pouncekitty

        Boo-hoo!! What a crock. The trash vortex is an area the size of Texas and stretches from Harvard to Washington, DC through NYU and Princeton. The absolute insanity of thinking that banning plastic water bottles can fix this problem is stunning! EVERYTHING is made of plastic these days — why not ban it all? Ban your car bumper! Ban mops and brooms! Ban every child’s toy! Stilly twits think banning water bottles is going to have an iota of effect. It’s not. It’s the same idiocy that tells us to use more poisonous and noxious lightbulbs or buy a deathtrap hybrid car that is somehow magically going to matter, to “save the planet.” Narcissists who think they have the power to control the planet!

    • aanonn

      what are you doing besides complaining, Pouncekitty ?

      • Pouncekitty

        Who’s complaining? I’m just telling it like it is, and probably telling you who you are. What’s the problem? No complaints here. Just informing you of some very, very inconvenient truths. Most libs can’t even begin to handle the tiniest particle of reality.

      • Pouncekitty

        And, by the way, I run all three of my German cars all night long in the driveway, one night a month. I leave all the lights on in my huge house one night a month. I don’t recycle. I love plastic. I use old fashioned light bulbs. I keep my house nice and warm with (oh! no!) NATURAL GAS! And I use TONS of electricity during the summer on beautiful air conditioning. This is a citizen’s protest against Algore and all the nitwit creeps getting rich on the lie and fraud of “man-made global warming.” I’m simply going to have to prove you’re wrong and I’m well on my way to that noble goal.

    • usmc1063

      Just think Harvard was once a proud bastion of higher education and a founding member of our nations ideals and direction. Just goes to show you when liberals get their hands on anything the totally screw it up.

      • Pouncekitty

        Tragic! And so preventable! The Left mentality has created world-wide chaos and NEVER ONCE proven successful. All liberal and left systems enslave people to a bureaucratic government that ALWAYS FAILS. Ask the Russians and East Europeans how that Communist “workers paradise” went for them.

    • yerfackingmammy

      I’ll never forget when the shameless lying lawyer who defended the guy whole stole forty grand from me refused coffee in styrofoam cup because she was “doing [her] part to help the environment….”

      • Pouncekitty

        HAhahahahaaaa!!! Nonsense. Libs hate styrofoam almost as much as plastic. There are SO MANY things they hate. They hate cars, gasoline, plastic, electricity, power, unborn children. But they “love” the environment. They make no sense, like you. Nonsense. Liberals are dumb enough to think banning plastic bottles or driving deathtrap hybrid cars will “save the planet.” Breathtaking stupidity and hubris. NOTHING THEY DO MATTERS!!!! They just annoy the rest of us.

    • NHBill603

      Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.
      They not Al Gore.

    • Teas On Yo

      I’m sure by now they’re driving the $100k Lexus LS hybrid (it actually gets worse gas mileage than the regular LS, but no one stops to perform an ROI calculation before buying a hybrid).

    • Dave_Mowers

      Are you suggesting that the people who are wrecking the planet and whom destroyed the economy take responsibility for their actions?

      • Pouncekitty

        I’m suggesting that liberals who pretend to “care” about the planet stop the obscene hypocrisy. Liberals and enviro-whackos are some of the most irresponsible people when it comes to “do as I say, not as I do…” They drive their huge cars, jet around the globe, live in lavish homes, and wreck the planet with their cheap phony intellectual bankruptcy. Democrats, liberals, but most especially the current Obama crowd of phony thugs have already destroyed our economy, something they won’t EVER take responsibility for. Have I been clear?

        • Dave_Mowers

          I’m sorry the sound on my internet connection is going haywire I didn’t catch anything you just said.

          Dave ‘the Richian’

          • Pouncekitty

            No, your internet connection is fine. You just have comprehension problems, probably very serious ones. Maybe Harvard has a course to fix that.

          • Dave_Mowers

            I’ve been to Harvard already and I comprehend just fine your jealousy of those whom the Lord our savior Jesus Christ has determined to be of higher moral caliber than you. Wallow in poverty as penance for your transgressions against God satanist!

            So sayeth Wall Street! So shall it be doneth!

    • Alan

      I’m normally a libertarian, but I think this a good and meaningful step. The tragedy of the commons” is well understood. This is a teaching moment at Harvard, and they don;’t get many. At 61 I’m re-encountered my inner hippie of the sixties: reduce, reuse, recycle when necessary. But I never had a Range Rover and travel little. I’m a real environmentalist, not an Al Gore environmentalist. I don’t need “carbon offsets” although I don’t believe CO2 is a cause of global warming – should there be such a thing.

    • sadfasdf

      Doing some bad doesn’t negate some good. It may negate the person being “green”, but not the merit of the individual good action.

      • Pouncekitty

        ??? What is a “good” action? Banning plastic water bottles? That’s not good, it’s foolish, self-promoting, silly, meaningless. There are good actions, bad actions and foolish actions. Most enviro-whacko ideas are just foolish. They won’t have one iota’s impact on the planet. They just make foolish people think they’re important.

  • I concur

  • filtering the nonsense… http://worlditruth.blogspot.com

  • higgins1990

    I feel sorry for the kids who attend liberal indoctrination centers such as Harvard.

    • MrAmbitious

      According to repub and Fox News, liberals are born in all forms of higher education and public school. So you feel sorry for anyone who attends college. Well I personally feel sorry for all you uneducated repubs, or at best you have a catholic school education which is about as useful as a elementary school education. If your teaching creationism and trying to discount evolution and science in general during class, you aren’t learning anything.

      • konc1

        Another incoherent ignorant rant void of any facts, go back to watching gladiator movies in your underwear while eating Cheetios, troll, then use that big brain of yours to try to figure out why your little pee pee is turning orange..

      • janderson4795

        Liberalism is truly a mental disease. Look at it this way you will qualify for SSI.

      • Brad

        So, what you’re saying is that you don’t pay attention to the world around you, and you only swallow your liberal talking points and believe what your masters tell you?

      • M75462

        I attended Catholic schools from K- college. Not once was creationism taught, you ignorant asshole, you

      • Karin Currie

        Dear Mr. Ambitious: One can only hope that your ambitions include learning to spell.

      • Mark Kittering

        sigh, every time something stupid like this water bottle thing comes out, I drink more bottled water, buy more incandescent bulbs, drive my SUV, use plastic bags at grocery store, drink out of a Styrofoam cup every day at work, use salt, etc…keep it up, it is fun to piss off liberals

      • Churyl Minne

        Really, I went to Catholic schools, managed to get PhD from a major public university (not on the East Coast) and have done rather well for myself. There was no indoctrination about Creationism in the schools that I attended. Liberals HAVE taken over the public school systems and have generally produced what they want… an illiterate society of drones who care little except where they can get the next round of free stuff from the government. We spend more on education in this country than any other and the ROI is pathetic. Kick the unions out of schools and make the teachers and administrators accountable for the students education.

      • buutttarpwaerijo

        Public funded, union run educational institutions are going to have a liberal slant to them, and nearly everyone has to attend public schools, spare the private school attendees. These same liberal-run schools have dramatically slipped in the ranks when compared to other nations in education over the past 30 years. Colleges receiving state-aid will also fall into the same category. The whole of education in this country is left-leaning. Why? Because only liberals would be sick enough to use children as a bargaining chip for their own personal and financial benefit.

      • zj sky

        According to MSNBC and the homeless crackhead I met on the way to work today, conservatives are all uneducated Christians. Wait, you believe that as well? Congrats!

      • higgins1990

        * takes sip of water from plastic bottle *

    • jgrisham

      Why? They will be making millions and spending the rest of their lives making yours miserable just because they need something to feel good about. They don’t deserve your pity, they deserve something else that can’t be mentioned in a public forum.

      • Molon Labe!

        Like all communist…lead poisoning works great to restore sanity to the world. “There is nothing wrong with shooting commies. It’s time we did again the world over.

        • FOSadmin

          Buddy you and I both know the cost of lead is way to high to waste on these fools. Besides it would ruffle their feathers if the lead somehow leached into the Earth. Which is why, when the SHTF I will have an ample supply of re-usable earth friendly rope. They love trees so much I’m sure they’ll appreciate hanging from one.

        • DavidTrock

          As fast as they breed, there isn’t enough ammunition, the world-wide lead supply would be depleted.

      • HEYOOOOO

        Sounds like true capitalism here – what’s the problem? What, are you a commie??

    • dwpittelli

      Don’t. They’re having fun and preparing to rule the world. The real world may come to them as a bit of a shock, but few will face as much hardship as the average high school graduate.

  • Realright

    Stupid is as stupid does… What a bunch of sissy butt morons!

  • Bob Jones

    The epidemic of manginas at Harvard is laughable, if not intriguing. I wonder what’s next, washable cloths for wiping their anally-retentive, bed-wetting backsides?

    • glenp

      Manstruating all over HAHVAHD YAHD with the post MANOPAUSAL admin

  • rightisright5116

    They’re children. Enough said.

    • segeny

      They’re children to whom “our betters” have given the vote —- the better to remain in office by pandering to the dimwits.

    • Miagogo

      When my mother was their age, she was an adult. We’re coddling our “children” and creating an environment where they are “children” until they hit 30.

    • sailordude

      It does sound like a high school level thing. Not a prestigeous college level.

  • BobCinGA

    And these idiots are supposed to be some of our brightest…planning my retirement in Costa Rica!!

  • Dirk

    Why not impose a $0.25 surcharge on all plastic bottles, including water? This fee can be used to place unique plastic bottle recycling receptacles and filtered refilling stations all over campus. Students will “self-ban” to avoid the fee, but in the case where someone needs a bottle, it may be purchased.


    No! Leaders do not need those who think that they’re smarter-than-thou troops who want to know the “why?” to everything. Troop-to-task and don’t ask! In the current mil climate as systematically developed by libs, the old 1SG counseling is done. When the number one priority for the year as directed by Secretary Army is to prevent sexual assault then you know that we’re in real trouble. Civilians in charge.

  • Miagogo

    Ban water bottles! Praise the left! There is no 800lb gorilla in the room.

    • UnaffiliatedVoter

      OK, so do all water drinking fountains now have to have Brita or Zerowater
      filters attached? nothing mentioned about how to attain filtered water…

      • Miagogo

        Good one. Lost opportunity. lol

    • healthcareforDistrict9

      I have heard that without plastic water bottles, post catastrophic mortality (e.g.Haiti) would skyrocket in tropical regions. The purchase of such products keeps the price down. Contamination of public water systems is a high value for low information terrorists.

  • Dewreck

    Just precious….making a difference..lol

  • Ruckweiler

    Harvard is the “upper crust”? Upper crust of the cesspool, I’m, thinking.

  • Gothamite

    Wait a second. The funny thing is, the same groups, once upon a time, tried to convince us that bottled water was needed because the drinking water out of the tap was “bad” and yet now plastic is bad… It’s just like the global warming or climate change or global cooling or global messing with bat ultrasonics or global your hair will melt or global your… get the point?

    • kthomp1123

      Good point – perpetual outrage.

      • Gothamite

        Now if only they could find something and stick to it but they have no convictions. They’re wishy-washy and their opinions change as often and as regular as the seasons.

  • Buck Ofama

    I’ve been to Harvard, lived in Cambridge. These sniveling do-gooders are full of shlt.

    • Andy Relis

      Sounds like you are bitter about your experience in Harvard..

      • Buck Ofama

        Sniff, snivel, sob, whimper.

        Not bitter at all. It was an excellent experience. But I have no use for do-goody liberal c0cksuckers, so rampant in the seat of liberalism: Cambridge MA.

      • Andy Relis

        Yeah, but you chose to live there, right? Making general comments like this make you sound pretty dumb. There are quite a few conservatives who attended that university, and still do. Sorry if you felt rejected by the “do gooders”

  • JeromeD

    Will it be used to justify an expansive moral self-righteousness that they don’t deserve? Sure.

    But at least they are banning things that they otherwise use on a daily basis. Refreshing to see that, instead of them banning things that “other people” use; things that won’t have any effect on them, banned or not.

    It’s a small step, and certainly not even worth this article, but i’ve nothing against students and administrators conferring on campus policy.

  • BusProf

    That’s the best use of all that money and talent they can come up with?

  • PartyofKnow

    Typical liberal BS! Control, control, control. Force everyone else to live by your rules. Sickening.

  • gimmemymoney

    Why did they have to vote?… There is an easy answer… Every student just stops buying & using the plastic water bottles… If they are not being bought, then eventually they will be taken off campus because it is not profitable… But they are getting a good lesson in socialism… Get a small group together… target something… make a lot of noise as to why it is bad for people… then vote by the minority and pass a law because they know better than everyone else what is good for all of us… Then feel smug that they have won… Now look for something else to “fix”

  • ocean

    Harvard University students have a mental illness.
    Democrats have a mental illness. This mental illness
    is the direct result of a successful brainwashing
    campaign that destroyed the cognitive thinking ability
    of the person.

  • triton2106

    This is what happens when you turn control over to a bunch of f****ng “mammas boys and girls.” Our President’s alma mater. Enough said………….

  • KeiMechiso

    Now that’s a vote that will change the world.

  • williampenn

    In her latest I’ll-mandate-what-you’re-allowed-to-eat-and-drink tour, the First Lady of Vacations urged Americans to drink more water, especially from (wink-wink) approved companies. I have a feeling she and her approved companies could be making an appearance at Harvard real soon.

  • Funkmaster5000

    I thought Harvard students were supposed to be smart.

  • theotherken

    Americans vote to ban Harvard grads from ruining America more than they already have.

  • ocean

    Harvard University students don’t even realize
    that they will suffer the most under socialism.
    No jobs and layoffs will be a way of life.

  • Jim Tucker

    Awww, the POA is marching forward nicely.

  • MisterMan

    bottled water = bad ———- Kool-aid = good

  • Churchillis1

    I thought this was an article from the Onion at first…..Seriously, what silly cause will our Ivy League institutions NOT take up?

  • Ron G

    Harvard Douchebags. How about banning their parent’s yachts? Their Ipads and Iphones? Their SUVs? How about not flying in aircraft? Bottle water. What BS.

  • stratabuse

    Proof money can’t buy brains and common sense!

  • LostDue2Incompetence

    Wish I was as enlightened as these ivy liggers.

  • Wise

    exhaling co2 ban was a close second…

  • sailordude

    Of all the things going on, they focus on plastic bottles? Please America, stop electing graduates from Harvard as President!

  • Harvey Birdman, Esq.

    Look, this isn’t that big a deal. Is it infantile preening? Sure. They’re college students who’ve constantly been told they are humanity’s elite, so what do you expect? But no fundamental rights are at stake. And it’s a private college, so some infantile preening is allowed. Most of them will grow out of it.

    • D. G.

      No – this attitude metastasizes and infects everything – it must be opposed whenever it appears.

    • John Robin

      Will they? Really?

  • Bailers77

    “and because it is yet another example of a paternalistic attitude expressed all too often here on this campus.”

    At least one person there understands the reality. There’s still hope I guess.

  • Oboy_must_go

    If they’re so concerned about the environment why don’t they ban cars on campus too.

  • Gary Pifer

    Water stations?? Let them drink out of the bathroom sinks.

  • LostDue2Incompetence

    Throw these stupid kids in the desert, let em search for an oasis or a spigot……They’ll have a new found appreciation for bottled H2O.

  • Falsk Konto

    “reusable water bottle filling stations” – they’re called faucets….

    • glenp

      I have an IDEA!! small well placed drinking stations we call WATER FOUNTAINS

  • PartyofKnow

    Who is sick and tired of Liberals forcing their views on everyone else?

    • Andy Relis

      You are aware it was the Republicans, actually Nixon who formed the EPA, so how is it the “liberals” who are forcing their views here?

  • janderson4795

    Leave it to leftists to screw everyone because they think they know more than anyone else.

  • Krensy Krenshaw

    Impose a tax? Little Carson Scott has a bright future in the Dem party.

  • Paul Bell

    The best and brightest…what is the capital of Canada?

  • GM Off with their Heads

    Why don’t we ban Harvard. Seems like all students that graduate from there turn out to be traitors and liars.

  • Brad

    Single use cola bottles will still be sold, I’m sure. Forest for the trees and all that such.

  • Echo Star

    If you can afford Harvard, I suppose it is possible that this is your most pressing issue. For the rest of the world, do us a favor and stay in your little bubble of entitlement and keep you liberal progressive crap to yourselves.

    • jgrisham

      Interesting isn’t it? and yet the masses still buy into the lie that liberal progressives are for the “little guy”

    • cantaffordharvard

      For the record 20% of Harvard students are on full NEED BASED scholarship at Harvard (meaning they come from families earning 65k or less) and way more than that receive a significant amount of financial aid from the university. Do some research before getting on your “more worldly”, self righteous horse. Some of my classmates have dealt with harder times than you have ever seen.

      Over 50% of undergrads “can’t afford” Harvard on their own.

  • El duderino

    This article should be entitled “Harvard Students practising to be self entitled doooshbags”

  • David Kachel

    Oh boy, MORE majority tyranny!

  • markgl

    Do these Harvard kids even get real jobs once they get out of college? I can’t imagine they’re fit for employment when you hear crap like this.

  • Falsk Konto

    Interesting that the students turn towards a “governmental body” (the school administration) to “improve” their lives, rather than trying to start a populist movement where they convince other students to stop buying single use bottles, and carry reusable containers instead…. the future of big government is strong with this crowd…

    • El duderino

      Statists believe that behavior not rising to the level of criminality needs to be regulated by the state. This is a prime example.

  • M75462

    Next on the agenda, legacy acceptances, affirmative action asshole acceptances and Saudi sheik spawn learning to fukc us

  • Echo Star

    Harvard: Where great money and mediocre minds meet to solve problems that don’t exist.

  • Brad

    Idle hands are the devil’s tools. Funny what liberals do when they have nothing better to do.

  • wximagery

    How about the individual decide whether they want to use bottled water instead of forcing everyone to do as they want?

    • portle44

      Interesting concept.But one for a community of intellectually functioning adults.Not a theme park for drooling progressive adolescents like Harvard.

    • Lawrence Vaccarelli

      because these are communists in training

  • M75462

    They want to ban latex and natural condoms. They will opt for bio-degradable condoms from now on.


  • Phil Levenstein

    It’s their school and they can do whatever they want.

    It’s part of living in a free country. If you don’t like it, go to a different school.

  • Ma’Balz Es-Hari

    Ah…more left-wingers practicing for when they grow up.

  • WhatWillYouDoWithoutFreedom

    Typical sorry liberals. It’s not good enough for those that don’t want to use it to stop, they must stop those that disagree with them.

  • GeneralDrake

    Ok class, object lesson. Liberal – I think bottled water is bad. Liberal answer – FORCE everyone to stop buying it on campus. Result – students travel more wasting more fuel and polluting the environment all for a few bottles of water and almost no net effect in usage. Other students turn to bottles of soda…all still in plastic. Individual Freedom and liberty lost and Zero benefit to environment. Conservative approach – you don’t like bottled water, don’t drink it. Net result – Individual Freedom and liberty still reigns. Random fact – there is zero effect on environment unless ‘recycled’ which is harmful to the environment. We have more landfill space available than we did 40 years ago. Plastic is a petroleum product which came out of a hole in the ground. It simply goes back into a hole in the ground where there is plenty of room.

    • Andy Relis

      LOL! Yeah, Plastic just melts back into the earth and turns back into oil. Man oh man are you lost

    • zz3magnet

      We recycle all plastic, glass and aluminum containers. Here in California, we get a rebate. It’s satisfying to take the containers in and walk away with cash. The containers, even at the waste processing center in town, are baled, sold and used again. Same with the plastic bags at grocery stores that liberals love to ban. I use all mine in trash containers, and the ones I don’t use, I return to a bin in the front of the supermarket, from where they are recycled. Liberals are obsessed. Why don’t they focus on the damage being done to our national forests by illegal marijuana grow sites (chemicals that drain into the ecosystem, streams diverted, wildlife killed, acres flattened, dangerous booby traps for hikers). Oh, silly me. Where would all the students get their weed?

  • Melvin Leppla

    Well, well, well, the little children made their first adult decision albeit a wrong one but a step in the wrong direction nevertheless.
    Campus binge drinking has caused more heartache and turmoil that a plastic water bottle full of water.
    The world is teetering on anarchy and tyranny and the children are worried about plastic water bottles. I suppose we shan’t expect too much from them should we, after all it is Haaaaaavvvvard.

  • WBC

    One more example showing that liberalism is merely about making liberals feel good about themselves without actually having to make sacrifices or produce anything of value. Liberalism is “cheap grace” – the grace one gives to oneself. It is “generosity” with other people’s resources. It is officiousness and self-righteousness. It is all about “me” and never about anything else.

  • El duderino

    Do these brats understand that people are employed int he process of manufacturing water bottles and bottling water? Do they care about the families of those individuals?

    • Phil Levenstein

      Take your bleeding heart emotion and beat it hippie.

    • Jack Kennedy

      Notice that 80% supported AMNESTY for the mexican criminals

      These entitled mooks getting a start on importing their future slaves …… just being the typical bozobots

  • El duderino

    Can we please ban the outlawing legal products?

  • Haywood Jablowme

    Any further proof that our mental health system needs an overhaul is not required…..

  • Lawrence Vaccarelli

    who are the dumb fuk parents who pay for these idiots to be educated ?

    • jgrisham

      your leaders aka lawyers, wall street bankers, politicians, etc.

  • Bob Thomas

    Liberals are so smart they ban all kinds of things so that no one can have any. Must make them feel so important and powerful.

  • Rumor ding

    Brilliant…. The unintended consequence will be the consumption of more sweetened drinks… Which by the way are in plastic bottles

  • Vote Cruz

    I was under the impression you needed to be fairly intelligent to attend Harvard University. Am I missing something, here?

  • pilgrim4jc

    Harvard – always on the cutting edge of nothing important.

  • Steve Randolph

    It can no longer be said that intelligent students attend Harvard. Harvard is just filled with a bunch of silver spoon brats that need their asses whipped. They are potentially worthless.

  • ata777

    if progressives didn’t have meaningless feel-good solutions for “saving” the planet, they’d have no solutions at all.

  • SandyH20


  • neechian

    Can you imagine a more insufferable collection of douchebags on the planet?

    • TantohadGPS

      The White House staff.

      • neechian

        Basically, the same people.

  • TantohadGPS

    You CAN re-use those water bottles, geniuses.

  • Echo Star

    What a heap of self-aggrandizing dung! These spoiled brats have been driven by chauffeurs to private schools, vacationed in private mansions in the Hamptons, flown in private jets their entire lives and now they want the world to applaud this pathetic measure while continuing to be some of the largest consumers of resources in this nation. Typical liberal crap that is all show and no substance.

  • Falsk Konto

    Remember, the bulk of these kids are the product of a K-12 system that has supplanted critical thought with indoctrination….

  • ocean

    Bernanke relaxes in the Federal Reserve, after building
    the world’s largest ever house of cards.
    America will look like downtown Detroit.
    The only thing Harvard University students
    are worried about is plastic water bottles.

  • Larry Ferrari

    Practicing their liberal agenda while attending school…Good for them…Some busybodies are concerned about what everyone else is doing…They don’t want it so the entire school suffers…Someday, someone is going to tell these douchebags to shut their pie holes and mind their own damn business…I bet if they had to pay for water fountains they would stay with the bottled water…Harvard= traitor factory.

  • RobL_v2

    Look I personally prefer tap water myself, it’s cleaner and frankly safer than bottled water. Amazingly it remains one of the few things government can do well. Anyway… but that’s my choice.

    Don’t these stooges have anything better to do, like studying Adam Smith, John Locke, John Mill and Milton Friedman?

    It’s not as if we don’t have enough Leftist Utopians in government already controlling us down to our shoelaces…

  • Curtis Elmore

    Force is the enemy. They should ban banning. The bright kids should prefer persuasion.

  • Rick Schubert

    A Harvard education is the biggest, most overrated scam going today.

  • PlasticCanBeRecycled

    Most plastic water bottles are reusable so I don’t understand the problem here. Most plastics can be recycled.

  • guestwho2

    Can they provide estimates on 1) how many things they have left to ban and 2) how soon their Utopia will arrive after the last ban is enacted?

  • insectg

    I once was grouped with a couple of kids from Harvard on exchange at my University. These kids were not all that impressive intellectually. I remember holding one of the kids hands through the project. I developed the view that Harvard is part of the rich man’s entitlement mentality.

    • Bruiser in Houston

      If you have the right connections (and check off the right checkboxes), you get into Harvard. Most are on 100% scholarship.

  • Engels’ Friend

    I’m very proud of these kids. I see in them a younger me. Well done kids! Keep it up!

    • Bruiser in Houston

      Your buddy Marx was right. So was PT Barnum.

  • ocean

    Harvard University students are liberal Democrat Zombies.

    • Andy Relis

      Really, there are quite a few conservatives who came out of Harvard, get your facts straight..

  • Dale

    It would be 100% if they knew about the hazards to their health drinking from those plastic bottles.

  • Atrueamerican10000

    Wow, so typical of the Liberal elite student body. Of course, the damage they are causing to the environment when they FLY on AIRPLANEs…DRIVE their cars to the mall….throw away various toxic trash ….are still under discussion. But I bet…they feel good about themselves. MORONS.

  • Frank B.

    Just one question: Who is holding a gun to the heads of students to force them to buy bottled water? Answer: No one. I thought this country was about freedom of choice…

    • Bruce Darling

      It used to be, but not so much anymore. We must all walk in lock-step with the cause of the day.

      • Bruiser in Houston

        Goose-step in lockstep.

    • Paul Richard

      That is an illusion You must bow to your Hahvahd masters… Like Obama.

      • Andy Relis

        You guys do remember that is was a “Conservative,” who created the EPA, I believe that would be Nixon, not Obama..

        So, wouldn’t conservations be a conservative value?

  • jjgnc

    Now they can all drink each other’s urine to keep themselves alive. That’s probably more sanitary than tap water.

  • AZSchumi

    How about banning all beer containers?

    • Juan Outtamany

      Hush yo moff. We aren’t barbarians

  • M T

    Will reusable condoms be next?

  • B Dog

    Just like the libs in Hollywood who tout “sustainability.” If they were truly sustainable, the Harvard kids would take the bus everywhere…NOT!

  • smokehouse56

    Actually, this is a pretty good idea. Makes all the liberal mush head students follow the stupid policy. Me, I’ll go out and buy an extra case. BsHahahahahahahah

    • Bruiser in Houston

      Hawk it right outside the school’s gates with a sign saying, “Last chance to buy bottled water!”

  • jadams76

    Some Lib tool had the bright idea to get into everyone’s business and ban bottled water and all the prog sheep signed on without thinking it through. Sort of like Obamacare.


    Didn’t Bush attend Harvard?

    • Bruiser in Houston

      Obama did.

    • Falsk Konto

      And Gore….and Obama…..

    • Dominic

      YALE !!!

    • Roguewave1

      Bush is a Yalie, as if that makes a difference.

  • Bruiser in Houston

    Morons. Will they also ban soda? What about other products in similar plastic containers, like snack foods?

    I’ll bet they think they did something really, really, really important. “Darn it, I am making a difference.”


  • Quasi Quirky

    ahh, cute, the movers and shakers to be are already little pol pots.

  • Tumek

    The same snobs who started the bottled water craze now want it stopped.

    • ckirmser

      Very similar to the whacko push to restore paper bags and remove plastic, when the same whackos made us switch from paper to plastic in the first place.
      For myself, I actually like the plastic bags; with their handles, I can carry far more of them at one time than I could paper bags.

    • Bruiser in Houston

      They’ve made back their investments, along with substantial profit. Now they’re pulling the rug out.

  • EchoLiberty

    Here’s an idea. How about letting the market decide?

    • Paul Richard

      They don’t teach markets at Harvard. They teach crony capitalism and commie utopia.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Plastic bottles bad.
    Criminal illegals good.
    Just can’t fix stupid.

  • jabusse

    I got it! I got it! Drinking fountains. Now that is a novel idea. Save the bottles for Haiti.

  • Brian washere

    Then they will want massive filtration systems produced by skittle farting unicorns to filter out all the evil in the public water supply.

  • Sagesteve

    Yeah, you MORONS…let’s go back a little in history and see what brought about “bottled water”. Remember when you “green idiots” were saying that the community water was basically poison?!! You even went into the streets (as you morons always do because you aren’t working and you are trying to find “something” to do…always the WRONG thing). Then, you liberal idiots went for Perrier to look “cool” and “rich”…well THAT’S when the bottled water fad began. Thank you for ANOTHER bad idea. (by the way…the water has always been the best IN THE WORLD…period. Nobody has died from your local community water). Now you are coming around but you WILL NOT admit to your mistakes…don’t even get me started on the Diamond lanes in California or the HOV lanes in Arizona…COMPLETE failures and to this day are detrimental and STILL don’t work or do what they were “supposed” to do…just another liberal left MORONIC idea. Guess what? The right said all of this would happen…seems like you guys have “selective” memories. Bottled water is wrong in so many areas, the source, the weight to ship, the delivery, the trash, the management…on and on and you liberals all thought this was a good idea!!!!

  • undergraduate

    Seriously? Plastic water bottles? Heaven help one of those kids if he or she were my child. They’d be coming home and going to the nearest state school.

  • Juan Outtamany

    Good thing Harvard isn’t in the south, they took out 1/2 of the water fountains years ago

    • Andy Relis

      What is that even supposed to mean?

  • Cartfan

    I’m sitting here drinking out of my thin plastic water bottle…….and loving it!

    • Andy Relis

      Wow, what a rebel you are!

  • Jeff

    Why are liberals always banning things?

    • Juan Outtamany

      If they don’t like them… you can’t have them…. they’ll go after & ban hetro-marriage next

  • ttmm7

    Why would they drink less water if they could get water for free at water fountains? This is an innocuous measure. We don’t need all these plastic water bottles. The world would do better to cut down on its use of plastic. Plastic consumes energy to produce and causes a lot of unnecessary material waste. Use plastic only where it’s really needed, not for something like disposable water bottles. This isn’t some liberal/conservative issue, this is just a basic matter of environmental common sense that should benefit everybody. I won’t make any general statements about the wisdom of the Harvard student body, but in this case I think they did something that is reasonable and even laudable.

  • PingaPonga

    lol and just who is going to enforce this.. lol I started drinking bottled water once the leftist nutcase envrios were against it.l

  • Mike

    HA HA HA Liberal lawyers…What a waste of space…

  • Juan Outtamany

    I don’t recall ever buying water or dropping dead from dehydration while in college.

    • Bruiser in Houston

      Bottled water didn’t exist when I was in college… well maybe Perrier, but it wasn’t in the local Piggly Wiggly or Skaggs Alpha Beta.

      • Juan Outtamany

        Remember buying candy cigarettes at the IGA?… if you do, you’re old too

      • Paul Richard

        Neither did smartphones… your point?

        • Bruiser in Houston

          Aside from telling you that your comprehension skills are awful, I was responding to Juan’s comment that he never bought water in college. Try to keep up, sonny. If you can’t, find another thread to troll.

    • Paul Richard

      There is single serve water in your single serve beer you know.

      • Juan Outtamany

        I dig your optimism man. Water is the 1st ingredient. Blammo, problem solved

  • Paul Richard

    To celebrate, I am going to buy a few cases of single use bottled water. And I am going to let my quad cab pickup truck idle. I am also going to accelerate faster and I think I will have a couple of fires tonight, one in the wood stove and one in the fireplace just to make sure I burn as much as possible. Also, I am going to go out for dinner tonight and eat some single serve chicken and drink single serve beer. I also will forget to put my single serve empty bottles in recycling and let them go in the trash instead.

  • William S Kilgore

    Sorry. No bottled water available. How about a condom instead, or for you Coloradans, a couple of joints.
    And these are the future leaders of our country. Yipes!

  • ckirmser

    “[M]ost students also agreed to support … pro-amnesty immigration reform”
    I thought Harvard only allowed the intelligent to attend.
    Looks like I was wrong.

    • Juan Outtamany

      easy to support amnesty if you aspire to be part of the ruling elite.

  • lemmiwinks88

    affirmative action quota and jewish communist infestation

    going to harvard is nothing now

  • Homebrook

    Leave it to Harvard students to major on the minors and minor on the majors. Its easy to do stupid inconsequential stuff, but difficult to do important, things that matter.

  • Paul Richard

    Harvard: Where Bush and Obama went to learn how to destroy the USA.

    • CharlesKaye

      Exactly what did Bush do to hurt the economy?

      • Paul Richard

        Medicare part D. Attempted amnesty. Bank Bailout and allowed the left to rise in power to get Obama elected who destroyed much of the USA as we knew it.

  • lemmiwinks88

    Inside every “liberal” is a totalitarian screaming to get out

  • Professor Green

    It was a democratic decision fair and square. Seeing that plastic bottles of water are more expensive than the equivalent amount of gas in a lot of places because companies like Nestle and Coke-a-cola spend millions on marketing campaigns to make people think plastic water is better than what’s coming out of your tap and then squeeze in more profits by taking a community’s water resources, I think the students made a good decision. Definitely wasn’t a bad decision….

    • CharlesKaye

      Apparently, you have no “taste”.

    • GustavG

      I agree. It was “democratic”, so live with it,

      • Steve PA

        So was Obamacare. So die with it.

      • mdbones

        Why live with it? What, do you think America is a democracy? You should read what the founders of this country said about why they didn’t create America as a democracy.

    • Steve PA

      Unfortunately, the majority is not always correct and do not always make decisions based on ALL the facts. These students have been played as fools.

    • ruralcounsel

      If ever a community needed to be squeezed for extra profits, Harvard is it.

  • Kaos Rex

    Yea folks! These are our future leaders. LOL

  • Dominic

    I buy bottled water (24/case) every week.That adds up to 52 a year.Very convenient and pure spring water.

  • elwoodmcgillicuddy

    Took a leak at Harvard a long time ago. Nice toilet, no splashing. Ugly girls.

  • GustavG

    This is another great victory against capitalistic abuses.

    The problem in this world is not the water bottle. It is the company who markets 2c worth of water and sells it for $2,

    My brothers and sisters at Harvard are merely wielding the only weapon we have which is the green movement to force the necessary change to this broken and antiquated system called capitalism.

    Carry on comrades.

    Vote Union!
    Vote Democrat!

    • paul1

      You have to be a strawman sock puppet. I can’t believe someone could be this dumb without a medical condition.

    • portle44

      and vote as often as ACORN can arrange it…..very important

  • FOSadmin

    I continue to be perplexed by the constant assault on freedom of choice. If “the majority” of students don’t want water bottles sold on campus, well then the majority should not buy them. If it impacts the purveyors of bottled water, guess what, they will stop offering them. Picketing, protesting lobbying etc to get your way because one group of people subscribe to an idealistic view is really trying my patience.

  • Paul Richard

    Notice they didn’t ban single serve beer.

  • ckirmser

    One of the big benefits of bottled water is the mitigation of communicable disease. If you are the only one drinking from the source, then you won’t spread anything.

    Water fountains are notorious for passing germs and communal filling stations will provide yet another vector for the spread of disease.

    Of course, these students also support amnesty for illegals. Illegals that have NOT been processed through any health inspections, so who knows what diseases they have brought into the nation.

    Harvard – Support the Contagion of Others at Any Expense!

  • Paul Richard

    Notice they didn’t ban single serve bongs.

    • Falsk Konto

      bongs are communal, serving whole rings of drum-beating hippies…

      • Paul Richard

        yea, but multi serve hookahs save raw materials.

  • Mark Kittering

    just for that, I will restock this week on the $3.99 per 24 pack at Giant…I already have about 10 cases in my garage and 480 incandescent 60 watt bulbs stored…liberals suck once again.

  • Steve PA

    Pretty sad when Harvard students are the fools in the world. Most of these bottles are recycled anyway. Recycling makes perfect sense. Bans do not. These Harvard whackos will soon want to ban electricity. These young people are clearly not being taught to think for themselves and make decisions based on actual facts rather than hysteria. Sad day in higher education. This is the same crew that said people would never pay for bottled water because water was already readily avaiable at home and work in faucets and fountains. That theory was proven wrong a long time ago.

  • Zombieshoot

    If Harvard had any balls they would not only remove the water bottles they would remove all the other bottles. All the plastic soda, milk, tea, juice and any other plastic “one use” bottle items. They all contain water and they are all one use. Also Harvard would remove any plastic utensils and cups and plates and require students to bring their own silverware, plates and utensils. Oh almost forget….. No plastic trash-bags. Students would be responsible for removing their own trash in acceptable containers.

    • ruralcounsel

      How about all that single-use toilet paper they use?

  • CharlesKaye

    So, based on this “vote”. It seems fine for the minority to be forced to comply with the desires of the majority. What happened to freedom of choice? The 60% could simply choose not to buy plastic bottled water. But no… They have to force their ideology on everyone else.

    This is much like Bloomberg’s soda law in NYC. “It’s bad for you. Therefore, we declare that you can’t buy it.” Don’t ya love the nanny state mentality?

  • Dan Flathers

    How so many of the privileged, intelligent kids at the Ivy League schools came to be so stupid in the span of just two generations continues to sadden me.

  • truthbetold

    It’s sad to see college minds so lackluster.

  • remmy

    Harvard, well worth the tuition these kids, or their parents, pay.

  • Im_Rick_James

    I wanna set me up a bottled water stand right across the street from Harvard & get paid…

  • Roguewave1

    Next Harvard student edict – only hair-shirts allowed to be worn on campus. Such shirts “easily obviate one of the greatest environmental threats on the environment” by ridding us of chemically manufactured clothing by which “the environment is polluted once to create the artificial clothing, then again when they clog landfills.”

  • truthbetold

    Do you little pramfaces feel better now? Does that empty gesture make you feel haughty?? How sad.

  • truthbetold

    Looks like the next generation of the banning police is up and ready. Why don’t you little pramfaces ban disposable diapers next?

  • allen Clark

    Typical Liberal attitude. We can not force you, but we will make your life miserable until you do what we say, even if you do not like it. Why? because we know what is best for you.

  • Churyl Minne

    What next?? Ban disposable diapers???? Oh the horror.

  • bigsurb

    Interesting substitute for real action, genuine revolutionary thought from the world of tomorrow. Maybe one step in removing pacifiers from mouths of babes. Will it produce grownups?

  • Ted Baxter

    I wonder how many harvard students line their wastebaskets with plastic bags from the grocery and then tie the top of the bag when it is full and throw it out. Those bags will never rot out. They are just contributing the waste stream in another way regardless of how good they feel about trying to eliminate plastic bottles from the waste stream.

  • MarieJ

    How about voting to banish all the liberals, democrats and globalist from the camp.
    There will be no more campus after that.

  • Steve Ball

    So now the homeless, who kept themselves from starving by collecting water bottles on campus, will now die? Good going, libtards.

    Oh, wait. Do they even allow homeless people on the campus?

  • Mory

    Spoiled brats. They are borred and have nothing else to do.

  • Jenny

    The dentists out in Cambridge are smiling. Less bottled water = more sugary bottled beverages and coffee = more cavities that need filling = more money.

  • Ari

    Great idea from the students. Hopefully others will follow. Please consider recycling your batteries and electronic waste as well. If someone from the Harvard student body is reading this and would like a free collection drum to start collecting used batteries please email [email protected]

  • PartyofKnow

    Typical Liberal…..”I think bottled water is bad for the environment. Let’s force everyone to give up bottled water, even if they don’t want to, because I know better and must make sure everyone lives by my rules”

  • Mikey123

    Leftist busybodies who have never been in the real wrld are at it again.

  • LampChairDeskMonitor

    Wow, this is news? Ivy League schools are nothing more than a 40k a year liberal circle jerk and have been that way for nearly three generations now. Obama “taught” at Harvard. Enough said.

  • nulaqmi_aka_nanuq

    I wonder how many of them happily and ignorantly drive a Prius to “save the planet” as well?

    When they grow up and learn to think globally they’ll realize the global impact their Prius really causes.

    • in4d net

      “. . . they’ll realize the global impact their Prius really causes.”

      And realize that they’d have been better off driving a Hummer H2 that gets 5 mpg at best, when you take into account what has to happen to the battery when it’s no longer useful for that Prius because the battery has worn out . . .

      Dennis Miller (the comedian) said it best, when he said that driving an SUV is actually solving the problem, that those who drive Priuses are actually causing the coming “ice age” as predicted in the April 28, 1975 issue of National Geographic, as he showed to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.

      Nigel Farage has explained it even better. Check him out on Youtube, where he explains how the polar ice cap has grown by 60 percent in one year. Major scientists are actually saying that the earth is now going into a 15 to 30 year period of global cooling.

      Remember, photographs don’t lie.

      And all we need to know about politicians can be summed up in one sentence repeated at least 29 times! (If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan. – Barack Obama)

  • MysteryMan

    Harvard 🙂 How the mighty have fallen. It’s fun watching this once great university turn into just another haven for the children of the privileged left. There was a day when you could learn something going to Harvard, in a subject that actually had right and wrong answers.

  • JoeBroe

    Ha!!!!!!!!! How many of these idiots can read a label “Made in China”
    Want to change the ecology, stop buying goods from the pollutants in Asia! That includes their cellphones and laptops…
    Bottle water???? Thousands spent and no one is thinking. Aristotle is crying…

  • Joey Begood

    Yeah drink your fluoride water you bunch of snot nosed punks.

  • Grizzly

    Typical Ivy leauge types…..too dumb to realize that all you have to do to refill a “single-use” water bottle is take off the cap and hold the open part of the bottle under the water fountain.

    …….And to think these retards want to be in positions of power some day.

  • Jason

    I wonder if any of these fools ever thought about how bottled water is reducing the amount of bottled soda people drink. That is a good thing in IMHO. Do they not understand that a plastic water bottle can be refilled or recycled?

    • in4d net

      And not just recycled as another bottle, but used to protect the drainage systems during the construction process prior to the completion of building a home?

      There’s at least one company I know of outside Dallas, Texas, that gathers up all the recycled plastic (which they often get for free) and then turns it into those thick plastic mud-guards that prevent the mud and other junk on construction sites from flowing into the drainage and sewer systems in new home communities prior to the completion of construction.

      In that company’s case, the plastic is preventing a much worse hazard. Perhaps instead of eliminating the plastic they should just separate the plastic from the rest of the trash and then make sure it gets recycled.

      That would make feel-good actually do good.

      But I won’t hold my breath on that one.

  • Descanti

    $40k? Ten years ago. Try $55-60k. Yawn.. Who cares?

  • Brutus974

    Easy: They’ll sell the plastic multi-use bottles. They’re just a little thicker and more expensive.

  • Andy Relis

    Things have gotten this far out of whack that right wingers can’t simply stomach one step toward conservation, I think it that is really pathetic. What are you doing to better the world around you?

    • PartyofKnow

      It’s not about conservation. It is about control. Right wingers Live and Let Live. Don’t Tread on Us.

      • Andy Relis

        Did you miss the part of the article that states they voted for it as a majority.. It wasn’t “shoved down their throat” It was voted in, isn’t a big part of freedom allowing the public to vote and then respecting the outcome?

        • Falsk Konto

          There’s a difference in liberaland conservative philosophy Andy between “voting as a majority” and then forcing implementation via governmental mandate, or taking your message to the students and trying to effect change through convincing them of their message, and influencing individual behavorial choice.

    • nulaqmi_aka_nanuq

      Conservation is a fine idea, but cramming it down people’s throats doesn’t teach them to BE conservative (I love being a conservative). So I lead a Scout troop and we talk about Leave No Trace and conserving / preserving the outdoors. It’s about 2000 hours/year. What are YOU doing to teach Conservative principles??

      • Andy Relis

        Good for you for teaching “conservation” as a Scout Trooper. So, let me understand this, does a conservative not respect the outcome of a vote? That is part of liberty and freedom, right? We fought in Vietnam to give the people freedom, as was the reason given for us fighting in Iraq, so if there is a consensus of the people., regardless of it is is Harvard, it would be against conservative values to not respect the outcome of an election

    • Falsk Konto

      Granted, I went to a state school and not a hoity-toity Ivy league institution, and 20 years seems to be a long time ago, but when the student government brought up their conservation initiatives (introduction of a campus wide recycling program), it was promoted directly to the students as a way each could do their part, not put up to a vote and then passed on to the school administration to mandate…

    • in4d net


      Uh . . . no.

      It’s about elimination.

      Think about this.

      What’s in YOUR water?

      (If it comes from the tap, how can you truly know the answer?)

      • Falsk Konto

        You can get the same quality (or better) by filtering tap water through one of those Britta filter pitchers (or the like) as you can by opening a bottle of water (which in most cases is simply filtered tap water)

      • Andy Relis

        Well then, how do you know what is in your water if it is bottled?

  • Jason

    Isn’t Harvard the school that did the research on the inferiority of blacks? Now they pretend it never happened.

  • Steve in Austin

    It’s Harvard for G-ds sake! Would you expect anything else?

  • glenp

    how will all these PRETENTIOUS IVY LEAGUERS show their pretenses now??
    ( I went to Penn so I can say this crap)

  • glenp

    well it’s a good thing BOSTON voted FLUORIDE OUT in their system so now they can see my dentist colleagues more often now

    • Falsk Konto

      Fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    More liberal status whoring. “Look at me, voting to ban bottled water. I caaaaaaare soooooo muuuuuch about the environment!”.

  • C. Adkins

    no one takes these schools seriously anymore, who cares.

  • Andy Relis

    Did you just remove my post? Seriously?

    • nulaqmi_aka_nanuq

      Andy, I replied down below…. go take a look.

  • leslie green

    Seems like everyone is bashing these kids. They were, for the most part, born into wealth and born with (most of them) a high I.Q. ( not that that means anything). Is it
    anymore their fault being born into privilege than being born into poverty? Perhaps, the tides are changing and they are becoming conscious?

    • calimani

      I went to an Ivy League school. A very large number of the students are NOT born into wealth. Either way, what does that have to do with the fact they are bunch of holier-than-thou, naive, spoiled brat, know-it-alls? The tides are turning and they are becoming conscious? What the hell are you talking about?

  • Rocketman

    Let’s see – how many diseases are spread by water fountains and reusable bottle filling stations? Can only hope a plague breaks out and wipes the whole campus out.

  • EEDDGGY1776

    Harvard? They may as well be in a University located on Mars.

    • in4d net

      Maybe that’s where the 200,000 people who signed up for a one-way trip to Mars are located . . . at Harvard!

  • ra44mr2

    Thats the liberals answer for everything, ban it all, instead of providing those water stations and allowing people to make the choice.

  • calimani

    Hey all you hormonal, self-serving, brainwashed, psuedointellectual, Harvard dingbats. Tell you what I’m going to do from now on. I never used to buy bottled water for my family. Now I’m going to buy LOTS of bottled water as often as I can. Thanks you know-it-all useless hypocrite. I will also just throw the bottles out my window instead of the garbage can. And my recycle bin? It’s never going to filled again.

    • Andy Relis

      What is your point? You are actually mad that students are Harvard voted in a majority to conserve. How is this effecting you?

      • calimani

        Purely a spite move. Any little bit to counter some dingbat brat self aggrandizing. I will enjoy not dealing with sorting out my recyclables anymore. And my family generates a LOT of recyclables.

  • Michael Barrett

    Well, i see Harvard is full of nuts. How come pop/beer bottles aren’t clogging landfills? Hope when the next disaster hits the area the water bottle truck rolls right on past Harvard.

    • Wyrdless

      Beer has a bottle deposit water does not

      • in4d net

        Plus, it’s cheaper by the keg.

  • realityexposer

    Yeah that’s it more tap water, more fluoride. Most drink bottled water to avoid the local fluoridation .

  • Silly Libs

    Heading to Costco right now to buy a few hundred bottles of water… lol

  • glenp

    is this the entire school or an example of a few of those THAT KNOW THE LEAST, KNOW IT THE LOUDEST and gather the sheeple together?

  • George Albert Washington

    This reminds me the South Park episode when everybody went out and got a Toyota Prius. – Smug!

    • in4d net

      “. . . when everybody went out and got a Toyota Prius.”

      Those who drive a Prius would have been better off driving a Hummer H2 that gets 5 mpg at best, when you take into account what has to happen to the Prius battery when it’s no longer useful because the battery has worn out . . .

      Dennis Miller (the comedian) said it best, when he said that driving an SUV is actually solving the problem, that those who drive Priuses are actually causing the coming “ice age” as predicted in the April 28, 1975 issue of National Geographic, as he showed to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.

      Nigel Farage has explained it even better. Check him out on Youtube, where he explains how the polar ice cap has grown by 60 percent in one year. Major scientists are actually saying that the earth is now going into a 15 to 30 year period of global cooling.

      Remember, photographs don’t lie.

      And all we need to know about politicians can be summed up in one sentence repeated at least 29 times! (If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan. – Barack Obama Hey, didn’t Barack Obama once attend Harvard?)

      • George Albert Washington

        Funny thing too is, that plastic bottles are made from Petrol. Plastic bottles could be recycled for fuel. There are videos on YT on this subject as well…

      • George Albert Washington

        I read of a coming Ice Age as well. Only the version I read was about a Nuclear Ice Age. And now with all the info on Fukashima, well…

      • another_engineer

        They also don’t take into account the horrendous cost of the battery pack..

      • Andy Relis

        That is the most ridiculous statement ever, “Those who drive a Prius would have been better off driving a Hummer H2 that gets 5 mpg”
        Where are you getting this from? LOL. I am aware of what happens with the battery, what exactly are you referring to

        • Andy Relis

          The battery parts can be re used, beyond the waste that produces, what are you facts behind your statement?

          Driving a Prius or any hybrid is way better for the environment than a Hummer H2, even factoring in the waste from the battery that typically lasts 100,000 miles, plus. So, I’d like to understand your data?

  • BarryO

    Since the students cycle in and out of there every year, I would tell these much head morons to pound sand and pay attention to their studies.

  • Icob

    What a joke. Just more leftist craziness at the ivory towers of the ivy league. When will these people actually learn what the real world is about?

  • Engels’ Friend

    Keep hating. Let people smarter than you protect you from yourself. I congratulate these kids for the job well done. Harvard has produced and will continue producing the leaders of this country. What have you produced? Hate? Who owns Facebook? What university did he attend? Where Facebook was formed? In which university’s dormitory Facebook originated. What university our great president was formed. Thank you.

    • leslie andrews

      I certainly hope Harvard has more to brag about than facebook and Obama.

  • Obamasucks69

    if I’m paying high tuition, by god I’m bringing in bottle water.

  • LeeVonHart

    They better tell the RHWONJ kids and the Shahs of Sunset.

  • KellyBelly

    Jack Kocsis may be the only sensible student left at Harvard. It is obvious that students will still buy bottled water off campus, and without the option of buying bottled water on their campus, they will naturally just buy soda or some other sugary drink. What a stupid ban by young privileged liberals who, unfortunately, will make up a large part of our government in the next ten years.

  • John

    Aren’t they all “reusable”?

  • Pat McBride

    I support them only because bottle babies annoy me and too may of them don’t know what trash cans are for.

  • Jim

    Some of you complaining about this article can’t possible have an IQ over 80.

    • ttmfrc

      Exceeding the IQ of those who voted for the ban, who will–I suppose–now drink from the toilet.

    • ttmfrc

      Exceeding the IQ of those voting for the ban, who will–I suppose–now drink from the toilet.

  • Alex

    Phyrric victories and useless “moral” gestures are the primary means of expression in most colleges, by students and faculties alike, and has been so since at least the 60s.

  • zj sky

    Instead of banning bottles of water, how about you go the non-fascist route and just not buy them? Hand out refillable mugs which can cut down on students buying plastic bottles.

    Banning plastic bottles will not do a single thing for the environment. It will 100% make these entitled children feel self important though. Look at us! We care about the environment!

  • another_engineer

    ” “Single-use plastic water bottles represent one of the most easily obviated threats currently plaguing the environment,””
    HUH??? How are they a “threat plaguing the environment” ?????????

    • TycoMA1

      My thoughts exactly……..I thought that they loved things that just sat there and did nothing but take up space.

  • EBEE

    Being familiar as I am with the Harvard campus and its fine citizenry, the banning of plastic water bottles will hardly be noticed. Most liquids on campus are consumed from metal beer cans and glass whisky bottles.

  • stronmness

    apparently these students have a great deal of free time…

  • DrMaxHathaway

    Even an insane asylum like Harvard can occasionally do something sane.
    Next, for an encore, they should recall Obama’s fake diploma

    • in4d net

      But we’d actually be better off if someone slipped into the student records office and swiped a photo of the records there where it shows him as a foreign student . . . or NOT a foreign student.

      Inquiring minds want to know!

  • laurie66bay

    Liberals are kept up at night by the haunting thought that someone, somewhere is enjoying themselves. They have a pathological authoritarian need to control other people’s lives.

  • Stop2think

    Maybe Haaaava’d students can vote on banning one time use tampons. Let’s go back to an age where sanitary napkins were used, sanitized, and reused again. Until then, STFU

  • Community Organizer

    Let them drink cake.

  • The_MaD_HaCkER

    You have to be highly educated to be this stupid.

  • tedro

    How noble. Saving the earth one water bottle at a time. Luckily, those that attend ivy league schools can afford to drive their gas powered cars to the corner quick-e- mart to buy another drink of choice that comes in a non-plastic bottle…..you know…like those one drinks…that don’t use plastic… which ones were those again? Oh yeah…. kegs! Wonder if they banned red solo cups too? Beer pong will suffer at the hands of these “do-gooders”.

  • Just thinking

    Such intolerance from an institution purporting tolerance and enlightenment.

    Let the 64% dictate to the 36%.

    The world works so well with a simple majority rules principle.
    Nevermind trampling over the rights of others.

    Instead of just expecting the 64% to just stop buying water bottles for themselves?
    Oh, and why not also ban single use bottles for: soda, athletic drinks, alcohol, etc…
    And while you’re at it, ban single serving packaging for: food, toiletries, etc…

  • RichPorardo

    Can we vote to ban Harvard Students?

  • Albert

    Desposal of plastic bottles to a landfill causes no damage to the envoironment. If it’s not biodegrade alb then it doesn’t get into the groundwater.

    • FifeAndDrum


  • enzomedici

    Harvard students ban water, MIT students will just figure out a way to recycle the water bottles better. That’s the difference between Harvard & MIT.

  • RichPorardo

    Can’t wait for them all to get sick because they didn’t properly clean the mold out of their re-usable bottles.

  • Monty Simmons

    Well, I guess the IQ of Harvard students has been grossly overstated.

  • patriot2947

    It the bottling water companies begin to lose profits, start to look for contaminated water supplies.

  • zz3magnet

    So they voted 80 percent for amnesty? I wonder how many of these Harvard students will be competing with Spanish-speaking persons of minimal education for jobs. Why should they care that Joe Smith the landscaper or Chuck Jones the pool guy can’t get work any more because a crew of undocumented people has taken the contracts for less pay (more often than not hired by wealthy liberals who always pay bottom dollar… believe me, as a 30-resident of a California coastal enclave of the rich, I know…)

  • MikeDH

    What happened to recycling the bottles? Or is environmentalism not chic when you have to take active responsibility for the situation?

  • Dave

    I go to Harvard, and there is little to no campus awareness of this measure. I and most of my cohorts have at least two cases of water in our rooms at any given time, and to ban these would be utterly asinine. Besides forcing us to go to CVS to get our water, this would hurt Harvard’s own student-run HSA, which supplies bottled water plans to students. This measure, besides being inconsequential to the environment, would only hurt our students and our athletes.

    As far as the people saying that tap water is as good as bottled, they’ve never been to the dorm water fountains. The water is warm and tastes like iron; it is not a suitable alternative to water bottles. This is ridiculous, and if it ever actually reaches a conclusion, I’ll do my best to buy as much bottled water as possible to spite them.

    • BenM

      I hear you, but the lunatics are running the asylum unfortunately. They are saving the world by keeping you from drinking water from a plastic bottle.

    • mdnt cowboy

      Aren’t their special wastebaskets for plastic there? I would think Harvard would have those all over the place.

    • FifeAndDrum

      ” I and most of my cohorts have at least two cases of water in our rooms
      at any given time, and to ban these would be utterly asinine. ”

      The ban is on sales by the university, not on possession of bottles acquired elsewhere.

  • BenM

    LOL! Quit selling bottled water to these numb nuts. Let them carry around a thermos full of tap water.

  • TrusteeAtAnotherCollege

    Perhaps they will rethink this once the un-sanitized bottles have caused a massive bacterial outbreak. Last I knew, most residence hall rooms didn’t have their own dishwashers.

    • in4d net

      Funny you should mention an outbreak.

      A different college campus is battling one, and there is a shortage of the recommended vaccination in the US.

      The FDA’s solution? To recommend that the college use an un-approved vaccine that has worked well in the UK.

      When I first heard this I went, “Huh?”

      I mean, how stupid can the FDA be to recommend to use an un-approved solution? Why the f*** can’t they just approve it if it’s truly the solution to this medical problem?

      (Did they not get their required “kickback” from the vaccine manufacturer?)

  • nostudme1

    Excellent young sheeples.

  • Thomasinwonderland

    So- will they outlaw cheap liquor in those plastic disposable hip flasks? Boola boola- boola boola.

  • mdnt cowboy

    can’t the bottles be recycled like plastic everywhere else?

  • demmi

    Do they still have (free) water fountains ?

  • Jana Lee

    Let me see if I’ve got this right. The students are voting to ban single use plastic water eliminate waste.
    Two problems.
    1. You CAN refill a plastic water bottle, so they don’t have be single use.
    2. You can recycle the plastic water bottles instead of throw them out. That way, the landfills won’t get clogged up.

    Now, the sick thing is that I, a teenager, knows this. I could have told you these ridiculously simple things ever since I was five years old, and yes, I do remember well enough when I was five to say that.
    And yet these college students who go to a “prestigious” university can’t think of these stupidly simple facts?
    America, this is the next generation.
    And the one I’m stuck with.

    • NY Keith

      Jana, do not despair. In the Valley of the Blind Man the One Eyed Man (or woman : ) ) is King.

    • in4d net

      I like the fact that you’re actually thinking about this.

      But let me suggest that you are not stuck with them.

      You can always leave. And no, I don’t mean to show any disrespect.

      There are many wonderful opportunities outside the USA for bright smart people who actually use their brains, and you seem to be one of them who actually uses your head for more than a hat rack.

      There is a reason why Eduardo Saverin is in Singapore and has renounced his US citizenship, and Tina Turner in Switzerland has done the same.

      Start a business in Chile, and the government there will not only put the wind to your back but will give your business $40,000 if it meets certain easily attainable criteria. Start a business in the US, and the government will give you multiple bills for outlandish things and stack the deck against you.

      Just food for thought.

      I have been telling those I meet who are under 30 to hurry up and get their passports and get out of the USA. Go see the world. And don’t come back! The future is not as bright here as it used to be, especially not for those who are likely to get stuck paying that $17 trillion + shortfall they keep talking about in the news. Or is it now $30 trillion? I have trouble keeping up because it ratchets up so quickly these days.

  • TycoMA1

    The Lib Demo-Communists started this idiotic phase…It took them 30 years to figure out that PLASTIC DOES NOT decompose very fast. Next they just might raise up figure out that Paper Bags are good ( even if they are made from Trees ) and plastic bags suck. So here we are face to face with another S-T-U-P-I-D Lib Demo-Communist idea that DOES NOT WORK.. Just like every other (STUPID) idea they have ever had.

  • Connie

    Same people who get A’s for never showing up to class and Never taking a test……

  • 1mikejanz1

    They banned water for bathing in the sixties!

  • Jessie James

    LOL. Thats great. Only 47 percent of the student body voted to ban water bottles, and “ixed-gender campus housing and pro-amnesty immigration reform.” How does immigration reform get on a college student body ballot? Can we take away their Range Rovers, Mercedes SUVs and their daddy’s airplanes? A-holes. Less than half of the school voted, with a 60+ percent majority of that 47% in favor. Basically making it 1/3 of the student body in favor. Prepare yourselves, these are the future idiots, I mean leaders of our once great nation.

  • cwon1

    The future of U.S. fascism in plain sight.

  • disgusted57

    I think we should vote to ban Harvard students.

  • ecomamacita

    This is fantastic. True democracy…the kind that decades of public apathy had squashed.

  • Rotorwash

    More meaningless self-importance from a bunch of under-producing kids seeking college degrees in “Self Esteem” and “Happy Thoughts”.

  • Steve Canon

    A symbolic gesture of futility……stupid liberals.

  • Highlanderclan

    Just make sure you don’t spill any fountain water on your IPad, Iphone, or Ebook and don’t drop your bluetooth equipment into the fountain. Say weren’t we opposing all those at one time for being made in china by underpaid underage Chinese?
    Remember when people used to look up to Harvard?
    Give me an employee from a state college anyday…

  • ShaggyVI

    “single-use water bottles”…that is an out an out lie…every water bottle can be re-purposed and refilled…wtf is wrong with people???

    • MikeDH

      They want to show how much THEY care by forcing everyone ELSE to do something, I suppose.

  • Rational Thinker

    One can rest assured that the Economics students didn’t vote for this idiocy. The reason the University SELLS bottled water is that there is a DEMAND for bottled water. If the students really found bottled water so repugnent and quit purchasing bottled water, the university would stop putting it on the shelf to sell. This is about control as Harvard trains the next generation of Totalitarians that will delve their way into every facet of life……….

    • MikeDH

      Exactly. No more posts necessary, this one sums it up.

    • FifeAndDrum

      “One can rest assured that the Economics students didn’t vote for this idiocy. ”

      Unfortunately, liberal economists don’t get it – and universities are full of them.

  • cwon1

    Next step, mandatory abortions to save the Earth. They will of course be exempt and members of the ruling party.

  • Elgeetee

    Recycled paper bottles are the solution. They dissolve themselves without harming the environment… Who cares about thirst or even dehydration.

  • spooch

    “An outright ban of water bottles offers easy fodder for conservative
    pundits bent on opposing the cause of environmentalism, making it easy
    for such pundits to label proponents of this policy as radicals who are
    willing to overlook any and all individual freedoms in order to achieve
    their aims,” Scott stated.

    Banning plastic bottles isn’t exactly overlooking “any and all individual freedoms”. Some libertarian conservatives believe you should be able to do what you want, as long as you don’t harm other people or the environment. Since when is opposing a poor choice in consumer distribution methods (or just an outdated one..) being a “radical”? Smart Libertarians don’t play into the hands of major corporations which would bottle and sell the entire crust of the planet if there was a buyer.

    Get a reusable steel or glass container and bring your own clean water, and be done with it. Not trying to be preachy, but I’d feel like a spoiled child paying for water and creating bottle waste just because I gotta have it right now…Oh wait, this is Harvard…

    • CitizenKaner

      Ok, Spoocher your assignment…..Which item can be reused more than the others and what is the ROI Based upon the carbon foot print and overall cost….anyone….anyone…Spoocher…Spoocher….

  • leslie green

    Oh come on now! ? Why are you demonizing all of them, some,may be all that you have mentioned, but many will not be. And yes, many will become more in touch with reality and be waking up…. maybe, pitching plastic bottles is the beginning of this change. You are not being fair, your attitude is akin to ‘all people on food stamps are lazy’… not very open.

  • Chancy

    Liberals have the same reaction to every perceived or real problem…ban it or force people to do what they decide. How about putting recycling bins around campus where people can easily discard the bottles for future use?
    Liberals don’t like that because it reinforces personal freedom and liberals hate that most of all…except for themselves of course. The “herd” must be contained, freedom is a threat to these toxic tyrants.

  • ruralcounsel

    First world whining to make themselves feel good. I doubt Harvard will ever teach them about the difference between token gestures and significant actions.
    They’ll all just go out to Harvard Square and buy some expensive trendy multi-use water bottles to carry around … another status symbol to accompany their self-satisfaction.

    How about lowering all the thermostats in Harvard buildings to 55 F. That will save more energy and resources than worrying about plastic bottles. And then everyone on Harvard campus would have to actually walk the walk. Break out the sweaters, Harvies!


    lol=- and these are supposed to be the best and brightest?

    I guess the brain washed students took a break from their coke binges, pot parties and ecstasy parties , lsd parties, homo sex parties , hook up parties and other pathetic endeavors at this hell hole to express the selective moral out rage.

    don’t forget , this school gave us a few of the worst violators of the nanny state, big govt, presidents.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, George W Bush, and Barry Obama…
    Nothing to be proud about Harvard…

  • Robert Graham

    And I vote to ban illegal immigrants and liberals.

  • Bill

    What a waste of time. They are not outlawing bottled water on campus; only the sale of it on campus. As one commenter said you can buy a ton of it for $2.50 at Walmarts. That commenter must not have gone to Harvard; he just makes old fashioned good sense.

    Also notice the threatening tone of the “feel good” group.

    • FifeAndDrum

      The nearest Walmart is 12 miles / 30 minutes away, in Lynn, MA.

      Maybe the students can have their drivers pick up a few cases during their lunch break.

  • Pablo Diablo

    It’s kind of sad the mentality that leads these kids to believe that they are doing something worthwhile. On average, the Harvard student body is way above average intellectually. But, reading stories like this from time to time lead me to believe that a high IQ doesn’t necessarily translate into the ability to think critically. Kind of a silly superficial gesture from, ostensibly, the best and brightest among us.

    • tonymarini

      Over the oast few decades PC has influenced the admission to “prestegious” universities, so I have great doubt that IQ and one’s presence at Harvard have significant correlation. I’d like to think so, but we can’t forget that liberalism/Progressivism are incurable mental disorders.

  • Robert Graham

    It’s just too bad that past maniacs didn’t choose Harvard for their firing range.

  • FifeAndDrum

    Let us go FORWARD, progressive comrades, with

    Vladimir Lenin!
    Josef Stalin!
    Mao Zedong!
    Fidel Castro!
    Che Guevera!
    Ho Chi Minh
    Pol Pot!
    Hugo Chavez!

    Barack Obama!

    Hillary Clinton!

  • Mikey

    There’s still a great future in plastics.

    • Narcissus

      Ha ha. As there damned well oughtta be! :o)

    • CitizenKaner

      “Mr. McGuire: I want to say one word to you. Just one word.
      Benjamin: Yes, sir.
      Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?
      Benjamin: Yes, I am.
      Mr. McGuire: Plastics.
      Benjamin: Just how do you mean that, sir?”

  • AmericanMan2012

    Now that they cleaned up an environmental problem, now lets start banning their Sexual perversion classes, to improve morality, and banning socialism and marxism classes to reestablish Americanism!!

  • Mark Kittering

    is it ok with these twits to send bottled water into disaster zones, i.e. the Philippines? Is it ok for Fenway to sell bottled water for $4 a bottle during games? sigh

  • eyesjamesq

    That’s Ha vud.

  • circadia

    In next week’s news, plastic-bottled soda sales rise sharply on Harvard campus.

  • Jay

    The bottled water industry is highly regulated by each state and the FDA and is considered a “food product”. Tap water, on the other hand, is considered a “utility” just like your cable, gas, and electricity being pumped to your home. The standards between the two are night and day.

  • FifeAndDrum

    They should ban single-use toilet paper!


    Spend less time on studies to spend more time on insignificant yet ego-boosting pursuits. Yes that will serve them well in their future careers.

  • You

    Yes… Drink your fluoride tap water – idiots.

  • CCBanks

    Sometimes “educated” liberals are the STOOPIDEST people in the room.

  • Max_Rebo

    “An outright ban of water bottles offers easy fodder for conservative pundits bent on opposing the cause of environmentalism,.. [snip]”, Scott stated.

    Since when are conservatives, by definition, against environmental conservation? talk about your prejudice!

  • maltboy1

    I’d like to be the first in line to plant an “upper decker” in the water dispenser.

  • plaindoe

    Let’s take a bote to ban Harvard students from the planet. The very ones that want o ban it are the same group of liberals, holier than thou that started the bottled water craze. perrier anyone?

  • Snoop doggy

    These freedom-hating self-righteous misfits love to “ban” things. America is not about nanny state rules and edicts, at least it wasn’t before this latest group of left wing losers got out of diapers. Bloomberg the nanny would be proud. The Founding Fathers are ashamed.

  • Rotorwash

    Just to counter one Harvard dullard…

    I will be throwing all my plastic refuse in the garbage instead of the recycle-bin for the next full year.

    • Snoop doggy


  • RMorrow

    The water bottle has not harmed anyone ever. But, Harvard does promote homosexuality which kills 300 a day to AIDS alone. Can you get anymore stupid than being a student at Harvard University? It’s impossible. The World Health Organization stated last week that AIDS is soaring worldwide. Something Harvard students can be proud of ???? The Liberal insanity continues.

  • rkthespos

    Who says these bottles must be thrown away after one use? I reuse “disposable” bottles quite frequently.

    • Rotorwash

      They still make good urinals for travelers to fill and discard along the edges of the Interstate.

  • plaindoe

    Now with the money you will save on not buying bottled water, perhaps you van afford your own birth control, like one of those plastic things that hold a turkey’s legs together while cooking.

  • griefman

    This is from the same school where Harvard Institute of Politics students, 64%, were in favor of recalling O’Bumbler. I guess they were taking the O’Bumblers class on the Constitution….. you can’t recall the President.

  • Jim

    If they stop exhaling they could radically reduce their carbon footprint. Just saying.

  • CitizenKaner

    What they should ban is Credit cards….much more destructive.

  • RMorrow

    Harvard votes to ban Bottled Water? But it’s okay for homosexuals to spread AIDS completely out of control? Even the dogs at the dog pound have more sense than the idiot Harvard students.

  • Ed

    They wanna be a part of the solutionnnn…..not part of the problemmmmm.

  • jerr7ymllier

    Makes perfect sense, because as we all know, plastic water bottles are the evil minions of Satan.

  • Terdmaker


  • Mike Gilmer

    Its a private school so let the useless rich liberal idiots do as they please there. Just do not try to bring your liberal tree hugging propaganda to my state!

    • rjm2238

      Ah, but they will try. They must be nipped in the bud.
      Rich in New Mexico.

  • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2

    Well, they should be forced to drink fluoridated water like the rest of us.

    • jb80538

      99% of bottled water has flouride in it since it is pretty much just “filtered” tap water.

  • Ratt Stone

    But but but, Michelle wants us to drink more water.

  • DurkaDurka

    They would save even more resources with a mandatory suicide pact. Human are destroying the Universe you know. Asteroids, black holes, and supernova’s- not so much.

  • JDasien

    Just like utilizing corn for ethanol while children in Haiti eat dirt sandwiches. Smug little shites. “Look at me mommy, I saved the planet. Can I have more cake now”?

  • BlakeSDavis

    Typical leftists – ban ban ban – the “there outa be a law crowd” – they think of themselves as open minded, but all they want to do is order people around. The hypocrisy is stunning.

    • Chris

      One of the best descriptions I’ve seen of them in a while.

    • CaptainParker

      Yes…but they also wanted mixed-gender campus housing so they can have orgies on the dorm floor. Pity the roommates who came to Harvard to study they’re SOL in favor of the libertines and hookup crowd.

      • Curly Bill

        No worries. No one goes to Harvard to study.

    • rjm2238

      Bingo Blake! Well stated. Steal money and give orders, heII you would think they had already been elected to some public office.
      Rich in New Mexico.

  • bubba60609

    Katrina Malakhoff, chairperson of the Harvard Environmental Action Committee = airhead. Yet, these dweebs will continue to live the elitist life. And when THEY need a water bottle, well…..it will be okay “this time.” Just don’t let those icky people over there have any.

  • TAG

    …and the poor, sorrowful, under-utilized integrated bottle holder will pay the ultimate price! This is an assault on intelligent design. Nothing less…

  • ChrisSanchez

    What about after a Tsunami, when they have to ship in water. Bottles okay then? What about in an electricity outage–can you distribute bottled water then? See how silly this is? What about for disabled students–if it’s more convenient for them, can they drink bottled water? Do you want a special tax on water bottles? If you’re concerned about carbon footprint, how about closing all the bars in Cambridge? See how foolish this looks? I thought a majority of Harvard students were supposed to be geniuses???

  • rjm2238

    Funding for the new water bottle fill stations…what is this crapola? Don’t they mean the water fountain or the faucet? It seems that these people can never either spend enough or cost enough of other peoples money. Fill your stupid reusable bottle at the sink or the drinking fountain!
    I think it is not just the education that is higher at universities these days, it would seem to be the students too!
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • Chris

    People aren’t meant to follow so many rules and regulations; keep shrinking the cage and eventually they get very agitated.

  • bacteriaboy

    The number of people with bacterial infections from dirty water bottles will skyrocket. They probably dont use soap to clean because they fear it kills the amoebas in the water.

  • dbt3481

    LOL, the things that occupy the minds of liberals is comical… It is a mental disorder.

  • libh8er

    Ban – a verb used often and in heavy doses by “progressives” everywhere

  • evola33

    Trading in the BPA for flouride, with aspartame for dessert.

  • cccdude

    More proof that intelligent people can be really stupid.

  • FlyNavy

    Vote against the air you breath…please

  • jw_

    Give them from toilet to tap. Urine sample cups.

  • lemmiwinks88


  • FlyNavy

    “I would rather be governed by the first 2000 names in the Boston phone book than by the 2000 members of the faculty of harvard University.”

    Willian F. Buckley

  • skhpcola

    A more accurate headline:

    “Harvard Votes to Blatantly Admit That Its Students Are Ideological Retards”

    Gadzooks, the Ivy League is chock-full of intellectual poseurs and idiots. These people will make up the bulk of our politicians and social engineers after they graduate. May G-d help us survive their machinations.

  • warcolleger

    I am a Harvard grad, forty years out. Plastic is a terrible environmental problem. But surely lots of drinks come in plastic bottles, not just water. Should Harvard ban all of those? What about plastic bags, which are now banned in India, after they covered the landscape?

    Harvard is NOT full of billionaires with private jets. Most of the students are middle class, many on financial aid, and go on to solid jobs–doctors, lawyers, etc. raise families, support their community, etc. as any class report will confirm.

    We have to address ecological issues at the national level. The biggest single problem is not water bottles, but dependence on petroleum. I wonder whether the current Harvard students would vote to ban student automobiles?

    • Curly Bill

      Of course you are a Harvard grad. You want to ban things you don’t like.

      • warcolleger

        Not at all. I think the American people should vote, city by city, state by state, and as a nation, on difficult issues. I worry that too many of these are decided now extra-democratically, by the courts.

        As for Harvard in general. There is a strong sense there that they know better than the average person. This is a fundamentally harmless delusion. All that will happen is that water sales from non-Harvard sources will go up.

    • Miggy10


      • warcolleger

        Ad hominem is no way to argue. As for “fascist” what does it really mean? You can’t throw deep insults like that around, period, and particularly if you can’t say why you mean. Give us an argument. even a sentence.

        • Miggy10

          Not ad hominem. I was being succinct. However, I will elaborate. There are many definitions of fascism. For my point the one that best identifies what I was trying to say is, as follows: ” the subordination of the individual will to the state’s authority, and harsh suppression of dissent”
          The state’s authority would be that of the “majority” of students that voted. Fascism/statism can exist with a thin disguise of a “democratic process”. The harsh suppression, in this case is the removal of bottled water from campus.
          Whatever happened to ,” if you don’t like it, then don’t do it”? That is freedom and free market oriented. For any voting block to dictate to another group how they must now live their lives is authoritarian at a minimum and students today don’t even think twice about exercising that power. Becasue they don’t understand freedom, liberty or, the most important of all, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.. And apparently you don’t either.

          • warcolleger

            Well that makes sense. I would not have voted for the ban. Also I know a bit about how crazy things are at Harvard. I share your basic support of individual rights, but any community has to have laws to exist. These should be made democratically and as much as possible leave people alone. It would have been much better if you had first written what you just did, without using the highly and rightly emotive term “Fascist”” which does not remotely describe my views. That’s all I will post, but thanks for responding.

  • Robert Graham


  • JoshSimpson

    Have yet to hear anyone propose a reason why single use plastic water bottles are a good thing. Minimizing their consumption is a positive in absolute terms, regardless of how much of a positive it actually is. Doing something is better than doing nothing, it’s not that hard to understand.

    • Miggy10

      Yep, if people are too stupid to act like some of us think they should then they need to be TOLD how to live. And if that doesn’t work, then they need to be FORCED to live how we want. it’s the fascist way……..Enjoy your brave new world Josh.

  • dumpsterdog

    If they don’t like or want plastic bottles, then don’t buy them. Problem solved.

  • KlugerRD

    And this what the late great George Carlin would say to these pampered self-important twits:

  • dixiesuzan

    Glass gin bottles are still permissable when properly filled with that noble elixer.

  • reddog

    This is so left wing typical. Ban them for everyone because some of them don’t have the will power to not buy them. This is why I would never hire a Harvard Grad, or any Ivy Walled school grad for that matter. Their brains have withered away.

  • coachhouser

    GOOD FOR THEM! One-use plastic water bottles are the height of wastefulness. I would almost use the Obama “arrogant” word.

  • ReconSgtK

    Harvard……Stop trying to fix “Your” problems and go row something.

  • chloe24

    any plastic water bottle can be refilled by you. so what do they mean by “single use”. this is stupid but hey, it’s Harvard so what can you expect?

  • Alabama Mike

    What are they going to use, paper bags?

  • BillyBEAT

    There is nothing worse in this world than a rich liberal

  • mallen717

    The media myth that Obama is the smartest president of all time meets the media myth that Harvard is the the best and the brightest.

  • sandraanddick

    “Water bottle filling stations”? I’m sorry. I’m not from Harvard. Is that the same thing as a faucet?

  • Heartland Patriot

    {“An outright ban of water bottles offers easy fodder for conservative pundits bent on opposing the cause of environmentalism, making it easy for such pundits to label proponents of this policy as radicals who are willing to overlook any and all individual freedoms in order to achieve their aims,” Scott stated.} — This guy states the obvious trying to head off legitimate criticism. They DO look like a bunch of radical enviro-nuts by doing this. Of course, taxing it to get rid of it makes them look radical as well…its bottled water. A BETTER solution would be recycling stations to collect the used water bottles for turn in, but that doesn’t fit the “if we don’t like it we’ll ban it” mentality of the political left.

  • turmn8

    Progressives wanted to save trees, plastic was the answer. The progressives wanted to save water, two and three flush per seating toilets was the answer. The progressives wanted to save energy, the toxic, half life, expensive curly light bulb was the answer. The progressives wanted to save even more energy. the eagle killing and mind numbing windmill was the answer. The progressives wanted more voters and cheap labor, amnesty was the answer. The progressives wanted a black born in America President, Barack Hussein Obama was the answer. I could go on and on about the progressive agenda but the progressives should realize, when the Brown Shirts begin their round up, they are not going to ask you or your family who you voted for.

  • Curly Bill

    How do we go about banning Harvard University students?

  • buffersT

    Austin Texas has banned plastic shopping grocery bags. But EVERYTHING you buy at a store comes in packaging, lots of plastic! So what is the point. Also, yesterday on the news they said babies are healthier if the pg mom doesn’t drink TAP WATER, so maybe PG gals will have to get a prescription for bottled water…. Give Me A Break!

  • Flyoverman

    I have said for decades that no one should ever BUY water. It is called a faucet.

    • BillyBEAT

      Truth. The companies fill bottles with tap water, then charge your for it.

      • Flyoverman

        BINGO. And after it sets bacteria levels grow to the point it is not same to rinse your contacts out with, But you can use tap water.

      • Heartland Patriot

        Not quite accurate. Bottled water usually gets filtered or purified through some other process. Of course, you can buy your own filters, but I doubt that Harvard is going to do that.

  • Stephen

    more liberal loons at work.. its sad that the highest lvl colleges are breeding dumb dumb dumb nutjob wackos like these

  • Miggy10

    Gotta love the Harvard Fascists! Why allow free people to choose not to use plastic water bottles when it’s so much easier to BAN them! “We know what’s good for you better than you know what’s good for you”.
    Ahh, our future fascist leaders of the nation, why understand freedom and free markets when you can just dictate! Liberty is over-rated, control is where it’s at!

    • Flyoverman

      Anyone who buys bottled water when there is a free water faucet right there is an idiot. My opinion.

      • Miggy10

        And so you would seek to BAN an “idiot” action that you personally don’t approve of? Good for you. We really should open the door to anything, that anyone doesn’t approve of being BANNED!!!
        Let’s start with people who post on-line calling others “idiots”………..BANNED. Bye bye Flyoverman.

        • Flyoverman

          I expressed my opinion about people buy bottled water, I said nada about what Harvard you, or anyone else does. Harvard can ban bow ties for all I care.

          Buying bottled water when there is a free, generally higher quality water source near by is really stupid. I can say this because I am certified in that discipline. The quality and health standards for public water systems in virtually all parts of the country is exceptionally good.

          As a conservative, I will state emphatically where i live this is something state and local government manage VERY well.

          Go get a hug and a cookie and try again.

          • Miggy10

            Based on the tone of your “argument” I placed you in the 64%. pro ban group. If I am mistaken then I apologize. I am Canadian and my local drinking water is second to none, I do not buy bottled water…..but I fully support the right of someone else to do so, if they wish. The Bloomberging (made up term) of American society both saddens and frightens me at the same time. There is such a poor understanding of freedom and free markets…….If a behavior is truly abhorrent, then eventually, by choice that behavior will disappear.

            BTW, I have a cold, so I’m not interested in the hug but I would kill for a cookie.

          • Flyoverman

            Not a problem.

            The fact you want a cookie shows you are a wise person and a person of quality.

            I hope you are over your cold soon.

      • LawReader

        What’s worse – they can buy it with food stamps – gleefully demonstrated a few years ago when some clowns made news picking up $75 worth of bottled water – pouring it out behind the store – then picking up a cool $20 cash for the bottle return deposits. Pretty much the only ‘non-idiot’ use for bottled water other than dire necessity.

      • Rogue Cheddar

        Aparently somebody doesn’t like your opinion.

        • Flyoverman

          But I still have you Rogue….. What more could one want? 🙂

          • Rogue Cheddar

            With six you get eggroll.

          • Flyoverman

            I think my detractor could be General Jack Ripper. P.O.E.

  • LawReader

    One suspects they more than make up for it with the plastic cups no doubt prevalent at ‘higher education’ keg-parties…

    But it does indeed clear up how Jay Leno was able to run into college students who couldn’t tell him how many dimes were in a dollar.

    Bottles optional – we’re dealing with generational water-on-the-brain.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    They be ‘wicked smaht’! They should all drink from the firehose!

  • B.l. Eedinghearte

    They don’t need water at Harvard. They drink the liberal Kool-Aid.

  • dannyvice

    The funny part of this article is that I agree with them to a point. Drinking water used to be dispensed from drinking fountains or deep rock water dispensers. Paying $1.50 for bottled water is an idea I never thought we’d migrate towards growing up, so I’m completely okay with going back to the old method.

    What I don’t agree with are these moronic kids pretending to care, when they use and abuse the system in every other way they can. It’s like complaining about global warming while flicking your cigarette butt out your car window. Hypocrites to the core.

    • vadave

      Like comnplaining about global warming while flicking your cigarette butt out the Prius’ window on the way home from the occupy protest!
      And I thought that I was the only one. When the bottled water craze took off back in the 80’s/90’s I thought that it was laughable that anyone would pay for something that is readily available for free.
      I have continued to use water fountains and they haven’t killed me yet though most kids will look at you in disgust or bewilderment from just the suggestion of using a “public” water fountain.

  • ObamaSmellsBad

    What a joke, a bunch of brainwashed feel good jerkoffs.

    • Rogue Cheddar

      And that’s just the administration.


    Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools

  • Walt Creasy

    Next the brilliant students at Harvard will vote to ban WATER. After all, it is responsible for more deaths than any other CHEMICAL klnown to man. Really bad stuff, eh?

  • Miggy10

    I am a very proud Fascist and I support this move wholeheartedly. In this day and age we can’t allow freedom and liberty to destroy our world. It’s been mathematically proven that people will make the wrong decisions for themselves every time. Therefore, they need their superiors to decide for them………I don’t know where this trend will end but I’m sure it’ll be good, what could go wrong?

  • billmelater1

    Now if we could just get them to vote for sterilization on themselves everything would be just fine.

    • Ben

      Exactly! And if they’re pro-abortion, they can support their cause by getting one retroactively.

      • Fred

        We’ll call it a late late late term abortion.

        • Rogue Cheddar

          Trayyvon Martin got his in the 63rd trimester.

  • Tlester

    Instead of f—Ing around with water bottles they should worry about finishing school

  • Warfare

    If they are doing this to save landfill space, they are seriously misinformed. http://www.opposingviews.com/arguments/recycling-simply-to-save-landfill-space-doesn-t-make-sense#

  • cheapseats2

    Just don’t tell them how much energy it takes to isolate chlorine to decontaminate their tap water.

  • Mancave001

    “Single-use plastic water bottles represent one of the most easily obviated threats currently plaguing the environment,”

    Said no intelligent person, ever.

  • Steve

    Even though they are extremely book smart, these are some real dumb students

  • Patriots Watch

    these dems and libs have what is just total ignorance do they even teach the Vision of Our Four Fathers at these crap schools anymore, or is it just “hey you should feel bad for a minority it’s YOU’RE FAULT”. We need to take our country back TO MUCH IS AT STEAK.

  • Yirmin

    What the article fails to do is give details on the number of students that bothered to vote at all for or against the pointless referendum. Sure 64% of those voting showed themselves as idiots, but the reality of these asinine referendums is that only a few students even bother to waste their time voting in the first place…. I can see it now, the total number voting was less than 30 hippy throw backs, the few dissenting votes were from the ones that didn’t even know what they were voting for.

    • Miggy10

      100% of those supporting the ban showed up to vote, many of the rest were unaware of what was about to be done to their campus.
      100% of those supporting Obamacare showed up to vote, many of the rest were unaware of what was about to be done to their country.

  • jayjay

    These are the same libtards that voted for Obama. Figures.

    • Patriots Watch

      Their is absolutely 0% link proof of water bottle “damage ” tp environment, its one of the biggest lies propogized by the left. The fact is that water bottle companies lean to the right and are sources of campaign help for conservatives so the Left will do ANY THING to ILLEGALY destroy them

  • ttiwkram

    The real issue is money. It sounds like the university restricts the supply of fresh drinking water, and no doubt receives a cut of bottled water sales. Having seen water at Ford Field priced at $5 per bottle (and having turned it down), I don’t have a ton of sympathy for the vendors.
    Still, it’s better to have a choice. Why doesn’t the university provide ample drinking water, and also allow bottled water with a refundable deposit of, say, $3 per bottle? You wouldn’t find many of those in the trash or lying around. (The challenge would be keeping the students from counterfeiting the bottles, but that’s what serial numbers are for.)

  • Johnat8500

    I’m in my 50’s and have NEVER had a bottle of water in my life even when it was offered for free. You’d think if you got in to Harvard you’d have figured that out a long time ago. Biggest waste of money put on this earth-other than the government!

  • Combat Override

    “most students also agreed to support mixed-gender campus housing and pro-amnesty immigration reform.”


    Who really cares what these students think about immigration reform?

  • PatrickinCT

    I wouldn’t hire a Harvard graduate to cut my lawn.

    • Rotorwash

      Most Harvard grads would not understand how to start the mower.

      • PatrickinCT

        And they’d insist on an Environmental Impact Statement before starting.

        • Rotorwash

          And a base salary to match what daddy has.

  • MZ13

    These bottles can be recycled. In contrast, washing a bottle for reuse takes heat (energy) and water. Maybe push recycling instead. The big problem of plastic water bottles is when they end up in the ocean.

  • Combat Override

    If students didn’t want bottled water, they simply wouldn’t buy it. Clearly they want it. My the tyranny of the majority will win the day.

  • MZ13

    And for the record, I don;t know if I ever bought bottled water (at prices 8 times that of gasoline) ever in my life for myself.

  • BarryBarry

    Harvard: THE place to send you kid if you have 1. A lot of money and 2. They are stupid.

    Grad inflation has made Harvard the Basket Weaving Ivy League University

  • kdlhouston


  • Reardon Steele

    Liberals are such foolish, small-minded creatures focusing their energies on the most trivial things.

    • Rotorwash

      Their methods are often akin to bypassing dollars to save nickles.

    • Chipsie

      Yes, but these causes are very important to the Left as they distract from the big picture they would rather not face such as the horrendous debt, the threat of Iran having a nuclear bomb, multi-culti failures, ‘educational’ failures, their assault on Christianity, their pro-abortion movement and more….In other words, ban the plastic bottles! Remember how they banned paper bags, then it was “oops, we didn’t think that through, we meant to ban plastic bags.” They need to collectively put a cork in it.

  • Roger Dowd

    None of them were radical enough to propose drinking tap water from a glass.

  • tedro

    I wonder how many (plastic) red solo cups can be found in the trash cans in and around the Harvard campus on any given weekend…
    New vote should be for multiple use containers to be used during keggers and beer pong games… for the sake of the planet.

  • zontarprevails .

    So, what about the ‘single use’ SODA bottles, such as Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, etc, etc??? These folks are dumb as rocks.

    • Tom

      Yes! And those single use urine specimen bottles too!

    • Rotorwash

      What about all the single-use condoms they keep flinging around the campus?

  • TheFallofAmerica

    Pass the Grey Poupon Please

  • TheFallofAmerica

    What about the plastic bags they get their weed in?

    • Ed

      Good Point!

    • tedro

      I have a reuse able one made from hemp. Its awesome. Makes me thirsty thinking about it…think I’ll go get a bottled water! I reuse my water bottles as well. They make fantastic bongs!

  • Rotorwash

    These are among the same idiots who think turning our primary, base food crop (corn) into car fuel, is a great idea.

    Meanwhile, since it is a base food, all agriculture products increase in price and Third-World countries starve even more.

    Once again… nice going liberals.

  • illferris

    Wow, the expert geniuses on the environment at Harvard must be totally unaware that you can just as easily refill a plastic water bottle with additional water as you can a cup, a bucket, or a boot.


    • Squirreleo

      The chemicals that make up the bottle can leak into he bottle after too many refills

      • illferris

        Well, if this is true, then we had sure as hell better not recycle them either! After all, people are just too dumb at Harvard to know the threshold for refilling their water bottles! Too many times is poison! And yet, people will eat processed food and use soap and toothpaste with the EXACT same chemicals in them. Go figure. Harvard used to be a university for academically talented people. It is now a cesspool of clowns and comedians who refer to themselves as important. But why ban the bottles? Is it just that the zombie Harvard students are too stupid for their own good, so a ban is required?

  • ExpandYourLearning

    Harvard students must not know about this:

    “Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities”


  • Not Chicken Little

    And these students supposedly represent the best our country has to offer…wow, we are really in trouble! What do they learn? How to ignore and deprecate common sense in favor of liberal indoctrination and the politically-correct thought police…

  • OldmanRick

    Anyone know what Harvard and congress have in common? Both deal in trivia..

  • Ben

    Pie in the sky students. Ahhh, remember the 60s.

    • Steve

      its actually not good for you OR the environment. why do you have a problem with students voting to ban something?

      does foxnews tell you guys to do the same thing?

  • caligula

    lol. i love watching liberal philosophy eat itself alive. libtards pushed bottled water on us and are now regretting and banning their own ecologically disastrous Frankenstein.

    it’s a good day.

  • E5Ranger

    It’ hard learning how to run a nanny state.

  • DriveMonkeyDrive

    Have they not heard of recycling?

  • Bdad

    These are the same students who have a grade average of A- because the University has been dishonest and allowed grade creep? These are the same students who have nothing better to do than to talk about plastic bottles given that there is nothing else in the world needing more attention?

    When I see this type of tripe it only tells me that the liberal establishment continues to misdirect the youth to play with trivial items rather than focusing on things that are important.

  • kimbershot

    hug a tree, save a whale, screw a conservative then get out in the real world and rape, pillage and plunder–or go into politics–oops, same thing. kids, do your homework and shut the fcuk up.

  • mike

    Why dont they ban unhealthy soda, ice tea, red bull, apple juice from china, etc…?
    Water is healthy…..does the tap water at Harvard have fluoride in it?????? Dont they have recycling containers???

  • Jollymon

    Wait a minute..the story states an idea by a student that suggests “imposing a university tax on bottled water” as as way to get students to stop buying bottled water!! So, does this mean that the tax revenue from rich students that are able to buy the water will then go to poorer students through a newly created university department in the form of school provided subsidized water? Of course, there may be riots when the water arrives late, or students try to trade their subsidized water to obtain soft drinks.

  • jojopittsburgh

    Great first step. Now, put wind turbines outside of the dormitories, and ban all travel to and from the school on anything other than a bicycle. Only eat food that was grown on campus (you can eat the birds that the windmills kill) and do not use any electrical devices that aren’t solar powered. It will make it harder for Biff to call Buffy, but it’s for the good of the planet!!

  • jekyllisle

    What is missed is how similar this to our elections ” While administrators cannot be forced to go along with the vote’s outcome, organizers of the ballot measure say they
    expect cooperation from politicians”.

    So much like real life isn’t it?

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Well, these are our country’s elite. It’s easy to see why.

  • Grey Falcon

    I’ve never seen one of these so called “non-reusable water bottles”. I’ve only seen the kind that can be refilled.


    plastic bottles of any sort make up about 1/700 of our energy demand yearly

  • Brian

    And consumption of soda suddenly spikes, contributing to the obesity epidemic. Nice work, brainiacs.

  • mike
  • mike

    There is fluoride added to the Cambridge water supply. Harvard has done studies which show fluoride lowers IQ… This is a dumb idea to ban bottled water……

  • illhaveanother

    Harvard student council members Tad and Biff, will be celebrating this monumental ecological victory, with a ski trip to Vermont over the Christmas holiday.

  • Mike Trivisonno

    No one cares.

  • Some Old Dude

    Stupid college kids boycott plastic bottles with zero impact on the environment. But they’ll sure as hell feel good. And then they’ll go off campus and stock up on their Poland Spring. We could re-plumb Harvard’s water system to get their water from the Charles… then they wouldn’t be using so much Quabbin water that the rest of Boston needs.

    • Some Old Dude

      Couldn’t all those brainiacs at Harvard come up with a way to zero out the impact on bottled water on campus? Maybe build a new library out of plastic bottles, or something?

  • randyo99

    BREAKING NEWS: Bottled water has voted to ban Harvard students. And bottled water knows that the water there if fluoridated. Did these Harvard students know that? Do they know just some of the alleged hazards from fluoridated water?

  • Greedy Rob

    Didn’t realize Harvard students were so stupid.

  • Pirate Ship USA

    Damn, these kids are stupid.

  • Rotorwash

    “making drinking water more accessible through the installation of additional… reusable water bottle filling stations”

    Otherwise known as water faucets which are already in existence.
    No additional “funding” needed.

    You morons needed expensive college to come up with this?

  • rubicon

    Have fun drinking piss then!

  • Greedy Rob

    Little green lemmings, dutifully following their religion.

  • Greedy Rob

    My left nut turned down a full ride from Harvard.

  • Tom1689

    Phew. We can rest easy now. The hallowed halls at Cambridge are safe from the evil bottled water companies. The pious exquisite virtue of the students at Harvard has been gloriously vindicated.

  • Conspiracy_Fax

    Harvard: saving the world, one stupid vote at a time.

  • ISeeaBadMoonRising

    It makes liberal-sense: ban bottled water, but authorize pot and other “medicinal” drugs.

  • Hussein_In_The_Whitehouse

    As the flu spreads around Cambridge VIA the new bubbler systems I will be laughing.

  • 4Commencefiring4

    I thought the problem was that bottled water was racist. Or am I thinking of yachts, or chain link fences, or hot dogs, or the color yellow, or maybe rotary dial phones? I dunno. No, it was bottled water. It’s racist because water can never be black.

  • Rotorwash

    What about the damage to the environment from all the “single-use” latex condoms being flung by the millions at colleges from coast-to-coast?

  • Why Aren’t We fighting?

    Pretty funny when you consider it was a July 25, 2012 Harvard study showing that fluoride lowers IQ, and now the same university wants to limit their student’s ability to get fluoride free water.

    • corvinus

      Bottled water isn’t necessarily flouride-free.

      • Why Aren’t We fighting?

        Usually bottled water is created by reverse osmosis filtering, and if it hasn’t been added it is then fluoride free, but you’re right that they do sell just tap water as bottled water, or some even add the pesticide to it.

        • Dirk

          Fluoride is in ionic form in drinking water. Reverse osmosis typically removes only 10%-20% of ionic fluoride. You must additionally pass the water through an ion exchange filter to completely remove the fluoride.

          • Why Aren’t We fighting?

            Good to know. Thank you.

    • Call me TC

      Another junk study.

      • Why Aren’t We fighting?

        From the junk Harvard?

  • GustavG

    Capitalism is the problem.

    This is another great victory against capitalistic abuses.

    The problem in this world is not the water bottle. It is the company who markets 2c worth of water and sells it for $2,

    My brothers and sisters at Harvard are merely wielding the only
    weapon we have which is the green movement to force the necessary change
    to this broken and antiquated system called capitalism.

    Carry on comrades.

    Vote Union!
    Vote Democrat!

    • Apothis

      You mean vote Communist….right Comrade?

    • Rotorwash

      “It is the company who markets 2c worth of water and sells it for $2”

      Hey moron, if you don’t like the price don’t pay.

  • Druid

    bottled water is part of the legacy of slavery…

  • Chip Buckman

    How was the vote taken? How do we know it’s legitimate? Sounds like the voting equivalent of a Kangaroo Court to me…these well intentioned liberals are all heart and no brain. So now we cannot trust people to recycle, and must ban their usage of WATER?

    There is a very good Penn & Teller video showing how they got liberal hippie types to support banning water. The people in this video are clueless. As I’m sure many of the gullable “Harvard” students are. Never did I imagine this ruse of a video would actually turn into a real life example…and from HARVARD!!

    Harvard is losing its prestige, as evidenced by the kinds of students they admit. All book smart, no street smarts…

    • Rotorwash

      For many, I question the book smart theory as well.

  • Hendrik Vaandrager

    What is it with these people? They always feel a need to deprive everyone else of their freedom to choose. If they don’t like bottled water then they don’t have to buy it, but at least give people the choice.

  • coma44

    “Harvard Votes To Banish Bottled Water”
    If we could get them to stop using air it will save the future from more Ivy League pollution.

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    What a bunch of twerps.

  • corvinus

    I’m actually a conservative, but I’ve always considered it completely stupid to buy 2 cents of water for a buck. Bottled water is a complete ripoff. I don’t necessarily agree with their motive, but I’d vote for it too.

    • Call me TC

      No-one’s forcing people to buy it. Would be more interesting to see the student body decry the use of illegal drugs.

    • SofaKingCool1

      Now that is what we call some faulty logic…you are not conservative.

      I always thought it was stupid for people to buy 10 cents worth of gravel for a buck, aka a granola bar, but I probably wouldn’t vote to ban them.

      See where your logic comes off the rails?

      Conservative my patootie….

      • corvinus

        There are degrees of stupidity — or profiteering, in the case of the companies selling bottled water. We’re talking water here. Something you can get out of any drinking fountain. At least the stuff from the fountains doesn’t have plasticizers mixed in with it. Selling water for a buck a bottle is flat-out criminal.

        • SofaKingCool1


          That’s what a conservative would do if he didn’t prefer something, not ban it or attempt to modify other’s actions or opinions because he didn’t agree with it.

          Do you know how many jobs a multi-billion dollar global industry provides, which is what selling bottled water is?

          Companies that sell things like water in a bottle are meeting market demand, not creating it. Bottled water is the #2 segment in the beverage category including carbonated soft drinks, milk, juices, soya beverages, energy drinks and sport drinks, and to a lesser extent with hot drinks such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

          In a study conducted in May of 2006 by Probe Research Inc., the majority (70 percent) of adults who purchase bottled water do so as an alternative to buying other packaged beverages, not as an alternative to tap water.

          • corvinus

            I don’t care what sort of rationalization people think up to explain why they buy bottled water, as it doesn’t really matter. The market demand was indeed created: people hardly ever bought bottled water in the 1990s, except for perhaps fizz water. If it crosses the line into criminality, which is what extortion and taking advantage of people’s stupidity is, then yes, it should be banned. Conservatism does not equal anarchy. In fact, anarchists tend to be liberals and commies.

  • Sandy Carrington

    Harvard students are narrow minded sheeple…Just look at Al Gore…

    • Rotorwash

      Just look at Barack Obama.

  • Diogenes13

    OH MY GOUD!!! Banning bottled water!!! Now the world has been saved!!! Soooo… Grab thy signage and SHAZAM!!! ….On To The Next threat… Since we have more time now …we have more time to make the Iranians Mullahs our friends so that when they cook the world with the BOMB, and they will, because they need to die,end the world as ’twere, to get their 13th imam out of the well he fell in back in the year 413 ..whatever…, anyway…when they touch off Armageddon we had better be in cahoots with them or we will be left out of the post apocalyptic party! Get on it Harvard! Keep talk’in baby libs … keep talk’in … and keep it relevant… ask the Mullahs how they feel about warming the globe!

  • PhilOiseaubay

    about time! Most of the elite colleges already have the ban in place for yrs.

    • SofaKingCool1

      LOL…of course they do.

      Progressivism – Ideas so good….they’re mandatory.

      • PhilOiseaubay

        Funny that this ‘college’ site’s commenters have very little knowledge on the issue. Then again, I was looking for entertainment through Drudge… and boy is it entertaining. Boy are you all stupid!!!

        • SofaKingCool1


  • Call me TC

    How are plastic bottles non-reusable? Do they self-destruct after 15 seconds?

  • Rotorwash

    Hey Harvard!
    You have a much more substantial problem with all the orgies and marijuana use.

    Focus your efforts better.

  • Conspiracy_Fax

    Actually, as much fun as it is to insult spoiled Harvard brats, they are right to ban plastic because of the

    BPA chemical that is in them that causes breast cancer in women and mimics estrogen in men.

    • SofaKingCool1

      Virtually every can used for canning food, is lined with BPA-containing resin.

      BAN CANS!

      The CDC has found BPA in the urine of 93% of surveyed Americans over the age of 6. If you don’t have BPA in your body, you’re not living in the modern world.

    • desperado49

      plastic is made from petroleum. something which is also anathema to good liberals

  • Flechette

    I think that this is hilarious! The whole bottled-water phenomena was brought on by lefty health nuts who didn’t want to drink “icky chemicals” in other bottled drinks (as if water is not a chemical). Now lefties are banning what they started because of the plastic bottles!

    It is a lot like the enviro-wackos insisting on wind power over other, more economical (and clean) alternatives…only to have other enviro-wackos start to try and ban windmills because they kill birds.

    Next up, banning Birkenstocks because they are made of leather! Or banning solar panels because they eventually end up in landfills!


  • David

    Brilliant, I hear your grades are so pumped up that a Kenyan got a degree there.

    • SofaKingCool1


  • vmikid

    They will only drink more beer.

  • MonarchPass

    Who cares about water bottles? “Pro-amnesty immigration reform” passed by 80%, eh? Behold the real future.

  • Mikeyoung6

    They are learning to be real liberals; banning stuff.

  • zl28

    Idiots in training.

    • Tommy

      Liberal idiots in training.

  • Boxhawk

    Mommy, I need more money for tuition. It is now 70,000 per year.

  • Robert

    I’m sorry but can’t you refill a plastic bottle in which the water was first placed?
    Way to think outside the box Harvard!

    • Noozjunkie

      Why would you want to refill one? Don’t we drink bottled water because it tastes better than that which you want me to refill it with? Just throw the damn bottle away and get another cold one.
      And steer clear of those Harvard loons.

  • SofaKingCool1

    I Weep for the Future…..

  • Silly Libs

    Going to Costco today, I think I will buy a few hundred bottles of water to celebrate these idiots victory, then I will recycle them…

  • suibneg

    the next thing outlawed will be pee in a bottle….there goes the whole drug test thang.

  • suibneg

    oh yeah…..allen grayson is a Harvard grad right?

  • Linda Tamburino

    Key Phrase: those who voted. What are the numbers?

    • desperado49

      doesn’t make any difference. as all liberals know, it is not the votes that count, it is who counts the votes.

  • Gall Travois

    This is actually a good idea. What is wrong with buying a nalgene water bottle and refilling it for free, forever? You would have to be crazy to want to buy a bottle of water, sometimes from the same source as municipal water supply, when you could get the same exact water from the tap. There are more regulations on tap water than bottled water as well. Meanwhile, people will praise Harvard students when a study is produced there that agrees with their ideas and revert to name calling and personal attacks on them instead of argument when they make a policy that detracts from “muh freedoms”.

    Nobody is saying you can’t have bottled water at Harvard. That is what you read as a sensationalist headline on a news aggregator website. Harvard will no longer sell bottled water on its campus, and that is their prerogative, which they voted on. Now there will be filling stations designed to help you get water into your own personal, privatized bottle.

    There are crazy things that environmentalist suggest and then there are some sane things. This is one of the sane things! Bottled water has got to be one of the bigger scams of the 20-21st century. You subsidize the piping of clean water to your city and then a company buys a bunch of it, filters it, and puts it into a plastic bottle, then sells it to you with a markup, or ships it to another city where people also have clean running water? Someone please tell me how this makes sense.

    • tjrad

      Plastics are not the best media to serve food in. I just read a recent study that was showing harmful chemicals that were released from plastics that were suppose to be safe after exposure to the sun or used in a microwave. So I agree we need to recycle plastic and be careful how much we use. Harvard is a private institution if they choose to ban the sale of plastic water bottles that is their right.

      There is very little clean running water in the city or municipal water, bottled water usually doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals that most tap water has when it is filtered properly IE reverse Osmosis or is derived from a clean spring, buyer beware because you are correct most bottled water is just filtered tap water that is only filtered for taste yet leaves the pollutants. You know fluoride that degrades your bones and affects your brain (listed as a poison if ingested on your tooth paste), chlorine to make the water clear and hide the bad taste (though it taste pretty bad also) and other chemicals used to kill the bacteria in the polluted water coming from your tap. In addition all the laden pharmaceuticals that are in the average cities tap water. These laden pharmaceuticals include high levels of estrogen coming from the use of estrogen based birth control and SSRI drugs just to name a couple. I personally try to use my SS steal water bottle and my home filtered water as much as possible but I wont drink tap water myself.

      While these studies are readily available on line they are not widely known and in many cases not accepted as fact or discounted as conspiracy theory or some other whaco belief, it is easier to remain ignorant and do nothing then to take action to ensure you and your family have clean water. I don’t believe that fluoride was put in the water as a conspiracy to numb the population although that still seems to be one of the affects. It was put their so the waste product (fluoride) from the Aluminum and Nuclear processing industries could be sold to municipalities for a profit rather then a cost of doing business via proper disposal. Again we see it is about the money, why pay to dispose of a harmful chemical when you can get the masses to drink it thinking it will help their teeth even though no real studies have ever shown anything except detrimental affects when you ingest fluoride. The only scientific study that shows fluoride as helpful is when it is put on teeth as a topical treatment and spit out. Ingestion is to be avoided. I have read the ADA studies and they are based purely on loose observational data that is not backed up by any science. This type of data is easily manipulated by cherry picking what groups they were looking at or avoiding certain groups or results. It was junk science then and is still junk science now.

  • detroitsteve

    “…and further tout tap water as just as good if not better than bottled.” Finally, someone gets it! Bottled water is a stupid 1990s fad that should have died a long time ago.

  • JMWinPR

    Why does this need a vote? If you don’t like them, don’t buy them.

    • Tommy

      That would make too much sense.

    • Kevin H

      Because the real threat to a lot of agendas is other peoples free will and freedoms.

  • BMF

    I noticed they didn’t ban bottled beer or whiskey. Mmmmm… I wonder why only bottled water?

  • wootendw

    Obviously, the water in Massachusetts tastes better than the water here in Phoenix or they would never have voted this way. But what difference should it make, what Harvard students do, to the rest of this nation anyway?

    Harvard is a place of ideas – economic, environmentalist, political, legal, medical, etc. – that are on the way out and will be eventually be tossed once the (economic) collapse comes. Most Harvard degrees, then, will be so worthless that its graduates won’t dare to put ‘Harvard’ on their resumes lest productive, honest companies ‘file’ them to the waste paper basket. Going to Harvard ought to be downright embarrassing now and, one day, it will be.

  • Barry

    Why don’t the geniuses pressure the student body to re-use the plastic bottles, or perhaps to re cycle?

  • Zakk Osborne

    What is a “single-use plastic bottle?”

    What, does it magically seal itself after you drink the original contents? These people are stupid.

  • Jazzman47

    So Harvard with the biggest endowment of any university in the country will be receiving a grant to aid them in installing water stations. What a joke and exactly what’s wrong with spending of public tax dollars.

  • juan767

    meanwhile illegal aliens kill 10 americans every day.

    • Ron Mexico

      Stop with the facts.

  • golfnut6

    They don’t have much to worry about at Haaavaaard.

  • Fallbrookdude

    I drink bottled water all day long. It tastes better than tap water and you can buy brands that are more pure and better than tap water. Water fountains are gross, I wouldn’t put my lips near something some other person just drooled over. I have three of these amazing contraptions, one is brown, one is green and the other is gray. I just throw my water bottles in the gray one marked recycling. Wasn’t the point to recycle all along? Are these Harvard students just to lazy?

  • sirock

    I use to live in Cambridge 375 Harvard ST never knew dumber educated people in my life.

  • Jerry Jones

    Once they ban bottled water they will have a much better claim for needing socialized medicine.

  • Sean

    These are liberals of the same mindset as the ones who promoted bottled water as a “safe” alternative to tap water 30 years ago. Liberals don’t think clearly no matter if they are from Harvard or the local community college.

    • Jerry Jones

      and paper, to plastic, to paper

  • bperk

    “If you like your water, you can keep your water….period.” Bring back the old camping canteens, I say!

  • JeffreyPtr

    Did they vote to ban all plastic single use bottles or only those containing water? I suppose it doesn’t matter, as long as they can tell everyone they care about something their action doesn’t need to actually be effective.

    • Jerry Jones

      exactly – no mention of soda, juice, milk etc.

  • etg

    Can we just ban Harvard students? Period.

  • Jerry Jones

    Shouldn’t these people be studying? Oh yeah, college isn’t about education anymore. It’s about indoctrination.

  • amabokcuf

    F*ck these liberal fecal heads.

  • dixiesuzan

    Water is evil.

  • StubbornlyRational

    BwaHaHa. You have to love it.

  • derfelcadarn

    How can people at a premier learning institution be so ignorant ?

    • johnsmith500

      Sad times. The age of ignorance even in academia. Welcome to Obama’s America.

  • bobclaville

    Bet they won’t stop using those RED CUPS for their beer, and other alcoholic, brain deficit helpers. STOP DRINKING WATER all together. Then you’ll have a need for Obamacare after Mommy and Daddy stop paying for you at 26.

  • abcnewscansuckit

    Can we all now agree that Harvard should no longer be called an “elite school?” I mean all the evidence we need is that Borat Ostalin has a degree from there, and he’s a complete dipschit. NOW, they’ve allowed a bunch of hysterical women to dictate to rational students what kind of effing water they can buy on campus. THIS is what happens when women run schit, liberals. Think of this when your shrieking “HILLARY 2016” on these boards, making complete fools of yourselves.

    • Ron Mexico

      Can we just refer to Harvard as a “special school”?

      • abcnewscansuckit

        Or “special needs school” would work as well.

  • bobclaville

    Harvard is nothing but the CESS POOL of Liberalism, where flushing improves the society with every drop of toilet water they avoid drinking.

  • Noozjunkie

    I’ll give up my single-use plastic water bottles when Coca Cola, PepsiCo, and the rest of the soft drink manufacturers give up their plastic beverage containers and return to returnable, recyclable, glass bottles. And while we’re at it, let’s go back to cardboard boxes to contain clothes washer detergents, and metal
    And don’t even get me started on those Brita filters that supposedly keep 300 bottles out of the landfill, but use enough plastic in each filter to make a few hundred very thin-walled water bottles.

  • burger581

    OH Harvard… Remind me why I can what these LIBS do?

  • Zakk Osborne

    They must like fluoridated water.

  • razorbird

    Tad, Muffy and Spauding will be forced to drink the commoners water…

  • VTWolverine

    It’s obvious that they’ve never drank Cambridge tap water; yecch!

  • Rotorwash

    These are many of the same wizards who think there is no coal used in the generating of electricity for their crappy little no-gas cars.

    • desperado49

      and the same ones who think food comes from the supermarket

  • spyeatte

    I guess this destroys the myth of superior Harvard intelligence.

  • Thanks dems! Thanks RINO’s!

    Maybe vote to end mindless liberalism?

  • John C

    LOL, bunch of self important morons.

  • sd0987

    Idiot Socialists.

  • binthere222

    Sounds like we are turning the clock back to the 40s 50s 60s when a nice water fountain was considered a thing of beauty.
    Now, if they could just outlaw CAFE standards on campus (which are responsible for 10s of thousands of traffic deaths a year) that would be another step in the right direction.
    OH and BTW what IS the carbon footprint of 12 million illegal aliens ???

  • Thanks dems! Thanks RINO’s!

    Obummer was a Fulbright scholarship winner. And he is the first and only winner who did not study abroad. But it is ok his skin is dark and he is a confirmed marxist/liberal/socialist/muslim,.

  • RagsOnYouSchwags

    what a colossal waste of time. these are the best and the brightest? more like the messed and the slightest, or maybe the jest and the whitest. a bunch of schwag trustafarians trying to be proletarian 🙂

    • Jim Rall

      There not the best of anything… anyone who spends there entire childhood checking off boxes on a “How to get into Harvard” form becomes a complete social misfit.. and sometimes a dangerous one…. ever see what happens to dog that is not socialized… yep… vicious. What do you think inhabits the subconscious of these diamond studded barking A–sholes from the private streets in the “Burbs”.

  • Thanks dems! Thanks RINO’s!

    I usually pee in my single use bottles.

  • Cousin It

    Bet they didn’t vote single-use beer cans or bottles off campus.

    (Like shooting ducks in a barrel)

  • A. Adams

    Many of the Ivy League schools are where the American-Socialist apparatchik attend. They end up running various important industries in the US, like media, finance and politics. It is reason # 1067 that I’m a secessionist and very much want the red states to compete with them head on economically and geopolitically.

  • John Winthrop

    Harvard used to be a Christian institution. If only the founders could see the trash that it’s turning out now.

  • Demos means by the people SON


    just kidding …

    vote to ban academic dishonesty and grade inflation. then i’ll be impressed.

  • Karey Hairy

    Liberals have nothing better to do than f-ck with everything. Don’t they ever study? No they don’t have to. Once they get in to an ivy league school. They are coddled and tutored till they are close to a passing grade. Then given A grades as long as they promote the liberal commie line.

    • Demos means by the people SON

      the kids who get into harvard are already all very well connected to begin with that’s why they have such a high employment rate. not because of anything they did.

  • chiliboots

    So, THIS is what’s important to them. Harvard is a Joke, by the way.

  • Michael Barke

    Basically, sounds like they are lobbying for flouridated water. Today’s liberal yuppie has to be easily controlled and equally braindead.

    • American Cannibal

      YEsss. They put fluoride in the water to keep you working at your jobs, fools! Ha, ha! I have all you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • justfedup52

    And just think obama went to Harvard…L’ingOL!!!

    • Demos means by the people SON

      harvard law none the less. i work at a law office and this harvard grad sent in a CV one time .. it basically just said “i went to harvard law.”

      • dave

        That’s all they need to work in government.

  • Bill_Henderson

    Here’s an idea… Let the marketplace decide.

  • blacknblue2

    I say we ban water for these Harvard students and send all their water to Sendafa.

  • Jim Rall

    Why is it that Harvard as become some weird kind of A–shole factory.

  • alan

    great, they voted for something that only effects them. Great news

  • Real_American78

    who said people at Ivy League schools are smart? idiots.

    • American Cannibal

      GRRR!!! That’s right! They’re idiots for giving up the nutrients in plastics! Fools! Idiots! Morons! We should throw them all in prison with the blacks!!

  • JoeDrager

    And who, who matters, cares?

  • PBSIsBiased

    Attention all Harvard students: Urine is sterile…drink it in copious amounts.

    • erichwalker

      And naturally filtered, too!

  • Thirsty

    I think water fountains are a good idea, but then they ruin it by trying to force everyone to use them….

  • Clearhead

    Okay, dumbasses, you going back to drinking toilet water again ??

  • SandyH20

    I do not like those bottles at all. I see them in places I never before saw any trash. Then the bottles. I do not buy them. I do not like them. To find the need to vote on something like this is absurd. Banning them on campus only removes the free choice of others to choose to buy them or not. Having them available does not deny anyone else the freedom to choose to purchase or not.

    It also denies others the freedom to choose to use them and use them responsibly and maybe very infrequently.

    It IS fascism.

    “Under fascism, the state, through official cartels,
    controlled all aspects of manufacturing, commerce, finance, and
    agriculture. Planning boards set product lines, production levels,
    prices, wages, working conditions, and the size of firms. Licensing was
    ubiquitous; no economic activity could be undertaken without government
    permission. Levels of consumption were dictated by the state, and
    “excess” incomes had to be surrendered as taxes or “loans.””


  • bcmugger

    Silly communists kids.

  • Dabba McDoo

    I see, and despite all this righteous indignation about “saving the planet,” bottled water sales are at an all-time high. So…all these new bottles—more bottles than ever before—are going somewhere, but they damn-well will not be going to Harvard! I guess it’s okay to foul someone else’s state/country/institution/neighborhood just as long as the Harvard campus is “morally” superior and tidy and we don’t have to see it. This isn’t a solution, it’s sanctimonious crap. Were the hypocrites actually looking for a solution, they’d lobby the bottled water companies. What are they going to do, arrest students and/or throw them out of school for possession of a plastic bottle? Let’s see how long that will last before the financial impact nips that in the bud. I’m guessing there will be many broken glass injuries on the Harvard campus in the near future.

  • otis

    Spoiled Nit Wits

  • bens_getawaycar_chauffeur

    If no one buys the bottled water, why would anyone sell it? Oh, that’s right, we want everyone spreading disease from the same fountains! What will they ban next now that the student commie-body has spoken for the greater good?

  • VetMike

    The amount of stupid in the world just went up by at least 10%.

  • bens_getawaycar_chauffeur

    Let them refill their $20 reusable bottles in the Charles River just loaded with goodies including e-coli.

  • bens_getawaycar_chauffeur

    Like typewriters, it shouldn’t take a vote amongst communists for it to disappear.

  • audim

    Wow, how brave. This will stop global warming, right? Eco-nonsense and communism go together.

    • dave

      Europeans have been cloaking Communism within their Green Parties. Trying to do it here, too.

  • bens_getawaycar_chauffeur

    Pretty soon they’ll only be allowed to sell the Obama Fountain Pen that never runs out of red ink, permits written lies or fails to draw huge crowd envy. Guaranteed!

  • otis

    Did anyone get a load of Obama dressed in drag pictures floating around the Internet? This guy is a freak.

  • oracle2world

    I like the lightly carbonated flavored water in clear plastic bottles.

    What was this story about?

  • Californian7

    I do not like them evil bottles,

    I do not like them -my thoughts mottled,
    I do not like them round my tree,
    I do not like them (unless they’re free)
    I do not like bottled water
    I do not like it yadda, yadda……

  • NeoConVet

    Perhaps they should also work on green house gas emission’s and stop talking or thinking.

    • dave

      And, they should hold all gas until after classes.

  • RhettButler1

    They can now drink out of the toilets.

  • GMI Man

    Wow. Such brave and morally upright students. What a joke we have become in America. So many other issues that are much more important than this kind of junk that destroys businesses. Hows that global warming working out for you liberal wackos?

  • Denny Crane

    All I can say is, Harvard wasn’t always this way.

  • bd1143bc

    They should ban books, the internet and computers too.

  • Can you imagine any white parent spending 60 grand a year to send a kid to this socialist indoctrination camp??????

    • FL_Stingray

      only the ones who were there themselves or more likely, those that were rejected and are now tring to make a point via their kids

  • lostlegends

    Harvard students are passive and submissive, uncritical indoctrinates. Totalitarians like them have sold their souls for a grade. Would never hire one.

  • Tpm Gilbert

    The little kids have single handedly saved the climate and the world. Any more really, really good elitist ideas , children?

  • cscape

    But not BOTTLED BEER!!!!!

  • 70skids

    Commie fascist cretins who are unable to think for themselves. Your Harvard degree doesn’t mean jack squat. I laugh every time I see one of those Communist Harvard stickers and think another progressive zombie who has been brainwashed like this:

    Bertrand Russell quote

    I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass
    psychology…. Its importance has been enormously increased by the
    growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is
    what is called `education.’ Religion plays a part, though a diminishing
    one; the press, the cinema, and the radio play an increasing part….
    It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of
    anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State
    with money and equipment.

    The subject will make great strides
    when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship….
    The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of
    school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an
    unshakable conviction that snow is black. Various results will soon be
    arrived at. First, that the influence of home is obstructive. Second,
    that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of
    ten. Third, that verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very
    effective. Fourth, that the opinion that snow is white must be held to
    show a morbid taste for eccentricity. But I anticipate. It is for future
    scientists to make these maxims precise and discover exactly how much
    it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black, and how
    much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark gray.

  • H50’s

    They may not like bottled water because they have pickled brains

  • desperado49

    This is the reason Ha vad is called the Berkeley of the East. First it was plastic bags to save the trees, now they are banned in favor of the cloth bags which are unsanitary; then the wind farms which chop eagles up. Ever notice how things liberals do things which always end up backfiring?

    • aanonn

      desperado49: criticing people for making ecological progress

      • Rotorwash

        No, it is regression.

      • FritZ

        Ecological progress or are they just to lazy to put their bottle into a container marked “Recycle”?

        aanonn: In full support of laziness and ignorant student body legislation.

  • aanonn

    The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also described as the Pacific Trash Vortex, is a gyre of marine debris in the central North Pacific Ocean located roughly between 135°W to 155°W and 35°N and 42°N, it is about as big as Texas. A similar patch of floating plastic debris is found in the Atlantic Ocean

  • Emil Carstens

    What? Something leaking out of the echo chamber?

  • Steve

    40 years ago students drank water from fountains and faucets rather than squirted into plastic by factories, and it was a MUCH more competent student body.

  • bens_getawaycar_chauffeur

    Can we please just fast forward to America’s collapse and just give credit to the Harvard brats for saving the Earth from the same matter that already exists. It reminds me of CA banning lead ammo…the same lead found everywhere in the ground.

  • TruthDetector

    In related news, sane America votes to banish Harvard.

  • Barb

    Fountains are germ laden and I would not touch them. Not so comfortable with so-called ‘water stations’ either.

  • bens_getawaycar_chauffeur

    Can’t wait until they go for toilet paper next!

  • dupkaman

    I agree with the students. Purchasing water in plastic bottles is ridiculous. However, I think they should have used the power of persuasion to boycott the bottles rather than to ban them. Unfortunately the knee jerk reaction of the left is to ban things (also the knee jerk reaction of the right on many issues). Libertarians believe in free choice and persuasion. Unfortunately the fascist left is in power now that the fascist right isn’t

  • Zbum

    MORONS….We need to start banning STUPID PEOPLE off planet earth..;..

  • SoCalMike

    How innane.
    More culture rot from our “Best and Brightest.”

  • BuffersT

    Here in Texas we voted to BAN HARVARD STUDENTS! They are too stupid to live here in our great state.

    • Chris Tharp

      Oh, that great bastion of intellectualism and culture, Texas! Why are so many Texans proud of being dumb? Texas is a police-state with terrible education. You dolts can have it.

      • Sentry Virginia

        Obama got more votes from high school drop out by percentage and number than any other time in modern history. Your trying to tell us who is the party of the dumb?

  • bens_getawaycar_chauffeur

    Hey Harvard twits, I’m selling global-warming-friendly, bpa-free, NGMO, organic, unprocessed, renewable (did I miss any buzz-words?) tree bark for wiping your bottoms. $99/slab enough for 2 number 2s!

  • jamesben

    What a bunch of morons – and they’ve been constantly told how “brilliant” and “talented” they are – while Harvard turns out empty suit after empty suit (Obama, Al Franken, etc.)

    None of these idiots would last a day working real jobs under tough conditions.

    • bens_getawaycar_chauffeur

      They have zero skills and get zero respect. They lack the 100% of what built America and possess 100% of what’s destroying it. If they were smart, they wouldn’t be there.

      • Chris Tharp

        Yup. That’s right. The elite, Ivy-league schools are full of idiots. After all, it’s so easy to be admitted. KEEP UP THE ANTI-INTELLECTUALISM, PARTY OF STUPID.

        • Coyote12

          It is easy to get admitted all you need to do is say you are a native american with high cheekbones.

          • Chris Tharp

            Jog on, drooler.

          • Coyote12

            Go felch your mom.

          • ands

            Oh yes and score 2000+ on the SAT, keep high school transcripts unblemished by Bs, play a varsity sport, play an instrument, run 3 clubs, volunteer 3 or more hours a week running a program at a homeless shelter all on top of holding down a job? Yup. So easy. That’s how I got into Harvard- you too, right?

        • Sentry Virginia

          Obama got in with no grades, a middle east rich sponsor, and dealt drugs. How hard can it be?

  • bens_getawaycar_chauffeur

    I hear the cafeteria is next to be picketed until it only serves 100% organic, mothers’ milk in lattes.

  • erichwalker

    Future leaders of America, folks. What a bunch of loons.

    • Cathy

      Well we do see the results in government of a Harrrrrrrvard education

  • DL

    Gee. And these are America’s Best and Brightest. Did you know the “average” grade at Harvard is A-. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy doesn’t it NOT!!

    • Gutz_Otoole

      Really peculiar normal curve they use at Hahvahd, isn’t it? Explains Obama as Law Review President very nicely.

  • Sammie Jo

    Overly educated people are really stupid.

    • David Rodden

      Educated Idiots…

  • Not a Harvard Man

    How about a ban on pretentious, privileged, pompous pinheads? Empty the place out!

  • quelishrelish

    Ban water bottles! But the murder of unborn fetuses may continue unabated!

  • quelishrelish

    Just wait until their first hangover and they’ll be begging for a stash of water bottles

  • Oregon Smitty

    Dweebs. Dorks. Lame-os.

    • ands

      So then what are you? Roid raging, barely coherent, alpha male jock? Sorry your glory days are over and the “dorks” are taking over.

  • SandyLester

    Is this the same mentality that allows AlGore to jet-set around the world in his mega jet, living in a mansion on the beach lecturing people on walking, riding bikes , driving clown cars and that they are responsible for the mythical global warming?

    • Jerry Jones

      He’s forgiven, he pays their little carbon tax…into his own coffers!

  • FL_Stingray

    the best idea to come out of Harvard in the past 100 years

    • Geoffrey_Britain

      That you think that this is a good idea does not say much for you but it does say a lot about you.

      • Chris Tharp

        Why is it a bad idea? You just hate the idea of students at Harvard who reject neo-American corporate fascism, such as you represent.

        • Sentry Virginia

          So is it Global cooling this month, or warming. I get confused from the libtards.

          • Bruce Darling

            This month, it’s “global coolming.” Next month, “global warling.”

        • FritZ

          Lol, neo-American corporate fascism? Do tell…

        • Twoiron

          And Liberal/progressive fascism is better somehow?

        • Marc Dantonio

          ‘neo-American corporate fascism’.. Yep I KNEW you were one of those Occupy JERKS. Now that comment completely proves it. Go get a job and stop living at home with mommy.
          Oh and I hope you are PROUD of your little Obama. That jerk is the worst president since LBJ. He is even worse than Carter! And THAT’s bad!

        • Gutz_Otoole

          Corporate fascism? I suppose that’s better than just regular Obama-style garden-variety fascism in your book. Here’s the difference: If a corporation is fascistic, then you are free not to buy their product or service. Under real fascism, the kind practised by your Dear Leader, Lord Zero himself, if you don’t buy the product you’ll get fined. If you don’t pay the fine, you’ll get jailed. If you don’t stay in jail you’ll get shot.

        • Geoffrey_Britain

          HARVARD rejects neo-American corporate fascism? Now you prove that ignorance lies alongside your other delusions.

    • Twoiron

      Best idea that Harvard didn’t act upon?

      They should have refused the donor money they were offered to keep Barack Hussein Obama’s transcript secret so the presidential candidate wouldn’t have to explain to the American voters what the devil he did for three years at Harvard Law? (It obviously wasn’t studying, as his record as president suggests.)

  • pau lrevere


    • Chris Tharp

      Of course. Everything is “communism.” This is the level reptilian level that the Tbagger brain (and I used that term generously) operates on.

      • Marc Dantonio

        Liberal idiot at play… As a Tea Party Conservative I am for the rule of law by the US Constitution. Since you speak against those of us who simply want the rule of law followed, I can only assume that you are in FACT, a commie… just like Pau Lrevere says… At the very least you are a socialist and probably have your hand out looking for a donation from my wallet. So forget it. Go get a job and work like the rest of us… Occupy idiot.

      • Sentry Virginia

        Don’t worry all, Chris Tharp left the comment line. He had no idea that put into a group of conservatives, outside his sheltered little life, he had a low IQ. He ran to MSNBC and KOS to get his talking points, he will be back later.

  • Chris Tharp

    Total shower of Drudgetard morons here today. Harvard students sensibly agree to stop selling plastic bottled water on campus (which really is damaging to the environment) and you lot scream and sputter and condemn them for making a sensible ecological choice. How have you become so ideologically blinded that everything done by the “other side” has to be virulently opposed with brash, loud, proud angry ignorance? Thanks for proving once again that you’re among the worst people in the world. IDIOTS.

    • jackejack

      I’m sure they’ll all give up their Keurigs and their K-cups too.

    • Sentry Virginia

      Damage to the environment? Have you visited Detroit lately? The decay of the city into the soil amounts to 50 years of water bottles in one year. Grats on Dems ruining our healthcare…again.

  • Biagio Fortuna

    I was there, at Harvard, sitting right next to the Kenyan. I witnessed him talking into his shoe-phone and sticking gum under the desks of right winger. I saw him get into a helicopter. I saw Kenyan national guards give him the answers to exam questions, and William Ayers smoking pot, and Harry Truman too…

  • lovemachine

    classic idiotic harvard thinking: the mass murder of fetuses and infants is great and should be fully funded by taxpayers, however a plastic water bottle is evil and should be banned.

  • Sentry Virginia

    Boston has one of the best drinking water systems. Like always, Harvard the rich spoiled kids let us all know America’s values.

  • Twoiron

    So students are concerned about the hazards of pollution from plastic bottle waste, but not at all upset about the risks embodied in the Liberal/progressive lie that is “safe sex.”

    Absolutely brilliant.

  • OhLord

    …….and in about 2 yrs. they’ll protest not being able to drink bottled water on campus.

  • Charles Morgan

    This is laughable and absurd. But students have the right to be laughingstocks.

    -Yale ’68

  • Cathy

    It’s ok to kill off birds for the environment though Hmmm Seems to me someone has their priorities mixed up.

  • Giap

    After working with several Harvard grads and a few Yalies, I stopped being impressed by the Ivy years ago. One thing I noticed was, every time, every single time H or Y was introduced to someone new, before the conversation was over the school was mentioned. It was just a matter of how to fit it in or if necessary, just come right out and state “I went to Yale you know”. No I hadn’t notice the Yale Blue tie, coat, shoes, whatever. I live in CT, OMG. Self-inflated egos, not much substance.

  • Joan Lussier

    OMG….. And they think conservatives are nuts !

  • Disgruntled2012

    Did you idiots go to college to get stupid?!?

    WTF is wrong with you? Twerps like this represent my worst nightmare; my kids bust their humps, get into a good college, and get brainwashed into leftist idiots.

    • blueangel69

      Or wind up working for one.

    • Rotorwash

      Teach them correct principles, teach them individual accountability…

      and they will likely weather the inevitable silliness from college.

  • Nellie Baxter

    Let them drink out of a garden hose.

  • PapaUmMaoMao

    Oh… I feel so much better now!

  • Real Realist

    Fluoride for everyone!!

  • moovova

    Harvardtards drinking water out of botas.

    Now, that’s a picture.

    Be sure to take an Obama-style selfie…

  • Sbell

    Haavadh. A bastion of mostly (except for the scholarship students) spoiled rich kids who don’t have a clue. I’d like to see them some day porting water from the village well in big buckets suspended from the ends of a wooden yoke around their necks. They can all marry same sex so, mercifully, theirs will be the last generation. Hopefully they keep their trim, young athletic bodies in top condition as they will be in competition with millions of newly minted non-English speaking, unskilled, scofflaw citizens for food, shelter, medical care and other basic necessities of life. The Ivy League. Ya gotta love ’em.

    • ands

      most students are actually on need based scholarships. 20% of students are on full scholarship which means their families earn less than 65k a yr.

  • timbo44

    Don’t they have water fountains? Can’t these people carry a canteen? I’ve never purchased one bottle of water ever, yet I see people at Walmart (which has an entire row dedicated to just bottled water) buying 5 or 6 cases at a time. I miss be missing something, or do people think bottled water is healthier? Why?

    • Real Realist

      Fluoride is in tap water. Unless you have a reverse osmosis filter, enjoy your poison.

  • Lynn Fisher Richter

    Liberals are the most restrictive bunch of a**hats on the planet. If they had their way (which, sadly, they probably will eventually), we’d all be reading by candle light and standing in bread lines. It’s always the ‘intelligentsia’ that falls for this crap.

  • Real Realist

    They’ll be even better slaves once they get on the Fluoride in the drinking fountain water.

  • ely

    if they ban plastic water bottles, they should sell reusable bottles and have water fountains to fill up the bottles specifically. otherwise I would think having that many college kids drinking from the same water fountains would be a health hazard. way to go ivy league.

    • lonestar

      Texas A&M has refill water stations around campus. Once again, the northeast will use the good ideas of Texans. 🙂

  • healthcareforDistrict9

    Will medical and microbiology majors get a waiver, they know the risks.

  • JimmyFreedom

    The usually pathological narcissistic liberal, “Look at me! Look at me!” ploy.

    • blueangel69

      They’re sooo environmentally responsible!! Every one that voted for this should be branded so as to be easily identifiable for prospective mates, employers, neighbors, etc. “We voted for the environmentally sensitive water bottle ban at Harvard” Buh-bye.

  • peteyone

    These stupid LIBTARD kids never think things through. Just like their STUPID partners who have banned plastic bags from supermarkets etc. Do they even consider how many people have LOST THEIR JOBS as a result all because they think they’re helping the planet! STUPID DORKS! Let’s take it a step further. Cut off all water supply to the campus and search everyone to make sure they’re not sneaking H2O onto the campus. See how long they can survive!

    • Bud Van Buren

      So those people can’t make Paper bags, and the less plastic we use, the cheaper Gas gets. lol I swear some People are mentally Disabled, and should not use a Computer!

  • charles_1

    Marketing opportunity. A water bottle with twice as much water and a screw on lid is for “multiple” use. Drink some now, and the rest later…Or open a stand to refill the empty bottle for a small fee, now it’s a reusable bottle.

  • Sentry Virginia

    A campus full of dirty, cheap metal drinking bottles from the sporting goods store bargain bin. They will fill up in the bathrooms, and sinks with every other worldwide non-hygienic student. I bet their cold and flu season breaks records now with only Kathleen Sebelius flu shots to keep them safe. No wonder liberal cities are failures.

  • 20670

    No doubt bottled beer is just fine though.

    • Boxhawk

      No, you know those dorks will be drinking some stupid, multicultural fermented goat semen drink or such.

      • 20670

        Man, am I glad I ate dinner a couple of hours ago.

  • espy

    Bottled water? Seriously Harvard is this the best your students can do? I thought those going to Harvard were the best and brightest, but this? I see more intelligence at Northern Virginia Community College than I’m seeing from the Ivy-League.

  • Sentry Virginia

    Hey Harvard, if Mass did not get Federal bail outs for their ghettos and LGBT healthcare, along with a hoard of military contracts…your city and state would look like Detroit.

  • 20670

    “An outright ban of water bottles offers easy fodder for conservative pundits bent on opposing the cause of environmentalism, making it easy for such pundits to label proponents of this policy as radicals who are willing to overlook any and all individual freedoms in order to achieve their aims,” Scott stated.

    Well, Mr. Scott, you state very well exactly how radical you people are, because you idiots are willing to overlook ANY and ALL individual freedoms in order to achieve YOUR aims.

    By the way how do you feel about all the eagles Obama has just agreed to kill.

  • 20670

    OK, this only applies to single use bottles. I can see these fools lugging around gallon jugs in the backpacks now.

    • FritZ

      See, I disagree. I’ve never known a “single-use” water bottle to dissolve or become otherwise unusable after the initial use. The image of them lugging gallon jugs is hilarious, lol. They’ll end up blaming the inevitable back pain on conservatives.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    I vote to ban bottle fed silver spoon pantywaists, and then slap the taste out of their privileged mouths.

  • Jeff White

    Isn’t it a private college? Shouldn’t that decision be made by the owners?

  • violetvirginia

    So glad the elite have nothing better to think about but banning water bottles! While the society is crashing around them!
    Harvard is garbage! Rotten and Stinks!

  • DrinkAnyDamTimeIplz

    Don’t be worried-

    You can still have public sex

    The “fisting” class is in tact

    Free rubbers are plentiful

    You just can’t have water, you know….save the world kinda stuff-

    Ain’t liberal-ism grand!

    PS:These self-righteousness liberal pupa grow up to be Democratic politicians so look out, you water depends on it.

  • wylie123

    How about banning Harvard students from working in this country and, at very least, from serving as judges or in an elected position of any kind.

  • leemedia

    Really? You liberals are closing the walls in on yourselves……

  • puhiawa

    Well, anything these pampered loons do should ignored and the opposite begun. They are always wrong. As in always.

  • Robellini

    So by extension, their war is against ALL plastic bottles that carry water and any other liquid. They are going against Coke and Pepsi and every body else. They have essentially declared a war on all those companies. Where are the legal beagles in that miserable school? All the money they will be losing. The surrounding businesses must be overjoyed those students will now fill their pockets instead.

  • blueangel69

    Harvard. Saving Planet Earth one plastic water bottle at a time.

    Didn’t this used to be where the smart kids went to college?

  • HD2007

    You know if this is how stupid you get when laying out what 50K a year at Harvard no wonder this country is crashing. Obviously you learn nothing there. It is to just get the diploma and a foot in the door at some business. Morons. Be prepared for more Chinese and people from India to immigrate and make up for the united states stupid gap.

  • Bud Van Buren

    Good choice dunno who would drink the Oil from their Cars, but we will Drink, and cook in plastic made from that very Oil we put in our Cars. Amazing Cancer Rates shall shoot up very nicely in the future. I hope the Affordable Care Act is ready for mass Cancer!

  • ncpg

    Is coal-fired electrical consumption also banned at Harvard?

    • Bud Van Buren

      Dunno how that has anything to do with Voting to have Plastic bottled water? Maybe they all wanted Glass Bottled Water?

  • How will this help the poor unemployed Lehman Brothers employees the graduated Harvard ?

    How about the poor, illegal alien, Kenyan relative of Obama ..Looking to collect a few farthings to keep himself in organic bananas ?

    You heartless batards …AND it s Christmas….too

  • Dennis Klein

    But they will drink their beer and roll their joints, vote for the likes of Gore and Obama who wasted more energy then any small town, and all the while they think they are changing the world. drinking fountains are germ magnets and that constant cooling element is not exactly energy wise. Typical liberal feel good and do nothing.

  • George Johnson

    This is rich. It was elite liberals that started the whole craze of carrying around bottled water in the first place! Started with bottles like Perrier and stuff, and then came just regular bottled water, as a status symbol.
    It was they, who looked down upon the peons that drank the lowly tap water, and actually put their face (gasp!) where another’s had been to drink from a ‘dirty’ fountain.

    • Bud Van Buren

      aye Plastic bags to save Tree from becoming paper bags, the Farther we move away from Nature, the less Natural we really are.

  • NormalcyBias

    Empty vessels filled with delusions and social engineering.

  • DrBobNM

    they rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic (plastic bottles, wtf?) as the orchestra plays ‘ol lang zine’ and these clueless liberal kids have no idea.

  • frank

    So courageous! The future is in good hands people. I’m investing in cups.

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    Sodomy good, plastic bottles bad. That will be $400,000 for tuition.

  • ew_3

    And this is the school that gives out more “A” s then any other grade.
    Talk about grade inflation.

    • desperado49

      must be a helluva curve

  • Joe

    Like think banning water is misguided, since the alternative will be soft drinks. Shouldn’t we make water as easy to obtain as possible, and not ban it?

  • Reardon Steele

    Liberals are such foolish, small minded creatures. The pity is it is left to adults to clean up after them the best we can.

  • yerfackingmammy

    “…OK, students, let’s empty the left half of our brains…”

  • yerfackingmammy

    bet they’d drink bottled kool-aid.

  • robin Grace

    Idgits. It was the Greenies in colleges that started the ‘bottle’ water craze.

  • John Williams

    A Harvard undergraduate degree is absolutely worthless and has been for about 3 decades now. Harvard graduate Business or Medical are the only two schools I would even consider spending the money on. Even Harvard Law has become a lefty activist haven that focuses more on desired outcomes than the law (and certainly isn’t singular in that regard).

    • strongmind

      my sentiments exactly, John. Well put!

    • ands

      Only if they’d even consider admitting you.

      • John Williams

        For undergrad? Certainly not. I haven’t been a homonazi, environazi, feminazi, or other far left extremist in training while in high school. My focus on grades and real-world experience wouldn’t fit in today–neohippie types, OTOH, are preferred.

  • Callawyn


    Mindless morons believing BS propaganda, all moving in lockstep, playing ‘follow the leader’ like a bunch of lemmings, unaware the ‘leader’ is just another clueless moron who happened by pure chance to be up front.

    • strongmind

      too bad we couldn’t show them the way to the nearest cliff.

  • DidSomebodyFart

    Drinking from a drinking fountain should improve their immune systems. I believe in the germ theory.

  • Callawyn

    I’ve worked for several companies that hired a Harvard grad. I’ve never seen a single one last more than a month before quitting.

    • desperado49

      send em to Kalifornia. they should fit in fine in Berzerkeley or San Fran Sicko

  • echo sierra

    Hey all knowing, all powerful Harvard pukes. They’re only single use if you choose to make them single use. They actually make great sports bottles and you can fill them from a tap or drinking fountain. And then they are about the easiest recyclable items on the market. Why not get an effective recycling program instead of costing delivery people their jobs? You probably have some geniuses that could even invent some compactonr machine for your dormitories.

  • harvard is for tards

    I wish we could ban Harvard. That place has more idiots than non-idiots. Too much education and too high of an opinion of yourself are both very bad. BTW – I have a post-doctorate degree. And I regret every dollar I spent over a BS degree.

  • Will Malven

    This doesn’t speak well for the reputed premier American institution of higher education. To produce a student body this sophomoric, vacuous and superficial is indicative more of propagandizing than of education.

    The caters to the vapid, gullible, clueless, entitled wealthy and those selected minorities they deem “worthy” of aid.

    The reputation of Harvard was irreparably damaged the instant it became known that Obama was the editor of the Harvard Law Review–excuse me–I should say the unpublished editor of the Harvard Law Review.

    • harvard is for the inbred

      What about JFK junior graduating from Harvard law and failing the NY bar exam multiple times? I’d say the reputation of Harvard was at least damaged beyond repair at that point.

  • BackScatter

    Enter the idiocracy. Funny that they haven’t banned electricity or lithium batteries. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

  • Fargorunner

    When they realize that the electricity that they use to charge their electric cars is produced from burning evil coal, they will stop driving those also….not! Because these cerebral giants do not have the capacity or desire to link unless it is imposed on them. Liberal panacea…

  • Traveler

    All mentally challenged

  • rscott

    Symbolism over substance…

    • strongmind

      will fit in great someday in meeting with democrat strategists.

  • FL350

    Harvard produces idiots.

  • RocketScientist

    Not sure how these educated elites have not yet figured out that you can just pour water back into these bottles when youre done using them? I have yet to see a bottle of water that can only be used once…

  • bob1233

    Harvard lost much of its luster when it “gave” a degree to a certain community organizer. Wouldn’t you love to see those affirmative-action transcripts?

    • strongmind

      I would also like to see the section on his application form that lists him as a resident of Kenya.

    • desperado49

      I would. Maybe Snowden has them.

  • Twoiron

    Meanwhile, crystal meth, krockodil, Molly, and good, old-fashioned LSD are all the rage on the campus that gave us none other than Lecturer Timothy Francis Leary.

    Timmy Boy couldn’t be reached for comment, but there are reports his ashes could be heard spinning in his funeral urn at the news of the plastic bottle ban…

  • strongmind

    and these are the morons who one day will be working in high up government positions banning things that make our lives easier.

    • Twoiron

      Living off of mummy and daddy’s trust fund and waxing eloquent over the coming days of Camelot, no doubt…

  • Eat a Dick

    Can we vote to ban Harvard college students…?

    • ands

      You are an idiot. Ban them from what? How? Who has this authority? Surely the College is not going to stop educating students so Harvard College students will always exist. So what is your question?

  • Michael Brown

    Tap water in most places is not worthy of ingesting. This needs to be thought out …morons.

  • Andrew

    haha, and you wonder why the future of America looks so bleak

  • oarsman

    There is a Harvard man on the wrong side of every question. –attributed to A. Lawrence Lowell

  • mbarnwell

    But we MUST have organic marijuana!
    Harvard Green Fellows

  • Bighank

    Are they going to ban bottle soda or beer? Lets be consistent among all of the players. Back in the day we had Styrofoam coffee cups, I guess these are banned too?

  • Raule

    Are you guys all Democrats? Dont force people to do things they dont want to do. Its rude.

  • Kenny

    Ever hear of a water bubblah?

  • Mastadon

    I’m sure the vote against the free “rubber” condom distribution via O Care is any day now.

  • bmore7108

    So less than half of the student body voted, yet they expect all of the student body to comply. Forcing a viewpoint is not really the American way. It is more of a Nazi or communist way.

    • ands

      If the rest of the student body wants bottled water, they can go to any of the multiple CVS and convenience stores in the Square and buy them. Free country, right?

  • AZfederalist

    While campus administrators cannot be forced to go along with the student vote’s outcome, organizers of the ballot measure say they expect cooperation from Harvard officials, who will be lobbied by the student government to comply.

    Time for the adults to tell the inmates, “Thanks for your input; we have considered it and it will be assigned to its rightful place in our priorities (sound of paper shredder in background). Now, please go back to your classes and learn to be productive citizens of our republic”.

    /Yeah, as if. The administration is just older communists who will smile at their young apprentices, pat them on their heads and happily take away this convenience. Unless of course the water vendors pay a hefty bribe contribution to the proper administrators’ causes.

  • danshanteal

    I assume this is while they’re milking the system with phony grading

  • shooter 1

    pretentious id10ts

  • anon

    Democrats: what comes around goes around. Remember that you cancerous terrorists as everyone is smiling and laughing when you dig yourself deep enough to finally realize you are in over your heads.

  • gavinwca

    Good little commies at Harvard, next they will demand everyone sit down to pee. Anyone at Harvard taught to critically think. Didn’t think so.

  • jazz12


  • Mtb4ever

    So they are banning water bottles from being *sold* on campus- but people can still bring their bottles from home? Obviously there is a dangerous loophole in this decision!

    Stay Tuned…Next week: Harvard bans the use of their trash bins for plastic water bottles brought from home. Scratch that- Harvard eliminates trash bins to discourage the use of landfills!

    • Antiobamunist

      Setup the Checkpoints. The guys in the Brown Shirts will man them.

  • gavinwca

    Businesses should vote to eliminate little commie Harvard graduates from their hiring pool.

    • ands

      little commie Harvard graduates who can still do the job better than anything you or anyone here can come up with.

      • Antiobamunist

        Do what job better than us commoners, tell other people what they can and cannot do under threat of Fines and Imprisonment?
        Oh that’s right, another Harvard Grad already did that, he implemented Obamacare. Yes, Mr. 57 States, Corpsemen, increasing the Debt Limit doesn’t mean the Debt will increase and my favorite, that Youtube Video guy killed the Libyan Ambassador and three other Americans.

        • ands

          We were talking businesses and not the government. Your (barely coherent) political views aside, my point was that Harvard students still have the hard skills (crunching numbers, problem solving, organization etc) that keep businesses running. Like it or not, they still know how to code, how to collect, organize and analyze statistics, how to present information, how to make and read models, how to read and write reports that are needed for a business to function.

      • gavinwca

        You do not have to be a Harvard grad to come up with Communism, socialism and Fascism, being a Harvard grad makes you ignorant enough to do so though.

  • Nixonfan

    No problem. They can drink Coke like the rest of America.

  • titus_pullo13

    They should ban alcohol next.

  • Don in New Zealand

    Ivy League fools!

    • Frank_Truth

      Yes, all those Ivy League students are fools, and all the grade school drop-outs here on the Internet are all brilliant geniuses.

  • Frank_Truth

    Clearly, Obama is an alien from Mars on a mission to rid our planet of all humans and destroy Earth. Anyone who looks at Obama can see he is not human. The Martians have put hallucinogenic chemicals in all Earth bodies of water. Humans who drink water that evaporated from any body of water on Earth can’t see Obama’s 20 tentacles and forty eyes. I can see Obama for who he really is because I stopped drinking water contaminated by the Martians. In order not to be drugged by the Martians, I just drink alcoholic beverages. That is why sailors used to drink rum. Ordinary water can be dosed with all kinds of alien hallucinogens that prevent humans from seeing all the aliens, witches, homosexuals, and Communists in our midst.

    • Antiobamunist

      Frank, for future reference, you are not supposed to drink the Bong Water.

  • I guess they already recycle their condoms.

  • Ralph Sampson

    Well, since the nitwits “agreed to support…… pro-amnesty immigration reform,” perhaps they should now form an “Adopt an Illegal Alien” club so they can support the leaches.

  • Frank_Truth

    Yes, all those Harvard students are idiots. And we here on the Internet are all bastions of knowledge and wisdom. What do those idiots at Harvard know anyway? I get all my knowledge and facts from Joe the Plumber. He knows what he’s talking about. He has a plumbing license. We are dog catchers, red necks, and Walmart cashiers. How can those Harvard types know better than us?

  • John

    Let them drink their poison fluoridated water.

    • Hawkdriver1961

      Contaminate their precious bodily fluids…

  • TexanPatriot2

    So, they’ll give up their spots at Harvard to an illegal, right? In the spirit of fairness.

    • NSSAToday

      Liberals and especially rich liberals are not known for setting good examples for the proletariat to follow…theirs is more like the good old feudal system.

    • ands

      shows how little you know. There are a number of undocumented students at Harvard- all surely much more brilliant, hard working, and productive for society than you are.

      • Antiobamunist

        “undocumented students”?
        Another new Liberal term.
        If you mean ILLEGAL INVADERS who should be deported, then why aren’t they? BTW, who is paying for their Education?

        • ands

          Their parents may be the “illegal invaders”, but most of them were just infants when they arrived to the US. BTW don’t freak out, it’s not your coveted tax dollars. Their scholarships are covered by generous gifts of University alumni that keep our endowment and scholarship funds alive and kicking. They know who their money goes to and they have the freedom to designate who may receive (ie if they don’t want it to fund undocumented students then their money funds someone else). Just so happens some donors are more concerned with how incredibly talented these students are than their immigration status.

        • ands

          and speaking of illegal invaders? where are you from? unless you can claim 100% native american ancestry you are not a NATIVE to this land. If you are white, as I suspect you are, you must know your kind are the most prolific illegal invaders of all time. You wanna talk illegally leaching off society? Your kind stripped entire populations of their lands and livelihoods. You wanna talk illegal invaders bringing crime? Let’s talk about how your kind murdered untold numbers with your guns and disease (smallpox blankets anyone, or are we going to conveniently forget that?) or bring slavery to this continent. WHO paid for you to have a place here?

  • Hawkdriver1961

    Our future leaders of government and business people….something to think about.

  • Ledergrant

    So let me get this right. We did away with glass bottles in my youth because plastic was cheaper and easier to recycle. Now plastic bottles are the enemy?

    Much like we did away with brown paper bags in grocery stores to save trees and switched to plastic for recycling. And now THOSE plastic bags are bad as well.

    But it does make sense. The Liberal kooks elected Obama because they claimed he was better for the country…and now look….Obama is destroying the country and, well he should be banned too right?

  • HenchmanUSA

    I have advised friends to stop using Plastic Bottles altogether and opt for dtainless steel containers, Back in 2009 it was noted that the bottles release Estrogen like compounds. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/03/090326100714.htm

  • NSSAToday

    It sounds like they either have too much free time, or a liberal education is as bad as people say it is.

  • BigBroKnows

    Could we vote to ban Harvard students?

    • ands

      and let the graduates of the university of internet bigotry run the country? no thanks, I’ll take the Harvard kids.

      • Antiobamunist

        Internet Bigotry? Why would anyone hate the Internet?

  • Valek420

    If they only cared about us losing our liberties, the NSA, the TSA, like they do about a fricken water bottle.

    • NSSAToday

      That would require thinking that goes deeper than a cookie sheet.

  • tinking

    I’ll stop drinking bottled water when others stop smoking weed!

  • The granola munching, hemp wearing hippies need to get rid of their Ivory Towers. Ivory is not bio-degradable.

  • nosocialism29

    They should go back to Glass, put deposits on all bottles, and the problem is solved.

  • madmatt7g

    “reusable water bottle filling stations”

    Seriously? It’s called a faucet, and I’m sure the University has plenty. And those supposedly single-use plastic bottles suddenly become reusable when you hold them under said faucet. Problem solved with no additional grant funding.

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    Anyone seen plastic bottles actually being made? They are like soap bubbles .. actually they are closely related – a drop of oil creates a roomful of the things. That is also why it is ridiculous to melt them down for “recycling”. It uses far more oil to melt a roomful of them than is created. That is why one has to PAY people to recycle their bottles. Plastic bottles are among the most energy-efficient products made by man.

  • falseprophet123

    I don’t know what these Harvard students are so worked up over? I say ban the bottled water and let them all take a walk down to the Charles River and fill up those bottles they are given at rallies against bottled water. I mean, the river is right THERE, on campus. Just another tempest in a teapot over at Harvard Yard.

    • ands

      or you know, they could use any of the many taps on campus? duh.

  • NHBill603

    Boston has excellent drinking water from the faucet.
    Reusing a canteen makes more sense.

    • Bustatroll

      Daylight is excellent light. Get everything done before the sun sets. It makes more sense than using light bulbs.

      • NHBill603


        • Bustatroll


  • AtlasShrugged11

    Good little communists, pat pat.
    The Left is obsessed with controlling everybody and everything.
    I prefer freedom.

  • David Peabody

    “Those that are wedded to their philosophy.
    Over their reality are dangerous”.

  • didntdrown

    I like that. Libs shouldn’t drink clean water. Obviously they have no engineering department that can explain to them about municipal waters systems and those dangers. It’s all cool, as long as Yale can have bottled water.

    • ands

      For God’s sake, we don’t live in the favelas of Rio, we live in 21st century USA. Municipal water supplies are held to a certain standard and most be potable. It also happens that the Boston/Cambridge area has excellent drinkable water from the taps. I drink it and so do many other students- no one is dead and no one is sick. Get over yourselves.

      • rick charles


        • ands

          Great answer, eloquent, really. I’m blinded by the intelligence that radiates from you.

          • rick charles


      • gus

        Cryptosporidium Milwaukee 1992. Lots of dead peeps. Many of them GAY and suffering from a certain disease that compromises immunitiies! MILWAUKEE KILLED GAY PEOPLE. And no one on earth knows it.

      • Antiobamunist

        So you agree that people who have a reasonable distrust of the safety of Municipal Water Supplies should be denied the Right to protect their health by using Bottled Water?
        Oh, I see, blind trust in the Government strikes again.

        • ands

          Calm down. I can tell you’re narrow minded just from the fact that you seem to forget that students are only asking that campus retailers stop selling bottled water. There are a number of CVS and convenience stores in the Square ready to save the day for those who turn their noses up at perfectly good water supply (which is an established and accepted assertion of Boston and Cambridge water supplies) and want a bottle of water. In fact, these stores are closer to most students than even the campus retailers. So don’t worry, the big scary liberals aren’t gonna run water bottles out of town.

      • didntdrown

        I drink it too, but not when they have failures and exceed contaminant levels. Then I use bottled water. Here’s dirty little secret, you could well be drinking bad water for days before you get that notice in the mail. People ought to have a choice. As one who ran tests on municipal water for a living some time back, I can tell you that it’s not as clean as you make it sound. Nonetheless, it’s a free country, drink what you want.

  • bikerdogred1

    What we need is to ban is Harvard students not bottle water.

  • Truthache

    Except for the chlorine, flouride, DBPs, cysts, spores, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, human and animal fecal particulates and excreted medications they are exactly right, public utility tap water is just as good if not better than bottled water.

  • banger377

    Why not use recyclable paper water bottles?

    The best and the brightest. Yup.

  • gus

    These Harvard kids are genius!!! Don’t recycle BAN!!! COEXIST!!!!

    • Antiobamunist

      Are Condoms Recyclable?
      If not, those College kids are in deep doo doo.

      • coma44

        “Are Condoms Recyclable”

        Yea turn them inside out and shack the #*?! Out of them.

  • CatherineA

    Back in the olden days we just quenched our thirst at a water fountain, which was located on EVERY HALLWAY of virtually every building. It was free and it didn’t create waste or pollute anything. I think they still exist. Maybe we need a video on how to use one.

    • Antiobamunist

      True, and somehow we survived Lead Paint, (we didn’t eat it), and played with Mercury that was in the Chemical Sets, (we didn’t eat it), our Parents bought us for Christmas. We also rode our Bikes without Helmets and took our .22 Rifles to School when we were in the Shooting Club.
      Those were the days when people didn’t spend their silly time telling other people what they could and could not do.

      • Chris

        Thank you.

    • Truthache

      And when those water fountains delivering utility water were new technology there were no doubt people who said “when my grandpappy got thirsty he just bent over the nearest creek and took a gulp and it never killed him”. You’d be a nutcase to do that now. You wouldn’t lick the inside of the city water supply line to your house if you actually saw it but you’re happy to drink what comes out of it. Go figure.

  • craigdc

    At least these students are thinking about waste and the environment and doing something about it! We should all think of ways to eliminate waste and make the environment cleaner.

    • Truthache

      They’d be better served spending that time thinking about how they’re going to repay their student loans guaranteed by the taxpayers.

      • ands

        Wrong again. The majority of students at Harvard take no loans out because need based grant money covers what they and their families cannot. Those who do take out loans receive loans from the College and not the government. Oh and don’t worry, Harvard’s scholarship and loan money comes for generous alumni and other donors who choose to use their money in this way. They might be repaying someone but it’s not you.

        • boobtuber06 .

          while a third tier school student is up to his forehead in student loans? it’s like we’re growing a class of debt-slaves

          • ands

            I am sorry about your situation. I think everyone deserves an affordable college education ; I wish that college costs more accurately reflected most families’ ability pay and that more grant/scholarship aid were available to replace student loans. As it happens, despite being lucky enough to not have too many loans (I still have some) taken out to go to Harvard, my sister and parents have borrowed considerable amounts of money for her education, on top of considerable prior debt, so I know the strain. I think it is great that you are still working hard for that degree and to pay off those loans regardless. Best of luck in your studies.

          • boobtuber06 .

            Who? Me!? No my friend, my loans are getting paid off as quickly as I get the bills.
            I’m talking about the virulent epidemic I see in America where people, especially our vulnerable college youth, are saddled/chained with crippling debt. And for what?? An 80K+ loan for a dubious degree at a nothing institution, with virtually no alumni networks or influence in comparison to the ivy league degree of which been greatly attained with its generous financing.

        • Harvard?

          Sounds like Hillsdale to me.

    • They’re not doing anything about anything. This is genuflection and posturing, symbolic nonsense pursued precisely because it has no actual impact and costs nothing for those who do it.

      The quantity of plastic water bottles buried somewhere is of no consequence whatsoever. This is an imaginary issue created by people looking for something to give their lives meaning.

  • Harry Seaward

    Ask them to give up their iPhones or flying everywhere.

  • Antiobamunist

    Well, so much for Choice.
    Oh that’s right, Plastic Recyclable Bottles Bad, Murder the inconvenient Unborn Good.
    Silly me.

    • ands

      They still have choices, idiot. You’re creating a false dilemma. So yes, silly you.

  • Matai

    whoof, and this is the future of this country. GOD help.

  • Aaron Burr

    Good little progressives! and it was Phony Joanie of all people who sang, “little boxes on the hillsides, and they’re all made of ticky tacky. little boxes on the hill side and they all look the same. and the children in the boxes all go to the universities and the children in the boxes they all come out the same.”

  • Teas On Yo


  • Tyler

    What in blazes for? Why would they do this?

  • Americano3

    wow no more bottled water on campus…what patriots….how about the real issues of war and peace… where is that on the action block?

    • Mike Stamper

      The world would be better off if the Harvard socialists just stuck to debating bottled water. I shudder to think what they would do about the issues of “war and peace”.

    • Carpenter E

      Permanent war for permanent peace. Slavery for freedom. Censorship for free speech. Such is the great Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Pol Pot-Castro-Guevara-Ho Chi Minh-Kim Jong Il-Obama agenda. No need to discuss anything, and if you do you can go to jail in many countries.

  • NoIvyLeaguersNeedApply

    Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are a bunch of clowns. Whereas they used to be bastions of WASP culture, they are now cesspools of Leftists who want to turn the United States into a socialist nightmare.

  • boobtuber06 .

    Anyone here also thinking that the ivy league is diminishing to the point of becoming inconsequential???

    • ernaldin

      Became so years ago, marketing and media keeps the truth in the fog…

  • Javert

    Bottled beer is better.

  • Mike Stamper

    “making it easy for such pundits to label proponents of this policy as
    radicals who are willing to overlook any and all individual freedoms in
    order to achieve their aims,” It’s always “easy” to make true statements. Socialism always leads to slavery, and Harvard is leading the charge. What a pathetic commentary on America that these people are considered the “elite”. Who needs them?

  • Herbert Birdsfoot II

    Young minds are so easily molded, even when plucked from the finest of high schools. It’s perplexing that there isn’t a constant backlash by parents against most Universities, for essentially attempting to brainwash students into believing Communism is a good thing. Backwards we continue to go!

    • ernaldin

      The smart kids do NOT go the Ivy league colleges, only rich ones….

      • Herbert Birdsfoot II

        Oh, we forgot that there are no such people who are both rich AND smart?

  • jltules

    Why are people who get the finest education the most stupid?

    • ernaldin

      Its a misnomer that Ivy League is a fine education. Marketing only.

    • renojmc

      Exactly. And Obama is their poster child.

  • airtexaco

    Wow, how liberating. Maybe they should be worried more about the prospect of a job after graduation??

    • Hans Y

      I would like a list of the students’ names. Maybe my company should run a pro-liberal campaign about saving the environment to attract people who we would never hire. Acquire names and email addresses of participants and enter them in the HR database to reject applicants. Now if that list were to be shared with other companies, it would be illegal. I bet you dollars to doughnuts that blackballing is very popular these days because it’s difficult to prove in court these days…. What’s in company databases is proprietary and difficult to see in raw digital form. Some college grads better watch what they say.

  • HansY

    If those Harvard grads had gained any decent education, they would know that free market demand controls what is available on the market. I want a list of names of those who voted against the bottles so they can be entered into the company database so that these numbskulls aren’t hired. Plastic is a byproduct of oil. We all should know that oil is refined into energy products and chemicals. If the chemicals aren’t used for plastics what do you suggest to do with them? Dump them or use in the safe form as plastics? Another thing that makes me laugh is the liberal argiment against drilling for oil. Where do you think chemicals for medicines and medical supplies come from? Liberals should keep their majors in art and music, but not business, science or government!

    • PBSIsBiased

      Hans I agree with 90% of your post…the last part not at all. The reason the world has to put up with a Second Term is due to the fact liberals are undereducated in business, science, math and government. They have no critical thinking skills because they have no basis of facts in these areas that drive public policy.

  • so ho

    Better to ban Section X billionaires from China like Xi Jinping’s daughter.

  • Carpenter E

    One hundred fewer immigrants = far more benefit for America’s environment than skipping a million plastic bottles.

  • Chris

    Oooooh! That’s daring!

  • Chris

    Maybe they can help by holding on to their BMW’s and Mercedes a little longer before recycling them.

  • ernaldin

    More bandaids for our broken legs? Don’t bogart that joint, my friend…..

  • renojmc

    Educated idiots.

  • bruce987

    Imagine spends $60,000 a year and they waste their time on this crap.

    My two cousins attended Harvard when it was a fine college of higher learning in the 1950s. It meant something and they both owned companies and did very well. They
    used to laugh at the crap and PC stuff they do to brain wash these kids while taking their money.

  • sara56

    Why didn’t they just quit buying bottled water? The vendors would have pulled out. But that’s the difference between conservatives and liberals. Liberals just have to impose their ideology with laws.

  • Felix Funemone

    I’ll be more impressed when they ban bottled beer.

  • Josh

    Silly question, but if people stopped buying water bottles, wouldn’t the stores stop selling them? Why not just put up the filling stations and let people make their own choices, rather then forcing them to do what you want.
    This is Harvard though, when future government leads will come from.

  • Agamemnon7

    Just another cause used as a platform for socially awkward geeks to meet and fornicate. oh but the smug little fockers feel so good. Hey I have an idea, why don’t you all fly to China and protest the poluting powers there…chicken dung

  • fritzidler

    Meanwhile, the health nut crowd insists most Americans are chronically de-hydrated, and so should drink more water. But should not drink tap water, or water from water fountains, because tap water is poisonous. And public water fountains are unsanitary to boot. Never pointing out, the quality of tap water is over seen by the government, by means of government regulations, or over site. So kids, as they say, don’t drink the water. It’s government water. Poison. Of course, a clever health nut might point out, the bottled water in these plastic bottles are just tap water too. The public is being conned. It’s just tap water. It’s poison. Poisonous government water. Because after all, if it weren’t for big government, private industry would poison us all.

  • Fred Garvin

    Now if I was the parent of a child that was sucking 65,000 per year out of me to go to college who’s major headline this year was the banning of bottled water, I would feel like a total SUCKER ! Thanks god my kids are not dumb enough to waste my money there !

  • John Davidson Jr

    I now see the problem these people think they have the right to decide what an individual has a right to do………………..

    • John Davidson Jr

      Ninth Amendment to the United States Constitution

      The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people

  • Do you see how God has stirred up the hearts of the godless to keep my inheritance clean? These people not only strive to keep it clean they encourage other godless people to do the same. This is more that anyone saint could ask for!

  • Elmo Fudginputz

    I read about half of this article and did not see a mention to the chemical BPA as a reason for the students’ objections. You mean among the young intellectual elite at Harvard there aren’t enough of them who understand the dangers of BPA in plastic bottles to make it the #1 reason for getting rid of them? Not surprising considering how liberal and progressive students at Harvard have always been. Once they check out the dangers associated with BPA, if they ever do and which I predict they never will, then they can move on to the fluoride in their tooth paste and water, and then on to the aspertame in the diet sodas they drink and the gum they chew. This all goes to prove that being intelligent doesn’t mean people have any sense at all, as the Harvard students so aptly prove. And in this case it strongly suggests, at least at Harvard, that intelligence and common sense are mutually exclusive, at least among young progressive liberals.

  • John Davidson Jr

    Ninth Amendment to the United States Constitution

    The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people

  • htomc42

    This isn’t so much about banning water bottles as it is an exercise in using mob rule (“democracy”) to force change. It’s a lesson in the power of government, when in fact those students had the power in their hands all along- if they didn’t like the water bottles, don’t buy them. It really is that simple. But no- they have to make it a matter of an “election”, showing that their indoctrination into the supremacy of government has been successful.

    • GeorgeWeezie

      Exactly. It is collectivism, and more accurately statism that drives these ridiculous stunts. It is about surrendering self (the individual) to the whims and will of the collective. It is anathema to the concept of the primacy of the individual and self governance as protected by constitutional law and philosophy.

  • Tomtom28

    This is the future generation of leaders? Lord, help us all.

    • yerfackingmammy

      Nah, the Leaders go to Yale. These are the lawyers and merchants.

  • 24601

    Glad they dealt with this critical issue plaguing our society.

    This stuff makes me wish I was born in a different century. At least 130 years ago you could make something tangible for a living.

  • illhaveanother

    As a show of support, the Harvard rowing team has announced they will only drink water from the Charles River during training and contests. The water will be collected by coxswain, in his megaphone, and poured into recyclable glass bottles for the athletes consumption.

  • GeorgeWeezie

    If you understood the Jesuit influence in the creation of Harvard, a ridiculous “vote” such as this wouldn’t surprise you. The Jesuits, once criminalized by Pope Clement XIV as a secret society, have a peculiar philosophy akin to left wing statist philosophy; the end always justifies the means regardless if you must lie, cheat, steal or murder. Is it any wonder that these same Ivy League schools are rife with secret societies (Skull and Bones, Thule, Knights of Columbus, Masonry, etc, etc.) from which almost ALL of our “leaders” are steeped in the tradition of loyalty to the society above all else? This is the reason they have no problem completely ignoring constitutional law, as it has no bearing on their actions. Only loyalty to the society matters, and the more one exhibits this, the higher they are allowed to climb the ladder of high society, politics and industry.

    These people are completely and totally brainwashed and baptized in the false doctrine and religion of Gaiaism and satanism. But you go right ahead and keep believing your vote affects these psychotics’ actions if it makes you feel better or important.

    • Pepperspray137

      I think you are missing some important context from your claims about the Jesuit order. Jesuit Catholics (Society of Jesus) was a mainly Portuguese church, but when control of the Papacy was controlled by another Catholic order, they were called outcasts, and propaganda wars started. Franciscan Catholics and Jesuits though part of the same church, are not always best of friends. This isn’t something unique to the Catholic church either, even in colonial America the Quakers were disliked by other Protestants because they were pacifists who would not vote for war with the Crown. Church infighting has been happening since monks in ancient China were killing for rice patties.

      • GeorgeWeezie

        But what of the relationship to secret societies?

        • Pepperspray137

          Well, they’re secret, I don’t know much about them. No one does, that’s the point. The only “secret society” based in Christianity I tried to study were the Templar order. Based in the idea of protecting pilgrims on their way to the Holy land. We saw what a French controlled Papacy did to them, and the actual reason is masked in spiritual (Satan worshiping), political and financial propaganda. These “secret societies” could have started off as innocently as two kids from the same part of the world forming a “club.” When those kids become either super rich, or influential, that “club” takes on whole new meaning.

  • Pecasone

    On the other hand, shall we ban Harvard students>

    • GeorgeWeezie

      From politics? Abso-damn-lutely.

  • Bruce

    Because there are no other “real” issues that the kids should be addressing….like the fact that they voted a communist into office twice, and he is fundamentally trashing America.

  • downtownon911

    Sending your child to Harvard, or almost every other ivy league university is a waste of your money and your child’s time. Worse, the same is true at the majority of publicly funded colleges, because we have allowed a marxist/socialist cadre of professors to inhabit and indoctrinate our kids. Want to do something for higher education? Do whatever you have to do to extricate them from the educational system.

  • Voice_of_Reason

    it is encouraging that our “best and brightest” are engaging their prodigious intellects on such important topics. When they graduate, they can all go to work for nanny bloomberg.

    but if they are REALLY concerned about the environment, they should stop breathing because it releases CO2

  • Preppie Swell

    Will also consider banning single malt scotch in conjunction with proposed “Kennedy Appreciation Day”.

  • SaintLo

    It’s not just containers! Here’s hoping Harvard students vote to stop drinking water and other fluids. They should stop eating too. Can’t be too careful.

  • libertees

    Oh thank goodness, I was getting worried that they weren’t using their time well.

  • biglou15

    Better this than to vote for more wind turbines that are decimating the populations of many flying species.

  • Scott W. Hutchings

    I am so happy to see wealthy kids find an important cause to take on.

  • Dencal26

    I generally do not agree with left wing tree huggers but in this case I do agree. I live near a brook and each year I clean hundreds of plastic bottles from it where the brook narrows and passes under the road. These bottles are everywhere.

  • Walter Bellhaven

    They voted on whether to support “pro-amnesty immigration reform” ? What was the point of having that vote ?

  • jxp

    Good, sell Perrier on campus in glass bottles. Can I get the contract.

  • peacesnail

    Let the liberals drink from mud puddles or septic tanks.

  • mediajalopy


  • Rally Ann

    Do ya still gots water fountains on campus?

  • Dan Austin

    Isn’t this an example of the growing belief that you can use the government (in this case the Harvard campus administrators) to force other people to follow your beliefs? After all, they could install the drinking fountains, and encourage the use of reusable water bottles. without making single use water bottles on campus illegal.

    What’s next? Maybe they can bar non-liberal speakers and non-liberal news media from the campus.

    Harvard’s new motto: You can think any way, and do anything you want — as long as you completely agree with us and behave as we do.

  • JimmyScruton

    There is not one place that socialism has not transformed every city, state or country into crap where it has been applied. There are no visible exceptions.

  • lethal

    So much for the best and brightest. This latest batch of rich Marxist brats are training to rule using the big hammer of government. Just like the admitted crack head Obozo.
    Instead of filling stations (I thought they banned this term because it represents evil oil) how about just using fire hoses so they can wash off these future Wall Street Occupiers before they go protest their own freedom. What they believe already stink enough. We should not have to smell them.

  • Dan Austin

    Next, they can ban any grades below B.

  • balliolensis

    Empty gestures for and by empty people. Now, if only they would vote to banish Harvard we might get somewhere!

  • Vlad

    I laugh at you idle timewasters.
    This venue is welcomed by the left as it counts for nothing.
    Arrogant adult children are learning to control you.
    Employ other methods to strike back.

  • Mac Harris

    Let them drink cake…

  • Orville_J_Clutchpopper

    “nuff said, you knuckleheads!! If our “esteemed” press had done it’s freakin’ job, we wouldn’t be having this discussion now, would we?

  • Stoccado

    Dear Jack, It’s not about the revenue. It’s about the health. Harvard should not stop there but should also ban fluoridated water.

  • youmustbemistaken

    They’ll ban bottled water but will continue to wear diapers.

  • Nash Montana

    ‘Non-Reusable’? Have you ever heard of water faucets? That’s where the water comes out. You can stick a bottle underneath and REFILL a so-called NON REUSABLE plastic bottle.

  • paulj

    What was the name of the documentary film that had this school’s dean interviewed answered compared to a NY canners collecting water bottles?