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The Dumbest College Course in History

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you the Dumbest College Course in the History of the World!

The Daily Caller reports:

Skidmore College, ranked by CBS News as one of the nation’s most expensive private colleges in the country, is now officially offering a course on Miley Cyrus: “The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender, and Media.”

If there’s any academic topic more idiotic than “The Sociology of Miley Cyrus,” we can’t think of what it is.

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  • James

    I’m a conservative and I’d take the course.

    • KatherineBranwen


  • PJParks

    Mind numbingly stupid. Black hole stupid.

  • WalkingHorse

    One must await with baited breath the chance to read the first dissertation in this new academic discipline. [/sarc] If there were justice in the world, this would be the end of brick and mortar educational institutions, save those that house real scientific and engineering laboratories. For the most part these places have become sheltered workshops for Marxists and their fellow travelers.

    • Phrodo

      It’s obvious that you never went to college. A SOCIOLOGY class about Miley Cyrus is not it’s own subject. Anyone taking the class is either interested in the topic, majoring in SOCIOLOGY, or looking for an easy GE (for which Sociology takes the cake). Your half baked idea that a single class will inevitably lead to a graduate degree—let alone an undergrad thesis—is absolutely preposterous and without merit.

      Yes, Marxism is taught in college courses, but so is capitalism. However, neither are taught in a way that pushes the concept onto the student. Unlike life in your false reality, a college course, regardless of the subject, has the primary goal of cultivating the intellect, not brainwashing the student. Whether it’s knowledge to apply after college or knowledge for the sake of knowledge, both have their place in academia and the real world.

      FYI, most colleges, even liberal arts colleges, house scientific [and engineering] laboratories. Because engineering is indeed a hard science, it does not require a special mention. You sir, are a jackass.

      • davideisenstadt

        I think its important to each the sociology of miley cyrus…theres too much time spent on classic liberal arts…natural sciences and mathematics… really now, twerking is our future.

  • Reba7294