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University provides practice costumes to teach students how to dress for Halloween

Student attends Halloween cultural appropriation workshop; read how ridiculous it was (if you dare!)

By the numbers, a “Culture not Costumes” Halloween workshop hosted at the University of Southern Indiana on Tuesday painted a pretty grim picture of the ridiculous influence that political correctness has achieved on college campuses.

A student tolerated the event, hosted by Housing and Residence Life, so The College Fix could get a glimpse into what it is to achieve extreme wokeness.

TEN: The number of students in attendance.

TWO: The number of videos shown to students about why it’s bad to dress up in “inappropriate costumes.”

FOUR: The number of handouts given to attendees to explain how to make sure their costume is not racist or does not culturally appropriate another, and why it’s very bad to do so.

ONE: The number of times presenters provided the audience with dress-up materials and instructed them to dress up in something that wasn’t culturally insensitive.

EIGHT: The number of times the student attending the event for The College Fix held himself back from rolling his eyes.

The two videos about people dressing up in “inappropriate costumes” included one on people donning Japanese prostitute costumes and a second on Native Americans. The words “very disrespectful” came up, a lot.

The lecture … uh, presentation, continued with the handouts.

The first described cultural appropriation, defining it as “the taking of intellectual property, knowledge, and cultural expression from someone else’s culture without permission.”

It goes on to provide examples of what cultural appropriation looks like “when it comes to first nations.” Examples included: hipsters wearing headdresses, dressing up as “Pocahotties” and “sexy Indian Princesses.”

The second handout portrays a short yes/no flowchart questionnaire to determine if a costume culturally appropriates. If it does, you’re directed to “go back and start at the beginning” until you get it right.

Another handout featured a cartoon of a ghost who describes cultural appropriation as “scary,” and proceeds to dress up in various costumes that “propogates [sic] stigmas by portraying any harmful stereotype.”

Finally, the “Create Costumes, Not Stereotypes” flier listed what cultural appropriation looks like in practice, claiming “clothing, symbols, music, art, religion, language, and social behavior” are all elements that can be used to appropriate a culture.

It’s hard to imagine what possibly could be left. That’s when students found out.

Presenters got out a box of dress up costumes to practice with, showing students how to choose their own appropriate costumes, including superheroes, ghosts and cats.

“They literally had everything provided for us, and showed us things we could dress up as, and the clothes pretty much matched the costumes and all we had to do was put it together,” the student told The College Fix.

“I have no idea what I just went to. It just wasn’t what I expected.”

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Zach Swaim is a sophomore at the University of Indianapolis studying professional writing and political science. He is the editor in chief for The Rouser, a student government representative, movie enthusiast, fan of sports, and the Vice President of UIndy's Sigma Tau Delta chapter. Published by The Rouser, The College Fix and FrontPageMag, his work has also been featured on Fox Nation.

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  • wow.. where do I apply for my permission to dress up? Can I be Donald Duck or should I first get a good quack from the anatidae down at the park?

  • Rick Giesa

    If a black person were to dress up as Fonzi, would that be cultural appropriation? (or just hilarious!)

    • Jamie Wilson

      Am I wrong or doesn’t there appear to be a Native American girl in the lower left hand corner on pg 4, in the “Iconic Images” section? This handout says that you can’t be Pocahantas or even a generic Indian princess, but then allows you to be a Native American girl with a feather sticking out of her head.

      • Badgers

        Thats a flapper from the 20s

        • Blitz_Kriegen

          So… only white females get to wear that then? It would be cultural appropriation for other races, according to this b.s. right….

  • Ben Vincent

    “The first described cultural appropriation, defining it as “the taking
    of intellectual property, knowledge, and cultural expression from
    someone else’s culture without permission.”

    So how do they know I didn’t ask?

    • Jamie Wilson

      Another question: To whom would you direct the request for permission? Do you address a letter to “Japan” asking for permission to go as a samurai?

    • Abe

      Hey, what about Rachel Dolezal, Shaun King, Eminem, or Elizabeth Warren? Didn’t they appropriate a culture.?
      The concept of cultural appropriation is part of the George Soros’ Open Societies continuing undermining and dividing of our countries and cultures. Like the worship of diversity It
      reinforces identity politics and prevents us as people from coming together.
      One of the things that people have to offer one another is our cultures. If we prevented people the right to learn from one another then we are unable to progress as a society. It’s not difficult to imagine the leftists scolding us for attempting to teach remote indigenous tribes to read. This goes so far as to prevent us from honoring other cultures, which is what our Indian mascots are for, honoring the warrior culture.
      The whole idea of liberty is to demonstrate that some methods of living are superior to others. Not
      being allowed to incorporate the successful practices found in other cultures negates the main purpose of freedom.

  • Dave Messenger

    Doesn’t sound like much fun, dressing up so you look pretty much like yourself… It won’t be much longer and this tradition will be long gone.

  • Jamie Wilson

    And of course this happens once again at a public university in a deep red, all-GOP controlled state. And once again, not a single conservative organization will bother to respond and the legislature will do nothing other than continue to lavishly fund this institution. This is really the problem. Republican legislatures are funding a postmodern, racialist cult.

    As for that handout, it really is amazing. Cultural appropriation now applies to using the “knowledge” from another group as well as “adopting” the religion belonging to another “cultural group.” Converting to Islam or Judaism or becoming a Buddhist apparently is now cultural appropriation. For a public university to even suggest that religious practice and expression might be subject to regulation is illegal. If there were nothing else in that obscene handout, that statement alone should be enough for legislative action.

    • Joe Joe

      No lawmaker wants to be called a racist. It’s the perfect scam.

  • Crazy Diamond

    “The first described cultural appropriation, defining it as “the taking of intellectual property, knowledge, and cultural expression from someone else’s culture without permission.””

    Swing-and-a-miss on the meaning of intellectual property but who cares? The presentation was obviously targeted for a 3rd-grade audience.

  • jayaich

    Apparently they aren’t bothered by Mario, even though it is a crude Japanese caricature of Italians …

    • appropriation, mocking and shaming of Western culture, and cis-het white men (like Mario) in particular is allowed… in fact it’s recommended practice for those of libtard persuasion.

  • kirilov

    They should have distributed North Korean outfits. That wouldn’t have been cultural appropriation but rather cultural reunification.

    • TheOne

      The hipsters would have to be skinnier than normal to fit in a NoKo outfit, with that helpful government anti-obesity program.

  • Emanuele Ciriachi

    You can’t make up idiocies like this.

  • Docpenn

    Truly pathetic. We (Anthropologists) have known since the 1930s that EVERYTHING in ALL cultures comes from OTHER cultures. Best single illustration comes from a 1936 book by Ralph Linton: (1936:327):

    “When our friend has finished eating he settles back to smoke, an American Indian habit, consuming a plant domesticated in Brazil in either a pipe, derived from the Indians of Virginia, or a cigarette, derived from Mexico. If he is hearty enough he may even attempt a cigar, transmitted to use from the Antilles by way of Spain. While smoking he reads the news of the day, imprinted in characters invented by the ancient Semites upon a material invented in China by a process invented in Germany. As he absorbs the accounts of foreign troubles he will, if he is a good conservative citizen, thank a Hebrew deity in an Indo-European language that he is 100 per cent American.”

  • Sang D Riel

    There is only one race , the human race , there is only one culture , the human culture. Race baiting “culturally” sensitized people don’t even realize that someone is profiting from differences that simply don’t exist. We Are All Human . We are ALL the same. That even smart people havent woken up to these simple facts is truly horrific.

  • Roger Meurer

    They can wear what they damn well please!
    This “cultural appropriation” sewage needs to stop immediately.
    NOBODY OWNS CLOTHES STYLES no matter what the PC bullies try to push.
    You want to dress in the OLD OBSOLETE style of a Native American, a Mexican, in a Geisha outfit, wear Dutch clothes, like a Pilgrim, or whatever you want, THEN DO SO!
    And tell these people that think that they somehow have the “right” to tell you what you can or can’t do, wear, say, or even think, to shove it where the sun don’t shine!!!

  • Sam American

    When i see kids today steal the heritage of those who lived in the 1960’s I feel very offended – generational cultural appropriation is as wrong as dressing up as a Mexican peasant or a killed ape – Harambe RIP.

  • Anyone not having as their ancestors, Irish or English and not Catholic Christian, basically, engage in cultural appropriation if that one dresses up in costume on Halloween.

    When will atheists, secularists and non-Irish or English, non-Catholics stop culturally appropriating Halloween for themselves?

  • J2

    Based on this definition of cultural appropriation, I demand that all black and brown skinned whiners immediately stop wearing machine made clothing and go back to wearing grass skirts.

  • MissyT111

    Soooo, classes on Halloween costumes but nothing on not smoking weed or using drugs – which is more important to the health and well being of students and others……………. go ahead and think about it, we’ll wait.