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Law Prof Who Specializes in Poverty Makes $205,400 – Teaching One Class Per Semester

UNC law professor’s holdings include $1.5M in real estate, and meanwhile he chastises Republicans for their ‘unforgivable war on poor people’

A controversial, outspoken law professor who frequently bashes Republicans and specializes in poverty issues as a self-proclaimed champion of the poor earns $205,400 per year – for teaching one class per semester.

The University of North Carolina School of Law pays Professor Gene Nichol $205,400 annually for his one class per semester workload. On top of his teaching salary, he receives a $7,500 stipend as director of the law school’s Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity.

The News & Observer maintains a public database of public employee and educator salaries, and lists Nichol’s salary at $212,900. Nichol, in an email to The College Fix, confirmed the figure is accurate.Nichol

Nichol is slated to teach federal jurisdiction this fall and constitutional law in spring 2015.

He told The College Fix there is nothing unusual about his compensation.

“I’m a full time faculty member – doing all the varied things faculty members do,” he stated. “That’s the basis for the salary you quote. Beyond that, I’m paid $7,500 to run the poverty center – the same as all the other law school center directors.”

When asked about his compensation compared to other law professors, Nichol said: “Several make a good deal more than I do at Carolina, some make less.”

The News & Observer lists the UNC Distinguished Professor of Law Thomas Lee Hazen’s salary at $222,000. However, he is slated to teach four classes this fall, and two in the spring. UNC Distinguished Professor of Law Sarah Elizabeth Gibson earns $200,000 annually, and has a similar workload to Nichol at one class per semester.

Assistant and associate professors at the UNC School of Law tend to earn about $130,000 annually, according to the News & Observer database. Their work load ranges from one class per semester up to four.

As for Nichol, in the past he served as president of the College of William and Mary from 2005 to 2008, that is, until his contract was not renewed following a string of controversies.

Among them, he allowed a sex workers’ art show on campus and removed a cross from permanent display in the chapel of the historic Christopher Wren building, citing the facility’s use for secular events.

Prior to that, Nichol was the dean of UNC’s law school from 1999 to 2005.

Today at UNC, Nichol runs the UNC Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity, which was founded by the now-disgraced Democrat John Edwards. The center is a self-proclaimed non-partisan, interdisciplinary institute that aims to study and mitigate poverty in North Carolina and the nation.

In his leadership role there, Nichol is known to use inflammatory political rhetoric.

For example, on the center’s website he writes that “the scourge of debilitating poverty is the largest problem faced by the people of North Carolina – even if our political leaders ignore it, or declare, with a breathtaking stupidity, that it doesn’t exist.” North Carolina has a Republican-controlled majority of lawmakers.

Yet while Nichol champions the poor – even chastising Republicans in a March News & Observer op-ed for its “unforgivable war on poor people” – it’s unclear how well he can relate to those living in poverty.

His wife, chief of staff for the UNC Health Care System and the UNC School of Medicine, earns $407,000 annually. Combining his and his wife’s salary, the couple makes at least $612,000 per year.

The Nichol family lives in a Chapel Hill home with a tax value of more than $1 million. They also own a bungalow on the beach at Emerald Isle, valued by Carteret County at more than $512,000. In the summer months, Nichol rents his four-bedroom bungalow for nearly $2,000 per week.

When asked by The College Fix about the large inequality between his income and the income of those in poverty, Nichol refused to respond.

The issue of the UNC poverty center’s funding has also been the source of contention in the past because of its ties to Edwards, so much so that campus officials dedicated a webpage to detailing its financing.

It reads in part: “*Nichol earns $7,500 as a stipend for serving as the Center director. This is in addition to his salary as the Boyd Tinsley Distinguished Professor of Law at UNC School of Law.”

Nichol may have earned special attention regarding his salary and role there after he became well-known in North Carolina as a radical, left-leaning writer.

Even the News & Observer describes him as a “well-known liberal,” and he publishes regularly in The Progressive Populist and has written for The Nation, the Washington Post and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

His work has been so polarizing in the past that when Nichol publishes op-eds, UNC has asked him to give the administration a couple days’ heads up because he has angered so many people. UNC also asks that his columns include the phrase: “He doesn’t speak for UNC.”

This unusual request came as the result of a column Nichol wrote last October, in which he offered a scathing review of North Carolina’s Republican Governor Pat McCrory in the News & Observer. In the piece, Nichol referred to McCrory as “hapless Pat” and wrote that McCrory was “a 21st century successor to Maddox, Wallace and Faubus,” referring to three 1960s-era segregationist governors.

When Nichol writes about topics other than poverty, UNC asks he leave his title at the university out completely.

Nichol’s writings have caught the ire of many, including the North-Carolina based John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, which states that “Nichol is a radical partisan who has desperately ratcheted up his rhetoric after seeing his preferred party lose control in North Carolina for the first time in more than a hundred years.”

“Perhaps more disturbing is Nichol’s abuse of his stature at UNC-Chapel Hill to propagate his invective.”

College Fix Contributor Lauren Cooley is a recent graduate of Furman University.

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  • Kaya Hund

    Nichol: “Do as I say, not as I do.” BTW — what are his credentials?

  • Goreloon

    Liberal hypocrisy….nothing new here…move along!!

  • Kaya Hund

    I can only wonder what the course is that he teaches — anyone here knows?

    • pyramid_003

      They are listed in the article.

  • pyramid_003

    Is anyone more out of touch than college professors who make huge salaries for very little work? And this guy teaches “law” (as if we need more lawyers). And we wonder why college tuition is so high? For many of the college age people I know the school they go to depends on how much they can borrow for tuition.

    In the 60’s there was a saying, “Come the revolution we hang the lawyers first.” Maybe we should bring that one out again and dust it off.

  • Chilli Palmer

    And liberals cry about college being to expensive! They could easily bring down the cost by getting rid of the fat salaries of these do nothing ‘professors’ and about three quarters of the Administrators!!!!

  • JohnKimball

    He receives a $7500 stipend as the school’s director of poverty, work, and some other crap.

    How about he just lives solely off of that $7500? Maybe then he would have some clue as to what he preaches.

  • Oscar

    What a piker. Elizabeth Warren (now, sadly, Senator Warren) got $350K for teaching one course at Harvard Law. This guy should demand a raise.

  • Texas Bill

    Liberalism at its finest. Lies, hypocracy, stupidity and laziness is a terrible basis for a political philosophy.

  • Humboldt10

    He’s in the club (government employee). When you are in the club life is good! When you are not in the club, you are a funding source for those in the club.

    • U.S. Grant

      Well stated, sir!

    • Greg Barton

      Plus you don’t have to pay your taxes, you’re PROTECTED.

  • Larry Bishop

    thats worse than the global warming guys making billions off wind mills and solar gadgets

  • Bulldog

    The university of north Carolina school of law is the real one to blame. This is beyond outrageous and the citizens of north Caroling should rise up and demand his dismissal along with his wife, whose salary is beyond disgusting.

  • Friedrich

    Another Public Employee stealing “legally” from the private sector…..
    They’ve beenfhooking us by law for too long!

  • Mark

    Looks like he hasn’t missed a meal in a long time, as well.

  • eramthgin

    People wonder why tuition is outrageously high.

  • Defiant

    WOW! How did I know THIS guy would be a Dem!?

  • Buddy Lebenson

    As a William and Mary alum, I was glad when Nichol’s contract was not renewed by the Board of Governors. It is interesting that UNC picked him back up.

  • Littleredtop

    America is seeing first hand now what the slave holders knew all along.

  • ladyluck

    My husband is a professor and makes no where near that amount ,even teaching full time. Apparently equal in America means what your agenda happens to be.

  • escapeartistva

    He is a former college President and former Dean of the UNC School of Law, not simply someone who walks in and teaches a class or two. He would have administrative duties and runs the Poverty Law Center in a clinical role. He would also be a major fundraiser for the law school in the circles in which he travels. Thus, he is being paid what the law school believes him to be worth. With this in mind, the amount of his salary is not surprising- it does not mean that I am a kindred spirit or support his somewhat polarizing perspective on America, this is simply an example of how salaries are determined at major universities and graduate schools.

  • PJPS

    I wonder how much he gives to his favorite charities annually.

  • maddyswatch

    Nichol made a telling statement when he said that he does” what every other full-time faculty member does”…. that means NOTHING. One course and he is considered full time?? Sounds like a full time investigation of the university and it’s faculty is overdue.

  • Churyl Minne

    Just another liberal mouthpiece stating to “do what I say” not “do what I do.”

  • Richard

    Easy fix…don’t go to any branch of UNC!

  • mikeman

    Sounds like this clown and his wife are both overpaid and underworked. Moochie had a job like that for the U of Chicago hospital system. I’m sick and tired of these corrupt shxxheads. Remember what happened to Ceausescu the deposed leader of communist Romania?

  • ReagansZombie

    Nice work if you can get it.

  • Mark Territoree

    Another leftist parasite. How is it that these folks manage to hook up to no work government jobs? The man should get a real job to broaden his horizons.

  • J

    Democrats the party of the 1%.

  • issodhos

    Pimping the anti-poverty line has long been a lucrative venture. Just sayin’ …

  • rockman2257

    One can be filthy rich, hypocritical private jet jumper spitting fossil fuels all over creation, quasi criminals, all getting rich off the public trough, yet they all get a pass because they’re on the “correct” team. It’s a vicious game.

  • ronford

    Your’re shocked..?? He is a lawyer, a professor, and for all practical purposes a gov’t employee…..meaning he has very little responsibility, very little accountability, minimum supervising, no quality control of work results, fat, most likely lazy, thinks his own personal view is a platform to impose on students and is more likely to die on the job than get fired…… Look around you, they are all that way….

  • NamelessConstitutionProponent

    Does he claim to be poor like Hillary? Time to raise government school tuition, again, kiddies…

  • VABrit

    Here’s a new word for people like this – a POLC
    Piece Of Liberal Crap

  • storykeeper

    And people wonder why a college education costs so much,,,,,,fuckinghypocrites

  • amitorelocato

    Hypocrites Libs. double face, always promoting their causes of love and compassion, fooling the idiots who believe in them.

  • Keith NSA is watching

    Take him out

  • Alphonsus_Jr

    The real issue here is the scandal of law school “education.” In addition to the disconnect between law school pedagogy and the actual practice of law, thus creating lawyers unprepared to actually practice law, law schools are means of funneling cash from their outrageous fees not only to pig professors like this, but to the rest of the school rather than being invested in the law school itself. Read: Failing Law Schools, by Brian Z. Tamanaha, along with Gaming Emperor Law School, by Wentworth Miller.

  • BarryBlowsReggie

    Holy FREAK show. This guy needs to lose his job based on his anti-American beliefs and SUBhuman appearance…

  • Platopus

    This is why the cost of tuition is so high, they have to pay these kinds of salaries. Some day the internet, computers and border jumpers will put these people out of work – because they really don’t contribute that much value.

  • winstons

    And he’s not a “Person of Color”….start a petition to fire him!!!

  • Steve

    MA Senator Elizabeth Warren, the champion of students with huge college debt, taught one class at Harvard and was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars along with a 0% home interest loan. I know it is a private university but she and her greedy friends are driving college students further into debt.

  • mickeymat

    We kicked this fraud out of William and Mary in Virginia and back he went to afflict once again the tax paying public in North Carolina. You all should give him his walking papers.

  • Larry Rappaport

    This is outrageous. Get rid of him UNC. This is precisely why tuition keeps going up. Is Mr. Nichol, Esq., here worth that kind of money Parents? I think not.

  • Greg Barton

    “When asked by The College Fix about the large inequality between his income and the income of those in poverty, Nichol refused to respond.”


    I bet there a tons of other morally depraved behaviors by this democrat-in-good-standing. Bet me?

  • Bill Novelline

    Well now we have another charleton in the education. First it was the “fake Indian” who is the senior senator from Mass she was payed $307000 to teach one or two classes.Now we have Gene Nichol who gets $207000 for 1 class and a directorship in a poverty program. We are learning the EDUCATION RACKET is in full swing with Leftist Liberal hypocrites. It is time to look at these institutions constantly raising costs and getting away with it. The time is now to look at these phonies like Warren and Nichol and act on their hypocrisy.

  • LawReader

    And this is surprising…..why???

    Anyone *remotely* paying attention knows the ‘poverty pimp’ racket is one of the more prevalent academic hustles of the new millennium. It’s only surprising he doesn’t have additional credentials in ‘racism’ and ‘gender studies’ departments…

  • Brad

    Homo sapiens is weak, weak, weak. They cannot resist the opportunity to line their pockets. Borderline activities can be rationalized. A higher authority is all that will curb excessive behavior.

  • Asheville Pete

    It’s outrageous
    this is why kids are stuck with student loans for thousands, and thousands of $$$$$$

  • Mike

    and people just don’t understand why American secondary and higher education is in the gutter…this story is your answer. The problem is this liberal fraud knows that no body really cares.

  • DisgustedwithElitism

    Young people, think of how the institutions of higher learning are spending the money you borrow to pay their tuition and fees that keep going up faster than the rate of inflation. Those same institutions do not care if you spend 30 years paying back those loans, they do not care how long you must put off buying a house or starting a family.

  • Blinknone

    He’s fat.

  • This is merely one of an almost-unlimited number of rip-offs by colleges and their professors today, which must be brought to a screeching halt.

    See http://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/2011/07/29/are-colleges-dinosaurs/ (“Are Colleges Dinosaurs?”) (see also the comments beneath the article)

  • Daniel Haney

    Hey come on now.
    This professor (using the term loosely of course) TEACHES about poverty.
    He doesn’t actually know anything ABOUT being in poverty.
    Like so many liberals, he champions the poor little people on the backs of those who work for a living and pay his salary in tax dollars.
    He makes his money off of the same people he vilifies daily.

    • dewooded

      Sounds like Michael Moore, the corpulent filmmaker.

  • Heather Sharp

    Another rich liberal making a fantastic living off of my tax dollars.

  • Ruptide Bob

    Gee, a left wing, lunatic, liberal, hypocrite. How unusual. What a colossal pig.

  • Ib4N8R

    student loan debt activist?

  • Franco

    Chelsea Clinton rakes in $600,000.00 a year by interviewing geckos – and does it all by herself.

    Professor Nichol and his spouse are a couple of amateurs.

  • dewooded

    Limousine Liberals and Mercedes Marxists…

  • dewooded

    Doesn’t look like HE’S missed a meal…

  • Jus Waitensee

    “Combining his and his wife’s salary, the couple makes at least $612,000 per year.” …and the sad thing is that this is not unusual for the liberal elite. Hypocrites, all.

  • doncalls

    Another Leftist scumbag,America when are we going to start hanging these people?

  • luis martinez

    another limousine liberal. 200k for one class? poor students who have to pay high tuition support this scumbag.

  • Mr. Ralph

    I love all the comments about the dude’s weight. As if there aren’t any fat, poor people…

  • That Texas Guy!

    Getting paid for doing squat. The ultimate form of welfare. He contributes nothing to our country.

  • peteee363

    I think he needs a raise! it is important work, teaching how bad it is being poor, and how democrats love poor people so much, they make as many poor people as they can.

  • popeye2010

    After his ‘party of choice’ gets done with us this fat load is going to get a REAL education in poverty.

  • bill

    He and his wife make over $600,000 per year and he is teaching an anti poverty class…LOL. Liberals are such hypocrites. Oh yeah and Hillary’s broke too..LOL. Do as I say not as I do liberal.

  • Monkey Hood

    This is why we’re in trouble…

  • ajbruno14

    Gee, I wonder why tuition is so high?

  • Silverfawn

    I wonder how much each student goes into debt to attend this person’s class.

  • bubba60609

    Yet the WH can’t figure out why tuitions are going up so fast. Man, that’s a head-scratcher.

  • r0berts

    Another limousine lib…..

  • tkdblkblt

    Your tax dollars hard at waste.

  • UteDB

    Pay the POS hypocrite 30k a year like the rest of the educators.

  • buckeyebubba

    This is why I quit donating to my alma mater. They are paid salaries far in excess for what they really do, in my opinion. Parents are duped into paying extortion level tuition and are required to buy into the room and board scam. And, let’s not even get started on the Mafia controlled text book operation. So….I quit donating anything. No money, no time, nothing. When I see universities cutting professor’s salaries and putting their carcasses into the classrooms, then I might consider doing something. If you think sending your kid to an expensive school so they can be taught by supposedly well known, or highly ranked professors is happening, think again. You’re paying through the nose for your kid to listen to a lecture from some grad. assistant who’s not any smarter than your kid. The whole scam needs much more daylight. Of course, then we would all see the cockroaches scrambling for the dark corners, wouldn’t we?

  • Fire_For_Effect

    He doesn’t do it for the money…….he does it for access to young men that would “do anything” to get an “A”.

  • Iben_Hadd

    Doing WELL, by doing GOOD!

  • Cooperwa

    That’s how Democrats roll.

  • Green Lama

    Fat hypocrite.

  • Elaine Farrell

    This is Progressives buying studies from so called “experts”…. They own these people & simply place orders for the type of BS they want to sell to the public.

  • Fire_For_Effect

    $212,000 would buy a lot of free condoms for the kiddies at UNC…..

  • mealyone

    MORE federal money for higher education!!…. MORE federal grants!!!… MORE federal loans to students which will now be “forgiven” after 10 years if they become a federal bureaucrat or after 20 years anyway!!!….. LET the CHUMPS who ACTUALLY PAY TAXES pay for it ALL so that SO MANY of these GROSSLY OVERPAID and UNDERWORKED teachers can be SO LAVISHLY COMPENSATED!……
    NO WONDER college costs so much…..

  • Liberalsgohome

    As always, the liberals need useful tools to justify their high wages. They don’t think its hypocrisy because the end (their own wealth) justifies the means (using the poor as shills). It would be interesting to hear what the Poverty Center has done to help the poor, other than demonize republicans. The best way to increase ones economic standing is to develop skills and get a job or start your own business and the liberals do everything they can to thwart the creation of jobs, except government jobs of course.

  • Redskinsfan2

    Very good reporting exposing an overpaid, loudmouth heffalump. Only question I would have asked is, given your co cern about poverty and income inequality, how much do you and your wife contribute to charity each year? Likely very little. Nichol considers himself God’s gift. UNC could get two excellent teachers for the same price and a lot less hot air. Disappointed in UNC.

  • Fed Up

    So then parents paying the bill and students going there need to raise a big stink and have him fired. They are the ones paying that stupid salary.

  • stanwill2

    Anyone want to know why the student loans are so high? If he would just write a book he could make his students purchase it for his class and make more money.

  • Sheakub

    The rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer.

    This is true unless you’re talking about the USA, and it’s only true if there’s a free market with fair rules.

    It’s interesting to note the disparity between rich and poor grows during a leftist president in this country.

    Think about it – the poor in the USA are the envy of the world. The vast majority of the US poor have a refrigerator, running water, and a roof over their heads. A majority has air conditioning and digital televisions. Yes, even still, a majority has some form of internet access, and nearly half have a gaming console.

    I guess we should work on that other half that doesn’t have a gaming console?

    I’m not talking about those without an able body or able mind. I’m talking about the rest of the US poor. Should we instead be like the rest of the world? Do you think that will raise the poor? I think it will merely lower the rich, not raise the poor.

  • crismahn

    Like charity, anti-poverty begins at home. Sounds like Professor Nichol is putting theory into practice. Well done, sir!

    • The Chigger

      If he were putting theory to practice he would devote his own time and wealth in putting his theories about compassion and help to practice.
      What he’s doing now is a service only to himself and like-minded jackasses who share his poses, attitudes, and bigotries. True charity isn’t the province of government. It merely gives government a rationale for re-distributing wealth to perpetuate politicians’ careers, bureaucracies who pay union dues which are used to buy politicians, and justifying the corruption by deluding themselves that it’s “for the poor”.
      The fact that massive transfers of wealth to the poverty industry hasn’t moved the needle a bit ought to be evidence enough but for those immune to inconvenient truth.

  • jim

    Sounds like Ward Churchill’s twin brother.

  • Will Vehrs

    I was not sorry to see him leave my alma mater, William and Mary.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Funny how guys like this never mention the two parts of the country with the widest government-sanctioned income disparity: Hollywood and Washington DC.

  • williampenn

    The greed in academia is positively obscene.

  • AZTEX00

    would be interesting to know how much of his lavish, publicly-funded salary is directed at charitable causes

  • Thomas Freedom

    I love these articles on the hypocritical lefties. Check all of our campi…. all of these lefties striving to line their own pockets.

  • bsteelesp

    Pigs at the trough. Liberal/Progressive pigs at the trough, as usual. He even looks like a fat piggy.

  • Steve

    That’s nothing compared to lawyers that specialize in global warming and gay marriage.

  • Winghunter

    “Although liberal families’ incomes average 6 percent higher than those of conservative families, conservative-headed households give, on average, 30 percent more to charity than the average liberal-headed household“

  • Bruiser in Houston

    Typical douchey leftist hypocrite. Pig.
    Not at all surprised he lived in Chapel Hill. Chock full of wackadoodle leftists.

  • Tony

    Get ready for the excuses: “but he does research”; “somebody has to speak for the poor”; “your data is taken out of context”.
    Typical, hypocritical, do-what-I-say-not-what-I-do leftist.

  • Fire_For_Effect

    From Wikipedia –

    Poverty pimp or “professional poverty pimp” is a pejorative
    label used to convey that an individual or group is benefiting unduly by
    acting as an intermediary on behalf of the poor, the disadvantaged, or
    some other “victimized” groups.

    Those who use this appellation suggest that those so labeled profit
    unduly from the misfortune of others, and therefore do not really wish
    the societal problems that they appear to work on to be eliminated
    permanently, as it is not in their own interest for this to happen.

    The most frequent targets of this accusation are those receiving
    government funding or that solicit private charity to work on issues on
    behalf of various disadvantaged individuals or groups, but who never
    seem to be able to show any amelioration of the problems experienced by
    their target population. It has also been used to describe the leader of
    a civil rights group who whips up hysteria over some real or imagined
    fear (usually racism) and keeps a major portion of the donations.

  • William P Murphy

    The moron would have ruined William and Mary if he had been given enough time.

  • Ed

    He needs to loose weight and get a haircut.

  • sandman

    What a great education system. You can learn about poverty by listening to the wealthy. Its like learning constitutional law from O.

  • JDinMarietta

    Limousine liberal, what’s good for others does not apply to him. Thankfully he’s not teaching my kids and I would forbid them from ever taking this hypocrites class.

  • Jia Doon

    Liberal hypocrite.

  • National Buckwheat Registry

    Jeez folks, how is a family supposed to live on just $612,000.00 a year?
    Just ask Hilary — that is real, real poor compared to how she and Bill had to struggle financially upon leaving the Whitehouse.

  • Neuro Mancer

    His wife, chief of staff for the UNC Health Care System and the UNC School of Medicine, earns $407,000 annually.

    Public sector welfare queens.

  • Charles Scruffy

    Public trough feeder who is your typical liberal hypocrite…Another do as I say liberal hypocrite not do as I do because I care you dont…Bet he gives less than 1000 to charity…

  • Pb2Au

    It is not at all unusual for some professors to teach a limited class load. Teaching is only one part of the job for university professors, and it is often only a small component overall. Research, publication, and obtaining grants/funding is the bulk of the work.

    • stargazeman

      Nice try…jerk wad…Whats he researching now, how to remove crosses from campus, sex art, or a host of other lunatic topics he took up and even instilled when President at William and Mary–they ran this whacko out, and these idiots hire him as if its an honor…he’s raised not a dime.

  • Guest

    Great job by these college kids . . . keep up the good work (and thanks for giving people like me a bit of optimism about the future generation)!

  • walterc

    Gee I wonder why college costs are so high? hmmm, maybe we should ask an econ professor.

  • chase9365


  • Sam

    Elitist hypocrite doing SO little for SO much on the public dime. Half or more of those dimes provided by people that would not hire this guy to scrub their toilets. “Big Education” er Indoctrination at all levels has got to be the scam of the ages.

  • Team USA

    It’s a beautiful thing when naked Marxists like Gene Nichol are exposed for their filthy wealth and stunning hypocrisy.

    Memo to Nichol—Just how much of your riches have you re-distributed to those less fortunate than you and your wife? Why don’t you house poor people in your bungalow? Heck, have you even rented to black tenants?

    “Defective Gene” is a smear merchant of the extremist left, a two-faced dork full of his own psycho babble—in short, another Democrat. Students, beware and don boots during his shovel sessions.

  • biglou15

    Progressives/liberals rely on the utter stupidity, apathy and ignorance of the public to get away with what they do. Also, they are the most bigoted, racist hypocrites bar none.

    • Fire_For_Effect

      “bigoted, racist hypocrites” – Excellent point!

      I’m guessing there isn’t a lot “diversity” on Emerald Island, or in their other neighborhood.

  • danshays

    The democrats are sure waging lots of “wars” these days!

  • byeGeorge

    Just another Liberal Democrat specialist teaching, soliciting new Democrat’s in a voting drive…

  • Jeffrey Lamela

    No surprise. Typical liberal hypocrite.

  • Smitty

    You gotta love these hypocritical leftists.

  • josetoyou

    Is it any wonder why tuition is unaffordable with crap like this????

  • Fister

    He should have kept a lower profile. Now he’s going to be toast.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Safe bet:

    The next “shocking” revelation will be the number of ethnic studies professors whose 6-figure salaries enable them to live in upper-class predominantly white neighborhoods.

    • Fister

      Yeah. The most racist, evil, corrupt, disgusting, poisonous filth imaginable. More toast.

  • robertbluejacket

    The one PARTY state on parade. The PARTY takes care of its own.

  • robertbluejacket

    One reason the PARTY is so successful is that the PARTY always makes money for its partners.

    If you don’t believe me just look at the health insurance companies. The trial lawyers. General Motors. GENERAL ELECTRIC. EXXON. GOLDMAN SACHS. MICROSOFT. YAHOO. FACEBOOK. CISCO. . The OTHER investment banks of Wall Street. The major foundations. The non profits. Hollywood. The major cities. The NEA. THE UAW. THE TEAMSTERS. THE SEIU. THE AFL CIO.

    And America’s wealthiest communities fully support the PARTY n its Bright N Shiny idOl. Out of the goodness of their hearts? I doubt it.

    And the most blessed of all. The bloated federal bureaucracy.

    Lots money flowing to their partners guarantees the loyalty of these leeches.

    We must find a way to delouse the body politic.

  • tom

    John Edwards went to Carolina Law School.
    I guess ethics was an elective.

  • Mike Gillum

    No wonder college kids have so much student loan debt if they pay an idiot like this that kind of salary. Major in engineering, not law young people.

  • Duodecal

    Elite Liberals Lie – because their followers are as dumb as a bag of free french fries..

  • 5ini5ter

    Fire this douche, and the person that hired this douche.