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Catholic University’s Drag Show Includes Transvestite Dressed As Satan

SAN DIEGO – A two-hour drag show hosted recently at the Catholic University of San Diego ended with a devilish finale – its transvestite host came onstage in a long black robe and horned headdress and sung about how evil should triumph over good.

“All of a sudden the stage is dark, and the lights come up behind a screen and you see a shadow outline of a demonic figure, with a head and two horns, and it gets closer and grows bigger,” said San Diego resident Thomas McKenna, 51, who witnessed the performance. “Then a person in a black robe comes out onstage and starts singing the song and doing all these antics.”

That person was “Tootie Nefertootie,” the emcee of the April 10 event, who took off the robe after a few minutes to reveal a skin-tight dress as he continued to dance onstage and sing about evil – specifically he lip-synced “Good N’ Evil” from the musical Jekyll and Hyde.

(At right: courtesy photo provided to The College Fix from USD drag show.) deviloutfit

McKenna, in an interview Wednesday with The College Fix, said some have likened the outfit not to the devil but rather to the evil character “Maleficent” from an upcoming Disney movie of the same name.

“Whatever – to see this person with horns on and singing about evil triumphing over good, I found it very strange and unsettling to see that onstage in a Catholic university,” McKenna said.

The lyrics of the song “Good N’ Evil” include the stanzas: “Evil is everywhere – Good doesn’t have a prayer; Good is commendable; Evil’s dependable; Evil is viable – Good’s unreliable; Good may be thankable – Evil is bankable.”

University of San Diego officials did not respond to phone calls, emails or a text Wednesday from The College Fix to speak on the content of this year’s drag show.

Now in its third year, the annual “Celebration of Gender Expression – Supreme Drag Superstar” at the university is organized by PRIDE, the private college’s LGBTQ campus group. The annual event prompts protests by students and local residents who call it an aberration to Catholicism’s values.

McKenna, founder and president of Catholic Action, a nonprofit advocacy group that upholds and defends Catholic principles, said he has attended the show every year since its inception to investigate its content and demand that it be put to a stop.

In fact, his group was successful in getting the Vatican’s Congregation for Education to write a letter in December 2013 calling the drag show a “scandal” and vowing to take administrative steps to end it.

None have been launched yet, McKenna said.

Numerous petitions from other organizations have also been started in opposition to the show, including one from TFP Student Action this year that has garnered nearly 15,000 signatures.

Charles LiMandri, president and chief counsel of the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, said Wednesday in an interview with The College Fix that the drag show is bad enough, but this latest demonic-themed finale is inexcusable.

“People posting comments on Catholic Education Daily (which first reported the story) are saying that it’s a take off of Maleficent, which is a Disney character, but she is the personification of evil,” said LiMandri, who is an alumnus of the University of San Diego. “I don’t care what you want to call it – Satan or her – they’re glamorizing evil.”

McKenna said he attends the events and shares what he observes because “everyone keeps saying, ‘Oh, it couldn’t be that bad.’ This will give a taste of what is going on.”

Dr. Lori Watson, director of women’s and gender studies at the university, said in an interview with The College Fix last year that while protestors have every right to lodge their concerns, PRIDE has every right to host the event on campus.

She acknowledged the University of San Diego is a Catholic college, but she said dogma doesn’t trump all else.

“The university is not a church,” she said. “Its mission is not to indoctrinate students to a particular viewpoint. We have students of all faiths represented on this campus. … Our mission is primarily educational.”

She added the university’s mission statement “expresses a commitment to the value of inclusivity and respect for all humans.”

Jennifer Kabbany is associate editor of The College Fix.

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IMAGES: Top – “Legend” (Youtube screenshot); Inside: Courtesy photo provided to The College Fix from USD drag show April 10.

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  • Zvi123

    The US’ Progressive Dominated culture continues its swirl at the bottom of the commode.

  • fondatorey

    The thing to do would be to have a conservative group equate transvestites and diabolism, in a way that did not suggest that either was good. Sure all the students would be kicked out of the school, denounced by name in every newspaper and would be forced to assume false identities so they could get jobs as truck drivers in Mexico, but it would be revealing that the school would treat one thing one way and another similar thing another.

  • Margaret Manzi

    Catholic schools should not be in the business of celebrating debauchery.

  • Don Jr Max

    it is becoming more and more prevalent, these demonic images shown to the world in bold fashion..like the Katy Perry stage performance of that devilish song…Pray the St. Michael’s Prayer..

    • Chana Neubaum


  • Catholic in name only. Lord, I wonder how these educrats will be received in the hereafter.

  • AlbiBird

    Satan? Malificent? Perhaps – but the first character to spring to my mind is Rita Repulsa.

    Pretty good costume, though.

  • Russell Rea

    That’s pretty obviously Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. That song sounds exactly like something she would sing too.

  • Mack

    I worked double-shifts to put myself through the University of San Diego in the 1970s, used my G.I. Bill, and took out loans. As a convert I thought it was a Catholic school, and it almost kinda / sorta was, with a useless, hippie chaplain. But certainly a number of GREAT professors. But, yes, I would have saved a great deal of money had I attended a public school.

    • autdrew

      As a convert also, I hear ya!
      I still love San Diego though. Wish we could get stationed back there.

  • crazytea

    Are you people retarded? Seriously? This is a costume based on a FICTIONAL Disney character with a movie coming out! And the song is from a Broadway musical that is SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD. If someone reads anything “satanic” or “evil” in this performance, then they seriously should get some help for being delusional and possibly psychotic. This is exactly why right-wing nuts have zero comedic talent and wouldn’t know a joke if it wore a name tag.

    • Tim

      Oh, since it’s “Disney” and “Broadway” it’s all hunky-dory?

      That’s like saying it’s okay for the heavy metal band Slayer to come in and play, as long as they perform show tunes.

      Secular debauched entertainment should have no place in a religious institution.

  • Tim

    The only word I can think of is:


  • Guest

    This is why I never give to the annual Catholic University fund drive. If you are going to call yourself Catholic, then act like it. I don’t know why the Catholic church puts up with it. Does BYU allow this to happen at its university and satellite campuses?

  • Joe

    And anything associated with the homosexual Left continues on its downward spiral.

  • ManaMoffa

    And gays wwonder why they are outcasts

  • Joe

    Pollution of the Sanctuary …( per ver sion of religious teachings) one of the three Snares of Belial, as laid out by the Damascus Document.

    Simply put, it’s a very bad thing.