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Illegal Immigrants Complain They Get Student Loans Instead of Grants

Some students in the country illegally have complained that the millions of dollars the University of California system recently pledged to help them earn a college degree will come by way of student loans instead of grants.

As UC officials discuss specifics on how the $5 million UC President Janet Napolitano recently budgeted to support undocumented students will be allocated – much of which will go to student loan programs, it’s been decided – some student activists have bemoaned that it’s not fair to strap stressed out, disadvantaged students in the country illegally with college debt.

“We think that the 5 million dollars will have an impact if the money goes directly into the pockets of undocumented students,” By Any Means Necessary campus activist group leader David Douglass told The Daily Californian in an email.

The Californian goes on to report:

Sophomore Ivan Villasenor Madriz, an undocumented student, spoke with representatives from the UC Office of the President and other undocumented student representatives across the UC campuses in a conference call the evening of Dec. 18.

Madriz said the students raised concerns about the use of the funds for loans rather than other types of aid such as grants and work-study. He said loans should not be considered “aid” because they are only increasing student debt and putting more pressure on students.

“The loans that are given out are making one hole to fill another,” he said. “It defeats the purpose of so-called ‘financial aid.’ ”

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  • Pepperspray137

    I am so blow away by this it’s difficult to even fathom what these folks were thinking…. I say wait until they come in to complain again, arrest them, deport them. Easy, problem solved, and it saves money.

  • MarkJ

    My modest suggestion: Tell these “undocumented students”, “Well then, go back to the hole you came from and get your educational grants there.”

  • 277Volt

    It’s this sense of outlandish entitlement and their willingness run their mouth about it that is losing them mainstream supporters by the minute.

    • Jonnymack

      They never had ”mainstream support” to begin with. They’re nothing but a bunch of ungrateful arrogant beggars.

  • Wyck Holland

    Politically, California seems to have a self-esteem problem

  • Genevieve

    incredible! These people who are breaking our laws, destroying industry wages from construction to high tech are killing the middle class. They forcing us to pay for their schools housing medical needs and now this?

    They have the audacity to storm personal apartment lobbies and neighborhoods of politicans at dawn in loud protest with their demands. This will only get worse the more it is tolerated.

    These people come from savage 3rd world nations. They do not know civility. They represent 30% of our prison population. They break our laws, tax our systems, deprive legal citizens of their due. Savages. It will never end until we enforce immigration laws like every other nation. This is insane.

    The 1% who benefit from this cheap labor and lobby for the rest of us to subsidize as well as lose out on opportunities. Let them take care of their nannies, house help, and cheap business labor. We are fed up!

  • Joe Joe

    “He said loans should not be considered “aid” because they are only
    increasing student debt and putting more pressure on students.”

    Welcome to America, Madriz. You wanted to be an American? Join our way of debt peonage. You want free education, go to country that has it. We don’t.

  • Steven

    Ungrateful, entitled, and mind-blowingly short sighted. Yea – this attitude is winning them ZERO friends amongst the citizenry.

  • mark

    Does mexico give free money for college to Americans living in mexico illegally?

    • muslimmustgo

      No they put Americans in jail that are in their ghetto of a country illegally!!

  • mark

    All they deserve is a boot in the ass over the border.

  • sigzero

    Tell them to STFU. They should get anything at all for being here ILLEGALLY.

  • RJ Chesnut Jr.

    For every Illegal sitting in class, a deserving citizen is NOT sitting in class.

  • immykal

    ungrateful illegal aliens … kick their asses back over the border, or take away all financial aid .. sick of this crap

  • Jerry S

    Does Mexico give people in their country illegally free money to attend college?

  • DwnSouthJukin

    Why would anyone want these people as citizens of their country?

  • mewillie

    This is beyond disgusting! The gall of those people! This has to STOP NOW! Make them pay like everybody else.

  • John Prospero

    I know!…Why don’t we grant amnesty to all of them…the clearly have the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” attitude…and the self sufficient enterprising outlook that made America great…

  • motherall

    And are these illegals held to the same enrollment standards? Taking the place of a citizen student? Nothing is ever enough when it’s given and always too little when it’s earned. When will this country learn?

  • Patriot_ll

    Ungrateful doesn’t begin to describe these moochers. This defines their objectives more than any bleeding heart liberal can. They don’t believe in working for anything. It’s the ‘you owe me’ mentality. Same thing happens when you feed a stray.

  • Tom Stright

    Let’s deport them, They can complain about that….

  • muslimmustgo

    This is what happens when their given an inch they take and demand a mile! This is what they are,plain and simple! The more power they get the more oppressive they will be against the American race! I see why napolitano took this position,she can do more damage against America in turning this left coast state into marxism!

  • jumper297

    More and more of the news anymore reads like an Onion satire…

  • This happens all the time to normal Americans. This is what I found out while applying for federal student aid, living on my own at age 22, trying to better myself in school:

    Every student who is under 24 and doesn’t meet some random guidelines (military vet, married, has dependents, etc.) is automatically considered dependent and cannot get anything but loans unless they say they are dependent on their parents and provide their parents’ financial information (parents’ income is what disqualifies most students from getting grants). If you are under 24 and must provide parent information you also have to say you live in your parent’s household and are dependent on them. Even if you don’t live with them, have no contact with them at all and are completely on you own in every way imaginable. Or even if they refuse to provide the information, which is very personal financial and identification information. This is true even if you would die on the streets from starvation if it were not for your support of yourself.

    Chew on that for a while and see how it tastes.